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A Sight for the Sore Soul.


A Sight for the Sore Soul.

So lot's been happening.

Work's been.. well, tolerable. Having to manage staff personality differences does not just happen overnight. Not to mention the built-up of stress, and noise threshold from over 50 children in one day. No easy task.

Anyways, church has been a sight for the sore soul.

I really look forward to going to my current Korean church. Granted, that the members all speak in Korean is not really a deterrent. Most have a sizeable fluency in English to manage, so that is really a non issue. There is also an english language interpretation service available.

It's the passion of the people that really stirs our heart. Their devotion, and their willingness to serve, without grumbling, mumbling or complaining week in, week out. Their willingness to stay up and pray 24/7 and pray whenever there is even free time.

To wake up the stirring desire in our hearts to worship the Lord with unbridled passion. This is something I have yet to see in a very long while.

I really look forward to the worship service, and try to make it on time on Sundays. If there is one thing I will have to add, when the Lord's presence comes upon us, do not resist it, and let it just take over.

It is just so gentle, that my heart and soul is stirred. Of its own accord, and taking a mind of its own, it stirs the heart, and get ready for the tears to come.

Recently, or yesterday morning, I had an interrupted sleep. It was not a good dream, and I had to send a text to a dear church sister. It is a good sign (however way one wants to interpret it) that perhaps I being seen to provoke in the spiritual realm?

Today, we had a chap, Richard, from one of the lower intermediate korean classes came. So Lawrence (from HK) had someone who could keep him company speaking in Cantonese. They were really going to town at it, LOL!
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Turning One Year Older.


Turning One Year Older.

So I officially turn one year older at 11:45am tomorrow, on 24th November. Yes, I was looking through my birth certificate, and that was the hour I was born many many eons again.

Thanks to Ai-Ling for being the first to send me a birthday from Japan before you left. I really like Little Twin Stars!! Remember the many number of Hello Kitty shops we went to in Tokyo scrounging for Sanrio merchandise!

Thanks to my parents and family for their e-birthday and prayer greetings from Kuala Lumpur.

Also thanks to Jo, the third person, for the present of the kitty pendant and cubic zirconia ear-ring set. I'll wear it to work tomorrow. I bet the kids would have something to comment on it.  ^^

Indeed, I am anticipating a rather solemn melancholic quiet celebration of my birthday. Perhaps that's what happens as one gets older.
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A November Update.


A November Update.

So, I have not been writing much of anything of late. Okay, let me just update all my readers on my recent life.

1) Anyways, as an update, I have been attending a korean church, "His Story" in Homebush for the past few weeks. It's a Pentecostal bible reading, tongue speaking, missions focused, and prayer warrior church.

Yes, they are very passionate about their prayer and worship. Especially prayer. They have prayer meets almost every day of the week. If God allows me to have a lighter/easier work load, perhaps I would/could join too. Okay, perhaps one day a week.

Well, wonders never cease. Since my grasp of the language is rather sketchy still now. Am starting to sing gospel songs in Korean.

It's a pity I couldn't do that for Mandarin/Cantonese, since the Chinese language is virtually... well difficult to read even after a year, and I have to rely on pin-yin. Nevermind, I can still converse fairly well in Cantonese for the record. >.<  (I am Malaysian, and Cantonese- speaks Manglish, and proud of it, thank you lelly lelly much!!)

2) This weekend, I have a Korean assessment/written assignment due. The Korean TOPIK exam was hard, but it didn't require me to study this much grammar!! I am so going to die.... >.<

Wondering if I should switch to Japanese or Chinese next year... LOL.

3) Currently, am in the midst of procuring my Malaysian Police Check.

What a painful timewasting process.

4) I plan to have an eye examination.

Yes readers, it cost a whopping AUD56.+ if one does not possess a Centrelink Medical Card/Medicare card just to get the prescription. But thankfully I do.

5) I am in the midst of looking for a new place to move to along the Sydney Airport Line. Ashfield is just too far from my current work place.

6) Right, just forgot. It is my birthday this coming week. Pray that I have good memories, and a birthday celebration this week. ^^
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Been busy of late!


Been busy of late!

Okay, I know it's been a while since I blogged...

Been really busy at work... going to work from 7 in the morning,
and reaching home about 7 in the evening..

Will have to find time to update soon.

See you in a while.
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So, you were thinking of getting an Android mobile?


So, you were thinking of getting an Android mobile?

So I have done some research online on Android phones, and it seems the problem that I am facing is not uncommon. Here, here, and here

Granted, my previous now blacklisted/ immobilized remotely via Three Network Nokia E71 has yet to present me problems i.e. die on me, apart from my killing its battery life when using it heavily on GPS programs, and surfing the Net.

