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What crazy things would you do with Rm15,000?


What crazy things would you do with Rm15,000?

I was at an Elken Ken Sigma product training today. The trainer, Alvin, asked us to write down a list of things we would do if we could earn Rm15,000.

1. Take my parents and brother out for a Rm1,500- 2,000) dinner.

2. Spend Rm1,000 on luxurious dog food and dog spa for Vicky, my handsome mixed breed dog.

3. Spend one night at the Penthouse in a luxurious hotel in Kuala Lumpur, and bring my family along. (Rm2,000?)

4. Buy Rm5,000 worth of Elken Charms lingerie set.

5. Spend the remaining (Rm5,000 ish) on makeover with a famous fashion stylist.

What crazy things would you do?

The trainer, Alvin has actually done all this. He continues to say this:

'If you can afford to spend this much on the things you have never dreamt of, it just shows you are capable of earning this SILLY much to spend this SILLY much!'

Are you ready to earn that Rm15,000 yet???
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Being single for a woman is not such a bad thing.


Being single for a woman is not such a bad thing.

Today I had a chat with my body therapist. and someone else.

Sometimes its not just a matter of a woman wanting to get married. There is nothing wrong being single these days. But the problem is when a woman ignores what she (really) wants and marry a man where she feels (at that point of time) that no one else will marry her if she did not marry there and then.

These people I spoke to have been married for over twenty years at least and have pearls of wisdom that we could learn from.

Let me repeat what the body therapist said.

She tells me that there is nothing wrong with staying single. However there is something terribly wrong being married to the wrong person who is not right for you when you totally ignore what you really want. You can only ignore so much what you truly want a man to do for you for a couple of years, but there will come a time when all that frustration will come out.

My mate has not shared with me what her issues is (if there are even any issues). But having not consummated her marriage for the last one year leads us to wonder if the husband is finding his needs met elsewhere? She is an extremely enterprising person who has chosen to marry someone less enterprising.  Which leads us to wonder about the the real core issue.

Nevertheless, she hasn't other alternative but to work out what she really wants from her life as the bridges behind her as already been burnt.  
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Elken: Corpsdevere DX Photo Journey

I havent taken much pictures of myself in it the last half year as I have seriously turned into a huge fat blob.....

                                                    June 2012: 
Sentosa Island - notice my disappearing waist line .... 

                                                         July 2012:
With my korean mate, Jo. Ballooning up!

A Famosa- waistline could fill spaces in a triangular prism!

The first two pictures were taken before I bought the Corpsdevere DX. My waist is very obviously non existent! I ballooned to my maximum in June 2012!

                                                    August 2012:

This picture on the bottom was taken in August with me wearing the Corpsdevere DX Body Shaper. Couple this with a minimum of at least two evenings of exercise each week and cutting down on my food portions, my waist is beginning to make its appearance.

I'm still not there yet, but slowly making progress and waiting for the day where I can do without the body shaper but use only the Waist Nipper for maintainence  >_<


Like what you see? If you are interested to get the Corpsdevere DX, leave me a comment with your details and I will get back to you.

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Elken: A Scam?


Elken: A Scam?

Today I realized for the 2nd time, how people can be hostile towards even their own blood relatives who have joined a MLM/Direct Marketing company.

In this instance, after the second time I had asked a cousin to go on a fitting, I was sent a lovely five paragraph email detailing how she didn't want to give me the false impression that she would buy from me. She then went on this lovely story on how she was planning an overseas trip and it was all too costly. (there I was thinking, 'did I ask?').

When queried, a mate quipped that telling your mates that you have joined a Direct Marketing company will engender the same horrified response as someone who is trying to share with them of how the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ saves all mankind from their ugly and dark sins.

*Sounds like a good idea*. Perhaps I should share about Elken and Jesus Christ at the same time, hence killing two birds with one stone.

*Laughs Wickedly* *Gives Evil Look*

Regardless of how others think, remember that the decision to join an MLM or Direct Marketing company is one that no one can coerce you into. If you don't trust or like their products, you should not join no matter how lucrative others say the business is.

In my instance, I really love their Elken DX Corpsdevere Waist Nipper. I love that I no longer look like the blop that I was one month ago in July 2012. Flipping through my photos in July, my waist could pass for a rectangular prism and you wouldn't think twice!

Some people seem to think that MLM is a short cut business, and a get rich scheme. It couldn't be further from the truth.

Everything comes at a price. Goal setting, hard work, patience, and smart networking is essential to make it big whether its blogging, climbing up the corporate ladder, or starting your own business.

Overcoming one's aversion to pain and hardwork is all you need. That my friend, is THE secret to success.
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La Senza: Shows Off Rocks the Party Launch

Another belated post.

One fine Saturday in August, bff Asta Loh and I made our way to Pavilion. Tammy Lim (Plus Size Kitten) and Fatin (Chocolate Catz) were already among the early birds there ^^

Taking a girly group picture

Yummy treats and sweets.
Hunky guys to hang out with.

