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Cyber Bullies Target Michelle Yeoh for accepting invitation to Mammoth Dinner

Regardless of how atrocious the administration of the Najib has been, I do not condone the acts of all cyber bullies involved.

So Michelle makes easy target because she is an international artist? Is that an excuse to act like a hooligan?

All countries go through the same cycle of atrocious acts, including my beloved second home Australia. Malaysia is now just going through this.

Racism, inequality, transparency in the govt, etc.

Again, I do not condone the acts of these cyberbullies against Michelle Yeoh. I find it is very disrespectful to other fans who love her work.

I told a mate, ZY who kept complaining about Najib, that I had
been hearing only negative stuff the whole day. So I told her, so what if you know what all the atrocious acts that has been done?
I haven't heard anything positive from you all day.

Go do something that improves your own life.
Knowing all that won't help you, if you aren't doing
anything to improve your quality of life. So I started talking about Jesus to her when she starts whinging about BN.

God places a ruler in each country. When the time is ripe, the people will speak up. Our job is to pay our taxes, pay Caesar what is owed to Caesar, love God and our neighbours.

If the ruler is incompetent, God will kick him out for being a useless bum cause these people won't last long anyways.

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Cynful Pleasure said...

I agree with you... critising Michelle Yeoh will not going to bring any good to ourselves.. let her be for what she want to do with her life.. for the rest, voting is the only way to bring out your 'anger' and don't complain with no action.. GOD will bring us through this with HIS wisdom and guidance.

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