So granted, in my previous post, my Nokia E71, even with the number of applications I have used, I have never actually had to worry about its battery life dying on me.

Unless you did not mind a fast moving phone, and wanted to recharge (hopefully you didn't) at least twice a day, by all means go for the Android. I for one, my next phone will be a Nokia (the lasting battery type).
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TOPIK Beginner Results are OUT!!!


TOPIK Beginner Results are OUT!!!

*Dum Dum Dum*

So my TOPIK Beginner results are out!!

Well.. one more mark and I would have received a Level 2 Grade (meaning higher grade lar...) oh well. At least I have an idea of where my proficiency now is. LOL.

년도  회차                구분     수험번호      총점    평균       합격/불합격
2010  19회 일반(초급(1급)   1001100154     260    65.00            합격

Vocabulary & Grammar:
어휘 및 문법 : 60 /

Word Construction/ Usage:
쓰기 : 68 /

듣기 : 73 /

읽기 : 59
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LG Optimus- the battery life's a killer.

LG GT540 - Optimus
So yeah, has anyone used an LG Optimus GT540 before? Its basically a 'smart-phone' that runs on the Android platform, which is a mobile operating system that uses a modified version of the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google.. (blah blah blah)

(Hence that is why I see all these Google ads and Gmail widgets on my phone.. blah blah blah)

I bought this phone from this asian mobile phone shop at Haymarket.

There are two things I am not too happy about the LG Optimus:
1) It doesnt, and is not able to turn itself on like my previous Nokia E71.

(actually, all Nokia mobiles turn themselves on... and even the oldest model has that function-- yes, the blue model from 2000 something that has battery problems, and I still keep it somewhere at my Malaysian home).

2) I am still not used to the whole touch screen concept. Really...

Well, its barely three days since I bought it and I am now encountering problems with it...

Just to let you have an idea of what has happened.

Monday night: (8th Nov)
The phone battery was fully charged at 11pm, so I left the phone on Flight mode for the night,

Tuesday: (today!)
Turned it back on to normal mode at 7am in the morning when I was getting ready to go to work. By 1pm on Tuesday today, it was already down to 60% and by 3pm, the battery level had regressed to only 30%! *WOAH*

I had wanted to test the power consumption as on Monday the phone died by 6pm, granted that I had browsed 'a bit'. Hence today, I used the 'taskiller' widget to turn off all the applications, purposely leaving the handset at standby mode for most of the day.

For a smart-phone standing barely 15 hours in standby mode I could barely make a call, much less even check my mail !!! For AUD249, this is atrocious work for a mobile phone!

I was informed that the phone has a year's warranty, and it now barely even a 7 day purchase. >.<

Anyways, I sent a note to the manufacturer (LG) and am awaiting a reply....
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3 Internet Settings for Mobile Phones


3 Internet Settings for Mobile Phones

So my new mobile handset, LG GT540 Optimus is not a Three phone.

(I'm currently a prepaid user under Three, you see..)

So I had to go around looking on the Internet for the settings and found this.

The links are as follows:

- SIM only Support- Three website: Link

- Mobile Phone Blog: Link

- Europe Nokia: Link 
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So I Lost my Nokia E71 today.

So I Lost my Nokia E71 today.

So yeah. Stupid.

My phone was lost/stolen on the train today. I had my pink umbrella (which I bought for 15AUD from K-mart) returned to me at the Central Control Station.

Props and thanks to the two ladies at the Control station for assisting in the find. (Platform 17, and 22).

The umbrella was found almost immediately. However, when a call was made to my mobile number, it was already disconnected.....


Anyways, I bought myself a new phone. An LG Optimus - for AUD249. Running on Android Platform.

I shouldn't be rejoicing coz that's just money down the drain. Fortunately, the transfer of the mobile number to a new sim card did not take too long. Max was about 5 minutes.

So I had my friend to call up 3 to get them to have the phone set blacklisted. Apparently they already have the IMEI number of the phone set on the server so it was pretty useless that I go home to get it when I could have had them block it much earlier...

Well, serves thieves for being so dishonest instead of returning other people's phones... you can't sell it, or use it as we can disable it remotely without having to be there.

Thank you very much, stupid thieves!!!
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NaNoWriMo 2010


NaNoWriMo 2010

So I was reading an episode summary for SungKyunKwan Scandal when the blogger mentioned NaNoWriMo...

I haven't come across that phrase in years! So I signed up for it..

As for the challenge of churning out a 50,000 word novel in 30 days for the month of November?

Not sure how that's going to happen.. But I can write it in my mobile phone, and transfer to my laptop.

Now, if only I can think of a feasible skeleton of a storyline to start with...

-- Sent from my Nokia E71.

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