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My experience at Bobbi Brown, and The Body Shop today.

I decided to get a haircut today (which will be a blog entry on its own later). I thought it was quite cheap and quite value for money considering the hairdresser did a good job on it. (a sneak preview of it can be found on my FB fan page).

The reasons for my wanting to write this entry was due to my experience when I was over in Midvalley today after work. This evening, I was over there to catch a screening of Ironman3 with the Likeminders. We had to meet at the Oasis food court on Level 2.

I ordered Kalguksu, which is korean soup noodles with pan me look alike noodles.

Chatting over kalguksu (RM10). Kimchi was seriously sour aka not fresh!
Even met one of my readers, Daniel Le. We had a conversation on blogging and food, which I thought was interesting. ^^

Of course, silly me didnt think to bring any extra cosmetics to touch up for this evening, and my face was looking really flat by evening. I had to get some moisturizer as it was looking really dry.

Stopping over at Bobbi Brown to check out the cosmetics, I asked the BA about their touch ups. The BA was telling me that they did touch ups for people who bought their blushers. Their individual one on one make up lesson of 45 mins cost Rm300.
Seriously speaking, though they had a promotion on for the new pallettes they are currently launching for this weekend, I didnt fancy paying Rm160, or Rm300 for anything as my current Bobbi Brown illuminating foundation powder was still working, though finishing.

Bobbi Brown Illuminating Finish Powder Compact Foundation
None of the BAs mentioned anything about helping me with the makeup, or testing it out on me. Maybe they all had to meet a sales quota or something?

Any of my readers knows anything?

Anyways, not receiving any hint of such things, I left the shop...

Decided to make a stop at The Body Shop, located a few shops away. Now at Body Shop, they had a wide range of product testers for customers to try out.

The shop was busy, and didnt have BAs who were busy watching your every move. Now, I dont normally stop over at The Body Shop to look at their skincare, or cosmetics range, but since the testers were out, I decided to stop for a little while.

I tried their Vitamin E face spritz, their almond hand cream in metallic foil (like Loccitane's packaging), their Vitamin E eye cream. I also tried some of their 5 signature hot items which was on display on the table, namely their Vitamin E face moisture cream, their shimmery brownish bronzer, and their White Musk spray.

I also signed up for their against animal testing. The Body Shop BA passed me a free bookmark.

The Body Shop free bookmark.
Didnt even have to pay a single cent.

The BAs did engage in conversation with me, asking if I have ever used Body Shop products; to which I replied yes, and I bought the perfumes. I did say I have never really tried the skincare. And of course, I get them when they are on sale. (like during Boxing Day sales) ^^

I just thought it was too much of a hassle going to Bobbi Brown with BAs watching your every move. Not even sure whether I can test out their products freely like in The Body Shop. Maybe I could have tried that at Shu Uemura, but I didnt stop to think of that.

When I met up with Wendy Lys, I shared with her what happened. She happily replied, so you got to fix your face without paying anything? Thats good!

Yeah, maybe I should try that out at Shu Eumura next time. And see if they will help a girl in distress.

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