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Acuvue Dailies for Astigmatics.


Acuvue Dailies for Astigmatics.

Earlier this evening, I went to the Eye Street Optometrist at The Scotts Garden.

Acuvue 1 Day Moist for Astigmatism had been advertising their free trial promotion for customers, and the address for this outlet was found on their local website, hence the reason for my visit there.

I was actually wearing a pair of coloured toric lenses, but my eyes were reddening, so the optometrist told me that the pair I was wearing was ill suited for my eyes, and informed me to discontinue wearing it to avoid an infection from taking place.

Coloured Toric Lens also weren't so suitable for patients with really dry eyes, as the coloured layer made it more difficult for eyes to breathe as well..... Zzz, oh well.

I was informed that patients with dry eye conditions are normally not suitable candidates for Lasik operation, as it will further make eyes drier. A side effect of patients who had undergone the Lasik operation is the dry eye condition, hence.

So, I had my eyes fitted for a free trial pair of acuvue lens for astigmatics.

For astigmatics, the degree of the vision of the eyes depends on the axis of the lens. As such, eye fittings are very important to determine accurate eye power vision.

After getting my eyes checked, I filled in a form. They then told me I could come and collect the trial lens once the manufacturers had sent in the stock.

We'll wait and see the outcome in the next few weeks to come.
Dancing is like Life


Dancing is like Life

Today is my last dance class with Vernon. Apparently he is withdrawing from teaching as he has many competitions to participate in.

So I was watching Khai Hoong, an older dance teacher teach the older students how to dance the Waltz. He was very detailed and articulate in teaching them the steps.

It was mesmerizing watching him lead an advanced student.

In dancing, the female has to know how to read the man's signals and to follow his lead.
Not only does she need to know how to dance her own steps, she also has to know how to carry her own weight, her body must also be strong enough.

The man on the other hand, must know where he wants to dance, and also know how to lead, as well as communicate with the partner. This is all done using body language with using any words.

This sure is a tough act to follow!
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Vonza Gallery: a new Orthorest bed set.


Vonza Gallery: a new Orthorest bed set.

Wow, I cant believe it either but I'm already down 8 days towards my goal.

For even as Daniel 10:12 says, even the angels of the Lord took 21 days before they could deliver the message of the Lord to Daniel, so we must persist as we await the Lord's answer. I must learn to remain still and patient, and await the Lord's next step in my life.

Tonight being the last day of the July home fair I am working at in Midvalley, I finally decided on a new Orthorest bed set from Vonza Gallery just before the expo finished for the day. The big boss lady, Lucy Wong, didn't give me much of a discount, but just enough to appease the staff for their pockets >_<.

The range this time was much better than the one I saw at Viva Mall expo, and of course more expensive by at least Rm500, so it definitely is better!

The bed is double deckered with one single sized mattress, and one for the lower compartment. The mattresses and bed set are cream coloured, and came with two free pillows set. The sides are at least not stapled (how dodgy) like some of the ones recommended. Finally, more free size in my room as it is a single size set.

Space is what I really now in my room, as I barely even have walking space!
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Four weeks on: Moving On


Four weeks on: Moving On

So its now four weeks since I broke up with my Ex. I am able to see things a lot more clearer and better.

I'm feeling a lot better, and my wounds are healing slowly and steadily. But thats fine. It will take another 4 weeks before I am completely healed, but at least I know I didn't waste my time on someone who was wasting my precious time on someone who was not going to commit to me.

I had a lovely chat with CAL tonight (who is back in Malaysia for a visit). It is different talking to people already married, and those who are still single and not in relationships.

Hence, I decided recently that it is not a good thing to seek advice/counsel from singles, or people who are barely even engaged themselves on how to sustain a successful relationship.

I guess its sort of a universal code that when a guy says 'My work is priority', it just means that. His work is priority. Nothing more, nothing less.

The problem with females is we don't listen when a guy says that, and assumes he is saying something else.

Its also another guy code to mean, 'I won't put you as priority, so don't expect anything else from me. I won't ask you to leave, as I like your company. I'm just not in love with you. You are free to stay, but I can't give you much attention either.'

So as the woman, the best thing a woman can do in this situation is leave and hold your head up high and with dignity.

Womenfolk, please listen when a guy says that. He really means it, and nothing else. He's just trying to be gentle and subtle without hurting your feelings.

It is just so wonderful and overwhelming an experience to know that you are being loved by someone who totally adores you and is totally in love with you. Relationships shouldn't be that difficult.

I know that God is preparing the right one for me, and I can't wait for that day to come. ^^
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Developing Self Confidence


Developing Self Confidence

I realised that I display passive aggressive traits due to home communication dynamics. As a result of this self awareness, I'm taking ownership of this area and baby steps to develop confidence.

These are some pointers taken from this site: Acting-Passive-Aggressive

Take classes to increase your self-confidence.

Get help through a psychologist or other medical

Stop seeing people as threats and stop seeing yourself as a victim; if you don't want to do
something, just say so.

Own things and do them well;

stop procrastinating and stop "forgetting" things on purpose; people do notice and it wears thin.

Get positive. Being negative all the time is not only a real drag on those around you but it is stifling you and your abilities.

Realize that you are responsible for you and that only you' can make your own life a better, more pleasant one.

Stop criticizing other people, especially those in authority. It doesn't make them smaller but it does make you smaller; it also makes you boring to be around and others are very wary that they're going to be the next target of your nasty jibes.
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Bringing korean visitors around.


Bringing korean visitors around.

So much has happened in the last two weeks. It was an interesting learning experience playing host to a korean family with an infant on pram and trying to get round the city on KL's 'integrated' train transport system.

