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128 Faubourg: DUO Facial Programme

Revamp your skin with 128 Faubourg's DUO FACIAL PROGRAMME , a combination of 2 facials that give you the BEST of both treatments. Available only at 128 Faubourg salons only!

(1 Deep Cleansing Facial + 1 Professional Treatment)
(n.p RM370)

(1 Deep Cleansing Facial + 1 Institute Treatment)
(n.p. RM500)

*For 1st Trial only.Terms and conditions apply
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Sothys: Rhubarb Berry Velvety Treatment Facial

 Have you tried Sothy's latest seasonal offering? First trial RM188 only!
Available at all 128 Faubourg salons, and Sothys Partner salons.
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Marks & Spencers: Returning my pair of "bugged" jeans.

Marks & Spencers: Returning my pair of "bugged" jeans.

Latest Update!
I met up with an old friend of mine, Madeline's at her home recently, and we had a nice chat.

Somehow the conversation turned to Madeline's husband who used to study in United Kingdom, and his experience with Marks & Spencers. According to him, the range of clothing available in Marks & Spencers (during the early 2000s) was targeted to the older folks.

The 35 day return policy was implemented in those days, and customers could return items bought during the 35 day period. Without questions asked. He had once bought attire in winter, and returned it to the store, and the staff would not question him!

Of course, my experience with the Marks & Spencers in Gardens was less than satisfactory. So Marks & Spencers, if your policy states 35 days Return Policy, please tell your staff that IT IS 35 Day Return Policy. Without Questions Asked.

26th April:
It's been a quiet week... Yes, I've been reading a number of reviews on Burts Bees and some other yummy workshops (Body Shop), Benefit, etc.

Have been just busy preparing for my sojourn Down Under. (If you didn't know already), buying my airline tickets from AirAsia (30kgs), Qantas airlines (Perth to Sydney), and received my YHA two-year membership card in the mail today. Cool. Cool.

Travellers get up to more than 10% discount for showing their YHA card at many shops in Australia, okay? And since currently I am not employed (i.e. earning Aussie dollars), every penny saved is a penny earned.

Yesterday, Bell & I spent the whole afternoon at Gardens. Ended up at Marks & Spencers. Chose two pair of pants. For the price I paid, I would have expected the quality of the pants to be better. The pair of pants "did" look nice- that is until I went home and tried it out.

I wore the pair of denim pants, and followed my parents out to IOI Mall. Before I knew, my legs started to itch. It was so bad that I started to stratch. For a pair of denim jeans, (RM99) supposedly on SALE. (or Irresistable Offer, as Marks & Spencers put it) I would have expected better.

I got so really annoyed that the moment I reached home, I took out the pair of pants. Lo & behold, there I beheld three to four different spots of inflamed spots where it was scratching. Folded it really  nicely, and put it back into the green Marks & Spencers plastic bag.  The more I thought about it, the more annoyed I got.

My skin is not sensitive- unless to certain irritants like grass or something similar. But to have a store like Marks & Spencers selling such material? Even the pair of cheap pants (RM90 discounted down to RM30!) I bought from Jusco has yet to cause my skin to itch with such madness before!!

By the time I arrived at Gardens today, it was past six pm, so parking was easy.The assistant who received my case just asked me why did I want to return the pants, so I explained my case.

What did the staff do? They just re-tagged the pair of pants- and I assumed they'd probably just put it back on the shelf??


Did I not mention that I had rashes after trying out the pants for one evening? Did I not say that they should have the pair of denim pants checked?

Anyways, Marks & Spencers has a 35 Day Return Policy. Of which, I decided to just go ahead and return both the pants (since the blue denim jeans left a bad impression, I decided it was better to just return both!) and use the RM200+ instead to spend elsewhere where I might get a pair of jeans which won't cause my feet to break out.

In case you are wondering, the pair of pants were manufactured both in Sri Langka & Bangladesh.
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My next 2-week schedule.


My next 2-week schedule.

Please take note that this schedule will constantly be updated.


(26/4) Monday-
Evening- Headed over to Gardens return product item at Marks & Spencers.(done)
Verdict: The Manager did not seem too happy. I'm not going to pay RM200+ for some pair of overpriced pants made in Bangladesh & Sri Lanka - and my skin reacts to it!

(27/4) Tuesday-
Evening- Stayed home to blog.

(28/4) Wednesday-
- S2 Slimming Meet & Greet (Kuchai Lama), FREE Buffet 5.30 pm onwards. Who's up for it?
- Madeline + Jess (after Dinner).

(29/4) Thursday-
Evening- Currently vacant

(30/4) Friday-
Morning: Most likely HOMEDEC KLCC

Evening: Prayer Meeting (Supposedly)

(1/5) Saturday-
Morning- Most likely head to Sungai Wang to check out the phones, & USB Modems. (do i actually need those?) Hmmm.

Afternoon- currently vacant

Evening- meet with cousin Elaine for dinner?

