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Metamof Gallery: Shading & Highlighting

In continuation from my attendance at Metamof for make up class, last Saturday, I had to attend my make up class as it was already paid for. Might as well attend (but then had to miss out on the Guardian "Just Gorgeous" event at One Utama... *sob sob*

.. oh well, there is always next year... =.=

One of the 'new' hair nets to hold hair up from falling during class  ^^
The before picture.
Ta-dah... the after make up concealer and eyeliner application look.
So for my second class with Metamof, TY taught us how to conceal, and highlight our nose, cheeks and our chins.

I had a bit of difficulty try to make out the brown shade she used (I must be almost colour blind... LOL) as I couldnt see any difference, but TY could make it out where I had applied the different shades of brown used on my face... *Hmmm*

Colours , and brushes used for today's concealing, blusher and highlighting.
These are my own blusher brushes, and eyebrow brush used.

Inouvi- for shading
Shades- for blusher
Love Alpha- for highlighting.


Huai Bin said...

Cool hair net! Nifty way to hold hair up, very different from the ones from the past. :D

CY said...

yeah, it's the first time seeing such nets as well, but everyone in class was using it. I should go check it out the next time I head to the shops. they said don't go to the pharmacies as it will cost more.

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