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Tips for testing and buying makeup @ Bobbi Brown

So in reference to this post yesterday, I decided to ask TY, my make up coach for some tips when heading to Bobbi Brown counters.

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sample TY received from her purchases. 
Bobbi Brown Eye shadow: White/Malted/Espresso
It turns out she is a huge fan of Bobbi Brown due to their corrective make up style. Her favourite outlet is at Midvalley with their customer service. (cant verify this till I check it out again myself).

This is what she does when she heads to Bobbi Brown make up counters:
1) She normally doesnt wear any make up when she goes there. Then she will ask about their blushers or eyeshadows. TY mentions that it is a good tactic to ask about the products that come in the layers after the foundation, so the BAs have to apply the foundation before the other products.

TY notes that she doesnt ask the BA if she could test the product, but the BA will ask her to sit at the counter to try them out (TY is a cheeky girl).

2) TY says to specify the particular product you are looking for, and dont say you are 'just looking in general' or 'are not sure what you are looking for', as the BA will then know you are only window shopping.

TY also notes that she gets a lot of samples after making purchases, as all customers will have a profile with Bobbi Brown. BAs are able to check your past purchases and transactions, and the more you buy, the more samples they will give out (I hope).

Anyways, I was at Sunway Pyramid after my makeup class today.

There I found the independent shops of Laura Mercier, Bloop, Yves Rocher, The Body Shop, Inglot, Clinique, MAC, and Shu Uemura. But they dont have Bobbi Brown outlets in Sunway Pyramid though. I wonder why?
My past Estee Lauder purchase at Parkson Pyramid.
The make up outlet I normally frequent in Sunway Pyramid is the Estee Lauder counter in Parkson. I once bought a Pleasures perfume coffret there for about RM300 ish there last year, so the main make up artist recognises me.

Estee Lauder also has a sign up on their counter giving free 5 minute makeup refreshers, so that is a good invite to try out their colours.

Parkson has the RM10 voucher for every RM150 purchase promotion, and sometimes also the RM5 as well. When I do get the vouchers, I sometimes use them for myself, or just pass it to my mother.

I am actually interested in Bobbi Brown colours, as I prefer make up that follows the skin tone. It turns out the same is for Laura Mercier. However their prices arent cheap, so I will have to wait for promotional periods before doing so.

I would go to Bobbi Brown for normal daily make up cosmetics, but if I wanted make up with splashes of colour, I would prefer MAC.

I previously bought the MAC black gel eyeliner, a MAC eyeshadow, their Prep and Prime Transparent Finishing Powder, as well as their Mascara (which has since dried out) under Malswisse, as they had special student prices. TY tells me that Malswisse no longer stocks on MAC products now though.

What are your makeup testing and buying tactics? Do share your thoughts with us.

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