(2/5) Sunday-
Morning- Church

Afternoon-Maybe Critterland? (Free entrance for me anyways).

Evening- currently vacant


(3/5) Monday-
Morning: appointment liao.

Afternoon- currently vacant.

Evening- currently vacant.

(4/5) Tuesday-
Morning: appointment liao

Afternoon: currently vacant.

Evening- currently vacant.

(5/5) Wednesday-
Morning: appointment liao.

Afternoon: currently vacant.

Evening- currently vacant.

(6/5) Thursday-
Morning: currently vacant

Afternoon- Night: Will be preparing to take off

(7/5) Friday-

Morning- Will have arrived in Perth liao!!!

Things to prepare:
- Name cards. rationing space for my luggage belongings.

Things to do:
- Go for facial with me mother NEXT week @ Slimming Sanctuary!! Facial worth RM200! (Almost Free!!) 
- Check that all my necessary attachments for visa application is already in soft copy (if have not done so yet).
-  Stuff my luggage bag with all my food goodies so I won't feel homesick during winter.
- Make sure have enough blogger name cards (expensive in Australia).

Things done:
- Tickets to Perth (done), Sydney (done)
- Accomodations- Perth (done), Sydney (done)
- Extra Luggage Pre-purchase (NOT YET)
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S2 Slimming: Mobile Workshop@ Kuchai Lama.

All readers are cordially invited to Slimming Mobile Work Shop by S2 Slimming

Date: Wednesday 28th April 2010
Venue: Kuchai Lama
Time: 12pm-8pm, 5.30-8pm
Dress Code: Smart & Casual
Contact Number: 1800-88-8852
Invite: Female Only

Programme : Buffet Provided

Demo: Free Paraffin Hand Massage, Demo Navel Care Therapy Slimming Massage
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Cultivate Inner Beauty

Cultivate Inner Beauty

I was watching this TVB drama on television, 无头东宫 which directly translated from Headless Empress, or Love is Beautiful, as it is so named. It reminded me of  this verse from the Bible that goes like this.

1 Peter 3:1-6 (The Message)
1-4 The same goes for you wives: Be good wives to your husbands, responsive to their needs. There are husbands who, indifferent as they are to any words about God, will be captivated by your life of holy beauty. What matters is not your outer appearance—the styling of your hair, the jewelry you wear, the cut of your clothes—but your inner disposition.

4-6 Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in.
It led me to thinking, why are women chasing after all the cosmetics, hairstyles and jewelry out there?

Books like "Confessions of a Shopaholic" reveals to us how imminent this is happening in our world.

Females (and males as well) are susceptible to the lure of the media and the promotions that is going on around us. We buy, buy, buy. And end up with a whole lot of stuff (I am a very good example, and I know the outcome of it!).

There should be a balance of knowing where & when to stop.

On my trip to South Korea, the icy snow surrounds helped me disassociate from the outer world ... helping me wean me off some of my "shopaholic" cravings. It felt good.. such a good release...

Hence, this is a reminder to the women (and men) out there: Clothes, Makeup and Jewelry do not define who we are.

Our personality does. So build & cultivate your inner beauty. Your dreams. Your personality. Your spirit. For in the end, that is what counts.
Qantas: How to get Free Baggage Allowance


Qantas: How to get Free Baggage Allowance

Here are some details for people planning to fly on Qantas.
According to this page on the Qantas website,

Platinum, Gold and Silver Qantas Frequent Flyers and Qantas Club Members receive additional free checked baggage allowances:

Domestic Australia, trans-Tasman and international routes (except for The Americans as listed below)
As long as you have reached Silver Frequent Flyer status, you are eligible to have 10kgs (22lb) free checked baggage allowance.

Isn't that cool?

Currently fees to join the Qantas Frequent Flyer are as follows:
Australian residents - A$82.50*
New Zealand residents - NZ$50

However, if you are applying from out of these countries, it is FREE!! Can you believe that?

Anyways, for the sad people of Australia, if you are a resident of Australia (which you are, and want to avoid paying 83.50AUD),
there is another option.

Join through Woolworths, and check out this link.
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Off to Perth, I go!


Off to Perth, I go!

Ok, so I (finally!) bought my airline tickets to Perth!!

After trying to decide which state in Australia to go to, I decided to make my maiden (stop over ) in Perth first.

Will be spending a few days to see the sights and scenes (and hopefully catching the eye of some cute guy! ^^)
before heading back to Sydney.

For the time being, I've made arrangements to stay with Jo, my korean friend, and her korean landlady. LOL.

Hmm.. so my korean language skills will does come to some use after all. LOL. Nevermind if it's only elementary level...

I met this korean fella when I was walking near Sentral Staiton today. He didn't speak in korean, but I could tell he was from his heavily
accented English.. unfortunately, even trying to tell directions in Korean is still quite difficult for my level.

I can manage in Cantonese though. Pity. >.<

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MAS: Prepurchasing of baggage weight not available.


