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CIMB: My experience of Opening a Savings, and Gold Investment Account.

This is so exciting!!

After deciding which Gold Investment Account to apply for, I then went to the CIMB outlet in Scotts Garden along Old Klang Road to officially open my first savings account with CIMB.

CIMB (Non-Syariah) Savings Account: 

There are two types of non Syariah savings account, namely the Air Asia Savings (statement type), and the normal savings passbook type. The usage of the ATM cum Mastercard Debit card that comes with the Savings Account attracts an annual fee of RM8 which is deducted upon opening of the account.

I am not too sure if the passbook account comes with an ATM card though.

In the end, after comparing both options, I chose the former as it provided higher interest rate. The minimum for deposit for Air Asia Account is Rm250, whereas the Passbook Account is RM500.

Just a word of advice: make sure you do your research before heading out to the bank. There are many financial products available at the bank that the staff sometimes cant keep of it. >_<

With the availability of internet these days, its advisable to read up on the minimum deposits, the different types of accounts available, then only head out. The lady who served me did not seem very aware of the specific range of products I was enquiring about.

CIMB Gold Investment Account:

For opening of this account, apparently one could open an account over the counter with a passbook option, but for ease of convenience, this can be done through CIMB Clicks (their internet banking portal). What I found strange was the option to open over the counter was not mentioned on their website however?

There is no minimum purchase of grams online. I have bought one gram for the initial purchase, and it went through. My first purchase about a few days ago was at Rm141.50 (so cheap!!!)

Gold prices have gone up very fast in this last seven days. So quickly apply for the account and grab your gold before prices go up any further!


CIMB currently is running a promotion from 15th March till 30th June 2013, where:

Just spend a minimum of RM50 in a single receipt with your CIMB Bank credit or debit card and stand a chance to win gold in a Gold Investment Account (GIA).

OVERSEAS spend entitles you to 5X entries.

Sign up for a CIMB Bank debit card & spend RM50 in a single receipt 10x entries. 

Grand Prize X 20 – 100gm of gold
Consolation Prize X 150 – 10 gm of gold 

Terms: Eligible cardmembers are entitled to only one (1) prize. Potential winners will be shortlisted to answer a question correctly and win the prize.

Product Disclosure Sheet: 
For more info, download this for more information: here.

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