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My Chocolate Flavoured Meal Replacement Protein Shake.


My Chocolate Flavoured Meal Replacement Protein Shake.

So about two weeks back, I bought a chocolate flavoured meal replacement 'protein shake' from Natures Farm in Jaya One. That costs about RM200 ++.

My aim was to use it to replace one of my meals as I prefer warm food for Breakfast. For the evening meal,  I had to take my mom's homemade dinner, so the only time left for me to try out the meal replacement protein shake was during lunch.

It was a good chance to try it out as I did not want to take the oily and fried food from the nearby mamak shop, which consisted mostly of crispy fried chicken, rice and a whole egg (which is my favourite combination) but always ended up with a bloated tummy in the aftermath.
Breakfast: 4 slices of whole meal bread with tuna spread. + water.

Lunch: Chocolate flavoured protein shake + more water.

Afternoon tea: 2 slices of 'bread loaf skin' bread with kaya and olive butter.

Dinner last night : steamed Pomfret (Bak Chong), stirfried vege & rice. + 1/4 slice of a papaya (two hours later).

30/3: (Friday)
Morning: I had 2.5 home made pancakes with some drips of Active 5 manuka honey & butter. Took 1 Ester C & a pill with ginseng content (for energy). + water.

Lunch: Chocolate flavoured protein shake.

18th May 2012:
I've currently put off taking the meal replacement for the time being. Am now doing the Amway Detox Bootcamp, but may look at this later again.
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Maxis revised their IDD132 rates recently.


Maxis revised their IDD132 rates recently.

So this applies to calls from both postpaid and Hotlink numbers.

Click this link for more information.
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Terimee: Opening Trial Promotions


Terimee: Opening Trial Promotions

So I was at a Terimee slimming salon near my place recently, as these are their current open course promotions available as on their brochures.

Rm588: 10 visits
-UIC (padding) x 10
-CW (cold wrapping) x 10

= RM58.80/visit.

Rm688: 10 visits @ 1 hour
- IC Scrub with HB (Heat Blanket) x 10
= RM 68.80/ visit

Rm988: 12 visits @ 1.5 - 2 hours

- IC Scrub HB x 7
- F70 G7 x 7
- P CW (cold wrapping) x 5

 = RM82.33/visit.

Rm1588: 25 visits @ 1.5 hour
 Done together @ 1.5 hours
- TMO  Heat Blanket x 7
- F70  G5 x 7

Done individually@ 30 mins each
- 2 in 1 (treadmill) x 8
- UIC x 5 (padding) x 5

done together @ 15 mins
-SB (sauna) x 5
- P CW (cold wrapping) x 5

= RM65.32/visit.

I'm familiar with the the type of treatments after my prior experiences with slimming salons in 2009 and 2010. At worst, they won't be as hard sell as Bizzy Body, or S2 Slimming.

But I must admit, the vietnamese thereapists at S2 Slimming, and also recently, the indonesian therapists which I have tried a couple of days back at Beauty Century respectively do render pretty firm slimming massages though.

I have tried the so called 'slimming massages' at Bizzy Body, and it was pretty crappy for the price I paid, so I would not put my money on their services as it really is not value for money.

I ended up disregarding Terimee as I did not think the packages were to my budget, and not so value of  money for money compared to what I was quoted under S2 Slimming.

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Losing all that KL kilos I put on.

Losing all that KL kilos I put on.

Since I came back from Sydney in December, I have been putting on weight.

No thanks to the bad hot weather, and convenience of the car, I must have cut down on my exercise (if any!) of walking every day at least 30 mins (from previously Narwee station). Not to mention, all the night suppers.

I have put on at least 6 kilos since December 2011, and now weighing 62.5 kilos. Scary heh.

Tentative Plan:
As Kuala Lumpur isn't exactly well known for its safety for out door walking these days, I have a treadmill I can use at home.

Treadmill - twenty mins for a start, and up it as my endurance increases.

My treadmill from Gintell (Cant remember the model though) is a fantastic piece of beginner's work, as it
- measures your pulse as you run (you need to hold the handles),
- displays distance ran/walked,
- displays how many calories lost.
- has a safety feature in case children happen to walk on it
- has the normal cool down program for treadmills.
- has about over 5 different customizable preset programs for your treadmill walk.

Last night, I lost 50 calories after twenty mins on the treadmill last night with a speed of max 7 km? Not much but a good starting point.

This would also include taking the protein shake meal replacements I bought from Nature Farm recently for lunch. I have to stick to hot or warm food in the morning, and my mom would kill me if I didn't take her home cooked dinner.

Maybe just a smaller portion for dinner,

Not really sure how I'd do it, but doing a weigh in isn't going to do my motivation/self confidence any good, so I am aiming to do a weigh in every 7 days for a start.

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Malaysia: KFC Zinger Burger undersized?


Malaysia: KFC Zinger Burger undersized?

I ordered a Zinger Burger set last Thursday at Berjaya Time Square for lunch.

I have been accustomed to the the size of the Zinger burger that came with my X Meal at the KFC branches near CBD Central station and QVB, it normally came with three chicken wings, a potato mash, and a drink which came up to about 10 Aud.

Such is size of the meal was that I only needed to have the wings, mash and drink for dinner, whilst I kept the burger for lunch the next day.

The size of the burger that I ordered at Berjaya Times Square KFC last Tuesday was so disappointingly small, the meat was sizably so much smaller in portion, and it was not even crispy like its counterpart in Sydney.

I am so disappointed that I will refuse to order the same Zinger burger here as KFC seems to take its customers as foolish, as that burger was hardly filling at all when it charges its customers at least 9Rm ++ for the total meal.

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