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999.9 Gold Prices: CIMB Gold Investment Account

Gold prices fell through the psychologically important USD $1,400-an-ounce level during mid-morning North American trade on Wednesday, triggering some pre-placed sell orders. It is approaching prices not seen since the huge price drop last month in April.

Pretty isn't it?
Yesterday, the prices for gold started dropping to as low as RM140.60 on CIMB GIA.

Today, the gold price hit RM137.20 at 10am on the 16th of May 2013. Today's gold price is so far the lowest in the last pre-ceding three weeks.

For those who are looking at 999.9, and 916 gold prices, this is to let my readers know that I currently do not indulge in the ones sold at the retailers. Eh, why ah?

After opening my CIMB Gold Investment Account, I have now instead decided to look at the price of gold that is in the market, and not that at the shops, coz the prices are inflated and I am paying more money than its value is for.

I subscribe to the email digest from CIMB which updates me on daily gold prices at 10am each day.
However, with CIMB Gold Investment Account, please take note that the gold prices change upwards after 5 pm each evening, and on weekends. (bad idea to buy during those times!)

The price fluctuations are not necessarily updated on the CIMB GIA website though. Customers need to log in to CIMB Clicks to get the real time pricing using the GIA price calculator function.

Unfortunately, gold price fluctations are hard to predict, so it is sometimes your luck. Nonetheless,it is still cheaper to buy you 999.9 gold buillions from the bank then from the retail shops.

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CY said...

gold price with CIMB GIA as at 10am this morning was Rm134.10 per gram.

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