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Meeting Agent E today.

I should be sleeping now. But I am too excited. Or anxious. Whichever.

Today I am going to see my previous and current employer, Agent E (*name changed to protect privacy). Yeap, the one that I was working for before I left Sydney.

I've been home for the past few weeks since arrival. And basically staying home all day with nothing to do is driving me crazy. Apart from taking two whole weeks to just prepare my application to TAFE, I have basically done nothing else.

Okay, maybe dreaming of which phone (The Nokia E71 is on the money), and deciding which mobile network to settle for (I'd take 3, but the stupid network is selling their mobile 50AUD more than Optus, so I am not going to buy it unless they lowered their RRP). So Uncompetitive.

Anyways, if I want to go for a facial, I think I want to earn the money and not use any of the precious little in my savings.

Today I went to David Jones and MYERS. Both having sale at the same time. Think Robinsons and Isetan. Everything expensive. But managed to get some cheap David Jones own branded cosmetics. Will show later, okay?

Ok, now I just have to figure out and anticipate the kinds of questions Agent E may ask, as well as think of ways I can communicate with them about my current situation. I would be free for the next one month, since I have only just put in my TAFE application anyways. We'll see.

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