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Best Korean Drama (2010): SungKyunKwan Scandal [Must Watch]


Best Korean Drama (2010): SungKyunKwan Scandal [Must Watch]

So, these days out of all the korean dramas around, I've been closely following only SungKyunKwan Scandal.

I didn't think it was going to be that anything as exciting after kdrama "You're
Beautiful" (Minamisinaeyo), but with an almost all male cast of six hot guys,
and one cross dresser pretty girl, we're definitely in for some hot mouth watering gaping fun.

Not to mention some really good soundtrack from the drama's OST, and Yoochun, one of the main characters cast, sings one of the main tracks for the drama.

It's not out in Malaysian shores yet, but if you have fast internet access, you can always check out, or if you can't wait!

Information about this Korean Drama:
GenreHistorical drama
FormatTelevision series
Written byKim Tae-hee
Directed byKim Won-seok
Hwang In-hyuk
StarringPark Min-young
Park Yuchun
Yoo Ah-in
Song Joong-ki
Opening theme"찾았다" (Found You) by JYJ
Ending theme"Too Love" by Junsu
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes20
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K-drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

So I am currently following this drama on viikii...It will only start screening in KBS World in Malaysia on 11th October.

With a plotline cross between You're Beautiful/ Coffee Prince/ Hua Mulan/ Hana Kim??,  the story is portrayed in historical times of a cross dressing girl as a male to gain access to the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University in order to to find a living for her poor mother, and sick brother.

And there is a young Confucian scholar Kim Yoon-hui, who gets into this forbidden place for women, hiding her gender. Yoon-hui’s father, Kim Seung-hyun was a scholar at Sungkyunkwan and also a good friend of the Crown prince. King Yeongjo calls him before the day of his death and asks him to hand down his secret book Kum-deung-ji-sa across the generations.

However, Kim Seung-hyun gets killed by the opposing faction and the book has disappeared. Yoon-hui was only 7-year-old when her father got murdered. Yoon-hui has a talent for writing, which had inherited from her father. She starts to stay at Sungkyunkwan and meets three good friends: Seon-joon, Jae-sin, Yong-ha. Yoon-hui slowly gets fascinated by King Jeongjo’s vision and becomes to understand what her father truly dreamt of.

The story so far, in its 8th Episode, is quite exciting still. In the grand tradition of F4 boys, this portrays the F4 of the Joseon Period, aka. Boys Over Flowers. *LOL*.

So far, only two persons have correctly guessed that the main character is a female, but to everyone else, she is a "he". Being found would mean the death penalty, but let's hope the writers for the drama do not do just a bang up version at it...

I was following My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/ Nine Tailed Fox (starring ballad prince, Lee Seung Ki) which was interesting...for a while, but this one cut through halfway.. I'll most likely get the DVD when the screening for Sungkyunkwan Scandal ends.

Kekeke... Hwaiting!

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Happy Mooncake Day/ Chuseok!


Happy Mooncake Day/ Chuseok!

Today is when the chinese celebrate the Mooncake Festival, or Mid Autumn Festival as they are otherwise known as.

Today is also Chuseok, which is part of a big three day harvest festival for the koreans.

The entire clan of korean grandchildren came to the korean landlady's house,coincidentally where New South Wales is having school holidays now.

I am just going to take a nap now, grab some dinner, continue doing some work, and watch the latest installment of Micky Yoochun kdrama online.

Happy Mooncake Festival/ Chuseok!

-- Sent from my Nokia E71.

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Australian Visa Application in slothlike speed.


Australian Visa Application in slothlike speed.

So one of my friends just announced that she has just received favorable news on her family's offshore migration application to Australia, and her hubby will be heading here soon.

Well, that says much about the speed of the onshore visa application when my friend's offshore application is barely six months old, and mine is already 22 months past, and the Department is still sitting on it. Onshore in this case.

I concur.

-- Sent from my Nokia E71.

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Clarins: Gentle Night Cream Day 7 Review.

Clarins Gentle Night Cream- the front.
Instructions to use.
The spout up-close.
A squirt size of the night cream.
So I was chosen by the good people of Active Skin to be among those selected to review this product from Clarins range of moisturizing creams.

Product: Clarins Gentle Night Cream. (Sensitive Skin)

Product Description: The perfect night time complement to Gentle Day Cream to gently soothe, soften and rebalance sensitive skin. This product can be used after the routine of cleansing and toning of the face in the daily routine.

Ingredients include: 
* Vegetal complex: immediately soothes irritated skin
* Noctoferrine® Clarins exclusive complex neutralizes nocturnal
free radicals
* Vitamins A, E and B5: balance, combat signs of aging
* Christophine
* Hazelnut
* Linseed

Moisture Level
As my skin ranges between dehydrated/dry/sensitive, this product was sent to me for trialling purposes.
After trialling out the product for 7 days, I find that the moisture level of the Clarins Gentle Night Cream was not too rich, but not too light for the temperate Australian Winter to Spring transition climate. 

I found that the cream was fairly suitable for my skin which was dry around the cheeks, and yet not too rich in the T-zone area, which had more sebum production.
The Clarins Gentle Night Cream for Sensitive Skin would be suitable for people with dry skin, or sensitive skin. The cream is white in colour, has a creamy consistency, and it seems to be fragrance free.

That's good too as I don't like skincare with too much fragrances the older I get, and skincare with added fragrance I find, may irritate skin and some people may be averse to the strong fragrance found in some skincare products.

Amount Used
A single small squirt of the cream on my fingertips, which I warmed up before applying it lightly in light sweeping motions was adequate to cover my face, and provided enough moisture.

The cream seems to have an oil base, so it would be suitable for those who possess dry to sensitive skin, so it would not be so suitable for those who possess dehydrated type skin.
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Photoblog: Sydney's Fish Market

So it was Father's Day last week, and I was asked to join my previous church mates at a friendly church match... The game was held at Wentworth Park, near the well known Sydney's Fish Market.

Sydney Fish Market Car Park.
Keep that food in the bin!
The busy aisle...
Busy main thoroughfare.
Salmon & Caviar!!
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Dermalogica Essential Pack: In the mail!

Dermalogica Essential Pack.

As per this post, I finally received this from Skincare Store (from a lucky draw!) in my mailbox early this week!! Woohoo!!

My  Dermalogica Essential Pack:
- Dermalogica Gentle Cream exfoliant (75ml),
and the Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution (250ml).
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Cleaning Black Stockings


Cleaning Black Stockings

So I started a new job last week.

Part of my attire included a new pair of Denier 50, and 40 winter stockings. It was soaked in a solution of laundry powder, and warm water.

An hour later, I was surprised to see the post soak solution thoroughly a dark pasty colour.

Me: It looks really pasty.
Flatmate: How long have you used it?
Me: Only this week.
R:Then it must be the dye.
Me: Dye??? I didn't think they dyed stockings...
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