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Malaysia Airlines: Double Charge on my NAB Visa Debit card.

So this is my grievance against Malaysia Airlines.

On Sunday midnight, I had made a purchase on MHMobile for an airline ticket departing from Sydney to Kuala Lumpur.

It went through. Fine, and I thought was the end of it.

However, the same evening, when I went to had a look at my Internet Banking with NAB (National Australia Bank), I noticed that my savings account had very minimal amount left.

I then went and had a look through the transactions and realised that the transaction that took place on the MHMobile platform on my Nokia mobile phone had gone less than perfect.

It seems that two lots of AUD945.61 had been debited. And it showed on my Internet Banking!!

So the next thing I did was look through my email, and confirmed that I only received one Passenger Electronic Ticket from Malaysia Airlines.

The first thing I did was to inform my bank about this incident via my Internet Banking message system.

A search on the Malaysia Airlines website shows a few ways to contact MAS, via Twitter and through their contact. 

A search on some forums shows that this is not the first time this incident has happened, and a forum user even provided an email address with a similar case to mine.

Hence, I wrote a letter and sent it to that address which was The MAS Twitter also provided me another email address to which they are supposedly going to follow up with the case...?

As I did not receive a reply by evening, I decided to give MAS a call at their local office in Kuala Lumpur... well, that was a wild goose chase. Even though I was connected to a representative, I ended up being transferred around for at least half an hour. I ended up having had to terminate the call as it was International Call made from my mobile phone!

I received a reply at 20:00 hours Sydney time (finally!), to which they asked me for the visa debit card number that I used for the transaction. I quickly replied by sending them the card number.

I did not receive another reply for another 24 hours until 19:38 hours Sydney time today, to which they said to me,
"Our findings today shows that you have only charge for one transaction only from your credit as reported by our payment gateway. Thus, we would suggest you to provide credit card statement which show double charge in order for us to check further.
We attached herewith the reported amount through our payment gateway view."
So I replied to them:
Thank you for your response.

Attached is the print screen of the transaction that took place. The amount that was debited is not a small amount, and from my research on the Internet, it seems that I would not be the first  customer to have experienced this problem.

This is the first time I have had this incident happened with my card, and that happened when using your Malaysian Airlines website payment platform.

Although the statement that you provided shows that, but the fact is my account has been debited twice due to no fault of mine.

I did not reclick the page, but waited as per the instructions on the page until the transaction was processed before I clicked the page. 

So please ask your department to rectify this problem and refund the amount that was debited to my account.

We shall see when the next reply will be received next.

Okay, thankfully the double charge did not appear. It was a technical difficulty, but still worrisome.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chae-Yee,

Did you manage to refund the money from the double billed Malaysian air ticket? I got the same problem.

Please send me a reply at

cheayee said...

Yes, I did.. if I didn't, I would have thrown a fuss. LOL

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