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Get Dry: Dehumidifying Egg

 So I found out about this from an Australian site I am subscribed to. I realised that a lot of key searches for this site is for the Hippo Dehumidifier. So I thought I'd add this for you guys.

We need a product like this in Malaysia anyways...

The information below is taken from another site .. (if you find me, please dont sue me.. ha ha ha).

Say goodbye to dampness and humidity with this amazing Dehumidifying Egg. This high porous ceramic egg is filled with “Water Glass”, high molecular absorbing granules that have an absorption rate much higher than traditional humidity absorbing products. The ceramic surface is also comprised of a number of capillaries to absorb the humid particles into the egg itself.

Odourless and non-toxic, this Dehumidifying Egg is re-usable and requires no refills. When it has fully taken in moisture, it can be placed into your microwave to dry out and regenerate – all it takes is 10 minutes on your microwave’s medium setting.

The egg will prevent dust mite related allergies, stop condensation on windows and water pipes, put a stop to musty smells and of course prevent mould, fungus and mildew from appearing.
  • A dehumidifying egg to keep storage areas moisture free!
  • Contains Silica Gel SiO2 (Water Glass), which are high molecular absorbing granules
  • Puts a stop to musty smells and prevents dust mite population from increasing
  • Protects your clothes and other items from mould, fungus and mildew
  • No electricity needed, can be used anywhere
  • Moisture level indicator changes colour to indicate the level of moisture absorption
  • Fully reusable - When fully absorbed with moisture, place into a microwave for 10mins to regenerate granules

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