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Genting: 11-771@ First World Hotel

This is a belated post.. so now, I am showing you the room that Cindy, and I stayed at during the Genting Graffiti Finale Event 2013.

Thanks to Genting for arranging, and sponsoring our makan and tidur accomodations during our one night stay at Genting recently. Ours was the most affordable range located in the First World Hotel.

Our room was on the 11th Floor.

(Some people were sharing that there were ghosts & spirits floating around on that floor. but that is for a different post) *cue ghost music....*

Cindy opening the door to our room 11-771.

Nice single beds. We had a good view of the theme park from 11th Floor.
Functional shower.
Functional toilet and sink.
Functional mirror and chair. Comes with a mini fridge.
Now, if only we could take the space and put into our mini room for more walking space...

Our rooms were two single beds at the First World Hotel, which are the economical 2 star, 3 star rating?

Amenities Rating
Couldn't get any press information on the rooms so I cant write much about it. They are livable and stayable. Our room had a kettle, and a mini fridge. Beds were fairly comfortable regardless of the bed size. The two bath towels provided for the rooms were a little tinier in sizes than expected though. 

Cindy was wondering why there were no complimentary water bottles provided like during the last stay?

Hot, and cold water facilities were available in the main corridor for all to replenish.
There is also a room for ironing purposes if you need to get your clothes looking spank and smart.

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Cynthia said...

CY, you are at 11th floor.. at least yours were overlooking the sky.. mine was facing the next block in level 10..

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