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Pondering away in Malacca

Sharing the pictures taken on birthday day trip to Malacca recently.

Currently 33 and loving it!! Pictures courtesy of Asta Loh.


For more pictures and story of our Malacca trip, please click here.

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Malacca: Pictures.

Pictures courtesy of Asta Loh.


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Malacca: A lovely 33rd birthday trip

On my 33rd birthday on Saturday, I had a tiring but enjoyable day trip to Malacca with some mates.

I was supposed to have a birthday dinner celebration with today with my mates but as everyone was attending to something, the dinner had to be postponed. As RC had a friend visiting from overseas, we decided to just make a trip out of town instead.

We left KL city about 12.30pm, and reached Malacca close to 3pm. In attendance, there was Asta the acting photographer with her new Nikon camera, RC our lovely driver with his funny jokes and talking non stop, and Dicky a funny indo friend where we got to practise speaking Bahasa Indonesia with.

First stop was the popular street stall Bunga Raya popiah with lard (lemak babi) where we had to take a number to make an order. Our lucky number was 27. It was Rm3 for small, and Rm3.50 for big size.

Pictures courtesy of Asta Loh.

                                                      Some group pictures we took. ^^

For dinner, RC recommended the Peranakan restaurant 'Anak Nyonya' located near the stage where performances were held in Jonker Walk on weekends. The bill came up to Rm72 for four persons and order of 5 dishes. Not too bad.

But it was definitely better than the Peranakan food which I had in Penang when I went there with Jo and her kin sometime early this year. It was a good bonding session as we got to learn each other's different taste buds and culinary preferences! LOL. I especially liked the cinnamon-y sweet duck dish which no one seemed to like!

To end the makan session, we had Cendol with santan and gula Melaka at Bibik House Cendol. It came up to Rm4 per bowl, and Rm5 for the one with durian. YUM. I could easily take two bowls of it but any more is not advisable as coconut milk is fattening!

Before leaving, we made a few stops around the local shops, and I ended up buying two really lovely dresses at this place called Puri Padi for about Rm190ish. The shop showcases interior design and fine furnitures. Since their designs were unique to this shop and fitted me well, I bought them without a moment's thought! Asta also gave me a dress for my birthday, so I had three new dresses to wear!

We left Malacca close to 12am, and I arrived home about 1.20am. It was a lot faster travelling back due to the roads being empty at that time.

Lovely way to end a lovely day ^^
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Pictures courtesy of Asta Loh.

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