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Countdown to Exams.

So I have just finished a group presentation with my International Management group.

That's one group assignment down, and now its two assignment, one being a group presentation, which is mostly on paper,
and one personal assignment.

Our presentation was quite "dry". Heh.

What can I say? Then again, most of the others were too. LOL.

Then its down to 2 lots of three hours written examination. One on the 23rd Nov, (International Management), and one on morning of 28th November.

Today I put down an application for leave with the boss. She shot it down, without even asking the reasons for the leave application. However I was advised to re-apply for the leave putting in the reasons as well.
Anyways, since it's seven weeks to go before my examinations, who knows who may come for an interview within these 7 weeks. She's just worried that she can't find a replacement with the same qualifications..
which I feel really does not have any basis, since she managed to find me. Heh.

So guys, pray that my boss can find a replacement. Yes, so I can get off work and finally do what I have to do!

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