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Yamaha PSR S950 keyboard

Ok, I am seriously tired....

Had a really busy weekend on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Really so sleepy, I wish I was in bed now... Thank heavens for pre-written posts I can write in advance and publish later.

Going to start keyboard workshop at this church group in about half an hour's time.

The model you see in the photo is Yamaha PSR S950. The retail price is about Rm6.5k ish.. Not mine, but just using it to practise.

Its got a lot of features that I am only beginning to learn to use. But now just learning to use the Sync Start, and Start/Stop, ACMP function.

Basically the focus now is learning to play by ear, and memorizing chords for the different keys.

If you are wondering, I learnt the organ under Technics for four years over. So the chords arent really a problem. Its transferring those skills onto a keyboard that is the tricky part. The trainer said that I was playing the keyboard like I was playing the organ, when I neednt do so, as it  now comes equipped with the ACMP chord function.

However for chord playing, we still referred to Hammond's Organ list of chords with the different inversions.. Heh.

Ok, thats it for all. Need to catch a 5 min break, and start class soon... Nightz...

Editor's Note: 1st May: 

Turns out I am ill after all... wanted to go out but Providence was insisting I stay home to rest.

Fever, sore throat, sore head.... basically slept in the entire day.

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Get Dry: Dehumidifying Egg

 So I found out about this from an Australian site I am subscribed to. I realised that a lot of key searches for this site is for the Hippo Dehumidifier. So I thought I'd add this for you guys.

We need a product like this in Malaysia anyways...

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Eats: Botanical @ Bangsar Village 2

I had a pretty good weekend, met new people, met some interesting people, and feeling a little pleased. Hence, I will release a post on this really cosy, poshy place I visited a few Saturdays ago.

(and to balance out the beauty entries I've posted out lately. LOL)

We were out at Brickfields  then to check out gold prices at the jewellers due to the drop in gold prices. After a couple of suggestions, we decided to head to Bangsar as that was the nearest non-congested mall around the corner. >_<

Whilst we walking around Bangsar Village, Za Yin found this diner, Botanical. We were initially looking at the cakes and desserts window and wanted to try out just the cakes and coffee. However, it was around dinner time, and Za Yin then dragged me to try out this place.

The cakes and desserts window
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Eats: Ficelle Boulangerie & Patisserie @ Taman Danau Desa

So I had a really nice lunch some time two weeks ago (Yes, belated post ^^).

A mate of mine, Zayin, brought me to this zhap fan (mixed rice) diner. It is located in the middle of the block in Taman Danau Desa where Ficelle Boulangerie is located.

From the zhap fan trays, I took three types of veges, and some rice. It cost me RM3.50. It's cheap, good, and healthy. Yum. (Sorry, no pictures).

After lunch, we stopped over at Ficelle's Boulangerie & Patisserie to have a look at their cakes and dessert. There was the tea-time set for RM10 which consists of an Americano/Tea, cookie & one of the mug desserts.

Since Zayin didn't want to have the Americano, nor did I, we settled on just getting the Tiramisu to share.

Tiramisu RM7.50
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Metamof Gallery: Faux Eye Lash Application

Last week was Lesson 3 of my class. After arriving in class, all students started on their individual makeup application. The focus of today's lesson was for Faux Eye Lash Application.

Hair net of a different kind
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Tips for testing and buying makeup @ Bobbi Brown

So in reference to this post yesterday, I decided to ask TY, my make up coach for some tips when heading to Bobbi Brown counters.

Bobbi Brown eyeshadow sample TY received from her purchases. 
Bobbi Brown Eye shadow: White/Malted/Espresso
It turns out she is a huge fan of Bobbi Brown due to their corrective make up style. Her favourite outlet is at Midvalley with their customer service. (cant verify this till I check it out again myself).

This is what she does when she heads to Bobbi Brown make up counters:
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My experience at Bobbi Brown, and The Body Shop today.

I decided to get a haircut today (which will be a blog entry on its own later). I thought it was quite cheap and quite value for money considering the hairdresser did a good job on it. (a sneak preview of it can be found on my FB fan page).

The reasons for my wanting to write this entry was due to my experience when I was over in Midvalley today after work. This evening, I was over there to catch a screening of Ironman3 with the Likeminders. We had to meet at the Oasis food court on Level 2.

I ordered Kalguksu, which is korean soup noodles with pan me look alike noodles.

