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Eats: Hot Chocolate @ McCafe, Sunway Pyramid

I've always been a fan of the espresso style hot drinks. When I was in Sydney, espresso drinks like cappucino and hot chocolate was easy to come by. My mates and I normally shared a coffee at Gloria Jeans, or some other new place we found like Max Brenner, but never would we imagine heading to McCafe.

I was looking through my FB newsfeed, when I saw Cindy's photo of her coffee at Kota Kemuning's McCafe. It looked fairly good compared to some local coffee places I had visited so far.

Hence, last weekend when I was at Sunway Pyramid after my make-up class, I decided to give the hot drinks a try.

Lovely hearts drawn in chocolate syrup on my Hot Chocolate order.
RM7.15 (including GST)
Baristas at work.
Jason trying out the hot chocolate.
Drink Rating: The hot chocolate is brewed using a really expensive espresso machine. Its one of those really pricey espresso machines where baristas man role is to just steam the hot milk to its right temperature.

Anyways, the hot chocolate tasted fairly good, considering that McDonalds invested in such an expensive machine. LOL.

Price: I thought the price was fairly okay, considering I pay about AUD4 to 5 ish for a Hot Chocolate in Sydney anyways.

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