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Random: A Korean guy on a Social Website

Just a couple of days ago, I was randomly surfing around on this social website. Note that I haven't been on there for a while (like a couple of weeks) due to my hectic schedule. 

So I was looking through my list of visitors, and I noticed one particular profile. 

There was no description, or profile essay. He basically didn't write anything.

Just a couple of mug face pictures. He just wrote he spoke English.

Out of curiosity I sent a message: 

Me:right hello... You do look a little korean... You aren't korean by any chance?
Him: i'm a korean. haha

I thought he was pulling my leg. So I sent another message. This time just to check.
Me: Jeong mal hanguk saram ye yo? Nae irrum mun Diane ye yo. 
Him: haha. yes. im korean. haha. glad to see you. im woojin. woojin park
Me: Mannaseo Pangap Sumnida. Nice to meet you.
Him: yup. me too. ^^ do u like korea??

Ok, fancy actually discerning if a person is korean just by looking at his photos. Yeah, I am still messaging with him for the time being.

He's 40, and living in KL if you're interested to meet one (with handful English).  LOL

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