CY and Asta Loh
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Corpsdevere DX Waist Nipper


Corpsdevere DX Waist Nipper

I was wearing the Corpsdevere DX Waist Nipper to work today in a body hugging dress. The first response was through my colleague's eyes that turned big and wide, and the second was them saying 'Wow... You waist is so thin!'.

Okay, that seemed to say a lot, even though I haven't really lost any weight yet... LOL

Anyways, I have been wearing the Corpsdevere DX for the last few days. A few hours into wearing it, I realise that the areas around my waist and my boobs started to itch.

When I asked my cousin in law (who also owns an older edition of the DX) about it, she told me that it means my blood is circulating, which is a good thing.

A read on the manual explains that:

'The foundation lingerie functions to shape your body. Therefore, it must 'stick' to your skin. When this occurs, the blood circulation system under the skin will be stimulated. Thus, itchiness will occur.'

Apparently this is only for the short term, and after a while, the itchiness will subside.

The cleaning of the Corpsdevere DX has also been quite easy. I use the Lingerie Cleaning liquid which is sold by Elken for this purpose.

It is about 10ml for about 5 litres of water. Since I don't have that much to clean, I measure it pro rata in the included measuring cap before pouring it from the bottle.

First I run the used lingerie in the water through water. Like how you clean your dishes, one does not straight away add washing liquid before running it through water. The same concept applies here.

Then we add the appropriate amount of lingerie cleaning liquid to the basin and let the dirty lingerie soak for about 10-15 minutes before rinsing it in clean water.

After rinsing the detergent off, I dry the wet lingerie between a clean dry towel to let the towel soak up the water. I leave it that way and go off to do my own errands for about ten minutes.

Then I return and take the lingerie off and let it dry in a room with airconditioning. It will dry within an hour.

Now don't you think the cleaning is rather easy, quick and fast?
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I bought Elken Elysyle Corpsdevere DX

Recently a colleague of mine who is an Elken member asked me to go and have a look at their Elysyle Corpsdevere DX body shaping lingerie.

I have been quite interested in their body lingerie from a very long time ago, but just did not see the need to have a fitting until recently.

Something sparked my interest to try out the bodywear after having tried Easecox's. After having a fitting of their Elysyle DX, I had a think about it for the next few days.

Just like the dream of every teenager and young adult to have perfect teeth, they go to the orthodontist to have their teeth straightened.

It is also the dream of every woman to own a shaping lingerie that not only makes them looking sexy and elegant, but could shape and mould their bodies to look better, slimmer and hot!

My upline,Sook Keny has five children with the eldest being 12, and the youngest 2. She does not look a day over 40.. and has an hourglass figure!! She's been wearing the DX for 10 years.

Looking at my own physical condition, where I was veering on plump, and no longer fitting into any of my clothes in the last 6 months.

I didn't succeed very well with taking supplements or dieting, and already started on the physical exercise. I thought it was time I took a plunge into shaping lingerie.

The Elken Corpsdevere DX claims to
- Push Fat
- Reposition Fat
- Lock in the Position of Fat
- Straighten the Back (Waist Nipper/Body Shaper)
- Halt the effects of gravity.

Elken Corpsdevere DX
After considering my options, I decided to just go for 1 x DX Long Set - Waist Nipper (regular) which is retailing at the Normal Price of Rm2725.00, but members can purchase it at a lower price of Rm2475.00.

The second set which is the -1x waist Nipper set + 1 x body Shaper (regular) size retails at normal price of Rm5375, but members can purchase it at a lower price of Rm4855.

I also decided to join as member for Rm75 as Elken currently had a welcome gift retailing for Rm99 which covers the member joining fee. Further too, my total purchases as a member would allow me to get a rebate at the end of the month. That sounded pretty good to me.

Anyways, good news to those who don't own a credit card. Elken actually has an agreement with AEON which arranges for 36 month instalment plan with interest for customers who do not own a credit card.

We'll measure my progress as it goes along.
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S2 Slimming: Arms & Shoulder  Treatment


S2 Slimming: Arms & Shoulder Treatment

This morning, I went to S2 Slimming in Kuchai Lama.

The movements of my arms and shoulders have been feeling somewhat less fluid and clogged in the past few weeks, so when the head therapist, Florence, asked me what I wanted, I asked her to work on my arms...

First she used the G5 machine which works on the surface on both sides of my arms and shoulders for about 7+ minutes on each side.(15 mins treatment)

Then I was sent off for steam bath for about 20 minutes, where the occurring perspiration was supposed to help the blood circulate. After which, she applied the cupping machine (CST) for about 15 mins to each side of my shoulder (30 mins treatment).

The treatment ended with an application of a hot clay mask and Infra Red Lamp for 30 minutes.

I came out with greenish blue black bruises on both sides of my shoulder that my mates were wondering if I was beaten up on the streets and got my purse snatched! LOL.

We shall see the progress of the treatment works, which claims to assist in the circulation of the blood vessels around my arms.
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