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Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Preview!

Hi people. Haven't blogged in a while.

What to do when one is moving across the globe? ^^

I am now currently residing in Ashfield, a suburb about 15 minutes away by train from the city of Sydney. It's now Autumn, so the weather ranges from cold in the morning, to warm in the afternoons, and back to cold in the evenings. At least for Sydney, that is how it goes.

It seems that Thursday night (predominantly) are the "launch-dates" where trendy/ high end malls like MYERS and DAVID JONES put out their new products.

Meet VOGUE Beauty Editor Sigourney Cantelo in-store on Thursday 13th. 5.30 - 6.30 & 7.00 - 8.00pm. $25 includes Bobbi Brown Gift, Champagne & Canapés and redeemable on product on the day.

Pretty Powerful Makeup & Photo

Book in for the Pretty Powerful Event which includes Pretty Powerful Makeup Application, Bobbi Brown gift, Pretty Powerful Photo and redeemable on product on the day. $85 to reserve your place. Pretty Powerful Events will be taking place in all Bobbi Brown Studios - for more information about your preferred studio please contact them directly.

Bunting advertisement.

BB sandwiches
Salmon canapes

BB sandwiches
Yummy sandwiches!

I was one of the priviledged few to catch a complimentary invite to the above Bobbi Brown's launch of Pretty Powerful at DAVID JONES Elizabeth St, SYDNEY.

BB goodie bag

Managed to even score the goodie bag, consisting of a Bobbi Brown lipstick worth AUD44!

Even better, I had the opportunity to see in person, the Vogue Australia beauty editor, Sigourney Cantelo, and Alphie Sadsad, Bobbi Brown make-up artist who shared a number of makeup tips, and demonstrated his skills for those present. One of those special moments indeed!

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Preview
The cast, Sigourney, & Alphie.

the pretty Sigourney
Wished I had sexy legs like that!

the cast

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