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A change of menu for the season.


A change of menu for the season.

With the cold rain pouring these past few days signalling the change of season, most normal earthly citizens like us are trying to find economical and practical ways of keeping the heat in.

For breakie today, I tried making cooked oats. A huge half container of traditional rolled oats had been lying on the corner on top of the fridge abandoned.

I have never really been a fan of oats, but with winter coming, it makes the perfect complement to warm our tummies in the chilly mornings.

I also tried the instant powdered sesame broth. A bit sweet though. Perhaps it would work better with soy milk, since both are of plant origin. Hmmm.
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David Jones: Connect with Coco by Cadbury

Yum, but pricey!!

Connect with Coco By Cadbury
Sumptuous Chocolate Truffles available exclusively at David Jones.
Introducing Coco by Cadbury truffles, a gorgeous chocolate gift inspired by what women love. Sumptuously smooth milk chocolate truffles encased in milk chocolate and packaged beautifully with a feminine touch.

When two friends connect, they share a unique bond. The perfect gift for no reason at all, Coco by Cadbury truffles celebrate special relationships and allow you to spoil those friends that mean the most to you.

Connect with Coco by Cadbury

Coco by Cadbury Milk Truffles Bag 195g $12.95
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DAVID JONES: Exclusive Elizabeth Arden Gift.

Exclusively at David Jones
Select the nine-piece gift† of your choice valued at up to $271* when you spend $70 or more^ on Elizabeth Arden.
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Ceramide Gift Choice valued at $229* includes: Ceramide Plump Perfect Ultra Lift & Firm Moisture Cream with sunscreens 7.5ml, Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules for Face 7 pieces, Ceramide Moisture Network Night Cream 7ml.

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Each choice includes the following make-up essentials: Ceramide Plump Perfect Lipstick in Perfect Cinnamon 4g, Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray 10ml, Ceramide Lash Extending Treatment Mascara in Black 3g, Deluxe Compact including 2 Eyeshadows, 2 Lip Glosses and 1 Cheek Colour, All Gone Eye & Lip Make-up Remover 50ml and a stylish black cosmetic bag (pictured in main shot with Prevage Gift Choice).

For Elizabeth Arden, there’s no other store like David Jones.
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Sarah Ferguson: Fall from Grace?


Sarah Ferguson: Fall from Grace?

Recently there has been much talk about Sarah Ferguson on selling out her ex-husband.

Really? If the news were really so concerned about her, they would not sell the rights to the video to every darn news media all over the media and embarrass her in front of the entire nation.

What the news agencies and media earn from the rights of selling the rights to this video would be ten times, if not even more than what anyone would pay to her to have access to her husband. HYPOCRITES!

What hypocrites these news media people are!

Selling off a poor person's dignity and pouncing on it, and trying to sensationalise everything and  making poor Sarah Ferguson look like she was the bad guy in this story.

Get a grip, man.
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Rudd Govt Claims Foreign Investors Driving up Property Prices.


Rudd Govt Claims Foreign Investors Driving up Property Prices.

This lady here has a really good take on why property prices in australia is going up. Frankly speaking, I have to agree with her.

The Rudd government recently tightened foreign investment in purchasing homes in Australia, with the excuse that "foreign investors are pricing out local Australians of purchasing homes".

Excuse me, but I'm like, what the??!

One must remember that it was the Rudd government that relaxed the previous Rules on property purchase by foreign investors.

How dare the Rudd government put the blame on foreign investors when it was his own government that allowed foreign investors in?

It's like the cook who accused the dirty disease carrying fly of causing his customers of having food poisoning by allowing it to fly over the food he just put out on the table, but without putting a cover on it, yet he didn't take any precaution but allowed it to happen?

Who's to blame here?  The disease-carrying-fly, or the stupid-careless-cook?

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Jessica Watson: All The Hype.


Jessica Watson: All The Hype.

If you have been in Australia, or were reading news closely linked to Australia in the past few months, you'd have watched on the news about a 16 year old sailing the world solo for the past 7 months.

As much as I would applaud her achievement and her effort, I certainly with this writer agree that she should not have undertaken such a task at the age of 16.