Chatting over kalguksu (RM10). Kimchi was seriously sour aka not fresh!
Even met one of my readers, Daniel Le. We had a conversation on blogging and food, which I thought was interesting. ^^

Of course, silly me didnt think to bring any extra cosmetics to touch up for this evening, and my face was looking really flat by evening. I had to get some moisturizer as it was looking really dry.

Stopping over at Bobbi Brown to check out the cosmetics, I asked the BA about their touch ups. The BA was telling me that they did touch ups for people who bought their blushers. Their individual one on one make up lesson of 45 mins cost Rm300.
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Genting: Songkran Water Festival 2013

The YNot Graffiti Finale happened to fall on the same weekend as Songkran that falls on 16th, and 17th April of this year. As such, Genting had arranged for a two day weekend to join in and celebrated this much Asian water festival.

(Surprisingly the Chinese and Malays don't have the same water festival. I wonder why? Hmmm)

As we were all that, us bloggers took the opportunity to join in the fun of the festival.

Entrance to the Genting Water Festival 2013
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Genting: 11-771@ First World Hotel

This is a belated post.. so now, I am showing you the room that Cindy, and I stayed at during the Genting Graffiti Finale Event 2013.

Thanks to Genting for arranging, and sponsoring our makan and tidur accomodations during our one night stay at Genting recently. Ours was the most affordable range located in the First World Hotel.

Our room was on the 11th Floor.

(Some people were sharing that there were ghosts & spirits floating around on that floor. but that is for a different post) *cue ghost music....*

Cindy opening the door to our room 11-771.
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Eats: Half Price Fraps Promotion@ Starbucks, Malaysia.

Do you have a Starbucks Card?

Then enjoy half-price off your Frappuccino blended beverages every Tuesday & Friday. Promo starts today till 31st May 2013.

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Sothys: Visit SOTHYS Roadshow To Enjoy ONECARD Great Deals

One of my favourite premium brands, Sothys, is currently having a Roadshow at One Utama from 24-28th April 2013. The roadshow is located at Ground Floor, Oval (Opposite Charles & Keith.

Follow the steps above to win yourself a Sothys Essential Cleansing Solution set worth Rm629!

Sothys also have their in-house salon,128 Faubourg located in One Utama. 

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Sothys: Peach-Apricot Limited Edition facial treatment

Sothys is one of my favourite premium brands from France. They recently released a new limited edition of their seasonal facial. Yes, limited as Sothys does this to test the market for all facials that are launched.

This facial is available at all Sothys Flagship & Sothys Premium Salons with the sweet smell of Peach-
Apricot Limited Edition treatment! Currently retailing at ONLY RM198!!

I havent tried it yet, but knowing Sothys, you will definitely enjoy the luxurious experience you will receive should you choose to head to one of their 128 Faubourg salons. I definitely will love it!
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CIMB: My experience of  Opening a Savings, and Gold Investment Account.


CIMB: My experience of Opening a Savings, and Gold Investment Account.

This is so exciting!!

After deciding which Gold Investment Account to apply for, I then went to the CIMB outlet in Scotts Garden along Old Klang Road to officially open my first savings account with CIMB.
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Clarins: Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil

According to the Clarins website,

the Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is suitable for normal skin type. This oil is:

"Anti-aging care for Dehydrated Skin. 100% pure plant extracts. Zero preservatives. This best-selling oil contains extracts of Rosewood, Patchouli and Blue Orchid to tone, revitalise and restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin. Hazelnut Oil helps prevent moisture loss and the formation of fine lines. Non-staining."

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Eats: Butter & Beans @ Seventeen

Here's something light to read on Tuesday after a heavy start on Monday morning. Been really tired out yesterday. Just realised I have so many pictures I have yet to upload on my blog.

Taking it for granted that I wrote everything in my notebook and can transcribe it on later.. LOL

 As a continuation from this entry, after our lunch, we headed to this place: Butter & Beans located at the block behind Foundry Food in Section 17. It so happened to be owned by the same management.

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CIMB: 999.9 Gold Investment Account


CIMB: 999.9 Gold Investment Account

With 999.9 fine gold buillion bars at Poh Kong sold out (my preferred jeweller), and gold buillions not being such a viable option to get from the other jeweller's due to their deduction rates, I was looking to see if there were other available options.

