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Narwee: Learning Mandarin.


Narwee: Learning Mandarin.

Today there was a family who brought their young daughter to the child care centre for orientation. The parents & family are from China, so obviously they could not speak English well. The father seemed to have no difficulty with the English speaking bit from what I could gather. However after having a simple chat with the mother, I realised that she had difficulty in communicating in English.

Unfortunately the family was from the northern part of China, so they did not speak any Cantonese, else i could have been more help to them. Even If they came from Shen Zhen or Hong Kong, I might have been of better help to them.

When I do return to Malaysia, I believe its high time to learn up Mandarin.

Even in learning Korean, once we reach Intermediate level, much of the vocabulary refers back to 'hanja', which is korean for chinese characters. This is as up to about 600 years ago, Korean was written in 'hanja' characters. Hence knowing how to read Chinese characters aids in remembering multiple korean vocabulary. 

However in the mean time, I am just going to have as much practice in Korean conversation as this might probably be the last opportunity for me in a very long time once I leave Sydney!!


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I Plan. You Should Too.


I Plan. You Should Too.

If there is something that I cannot stand, it is that people don't seem to have a plan for their lives.
Perhaps we would say, but isn't our lives in God's plan? He will plan for us?
Perhaps that works for some people.

In my case, I Plan for my life, and ask that God helps me accomplish these goals. He is wonderful in the sense that He works with the personality He has created in us to accomplish what He wants.
Hence, even if I did not manage to accomplish the goals I had set out, I'm happy in the knowledge that I am going in the direction that I have planned.

God gave us a mind and a brain. I would bring Him injustice if I didn't use my brain to its fullest capacity.
In the last three years, I have accomplished a few goals.
1. Travelled around South Korea twice. Each time at least three weeks.
2. Travelled to Japan once. I spent a week there.
3. Worked at least 15 months in Sydney in a full time hours position capacity.
4. Completed Cert IV in Korean Language at TAFE. That's just one step before the Diploma level.
5. Enrolled in a Management Postgraduate course at University of Technology, Sydney.

My next few goals in the next few months and future are:
1. Work the remainder of my time well, and gather letter of work references, which will be invaluable in the future regardless.
- Create a network that I could keep connected to at least for a couple of years time.
2. Finish all my assignments and exams well at UTS.
3. Finish and complete Masters study in management at Sunway Monash University, which I will transfer my studies to.
4. Find a husband. Its just time to think about this phase of my life, apart from the studying, working, and churchgoing.
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Movie: One Day


Movie: One Day

So I watched 'One Day' with some mates today at Dendy Cinema Circular Quay today. The movie starring Anne Hathaway, set in an English background.

The movie spans twenty years of the Friendship of a young lady called Emma after her graduation with a male friend, and how they have near misses in starting a relationship with each other.

The movie's not bad. The seats are really nice, and the venue is also quite lavish and posh as its located right on Circular Quay. There are coffee shops nearby, and a nice coffee bar in front of Dendy's.

Dendy is known for its fine arts movie selection, so you wouldn't find Final Destination, or The Smurfs, or Captain America being screened there.

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So I finally tendered my resignation.


So I finally tendered my resignation.

So I had wanted to resign earlier in mid year, but due to unforeseen circumstances, that plan was cancelled.
Finally on Monday this week, I finally tendered in my resignation. I gave it to my Supervisor who forwarded it to the Boss.(K.M)

Then the Boss came to me and spoke the next day, asking if I could delay my departure to another two months (making it a five months notice!).

I did go home to have a think about it. However after having a chat with some mates, I decided that I had to know my priorities. Spending time with my family (no matter whether we see eye to eye on certain things), friends and loved ones, to me has more priority.

I may have to speak again with the Boss some other time this week, but at least that would have given her some time to let the information sink in.

May God grant me the wisdom, serenity and strength to settle this time of change.
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Mid Autumn Lunar Festival


Mid Autumn Lunar Festival

Otherwise known as Mooncake Festival to the Chinese, I didn't even realise it was already here.
Apart from Chinese New Year, this is about the only time where there was mass emigration during the weekend on a national level. Not so much in Malaysia, but that would be the case in South Korea. It's called 'Chu Seok' in South Korea.

Esther's brother flew all the way from Korea, since her entire family was in Sydney. even Dr. Sarah's father came to church today..... Apparently the latter's mum is chinese, hence that was probably the reason for the temporary migration.

So I joined Jo and hubby, and Esther's family for a short 'chu Seok' dinner tonight, shortlived by that I had to leave early since I'm working the next day.

So Happy Chinese New Year To all Chinese. And To the rest, and Koreans, Happy Chu Seok!

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Rise of the Planet of The Apes: Thought Provoking


Rise of the Planet of The Apes: Thought Provoking

I just watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes earlier.

This is the first of the Planet of the Apes movie which I have seen.

The story seems to be well written and executed with good plot continuity. I think it's pretty thought provoking. Tight plot, and compelling storytelling.

I like how it was that the spread of the sicknesses in the film seems believable, and seems almost "believable". Although I am not really sure if apes can be as smart as humans, but one thing that the movie is trying to tell us humans is:

STOP trying to outdo what is nature. Alzhemer's is surely something that will happen when old age hits (hopefully not when you are young!), and seriously. It is our responsibility as children to look after our parents as they grow older (and become senile).

They did the same for us when we were children, and it is our turn when we become adults ourselves.
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So here I am..... my mind blank again and I am staring at the computer screen.

I have around 500 words left for my Managing Work and People report,
and my mind is blank.

I would like to watch a movie, but I don't feel comfortable watching a
movie knowing that my report is not down to at least 250 words yet...

But actually, I think I should.

Nothing's coming out, and nothing's going in. Heh.