I  mean, why 16? Why not 17, or 19, or 21 for that matter? Why does it have to be when she was 16?

Allowing an underage to sail at the age of 16, by herself, simply reveals that there is much more beneath the scene than we think. Who will take responsibility should something have gone wrong during her solo sojourn around the world?

If I had a daughter/son, I would not allow my child to undertake such a dangerous solo journey at such a young age. If it was because she really wanted to do out of her own sheer ambition and desire, her parents should have had the wisdom to wait till she was older to allow her to do so.

Does it make that much more difference if she had waited till she was older to complete the mission? It would have been better to sail at an older age, that the World Speed Sailing Record Council would have recognised her achievements.

Just because she was able to complete the mission successfully, it does not excuse the fact that her parents were not discerningly wise in monitoring their children's course of action. Of course, there are many out there who said that they will support her mission, and add the ball of "girl power" nonsense to it.

As the interviews revealed, her parents were checking on her every movement and had sleepless nights for days. Even at my age (I'm in my early 30s now, my parents still worry just as much for me).  I really have to wonder the state that her parents have to go through with the amount of stress & worry when she was out alone at sea.

There really has to be a balance of wisdom between knowing when is the right time to do something.

It's not just persisting in pursuing your dreams blindly with no regards to the people around you, you know?
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Can Men & Women become friends?


Can Men & Women become friends?

Perhaps a better title for this entry would be "should married people have friends of the opposite gender?".

This was an issue that only hit home recently. However, as time (and age!) catches up, and as more of my friends start tying the knot, the dynamics, and reality of having friends both male (and female) who were just dating and married changes.

When my friends were just dating, the issue of having a male friends (in close proximity in a closed area) was not so much of an issue. Yet recently, that was just the case.

I used to have rather close-knit male friendships before I headed overseas (to Australia) for studies. However, on my return to my hometown and as time caught on, I find that the dynamics of my (supposed) close friendships changed. It was more evident in my friendships with male friends.

Platonic male friends whom I used to hang out much with, all of sudden became almost "non-existent."

Suddenly the question of "who was that close female friend you were a close friend with really is to you?". Even when we met up, my male friend had to bring another male friend so that "there would not be any miscommunication" between his girlfriend and him.

One wonders, but we have been friends for the longest time! My male friend has known me for even longer. But in reality, that is such the case.

We may be friends for almost five years or more. Yet when one someone walks into their life, that so called "friendship" almost fades into the background and becomes a non-entity.You almost become a non-entity.

Perhaps the issue of "can women and men be friend" is possible in the short term. Yet in the long term, it becomes a question of fidelity.

Would your spouse question the time that you spend with that friend (of the opposite gender) you are spending much time with, though both of you have been friends since childhood days?

How do you really feel about the time your spouse spends with acquaintances (of the opposite gender) they are spending though they have been mates since childhood days?

This is perhaps a serious issue in the church, where counselling is needed.  Church leaders, or leaders of any kind should be really careful in the case where they themselves are married, and the people they are counselling are married or of the opposite gender. As they say, gossip thrive where people are.

Life is that it is complicating.
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David Jones: Redeem Your SISLEY Skincare Sample Duo!

Terms & Conditions: 
Present this email at your nearest David Jones Sisley Counter and receive your complimentary Skincare Sample Duo* following your skin consultation.
It includes two of Sisley’s must-have skincare essentials: Hydra Global 5ml and Sisleÿa Eye & Lip 2ml.
*One Skincare Sample Duo per customer.
Offer available until 5 June, 2010, while stocks last.

Sisley is available at David Jones Elizabeth Street, Bondi Junction, Chatswood Chase, Castle Towers, Miranda, Burwood, Canberra, Bourke Street, Chadstone, Doncaster, Queensplaza, Robina, Rundle Mall, Hay Street.

To go to the page, go here.
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MYERS ONE: My Jurlique Haul!

The JURLIQUE promotion at MYERS seemed too irresistable which scored me the GWP skincare night replenishing gift consisting of three Jurlique products worth up to AUD124!

Jurlique  Purchase!

