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This is One Malaysia

Words cannot express how I feel but my disgust to what the government is doing to prevent the rakyat/citizen to return to Malaysia to vote.

Preventing Singaporeans from allowing their cars to ferry Malaysians back to Malaysia, or buying up train and bus tickets so that their own rakyat are not able to come home to vote?

That is so below the belt. And what about those voters overseas who supposedly can register to vote? Are you going to nullify them?

DAP being announced as disqualified as a political party just two weeks before the GE13?

What else is the government trying to do?

This all just goes to show that Barisan National is afraid of its rakyat. We the people pay our taxes to the government in hopes that it will administer and use the taxes properly.

Giving Rm100, or Rm500, or 5 kilos of rice, that is money from the rakyat, given back to the rakyat. It doesn't mean the government is kind, or show how generous the government is.

People, use your brains and think. and vote wisely.

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