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Personal: Unmoderated comments.


Personal: Unmoderated comments.

So I just published some comments from 6 years back on my blog?


Ever since I came to australia, I haven't been as diligent on updating my blog.

I'm really thankful I can post updates directly from my phone. Thank goodness for mobile internet!

Rather than constantly updating my Facebook shout outs which disappear out of sight, at least entries on my blog remains still for easy searching. *smiles*

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Cantonese Baptist Church.


Cantonese Baptist Church.

So I visited proper a Cantonese Baptist Church in Riverwood yesterday.
There's actually about three that I was intending to visit, one in the CBD, one in Beverly Hills, and the latter.

- Cantonese service at 9am (english interpretation available), and 5pm.
Beverly Hills:
- Mandarin and English speaking services only.
- Cantonese service at 11.45am.

So I've visited the one in CBD, and the Riverwood one. Since I can't speak any Mandarin at all, I decided to forgo the one in Beverly Hills.

Now, I know in Malaysia, it may seem 'uncool' for yuppies to attend any chinese service at all.
Speaking Mandarin is also very uncool.

But, thats not really the case when you're a foreigner in a foreign land.
At least for me, after attending a certain Pentecostal service last week, the idea of worshipping in a monolingual ethnic service where one does not have to accommodate too much diversity began to sound like a really good idea to me.

So how was my visit?
The majority of the group consisted of mostly Hongkies, and *surprise surprise*, a Malaysian chap as well!
There was no English interpretation service at Riverwood, but I mostly understood the service for about 70 percent of it. That being that I don't read any chinese at all.
I thought I would have difficulty understanding/communicating, but that didn't seem to be the case. So it was a relief.
My korean- english bible, which I had brought along seemed to be a point of interest to a number of them. LOL.

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A Woman's Preferences.


A Woman's Preferences.

As a Malaysian female chinese, I believe I speak for the lot of us when I say our preferences in looking for a mate will still lean heavily in direction of those born on Malaysian soil.

Our preferences may at times include those from Singapore, and for the most, Australia (dependent on the kind), since we're here anyways. For the younger lot, it may now include South Korea, and Japan.

But generally, its still Malaysian for the most part. My preferences may venture as far as Hong Kong, but let's not deviate from the topic.

Realistically speaking, it'd be difficult for me to not have rice during meals, and meat. Yes, and that includes pork, as I've found out recently.

I pretty much have asian food all the time, mostly Korean when eating out, and recently as I've discovered, Vietnamese beef noodles whence in Melbourne. YUM.

At home, I am still very much at home with Malaysian style of Chinese cuisine, and tong shui for that matter.

I wouldn't mind having congee/juk for breakfast in winter with yau zhar gwai, char siu pau, chee chiong fan, but seriously, no muffins,
vxor cold sandwiches. A coffee is still good, with an occasional egg tart, or slice of banana cake thrown in.

None of that bacon, sunny side eggs on the top, and anything too greasy is also out.

Anyways back to the topic, I was chatting online with a Malaysian born chinese guyfriend of mine this morning. He piped up with the comment that he's never dated a Malaysian since he came to Sydney.

Dating preferences aside, for the uninformed, the Malaysian law currently still applies differently to Malaysian citizens in regards
to men and women to their spouses.

A Malaysian man is allowed to bring his wife into the country, and any offspring under his name is still eligible for Malaysian citizenship
anywhere that they're born in the world.

Whereas the opposite applies for a Malaysian woman.

It is difficult for us to bring in a foreign spouse, with much red tape, and even more so in order for our offspring to be eligible for Malaysian citizenship if we were to do the same. Hence we have to return to our country of birth and give birth there to claim that right for our children.

Which is exactly what a uni mate of mine did.

It is said that which makes our lives much harder will make us stronger. But it also affects the preferences and choices that we make.

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Buys: Amazon Purchases.


Buys: Amazon Purchases.
- SIMS 2: University life Collection (19.55USD)
- SIMS Medieval (30USD).
- Speaking Korean Book III - A Guide to Chinese Characters (44.50USD)
- Postage: (31USD).
Its still comparatively cheaper nonetheless than getting SIMS Medieval from say, Target, which is retailing it for AUD99, where currently the AUD is going as strong or even stronger than the USD.

jbhifi , Big W, Target.
Seasons SIMS 2: 19AUD (Target)
Les Miserables 29 Aud (jbhifi)
So, that pretty much wraps up my SIMS 2 collection.
I wanted to get SIMS 2: Bon Voyage retailing for 9AUD at Target, but reviews about SecuraCom or some anti-burning software that came with the game stopped me in my tracks.

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Melbourne climate.


Melbourne climate.

The weather is cold. For a normal autumn day, it sure is cold.

But then again, its a well known fact among locals that is so. Due to the geographical structure, Melbourne is colder in winter, and has a much hotter spell in Summer as compared to Sydney.

Melbourne landform is built to be more inland with less of a sea/coast breeze, as compared to Sydney which is located along the coastline.

Hence its important I keep warm in these parts till I head back to Sydney.

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Strange Dreams

Strange Dreams

So it's the morning after.

I had a strange dream the night before. It had two males in my dream.

One, a korean actor of some sort. The other, a face that I can't remember now that I've woken up. Both males were aristocrats of some kind, and now that I've woken up, can't really figure out the point of the dream... Ehh

I even lost my phone in the dream. Actually it was at the point of me losing my phone that I woke up, coz I wOuld have been hurling about the loss of my third phone in a year... LOL...

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So I'm in Melbourne now!


So I'm in Melbourne now!

It was an interesting 10.5 hour journey on the train. There weren't that many people on the overnighter train, mostly a handful.

I had checked in my luggage about four hours before the departure time, and then headed to the city area.

Initially I had made some plans to a friend's place to make dinner, but ended up eating out with some other mates instead. LOL...

On inspection of our train tickets, the ticket collector changed my seat number to another unoccupied seat. I believe this was an unofficial common practice for night travellers.

About 11ish. onwards, the lights were turned off, and continued to stay off until the last leg of our journey. Hence, most passengers just slept through the journey.

Around an hour before we reached Melbourne, there was a wake up call given and the lights were turned on. Information was given about the buffet offering in the buffet carriage.

Apparently concessions are given to most ground transportation, in possession of concession cards. That is not the case with airline tickets.

Having to choose between flying and train, I decided to give the latter a go, as it was my first time on a long distance train journey. Leaving in the evening and arriving early in Southern Cross in the CBD area without having to take a transfer bus sounded like a better option, hence that was it...

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Eats: Vietnamese, and Sweet Chat @ Chinatown, Sydney CBD.

It's a good feeling to have accomplished what one has set out to do for the day. Today, even with lack of sleep, I managed to wake up early to head to church at 9am. Something which I have not for a while now.

Of course, that requires preparation, and some sacrifices made on my part the night before. Sacrifices which I need to think about in the long term.

I met up with an church mate from FGA, Kathleen Low who came down from Melbourne. We met for lunch.


We had Vietnamese for lunch near China Town. I didn't realize that the beef slices were still raw when they put it in, so I was right. Beef has too much of strong taste in noodle soup, unless it was raw.

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