My purchases:
Face Balancing Oil (AUD60) + Balancing Cleansing Oil (AUD45)

Jurlique GWP

GWP 40ml products Purely Age Defying Night Lotion + Eye Makeup Remover+ Daily Exfoliating Cream.
worth AUD124.

So in total, it was like AUD20 per product! Definitely worth it!!
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Back in Sydney now!

Back in Sydney now!

To be more specific, I'm in Ashfield, a suburb about 15 minutes away by train from the city of Sydney.

Arrived here on Tuesday evening on the domestic airlines of QANTAS. I don't really fancy budget airlines if I am carrying a lot of luggage, as they tend to be a bit more strict with weight restrictions as well as meals.

On the QANTAS flight, there was coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, a nice hot meal of a choice between chicken or beef, and orange ice-lolly for dessert. There was also personalised service, which was nice, where you could call them from the button on your side seat. I could not find that on the AIRASIA side seat panels though.

During my trip from KL to Perth, I was on the AIRASIA budget airlines, where one had to hold on to their seat ticket for their meals, and of course, seating arrangements. I will not elaborate so much on that. The journey itself was pretty pleasant, and not as nasty as most people have said.

However, I must say be careful if you were to choose a seat (if you're like paying RM100 more), make sure it is a side seat with extra foot space, as if you choose the seating in the middle, which I made the mistake of doing, you'd have both other customers, and the AIRASIA staff themselves walking in and out in front of you telling you to move your feet, when they were not supposed to be using that walkway in the first place.

I got so frustrated that I told the air stewardess I wanted to change my seats as everyone kept walking in front of me (and waking me up with their "tantrums".) Seriously, AIRASIA should not even bother opening up the mid aisle if everyone else is going to "take shortcuts" and walk through there to the bathroom.
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Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Preview!

Hi people. Haven't blogged in a while.

What to do when one is moving across the globe? ^^

I am now currently residing in Ashfield, a suburb about 15 minutes away by train from the city of Sydney. It's now Autumn, so the weather ranges from cold in the morning, to warm in the afternoons, and back to cold in the evenings. At least for Sydney, that is how it goes.

It seems that Thursday night (predominantly) are the "launch-dates" where trendy/ high end malls like MYERS and DAVID JONES put out their new products.

Meet VOGUE Beauty Editor Sigourney Cantelo in-store on Thursday 13th. 5.30 - 6.30 & 7.00 - 8.00pm. $25 includes Bobbi Brown Gift, Champagne & Canapés and redeemable on product on the day.

Pretty Powerful Makeup & Photo

Book in for the Pretty Powerful Event which includes Pretty Powerful Makeup Application, Bobbi Brown gift, Pretty Powerful Photo and redeemable on product on the day. $85 to reserve your place. Pretty Powerful Events will be taking place in all Bobbi Brown Studios - for more information about your preferred studio please contact them directly.

Bunting advertisement.

BB sandwiches
Salmon canapes

BB sandwiches
Yummy sandwiches!

I was one of the priviledged few to catch a complimentary invite to the above Bobbi Brown's launch of Pretty Powerful at DAVID JONES Elizabeth St, SYDNEY.

BB goodie bag

Managed to even score the goodie bag, consisting of a Bobbi Brown lipstick worth AUD44!

Even better, I had the opportunity to see in person, the Vogue Australia beauty editor, Sigourney Cantelo, and Alphie Sadsad, Bobbi Brown make-up artist who shared a number of makeup tips, and demonstrated his skills for those present. One of those special moments indeed!

Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Preview
The cast, Sigourney, & Alphie.

the pretty Sigourney
Wished I had sexy legs like that!

the cast
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Perth: Rottnest Island


Perth: Rottnest Island

Today was my trip to Rottnest Island.

I woke up about 7ish. Surfed the Internet (expensive in a YHA hostel la..)

Made some breakfast in the kitchen, and headed off to the pier at about 8ish.

Turned out I had to walk about 20 minutes or so.

It was a cold morning- I should have dressed more warmly.

Will write more on that later..
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Jurlique May Promotions.

Jurlique May Promotions.

Arrived in Perth on Friday. Decided to check out the promotions at JURLIQUE at MYERs and David Jones. The promotions are almost similar if you read them closely.

