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Eats: Botanical @ Bangsar Village 2

I had a pretty good weekend, met new people, met some interesting people, and feeling a little pleased. Hence, I will release a post on this really cosy, poshy place I visited a few Saturdays ago.

(and to balance out the beauty entries I've posted out lately. LOL)

We were out at Brickfields  then to check out gold prices at the jewellers due to the drop in gold prices. After a couple of suggestions, we decided to head to Bangsar as that was the nearest non-congested mall around the corner. >_<

Whilst we walking around Bangsar Village, Za Yin found this diner, Botanical. We were initially looking at the cakes and desserts window and wanted to try out just the cakes and coffee. However, it was around dinner time, and Za Yin then dragged me to try out this place.

The cakes and desserts window
The garden side entrance
Pantry decor
A cute white scooter.
Flowers, my love?
Comfy verandah seats
Cosy dining area
A view from a far

April Specials
Side menu
Table dressing
Compllimentary bread 
Ice chocolate
Hot chocolate
Mushroom pie set.
Ambience: Cosy, nice and spacious. I like how quiet the place is, and how I can have a cosy chat with friends in this place.
Mushroom Pie Set: The foods are palatable. Za Yin and I found the sauce for the filling in the Mushroom pie had a very rich salty aftertaste. I liked the side salad in the mushroom pie set with its tangy dressing. The chips were barely memorable.
The espresso drinks were generally pleasant.

Price: Standard as in not too low, but normal by Bangsar standards. Bill came up to RM46.05 for a Mushroom Pie Set, a Hot Chocolate, and Iced Chocolate including 10% Service Charge, and 6%GST.
1F-28 & 1F-K2, First Floor, Bangsar Village 2,
No. 1, Jalan Telawi Satu, Bangsar Baru,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Contacts: +603 2287 6566
Opening Hours: 11am-10pm daily
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