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Journal: Have a Weekly Internet Detox Day

I was searching through my handbag for my Nokia E6 yesterday at church, when I realised that I had accidentally left it at home. I happened to have my work phone, a very basic Nokia phone (RM150 bought in 2012), with not frills, but just a dual sim, MP3 Player (which I barely use) and the inbuilt calculator.

Eversince I went on a journey to revamp writing in this blog, I realised that I had been blogging about a food. My viewing of Tammy's video blog on FB (telling us to LLB - Look Like Busy), was pretty good advice. So I decided to take out an old small notebook (which I got free from Robinson's years ago) and kept it in my handbag.

Another interesting remark from Cindy during our stay in Genting, made me realise that I had to write down my impressions about the food I had eaten, places I had been to, and etc, as our memory can only last that long before we forget.

As a result, I realised that I had written down everything.Even this blog entry was hand written before I transcribed it over. As a result, every time I went into a shop, I took out my notebook.

Just the other day, I was at this jeweller's in Brickfields and I wrote down the price of items he quoted me. He realised I was writing down the price, and later when I returned to the shop, he asked me to refer to the earlier quote. Its a good tactic, isn't it?

With just my basic Nokia phone (to still keep in touch with people for the day), and a small and nifty notebook, I realised I am getting more work done.

Having internet connection and constantly being in contact, it is good to have a day to log off and detox from all that technology, and return to the basics.

Which is to use a phone to call (and prioritise on being in the present, not in the virtual world of Facebook, where all my peers now seem to be), and write your thoughts down in a book where no one else will know your thoughts but yourself.

Try it. It will do your health and mind some good rest it need.

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