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Eats: Antipodean Cafe, Bangsar

Today was a rather interesting day. I don't normally come down to Bangsar on a weekday noon, but due to an interesting shout out on FB, I did today!

I finally met the elusive Janice Ward after four years of chatting on FB. It was actually a farewell gathering for one of her mates. Janice looks younger and is pretty in person. ;-)

For lunch, I ordered the Big Breakfast (Rm19) and a Flat White (Rm9).

The portions for the Big Breakfast served was big, with heaps of mushrooms, and
scrambled eggs, a pork sausage, and two pieces of toast. Its actually good to be shared with another
person (who is a small eater).

I was expecting the Flat White to be served in a transparent short glass, but it was served in a red cup.. Hmm.

I had parked my car between the aisle of the shops, which did cause me a bit of worry as apparently
summons are given during peak hours. But anyways, I wasn't issued a ticket, probably because it was raining a little *yeahhh!*

Antipodean Cafe: 
20, Jalan Telawi 2,, Bangsar Baru, 59100 Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
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Elken: Fujita Lactose-S review

A few months back, I bought a three pack of Lactose- S from Elken. I
wanted to try out the effectiveness of their health products.

The Elken website claims:

'Fujita Lactose-S is a 100% natural health supplement to help in

maintaining clean and healthy intestines. It contains 1 billion

friendly bifidus bacteria as well as other types of good bacteria to

maintain an ideal acidic environment for retarding the proliferation

of bad bacteria.

The lactose content also helps increase the balance of good bacteria

in the intestines to a healthy level. Furthermore, its fermentation

will release carbonic acid gas to gently enlarge intestinal walls and

stimulate peristaltic movements, thus helping to expel stubborn waste

from the intestines.

Fujita Lactose-S is also symbiotic. In other words, it contains both

prebiotics and probiotics, thus helping to promote good intestinal

flora and better intestinal health. Besides, it contains dietary

fibre, oat extract and vitamin C and it is an effective slimming aid.'

Weeks pass but I've yet to actually open the darn thing. However,
having not done any detoxification in the last two months, I decided
to give it a go.

Day 1:
At about 15:00 hours on 2nd Dec, I mixed the contents of the sachet in
a glass of cold water and drank it. According to the instructions, I'm
not supposed to partake of any food 3 hours before or 4 hours after.

Within the first 3 hours, I felt the effects. Unfortunately, it was
kind of the wrong timing, as I could feel and hear liquids moving
inside of me, and I was going out to watch a live Performance on the
same evening.

Granted, I kept running back to the toilet every one hour as my
insides were having a jolly good turbulent time.

Day 2: (3rd December)

Today was a slightly less uncomfortable day than the day before. I did
not have to make way to the bathroom for any bowel movements, but I
did feel rumbling and wind in my insides which was a bit
uncomfortable, but less than the day before.

It was comfortable enough for me that I could make my way to S2
Slimming for a two hour treatment, without just a bit of air expulsion
every now and then.

To be continued. . .
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Wish List for Christmas 2012


Wish List for Christmas 2012

Wish List for Christmas:

1. Anything from Fossil. I love their Maddox range... (i like tomboy-ish style mah).

2. Earrings (with min pure 925 silver studs or else my ears will bleed. I'm serious!)

3. Clothes - I really like the range from Puri Padi in Malacca (16 Jalan Hong Kasturi, Jonker Street.), that I bought two dresses on the spot! But nothing off the shoulder for the time being till I work on my figure...

4. Accessories.... (Swarovski, Tiffany, etc)

5. A new camera from Canon (digital range, coz the good photographers somehow prefer Canon)

6. A new touch screen from Samsung (preferably with QWERTY keyboard and long lasting battery).

Things I do not want to get:1) Soft toys

3) Books. (I got no time to read these days)
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