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The Power of Words and Action.

If you have read my entries, you'd have known that my weekends for the past three over years was spent learning something. Which in the past years was korean language. As a result, I'm now fairly conversant in Korean.

About three months back, a Thai mate of mine and I were scouting for college courses at TAFE and UTS. I ended up enrolling and studying.

Now three months on, I see the same mate getting her academic papers certified true copy. I believe that Actions do speak louder than words.

So what I am about to write about happened one day over dinner..... Like most adventures, thats how it started....

Over Vietnamese pho for dinner one weekend with three of us, a Thai, a Korean, and a Malaysian, I proclaimed that as women living in Sydney, we had to do something of value for each day that we lived.

'We all work hard year in year out, and the years are just passing away. As women, we are not getting any younger. I dont want to live my life like that. I have a goal (which I shall privately if you ask nicely). But before one can do that, one first needs to have the desire to reach it.

Do you have that desire? What are you doing about it?'

One mate jokingly threw a challenge. If that's the case, why not lets pray to reach ours in approximately 14 months? Then we meet back at the end of that time period and share our results.

So this evening while having dinner with the Korean mate, I heard that the Thai mate had  heeded my words and put that into action. The fire spread to another over the phone to a HK mate. And then finally back to me.

The scene has been set. We shall come together in 14 months and let the outcome be known.

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