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So I woke up at eight this morning. The Nokia mobile phone is a sure winner in the alarm clock department.
Was supposed to attend an Exam Skills workshop at UTS this morning. But when I called up Student Services yesterday for room details, it was not updated in the database. So much for that.

Have you ever had a felt a certain conviction that you thought maybe right?
Well, this thought has been running through my mind in the last week. Its been interrupting my sleep, driving me totally bonkers.

Im not sure if its a divine conviction, or a sleep deprived one. But I know for some strange impeccable timing, the conviction becomes even stronger when I listen to Chinese Gospel music.

But thats how convictions are like, isnt it? Perhaps the Lord is trying to tell me something.
Only time will tell.

Else, like every other 'conviction' I might have dreamed of (like losing weight) will go down the drain.
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