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Metamof Gallery: Faux Eye Lash Application

Last week was Lesson 3 of my class. After arriving in class, all students started on their individual makeup application. The focus of today's lesson was for Faux Eye Lash Application.

Hair net of a different kind
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Because our class on Saturday includes students who were working on being Make Up artists, the students who are going for Personal makeup lessons sometimes get to steal tips from watching her demonstration.

Today it was quite busy as a number of the students decided to come in all today!! As such, TY was really busy having to attend to all the students.

How a Make Up artists should present their products neatly and nicely on the counter.
How MUAs should sharpen their eyebrow pencils using a blade.
My Before Look. Devoid of Makeup.
What do you think?

This is how I look with faux eyelashes. Seriously speaking, after wearing it for an entire afternoon, I actually found it really uncomfortable as I wear glasses. 

The lashes were rubbing against my glasses, and were flat. It made wearing my glasses uncomfortable. In order to be able to wear the lashes well, I had to be wearing contact lens, which I don't have. 

Nonetheless, it is also important to know how to apply faux eye lashes, should the situation arises for longer eye lashes.. LOL. 
Make up used for today's Look. 
Makeup used for today's look:

Make up used for today's look:

1. Eyebrow: Avon Glimmer Sticks- (dark brown)
2. Concealer: Shades (dark brown)
3. Foundation: Skin79 BB Cream Lighitng 3D (Crystal Pearl) : the colour was a bit too fair for me though.
4. Concealer: Shades (pale brown)
5. Powder: - Love Alpha Pure Mineral
7. Shading on nose bridge, chin and side of cheeks: Inouvi (Eye Shadow- Earth)
8. Blusher: Loreal (Delice)
9. Highlighting on nose bridge, under eye: Love Alpha Meteorite (06)
10: Eyeshadow: Etude House (Black)

If I didn't state the products used, eventhough they are in the picture, it just means they arent important.

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