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Genting: YNOT Graffiti Finale Event

So I was one of the few who managed to get an invite to the Genting YNOT Graffiti Event on Saturday, April 17th, thanks to Nuffnang, and Cindy. As this is my first in participating in an event with Nuffnang, I did not have any expectations.. just butterflies in my tummy.

I will write more about the other various activities throughout our stay in Genting, but this is just an  introduction to the Ynot Graffiti Finale Event in Genting. The awaited day came, and we were all asked to assemble at Wisma Genting around 8am....I was on time, as I did not want to be late.

By the time we finally boarded the bus and left, it was about 8.45am.

Genting Blogger Tags.
We arrived in Genting around 9ish. We were ushered to the lobby and were asked to leave our luggage. Then the Ynot Blogger tags were given out. It was our "access security tags" for the entire duration of our time in Genting.

Below are the showcase of a select number of the wall graffiti by the participants:

BMX stunt performers. 
Models strutting their grafitti on rain coats. 
Bloggers participating in games. 
Last Person Standing Wins: Boy Vs Girl. 

After the games, we were led to try out this new thrilling ride called The Waves in the Genting Theme Park. 

There was another performance at night, where the bloggers managed to catch a performance by 
the breakdancing group, Elecoldxhot at various scheduled times throughout the Saturday and Sunday.

This is the first for me in watching a breakdancing group, as most people my age are already feeding babies or starting to have them. (you can so guess my age now.. >_<   ).... 

Elecoldxhot performing a laser light dance on Saturday night. 
Hosts from Elecoldxhot entertaining the crowd at Genting Theme Park. 
Elecoldxhot performing a dance number on Sunday.

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