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London Weight Management: A Time Wasting Free Trial.


London Weight Management: A Time Wasting Free Trial.

Today a mate of mine, Shelby dragged me to London Weight Management. This was the outlet located in MidValley Shopping Mall.

4 words to describe the experience:

Total Waste Of Time.

The first thing they asked when we come in is to ask us to show our Identification Card. We reached the placed about 7pm ish. Then we had to measure our height and weight. My weight was pretty correct. My normal height is 158cm but my height was measure at 156.6cm, which is close to 3cm below my normal height, which I noted. Shelby also commented the same for her height as well.

The consultants told us we had to be separated for the consultation, which would take place after the treatment.. So fine.... But wait, there was another consultation prior to the treatment.

By the time the consultant came in to speak me, it was close to 8pm.

Chea Yee:

Let me share my side of the story. Speaking to me in cantonese, she filled in my profile card noting that my weight and height in a measurement card for BMI.

As said, my height was about 3cm lower than what I normally was (which is impossible for anyone to shrink unless you were a grandmother in your 80s). It also affects your ideal BMI weight by about 3kgs.

I duly informed the consultant that it was impossible for my height to shrink by 3cm, and they had a problem with their height equipment. The consultant denied their machine had a problem, but I said no.

Then the consultant asked me to strip some, so I was there wearing my Elken girdle which bounded my tummy. She then went on about how dangerous to wear a girdle, and it is not good. Blah Blah Blah.. (strange, that was not what the therapist in S2 slimming said. In fact it was the total opposite story).

The consultant described the entire package etc etc to me and what we would get. Then she asked how often would I be able to come in, and how many times do I want?

Knowing that she was trying to psycho me into agreeing, I said 'no, I haven't thought about either. Just not thinking about it' (a bloody good blur reply, if I may say.)

Then she asked me to show my bank credit/debit card to entitle for 'free scrub'. I told her I wasn't interested.

She even asked me to pay for the 'ampoule' which she could then upgrade the treatment for which I am guessing would probably cost Rm120.

Frankly I told her that if it wasn't for my mate, I wouldn't have come. Having said that, my consultant was a little milder than Shelby's by comparison.


My mate who is super skinny also couldn't escape from the clutches of their sales talk.

She was really cross with the consultant, Y who had pinched her arm and said to her in Mandarin, 'you think yourself very skinny, is it?'.

Shelby, though 23, is the plucky kind, so she shot her back telling the consultant how they were wasting our time for nothing waiting since 7pm ish.

Shelby even shared that the consultant had mentioned that the consultant had points which they had to use for customers which could be used to redeem points for rewards.

If that is so, does that mean the consultants pick and choose which of the customers to give free treatments based on those who pay, or give favourable replies to signing up?? Tsk Tsk Tsk.

The Sneaky Credit/Debit Card trick:t

The 'show them ur credit/debit card' is a very sneaky trick... Wahhhhhhhhh damn dangerous. Who knows if they swipe your card halfway and keep your card hostage...

These people might even do that. Wasting two hours of our time. It is better to not entertain any of these so called 'free treatment' and better just pay for the first trial.

We had arrived about 7ish, and by the time the consultant were almost done talking it was closing to 8.45pm.

Then they asked us to make an appointment to come in for another day for the free treatment. I thought no way, (which is probably what they wanted??) since we didn't pay. (not that I cared)

A check on the internet showed quite a number of complaints both across the border in Singapore to Malaysia, so I believe this is how their management must have trained their staff to be like.

So guys, please do your research before heading into these places. Use your brains before letting your emotions overrule you.
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