I was just checking out Gold Investment Accounts just the other night and with stocks being scarce to come at this time, I thought it was a good option to open an account.
Journal: Have a Weekly Internet Detox Day

Journal: Have a Weekly Internet Detox Day

I was searching through my handbag for my Nokia E6 yesterday at church, when I realised that I had accidentally left it at home. I happened to have my work phone, a very basic Nokia phone (RM150 bought in 2012), with not frills, but just a dual sim, MP3 Player (which I barely use) and the inbuilt calculator.

Eversince I went on a journey to revamp writing in this blog, I realised that I had been blogging about a food. My viewing of Tammy's video blog on FB (telling us to LLB - Look Like Busy), was pretty good advice. So I decided to take out an old small notebook (which I got free from Robinson's years ago) and kept it in my handbag.
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Cyber Bullies Target Michelle Yeoh for accepting invitation to Mammoth Dinner

Cyber Bullies Target Michelle Yeoh for accepting invitation to Mammoth Dinner

Regardless of how atrocious the administration of the Najib has been, I do not condone the acts of all cyber bullies involved.

So Michelle makes easy target because she is an international artist? Is that an excuse to act like a hooligan?
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Eats: Swallows Bird's Nest

This morning, I found this when I was in the kitchen. Swallow's Bird's Nest!

Apparently it was a gift from one of our clients as my mother was hankering for it.. Haha.

The said client's father owns a Bird's Nest farm, so giving us one box wasn't an issue. However every subsequent box will be priced at Rm200 for six pieces of the precious swallow nest.

Will let you know whether the stuff tastes good after my mother has double boiled it with rock sugar and whatever condiments she wants to add to it.
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Observations on 916 & 999.9 Gold Selling  Transaction & Purchase Process.

Observations on 916 & 999.9 Gold Selling Transaction & Purchase Process.

Doing a survey of the shops during this gold price down turn, I've learnt and made a few observations.

1) Most of the smaller shops are charging for 916 at about market rate, lower than as compared to the bigger brothers like Poh Kong, Tomei, and Habib.

Say for example, the jewellers in Brickfields are selling 916 at Rm139/gram, the bigger brothers would be selling for Rm155/gram as for today's rate.

One salesman I spoke to said, what difference would it be if I went to your shop and to the bigger ones if everyone was charging the same price?

However it seems the only variable would be that 999 is sold at the same price as set out by FGJAM.

To make up for the downturn in price of the precious metals, what some shops have resorted to doing is charging more for workmanship to close the difference in the profit gap.

There is one indian jeweller in Brickfields charging Rm380 for a korean style necklace piece. When I enquired of another jeweller at another shop whether that cost is reasonable, he said it depends whether the design of the piece was intricate, or easy.

He said for that amount, you could get another 2 grams of 916 gold at today's pricing. However, after comparing at Poh Kong with an item of a similar design, the said item is actually cheaper, and has more grammage, being more value for price.

A chat with some friends revealed that a lot of people, in majority, the Chinese that still prefer buying at Poh Kong despite them maintaining higher gold price due to their design which appeals a lot to the Chinese market. I don't know about the other shops as I don't like their designs.

2) All I can say is, make sure that you do your own survey before making that purchase.

Check your own intentions where:
- get the best rate, and ask for trade in jewellery, and cash conversion rate.
Normally it is about 20 to 25% if you bought from the same shop, and as much as even 35% for some shops if you didn't buy from the same shop.

Some shops require a certificate of purchase, but some don't. Shops that sell their own gold tend to charge less for trade in, but those that don't, will normally charge more.

To me, gold is gold. I don't believe in paying Rm65 for gold workmanship as PAMP charges, as Habib or Wah Chan does. Daylight robbery, I say.

Formulae for trade in & cash conversion:
One of my mates, CT gave me his formulae for trading gold, as he is looking to get a good buy and looking for wedding rings.

It is better to trade in jewellery when price is lower, then top up as the price of metal is lower. Say if Poh Kong charges 15 - 20% deduction on gold prices for jewellery bought from their shop, one still pays less for top up when the price is lower.

However if one is planning to convert for cash and takeaway, then it is better to wait till price is high. Poh Kong has a higher deduction rate for cash conversion of about 20-25 % for their own gold jewellery.

I don't know where CT got his rates as I got quoted a higher deduction rate at the Pearl Point outlet, which is higher. I think it is better to err on the side of higher in the case the shop may do so.

