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Rudd Govt Claims Foreign Investors Driving up Property Prices.

This lady here has a really good take on why property prices in australia is going up. Frankly speaking, I have to agree with her.

The Rudd government recently tightened foreign investment in purchasing homes in Australia, with the excuse that "foreign investors are pricing out local Australians of purchasing homes".

Excuse me, but I'm like, what the??!

One must remember that it was the Rudd government that relaxed the previous Rules on property purchase by foreign investors.

How dare the Rudd government put the blame on foreign investors when it was his own government that allowed foreign investors in?

It's like the cook who accused the dirty disease carrying fly of causing his customers of having food poisoning by allowing it to fly over the food he just put out on the table, but without putting a cover on it, yet he didn't take any precaution but allowed it to happen?

Who's to blame here?  The disease-carrying-fly, or the stupid-careless-cook?


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