I am surprised I could actually remember much of my korean vocabulary though I've not spoken it for the last seven months! Some of the sales personnel at MidValley thought we were all koreans.

Nonetheless it was wise that I only spoke with Jo in English when were at the smaller shops so they could not make out our identity.

When I was in Penang, I had a manicure done, and was speaking mostly cantonese with the nail technicians. They could guess that I was from out of town, as Penang is mostly Hokkien speaking.

Even when I boarded the plane to KL, the air stewardess started speaking to me in Hokkien.... LOL. I just let her.

One last thing I must mention is that no matter how much you think you should be constantly be with your foreign friends, as one doing it on a voluntary basis, it is advisable to let them decide things on their own after the initial few days.

No matter how much as a local you know a particular food type sucks, if your visitors insist on trying it because their guide book says so, please let them try it. It makes life a lot easier. You will find the outcome/feedback most interesting.

Also, if you are physically exhausted, please take a rest as when you need to and let your visitors get around the foreign city Free & Easy. (preferable if there is an english speaker amongst them).

The foreign visitors will enjoy the visit better and appreciate the city more just as much on their own.
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Beautiful Affirmations

Beautiful Affirmations

I am beautiful no matter what people say

I love life

I feel good about myself

I love who I am

Life loves me

Life works for me

I will become a better me

I will prioritize and look after myself

I know I can do it.

It's going to be smooth and easy

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Picking up the pieces: moving on with my life.


Picking up the pieces: moving on with my life.

Picking up the pieces of any broken relationship is never easy in the initial few weeks. However,
two weeks on, I'm taking baby steps to get on with my life.

The first week after my break up, I was fighting with myself and used up a lot of brain energy trying to decide whether it was the right thing to do.

Its now Day 11 after the breakup. I do think of the Ex, and sometimes I feel sad, but I keep telling myself its for my own well being and sanity that this has happened.

I know that I am now creating a new future with a
much more solid foundation--a better me!

That's the way to heal myself and prepare myself to be ready for an emotionally healthy relationship when the time comes.

If ever I get back with the Ex, it has to be when the Ex has shown he has evolved from who he formerly was, and proved himself worthy to be even worth getting together with. History has shown that people take at least a year and over to change, and I don't have that kind of time to wait for someone who isn't interested to.

To help me in my evolvement and let go of the past, I kick started by making changes in my routines.

I've since signed up for Zumba and Latin Dancing classes. Many eons ago, I actually learnt chacha for over six months. I don't remember much of it these days, but having a pair of custom latin dance shoes help me get into the swing of things.

I'm also considering enrolling in Belly Dancing as I have the hip bell skirt that I bought a long time ago. But first, I might give yoga a try as I already bought a voucher off a group purchase site a week back.

Most people start on their evolvement by looking after their health, and fitness level. When you are fit physically, it affects your mood. Meeting up with old supportive friends and enlarging your social circle is also a way to lift your spirits.

A fortnight ago, I finally decided to again start attending Cell Group where most of my FGA 'kaki' was. Its been a while, but it was good to see all of them, old and new members.

My dad has not been too encouraging, but there are some things we have to stick to and do in order to move forward in life when an old church dies. Its a decision I have made, and I intend to stick to it (that which is another story).

Another change that I've made is investing in a tummy shaper from Easecox that I've been wearing diligently since Sunday. I got it off a mate who still keeps some of her old stock, and since its cheaper than the current price, I thought I'd give it a go.

I was trying to decide between Elken and Easecox, but in the end I chose Easecox due to the fabric material type. For years I've been debating whether to get it (yes, years!), and I thought it was high time I invested in something most women would wear.

The diligence is already paying off as my colleagues thought I was wearing it today, but it was actually in the laundry. When I told them that I wasn't, they were surprised! ^^

Jo, my korean ex-housemate in Sydney is here now visiting me in Kuala Lumpur. So the last few days we've been trying to clean the house. I say 'trying' cause when one of us cleans it, another person will end up throwing rubbish there!

We cleaned through the bookshelf in my family room, as it was a thorough mess. After going through the shelf, we had an entire towering stack of books. Most of it were old books, and it was good time to chuck old things out in an already overcrowded house. There was an old book of poems from my first bf, JK.. I didn't throw that out though.

Jo's husband just called to let me know she has arrived! Woo hoo! I'll be picking her up soon. Her brother and family will also be arriving this weekend, so I'll be meeting everyone.

I know I will have a fantastic week bonding again with Jo and family.

See you guys later in a bit!
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Journal: Evolving & Letting Go: Moving On

Journal: Evolving & Letting Go: Moving On

Its now been 12 days since I made the decision to break up with the ex, Jason. I initiated No Contact proceedings on 3rd July once I had everything that was mine back and sent him a 'closure' email.

I made this decision as I realized and recognized that I needed a person who would be willing to make me a priority in his life.

'Evolving past the break up, letting the past go, and getting your life back is how to make yourself ready for love again.'

I don't say I regret having had this experience. Breaking up was difficult, but it has taught me more about myself and what I desire out of relationships.

It has taught me more about what I know and feel about my own personal boundaries and dynamics in relationships with people.

Sometimes it just isn't necessary to know the truth about people's intentions, but to just get on with your life. Wasting my brain energy on people who are not interested in being part of your life is indeed a waste of my precious time and life.

Last, I learnt again to put myself as priority, and nurture myself. If I can't learn to love myself, who will?

The most important thing remaining is: have the courage to pick yourself up, let go, and do what is best for your self. That is the best gift you can give yourself.
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