So this is our observations. Please make your own survey and observations in the case you want to make the most informed purchasing during this supposed lower priced gold season.

This is One Malaysia

Words cannot express how I feel but my disgust to what the government is doing to prevent the rakyat/citizen to return to Malaysia to vote.

Preventing Singaporeans from allowing their cars to ferry Malaysians back to Malaysia, or buying up train and bus tickets so that their own rakyat are not able to come home to vote?

That is so below the belt. And what about those voters overseas who supposedly can register to vote? Are you going to nullify them?

DAP being announced as disqualified as a political party just two weeks before the GE13?

What else is the government trying to do?

This all just goes to show that Barisan National is afraid of its rakyat. We the people pay our taxes to the government in hopes that it will administer and use the taxes properly.

Giving Rm100, or Rm500, or 5 kilos of rice, that is money from the rakyat, given back to the rakyat. It doesn't mean the government is kind, or show how generous the government is.

People, use your brains and think. and vote wisely.
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Eats: Foundry Food @ Seksyen 17

Sometime last week, I was feeling a bit low. But fortunately a mate of mine, RC came to look for me for lunch one of the afternoons. Having mates like this is gold.. (when he is around anyways.. LOL)

RC brought me to this place in Section 17, called the Foundry Food. Being in the food industry, RC is always on the lookout for new food places.. I am just the budding photographer and blogger. Ha ha ha.

Check out the decor!
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Random: A Korean guy on a Social Website


Random: A Korean guy on a Social Website

Just a couple of days ago, I was randomly surfing around on this social website. Note that I haven't been on there for a while (like a couple of weeks) due to my hectic schedule. 

So I was looking through my list of visitors, and I noticed one particular profile. 

There was no description, or profile essay. He basically didn't write anything.

Just a couple of mug face pictures. He just wrote he spoke English.

Out of curiosity I sent a message: 

Me:right hello... You do look a little korean... You aren't korean by any chance?
Him: i'm a korean. haha

I thought he was pulling my leg. So I sent another message. This time just to check.
Me: Jeong mal hanguk saram ye yo? Nae irrum mun Diane ye yo. 
Him: haha. yes. im korean. haha. glad to see you. im woojin. woojin park
Me: Mannaseo Pangap Sumnida. Nice to meet you.
Him: yup. me too. ^^ do u like korea??

Ok, fancy actually discerning if a person is korean just by looking at his photos. Yeah, I am still messaging with him for the time being.

He's 40, and living in KL if you're interested to meet one (with handful English).  LOL
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Genting: YNOT Graffiti Finale Event

So I was one of the few who managed to get an invite to the Genting YNOT Graffiti Event on Saturday, April 17th, thanks to Nuffnang, and Cindy. As this is my first in participating in an event with Nuffnang, I did not have any expectations.. just butterflies in my tummy.

I will write more about the other various activities throughout our stay in Genting, but this is just an  introduction to the Ynot Graffiti Finale Event in Genting. The awaited day came, and we were all asked to assemble at Wisma Genting around 8am....I was on time, as I did not want to be late.

By the time we finally boarded the bus and left, it was about 8.45am.

Genting Blogger Tags.
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Eats: Dim Sum Yum Cha @ Kuchai Lama

So one Monday afternoon about two weeks ago, one of my mates, Zen came over. She brought me to this chinese diner place she was raving about in Kuchai Lama.

Its a non-halal chinese yum cha (Hong Kong slang for dim sum) with lovely decor and nice food.

Lovely red and white sakura flowers.
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Malaysia: 999.9 & 916 Gold prices hit hard!

My first Poh Kong - Tranz series pendant. Love this design! (2010).

I am a gold lover. Been advised by a mate that this year isn't a good time to buy gold.

For me, I would say the same for mobile phones, coz the price keeps dropping the moment you buy it. I ain't too passionate about touch screen phones though. Currently using a Nokia E6. Half touch screen so I can utilize a bit more apps, and a physical keyboard for my tactile sense to work the keyboard.

So I have been told that gold prices are dropping like mad at this moment as I write. At 5pm Malaysia time on Monday, I received a Whatsapp message from a mate that gold prices was dropping.


Eats: Caffeinees Heritage Cafe @ Jalan Kampung Pandan.