Mothers Day Promotion! FREE Bonus gift with purchase of $95 and above. (Bonus Gift either Purely Age Defying Night Lotion (40ml) OR Balancing Hydrating Mist OR Daily Exfoliating Cream(40ml). Whilst Stocks Last!

In Store May 9 onwards. Purchase any two facial skincare products to receive a BONUS Night Replenishing Gift, valued at $124. * Conditions apply.
Down Under in Perth

Down Under in Perth

Am currently in Perth. Arrived here on Friday morning. So I'll be here for four days.

Arrived at the Perth International Airport. Had a nice long interrogation as I wrote Ashfield as my final destination on my arrival/custom cards. They didn't really bother much with my luggage contents (surprisingly).

Took the Connect Point shuttle bus (whatever it is called) for about AUD18 one way from International Airport to the YHA Perth to stay at. 

Roamed the city. The city area is pretty small. There are free CAT buses (City Area Transport) that takes people around the town for FREE! Money saver there.

The occupants in my room hailed from Canada, Holland and Japan. The Dutch traveller was surprised that I could speak three languages.. ha ha ha. The Japanese traveller was going to be in OZ for about 6 months- and she's about the same age! So Adventurous!

Fremantle. Took the Day Rider fare on the Perth train (about Aud8.80) to Fremantle. The journey is about half an hour at most.

There is also an free Orange CAT in Fremantle that takes visitors around. Met a korean mother and her two children whilst at the beach/quay there.

Is there much to do in Fremantle? Well, the markets are free. You get to buy and see stuff and check out the docks. But the touristy places do cost a bit in admission fees.

Woke up about 10 in the morning. Roamed the city by CAT and checked out Northbridge on the BLUE CAT. Walked a bit more to the malls (MYERS and DAVID JONES)

There was this Jurlique promotion happening at MYERS and DAVID JONES, but I could not decide whether to get it. Also, forgot to bring my Priceline Pharmacy member card. So heck.

Just headed back to the YHA about 3ish and had another nap. ( I know, it just feels so slothish)..

Was inspired by the room mate here- she just came back from a vine yard tour, so I decided to see what I could do on my last day in Perth. Turned out that the vineyard bookings did not have enough numbers to fill the slot, so I ended up booking a trip to Rottnest.

It was about AUD95 (after YHA Concession!) YEAH!

The admin told me that I can visit vineyards anywhere, but Rottnest,well, is found only in Rottnest! I could not decide whether to take the Eco Adventure (another by boat/ferry thingy) as I was not sure if I'd get sea-sickness (I have got sea sick before!) and waste the money if that happens, so I just stuck to the on train/tram adventure.

Heading to Rottnest. Its an island 25 minutes about 1.5 hours away from Perth by Ferry + admission entrance fee. Am taking the train around the place.  

Checking out from Perth City YHA- and heading to Sydney by plane.
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It's time to go.


It's time to go.

It's almost 18 months.

Time passes quickly when one is enjoying themselves in the company of their old mates.

Well, anyways, as most people (who are already informed), I'll be heading back to Australia.

Stopping first at Perth. Then next Sydney, and to Ashfield.

This will be a new experience. I wonder what awaits me next.

I will see you again once I have touch down in Sydney.

In the mean time, drop me a note here, or leave me a note who are in my Facebook account.

See you Down Under soon!

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Which Optus/Boost phone leh?


Which Optus/Boost phone leh?

Ok, am searching for phones on Optus/Boost network. Supposedly cheaper, and able to unlcok

Boost is so called sister brand of Optus. Almost everything is the same.. well.. almost, but not all.

Looking for preferably a mobile with Qwerty keyboard, and Internet/MSN/ Facebook capabilities.

More details to be found here on the Dick Smith Online Store. Another issue is technical support, as well as stock supplies. Hmm.

Optus Nokia E63 (AUD 199)

Optus Blackberry 8520 (AUD 249)

Boost Blackberry Pearl 8120 (AUD199)

Three Network has some pretty good phones, but to unlock their SIM-locked phones requires AUD199 charge. So we can forget about it.

As for Boost phone, it'd require that I "transfer" to  Boost, as essentially it is a different network from Optus, although almost everything is almost the same.

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