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Eats: Totally Thai @ Scotts Garden, Old Klang Road.

On Monday, a mate of mine, Zen dropped by.

We were plannin to have korean for lunch in Danau Desa, but it turned out the place was closed. Finally we ended up heading nearby to Scotts Garden for lunch instead.


We ordered the Pattaya Khao Pat Taya

and one order of Phat Thai Talay.

and one x hot LemonGrass Tea , 1 x cold Lemon Grass Tea.

Cold Lemon Grass Tea. (RM 4.95)

 Phat Thai Talay (S &S Flat Noodles) Rm 10.95

Pattaya Khao Pat Taya (Basil Rice with Chicken) RM 11.50

Food ratings: 6/10
My mate and I gave it a 6 as the rice dish was more to our cup of tea. Neither of us touched the noodles as it was a bit salty for our taste.

For Four Items
+ 10% Service Charge (Rm3.34) = RM 36.70

Lot 1-38, First Floor, The Scott Garden,
289, Jalan Kelang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-79821143

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