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Amway Detox: Day 4 boot camp


Amway Detox: Day 4 boot camp

So this is a continuation of my detox boot camp. Please take note that I am not a member of Amway, but a number of my peers are.

Day 4

Friday's menu: The start of the detox proper regime using blended fruits and vegetables with supplements from Nutrilite.

Outcome: This morning, I had some carrot juice. For lunch, I bought some a tetra pack of Mango, and Carrot juice from Peel Fresh at the Central grocers.

I realised I started to fart more with it smelling more putrid even from yesterday. Three frequency was higher today, but I was told it was normal.

So one of my mates upline, Robert, came to pick me up from my office. Using his GPS, we managed to reach our detox camp at Genting View Resort safely.

The temperature wasn't very cold though. You could walk around in tee shirt and shorts even at night.

Anyways, one of the members took my measurements at the clubhouse on our arrival.

Measured my weight: 64.2 kilos

Waist cm: Cant remember.

Upon checking in to our rooms in the Meranti block, our boxes of fruits (about Rm50) had been delivered. Each person participating in the camp had their own boxes of fruits.

Each person driving a car was given a 'car pass' they had to show to the personnel manning the gatehouse to each apartment block.

In all, there were about 9 persons staying in the same apartment.

Day 5: Saturday

Learnt a bit more how to work the Philips juicer and how the supplements worked.

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner: It was juice for all three rounds with the main vegetables being about

- 7 carrots

- 6 green apples

- 1 cucumber

- half a lemon

- quarter of pineapple

The juice actually tastes better with pineapple and green apple added to the carrot juice.

We used a Philips Juicer which allows you to insert the full fruit into the machine without needed to cut it up to smaller pieces. It would cost about Rm500 ish at RRP.

In the morning, we had a treasure hunt and had to walk by foot around Genting View Resort. I just realised just how out of exercise I was.. LOL.

In the afternoon, we attended an info session on the detox and how the fruits and Nutrilite supplements worked. The info sessions were divided into English and Mandarin language sessions. At the end of the info sessions, there was a quiz with some lucky participants walking off with some special prizes.

All participants had to take the supplements from Day 4 to Day 6 of supplements, however a mate informed me that I should have started from the Detox. I guess thats up to my preference.

Day 6:

Today was the last day of our detox. So I managed to finish all my fruits and veges that came in my box. We had a photo session about 10ish, and checked out of the apartments about 11ish in the morning.

As our fruit supply was running out, Robert and I had to head to the grocers near my place to get more fruits and veges. It cost me about Rm27 just for everything. That's a lot of money just for fruits ...... Zzz

(I figure it might actually be cheaper and time efficient to just grab a drink from Juice Works in future!).

Trying to make juice without a juicer is seriously time consuming and messy! I just realised that I have a pile of food processors, but not a single Juicer machine at home.

Ended up with a pile of tomato and cucumber puree when I tried to juice it the old fashioned way. LOL...

So far I have dropped from 64.2kilos to 62.6 kilos, with a waist cm loss of 5 cm, which is fairly healthy.

It must have been all the water loss, and my intestines clearing itself of all that junk inside!

I doubt I could have attempted a 6 day detox without rice and carbs on my own. At least now I know at least for me, how difficult it is to even lose 1 kilo even when one stops taking rice and carbs for a time when you start out.

Post Detox will be for another 3 days, which will be a mirror image of the Pre Detox regime, which is slowly reintroducing solid foods into the system.

Tomorrow is Day 7, which will be Post Detox. We'll see what adventure tomorrow brings.
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Amway Detox Bootcamp


Amway Detox Bootcamp

So I recently signed up for an Detox Bootcamp under the organizer, Amway. I decided to join as one of my mates, Jason, was raving about the results he had achieved after going through the bootcamp.

Apparently he had lost ten kilos and thought it would do me some good to participate in the bootcamp.If you are wondering, I am not a member of Amway. I just use my friend's account to purchase Amway products when I need to. ^_^

Day 1
15th May 2012, Tuesday's menu: One meat type allowed. Fish is the best. Steamed food preferable. Protein drinks can be taken.

Outcome: I texted my mother the menu, so she'd know what I can take for the next couple of days and prepare accordingly.

For breakfast, I had a glass of milk. For lunch, 2 x fried eggs, one glass of teh tarik.

For dinner, it was I had boiled cabbage, steamed fish, soup and orange for dinner... I'm still hungry.. No rice...

Day 2
16th May, 2012: Wednesday's menu: Only cooked veges. Whole or half boiled eggs allowed. No meat is to be taken. Protein drinks can be taken. Eggs still allowed, to avoid bananas if possible, citrusy fruits preferable, no meat, and sugary drinks to avoid.

Outcome: I had tomato stew with eggs for breakfast, two eggs and a milk tea for lunch, and tomato stew with eggs for dinner.

Day 3
17th May 2012, Thursday's menu: Only fresh veges and fruits. No cooked food. Salads are to be taken without any dressings. No more cooked food, no eggs, no meat.

Outcome: For breakfast, I ended up having two eggs, and orange juice. Couldn't find anything else to have. I found it strange I was feeling rather lethargic today, and even after two eggs, I was still hungry.

Due to fatigued, I succumbed to buying a packet of broadbeans. After some chewing actions, I regained some strength.

For lunch: a tumbler of cut fruits from Sri Kota supermarket in Taman Desa.

Dinner was a bowl of cherry tomatoes, romaine leaves, pineapple, grapes, and kiwifruit dressing. YuM.

On second thoughts, perhaps cherry tomatoes wasn't such a good idea as its sour. When I was living in Sydney, my housemate taught me this tip to use kiwifruit dressing to reduce the intensity of its taste.I'm not a huge fan of cherry tomatoes or kiwifruit dressing anyways.

I'm veering back and forth between having cravings for Nasi Lemak. But no, I can distract myself..

I weighed myself today. The manual weighing machine stated 62kilos. Sounds like a good start from the normal 63.8 kilos I was on Sunday.
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