So on a busy Friday evening last week, the Likeminders went out for a informal dinner and meet in town. The place we ended up going heading to was the Caffeines Heritage Cafe. Located in Kampung Pandan, it's probably located less than 5 minutes drive from Berjaya Times Square.

I came with RC, as he lives nearby. We were caught in the busy traffic and was late for the dinner, arriving about 8.30pm. Majority of the Likeminders had already arrived and had already eaten by then.
Entrance walkway to Caffeinees Heritage Cafe.
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Carlo Rino: Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013

This evening, after returning from the event jointly hosted by Genting, and Nuffnang, I was dragged to Midvalley Mega Mall by my parents to have a look at The Star Health Fair...

 It so happened that Midvalley is having their Spring/Summer Fashion Week 2013 for the next two weeks. I managed to catch some gorgeous pictures of the Carlo Rino catwalk collection. The pictures below are some of the interesting outfits that caught my attention.
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Eats: Hot Chocolate @ McCafe, Sunway Pyramid

I've always been a fan of the espresso style hot drinks. When I was in Sydney, espresso drinks like cappucino and hot chocolate was easy to come by. My mates and I normally shared a coffee at Gloria Jeans, or some other new place we found like Max Brenner, but never would we imagine heading to McCafe.

I was looking through my FB newsfeed, when I saw Cindy's photo of her coffee at Kota Kemuning's McCafe. It looked fairly good compared to some local coffee places I had visited so far.

Hence, last weekend when I was at Sunway Pyramid after my make-up class, I decided to give the hot drinks a try.

Lovely hearts drawn in chocolate syrup on my Hot Chocolate order.
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Eats: Seoul Korea @ Taman Danau Desa

So about a week ago, my mates and I had decided to come here on Monday for lunch...but it was closed... So we came here again on Thursday.. this time, fortunately it was open.

Restoran Seoul Korea is a non-halal korean diner in Taman Danau Desa. They serve affordable lunch sets and can get quite busy during mid-day.

The sign board for Seoul Korea @ Taman Danau Desa
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Metamof Gallery: Shading & Highlighting

In continuation from my attendance at Metamof for make up class, last Saturday, I had to attend my make up class as it was already paid for. Might as well attend (but then had to miss out on the Guardian "Just Gorgeous" event at One Utama... *sob sob*

.. oh well, there is always next year... =.=

One of the 'new' hair nets to hold hair up from falling during class  ^^


Sanrio Hello Kitty Town: Nusajaya Johor (Part Two)

Continuing in our travelogue of little cute kitties from Sanrio....

Miscellaneous display of kitty toys..
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Sanrio Hello Kitty Town: Nusajaya, Johor (Part 1)

In November of last year, I made a trip down to Singapore for a weekend trip with an old mate, Jason. Enroute, we stopped over at Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. I was pretty excited as I am a huge Sanrio fan of the Little Twin Stars!

Stage appearance by Daniel and Hello Kitty.
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Photoblog: Candi Borobodor

Continuing in my Indonesia travel journey, and taking a break from the many food posts (LOL)...

January 21st (Monday): Visit to Borobudur

If you really want to come here, be ready to pay USD20 for entrance, and bring your sunnies, sunscreen, umbrella and get your arse here before the afternoon sun is up.. coz you will surely burn

Little toys for sale outside Borobodur site.
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Photoblog: Puma Social- The Evolution of Suede Finale Party 2013

So on Friday night, I attended the Puma event party at Capsquare. Thanks to Bangsar Babe for the VIP entrance tickets, and to mate,Wei Meng for graciously picking me up on the way. He had to get off work early to come pick me up. Thanks!!

We arrived at Capsquare about mid 9ish evening. The party had already started. ^^

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Eats: Wings Music Cafe @ Kuchai Lama

So on Thursday night, my mates and I decided to head over to Wings Music Cafe at Kuchai Lama.

I am not sure if it is non-halal as we didn't order any food. If you're just there for tea and drinks, its fine by all means. It is a music cafe providing live unplugged music with Chinese and English songs each night.

Lovely tea lights to warm our table.
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Eats: Dad's Birthday @ Duck King, Jaya One.

This is my last post before I leave it for the weekend. Lots of activities happening this weekend, with lots of camwhoring. There is also the Puma Evolution of Suede Finale party on Friday night, thanks to Bangsar Babe for the tickets. ^^

This is a belated post, taken during my father's birthday in mid February this year. He had asked to celebrate at the Duck King Restaurant. This outlet is located in Jaya One, Petaling Jaya.

