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Back in Sydney now!

To be more specific, I'm in Ashfield, a suburb about 15 minutes away by train from the city of Sydney.

Arrived here on Tuesday evening on the domestic airlines of QANTAS. I don't really fancy budget airlines if I am carrying a lot of luggage, as they tend to be a bit more strict with weight restrictions as well as meals.

On the QANTAS flight, there was coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, a nice hot meal of a choice between chicken or beef, and orange ice-lolly for dessert. There was also personalised service, which was nice, where you could call them from the button on your side seat. I could not find that on the AIRASIA side seat panels though.

During my trip from KL to Perth, I was on the AIRASIA budget airlines, where one had to hold on to their seat ticket for their meals, and of course, seating arrangements. I will not elaborate so much on that. The journey itself was pretty pleasant, and not as nasty as most people have said.

However, I must say be careful if you were to choose a seat (if you're like paying RM100 more), make sure it is a side seat with extra foot space, as if you choose the seating in the middle, which I made the mistake of doing, you'd have both other customers, and the AIRASIA staff themselves walking in and out in front of you telling you to move your feet, when they were not supposed to be using that walkway in the first place.

I got so frustrated that I told the air stewardess I wanted to change my seats as everyone kept walking in front of me (and waking me up with their "tantrums".) Seriously, AIRASIA should not even bother opening up the mid aisle if everyone else is going to "take shortcuts" and walk through there to the bathroom.

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