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The Spinal Cord - Nervous system Connection.

The Spinal Cord - Nervous system Connection.

So recently I heard a pretty fantastic story.

My friend, JC, who is an asian female of Korean ethnicity in her mid 30s, has suffered from childhood,
  • eczema

  • slow recovery of cuts and wounds. 

  • tense stomach area

As a result, unlike most "normal" people, she is unable to go to a facial salon, and only uses certain skincare and cosmetic products which has proven to not react on her skin, which pretty much is limited in choices.

Anyways one day she followed one of her students (JC is an Adult English Teacher) who had asked her to go with her to see a chinese doctor (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for a massage.

On inspection, the doctor examined just both JC's hands and her palm, and then finally exclaimed that due to conditions in her spinal cord, it has caused her nervous system to not function properly. Now, my friend does not have any spinal cord problem, nor pain on her back, so she thought this was a pretty fantastic story, and the TCM doctor had not even examine her spinal cord....

The TCM doctor continued saying in broken English (!) that no 7, 8, 9, 10 of her spinal cord had some problems and there was nothing much more she could do to help JC, so she had to go and see a "bone" doctor (meaning, Chiropractor).

She continued saying that exercise could not really help until she fixed the "main problem", which she described was because that when she was born, her "spine" was not straightened at birth, although she was normal when she was still "swimming in the mummy's womb".

Hence this has caused her spinal cord to have problems from that time henceforth. Well, JC was the only child in her family who was born at home as her mother could not make it in time to the hospital, and hence, did not have a doctor to oversee her birth process... so that part is also left debatable on how her spinal problem actually occurred.

Apart from that, the TCM doctor also said that due to the nervous system, it was causing her to use up too much "energy in her blood"? which caused her to have slow recovery in cuts and wounds, and that is also shows up in her eczema.

So JC then went to see a Chiropractor, who is also chinese, was western trained (in Australia no less). On consultation, the doctor enquired why she came to see her when it was her skin problem she was asking about, and JC told the doctor that "I heard there was some connection between both, so I just wanted to confirm".

Anyways, to cut the story short...... the Chiropractor did some testing on pressure points, which confirmed that the same "no 7, 8, 9, and 10" of the spinal cord had some problems. When the Chiropractor pressed those points, JC complained that they hurt. JC protested that the doctor had pressed really hard, but the Chirocpractor merely replied that in patients who have a normal spinal cord condition, it would not hurt. 

Finally, in conclusion, the Chiropractor said that the spinal cord might be "touching" some part of the nervous system, which in turn may be causing issues with her exzema, and other parts of her nervous system which is causing her some many problems all this while. The Chiropractor merely confirmed what the  TCM doctor said, but in better English....

Then the Chiropractor wrote a prescription/letter for JC to go and get an X-ray done of her spinal cord. Without the x-ray, she would not be able to make any conclusive judgements. The fact that the Chiropractor had to write a letter for the X-ray displays the seriousness of the condition....

On that point, then JC related to me that during those times in previous years when she had gone to have acupuncture, as well as taken herbal medicine to "cool her insides"(yin medicine apparently), her skin had become much better in the aftermath. However it was costly, and now she realises that it does not cure the main problem her body displayed, but only gave temporary fixes or reduced some of the symptoms she had.

This is something really to think about. How often we do not think about how important our Nervous System is, nor the importance of our spinal cord, when it actually affects almost everything we experience, from skin problems, digestion problems, and even when we get into accidents.....

Rambling and Reflections on my Management Studies.


Rambling and Reflections on my Management Studies.

Ok, so my brain is a bit burnt out now.

Well, almost, but I've a 900+ words remaining to cover in order to finish my report which is to be handed in this coming Saturday...

It does not seem like a lot of words, but when one's brain refuses to co-operate, even that looks like a lot.

This morning, the laundry machine was not working well. There was some problem with the water drainage. So I had to sit and baby sit the washing machine till I managed to get all my clothes washed and sorted out.

I was reading in my textbook that "leadership is both an art and a science." Art because it takes much hands-on practice, and self inner exploratory to develop the skills to be one. Science because there is a growing body of empirical research on what management skills it requires to effectively lead an organisation.

The first few weeks when I first started through the required readings, I only had probably superficial understanding of what constituted even management in the workplace.

When I started on the skeleton framework for my report last week, I only had limited understanding of what and how culture affects management. Yet again, this week, I realised that as I read more and reflected on the different kinds of management frameworks and models, I realised that my reflection assisted in  my understanding of the type of management structure was in place in my current work place.

When I read the other works on Contingency Models of management earlier today, my reflection on how my Supervisor handled the  management helped me to scrape off a bit more of that tip of that management iceberg.

Contingency Theories are a class of behavioural theories that states that there is no one way of managing an organisation that is effective in one way but not in another. As it says "contingent", the leadership style is contingent on the situational context, the type of subordinates/ followers/ employees, and the leadership style....

Ok, I am rambling now, but my brain is pretty much burnt out that I can really reflect any more, so I think I'll turn in for the night. Start again fresh tomorrow. 

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Lost in translation: 'Hei, mate'


Lost in translation: 'Hei, mate'

I thought I would share something funny. There was one time when I was mentioning about 'mates' to a Malaysian friend whilst chatting online.

He thought that meant 'something else'. I.e., looking for a 'mate' of the opposite gender.
Anyways, that was frickin' hilarious.

For those who don't know, its just local aussie speak.
A teacher at preschool, or a dad could be calling their kid, 'hei mate, you alright?', or ' you understand, mate?'

Then there's the 'I've some mates over', or 'my mate's waiting outside'.
Anyways its with the whole deal of the prisoners who were sent here in the early years from Britain, so apparently the aussies developed a culture of 'mateship', and thats how it started.
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