Duck King Restaurant (王帝鸭) is a non-halal chinese restaurant, that (surprisingly) branched out from Indonesia!  

I liked the crispy Roast Duck skin.
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Eats: Hong Cha Restaurant @ OUG

So on Monday, a mate, Jason dropped by after I threw some rant.. (his words, not mine..). Anyways, long story short, we ended up heading to this place called Hong Cha for an easy dinner.

Hong Cha is this non-halal diner in Overseas Union Garden (OUG) thats serves lots of noodle dishes, at affordable price. They also serve japanese stuff, but thats just for the sides.

Hong Cha sells all kinds of noodles, with pork and seafood mainly.
Traditional one- Big for about RM6.50
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Eats: Girls Tea Time Out @ Carcosa Sri Negara

So going back in future, my girlfriends and I made a trip to this lovely place in August last year.

Six beautiful ladies made a trip down to Carcosa Sri Negara.

I cant remember what possessed us to make the trip down there, but maybe it was something to do with Prince William and Kate coming down to Malaysia in 2012. LOL

Exterior of Carcosa Sri Negara building

Photoblog: Indonesia-Outward Bound

1st Leg of Journey: 19th to 22nd January 2013:

Tawangmanggu- Waterfall & Wahana Kampung Pinus Sarangan (Outbound)

Continuing in our photoblog, we move on from Tawangmanggung to Outward Bound a few kilometres away....

Dicky's entire family consisting of his sister, Syeren, mother, Remus, and me decided to up on the trees for some high roped excitement. Dicky meanwhile stayed on the ground watching from below >_<

I cant remember exactly how much it cost, but it was about 70,000 Rupiah per person.

Me up on the tree.... (shaking away!)



Eats: Totally Thai @ Scotts Garden, Old Klang Road.

On Monday, a mate of mine, Zen dropped by.

We were plannin to have korean for lunch in Danau Desa, but it turned out the place was closed. Finally we ended up heading nearby to Scotts Garden for lunch instead.


We ordered the Pattaya Khao Pat Taya
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Eats: The April "Invisible" Baskin Robbins promotion.

So yesterday, a mate of mine, Jason, dropped over for a visit (after I threw a rant.. his words, not mine..LOL )..

We ended up at Midvalley for Baskin Robbins as he wanted to have ice-cream... (for his belated birthday treat.. ), and he wanted to check out camera bags.

This was the "Invisible" promotion at Baskin Robbins.

Banana split. Orange Sherbet, Chocolate, and Vanilla. (RM23.50)
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Eats: Max Brenner @ Sydney Broadway

So I was just digging through my camera, and found some of my pictures, which I have yet to upload.. Here are some pictures of Max Brenner.

Max Brenner is an Israeli chocolate shop chain. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Strauss Group, Israel’s second-largest food and beverage company. Max Brenner chocolates are marketed as "Chocolate by the Bald Man. Not sure how many of you guys have ever been there, but there are quite a number of outlets in Sydney.

The pictures below were taken when my church mates and I went there after church one July sunday afternoon in the middle of winter (2011). So yeah, it was freezing cold and needed something hot to warm us up ^^

 I love the chocolate drinks.

Can you spell calor-i-fic? YUM.

Click on the pictures to zoom in.

Very Yummy!!: Chocolate with Crunchy Waffle Balls $6.00
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Photoblog: Chinese New Year 2013

These pictures are kind of late, but I thought I'd still share them as they look really gorgeous.

Pictures taken by: Agnes Yong (my cousin).
Pictures had to copyrighted in the case should anyone else steals them but rightfully they belong to her.
Camera: Nikon DSLR (dont know which model..)

Setting: 2nd Day of CNY 2013. Yes, our breakfast is this lavish at my Tai Bak's home for this festive time!

WARNING: You Will Salivate. Please get a tissue and wipe that saliva off your mouth >_<

Me in red on the 2nd day of CNY 2013
Hainanese chicken style. YUM
Scallops.. YUM

Yummy looking scallops scooped out ...

Steamed fish. YUM
Breakfast on second day of CNY 2013
What a handsome pet dog!
My family. 
My uncle's family. Make a guess of who the other people are! ^^

You watering yet? I am. . . .  ^^
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