MAS: Prepurchasing of baggage weight not available.

I found this site when I was trying to enquire whether pre-purchasing of baggage weight is available with MAS.

Apparently, it is not possible.

A call to the call centre reveals that one kilo of excess baggage is RM70!!

This is probably one of the ways that Malaysia Airlines makes money by sucking us dry!

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Tsuya Tsuya @ WATSONS soon!


Tsuya Tsuya @ WATSONS soon!

Just received this from the horse's mouth.

For customers wanting to get Tsuya-Tsuya cosmetic and skincare items, the range will be available at most WATSONS soon!

At the moment, they can be found at


By MAY 15:

Flights: To Melbourne & Sydney (May 2010)


Flights: To Melbourne & Sydney (May 2010)

Melbourne ex KUL:

Air Asia:
1340 (KUL) - 2330 (MEL)
RM529 + RM120 (30 kgs) + SkyBus (6.50)+ Goinsure (15)+ CC Fee (RM5)
= RM685.50


RM1600. (2 flights a Day)

Sydney ex KUL



Perth ex KUL

KUL-PERTH Depart 2350, Arrive 0525 hours. D7 2714
RM557 + RM120 (30 kgs) + SkyBus (6.50)+ Goinsure (15)+ CC Fee (RM5)
= RM713.50.

KUL-SINGAPORE-PERTH RM1,011.00 (30kgs)

8.40am-9.45am, or 23:25am- 0:20am --> 17.45- 23.10am (JQ110)

SYDNEY ex Perth
From AUD262.50-312.50

From AUD289.00

In Summary: Flights to Melbourne abound. Flights to Sydney-- very very few la.

What will I be bringing:
1 x Laptop Bag
1 x Hand carry
1 x Normal typically suitcase (hopefully 30kgs, if AirAsia)
2 x Winter Jacket.

Intended date of Departure: 6th of May 2010 (Thursday).
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My New Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC FS12


My New Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC FS12

Yesterday was my so called shopping day. Finally bought my Clarins skincare haul, and joined as a member! Hoo hoo.. Membership lasts for two years from date of joining, so all's good even if away travelling the world.

Headed to PIKOM PC Fair at KL Convention Centre yesterday. The place was massive. Heavily crowded!

Went with Kit, met up with Eu Vern at KLCC mall for dinner before checking out PIKOM fair.

Early yesterday, I had a chat with my cousin, Mabel who is in Interior Design. She knows a bit on cameras, and from what I know, most people do not bother with Nikon from their compact point-and-shoot.

Initially, was thinking of returning my Nikon (an L21) to Nikon marketing to get a higher end point-and-shoot or DSLR, but decided it was not worth my time (not this time around anyways) to bother with the hassle.

There were a few range of Canon cameras that I was interested, but since general consensus was that the Panasonic Lumix was a much better deal than the Canon, Nikon or Sony at any price range, I finally succumbed!
Purchased a Panasonic Lumix going at RM599 (paid less, of course!)

1 x SD Card Reader + 4 GB SDHC + 8 GB SDHC + 1 SD Card Holder + 1 Towel.   

What do I think? It's a pretty good deal! They even had a RM299 camera, but I didn't want something that much cheaper, eventhough it was pretty good for its price.

Actually, the guy was going to sell me another higher end Panasonic for about RM1300 (NP. RM1600+). But I thought, what the heck. If I wanted something higher end, I might as well get an DSLR from Nikon. Which was my initial plan anyways.

Will deal with the Nikon L21 later. Probably get rid of it on E-Bay or sell it off to someone who needs a simple point and shoot.
So guys, one Nikon L21 going at RM270 with 4GB HDSD card. NP RM298. You save RM40. Selling cheaper, as I want to get rid of it! If Interested, text me!
Clarins Club Beaute Member!

Clarins Club Beaute Member!

Yesterday, was my shopping day. Well, not really but whatever.

After church on Sunday, I had lovely nice Japanese lunch with my cousin Mabel in Taman Desa. We talked a bit about cameras, as my cousin is in interior design, and she knows a bit about cameras.

Later in the day, I headed off to Mid Valley with a mate from my cell group, Kit. I had seen the Clarins promo at Lot 10 the day before, so I decided to check out the different Clarins promotion at Mid Valley.

Well, guess what I found? Turns out that after checking three different Clarins outlets, I should have gone to Isetan Gardens in the first place! LOL.

Currently, Isetan is having a:
Purchase 1 x Facial Shaping Lift (RM208): 
GWP:  Facial Shaping Lift (10ml) Travel Size
+ 1 x Golden Clarins Pouch
+ other samples (personalized request from  SA)..
Promotion on still stocks last!
The SA did ask if i wanted some of the other samples, but I was not really interested in them, as I already have a ton of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, scrubs, and what not at home. >.<

For my free sample, she gave me a sample for Face Oil (Blue Orchid). I didn' realise there were samples for Face Oil, so I was pleased. It's pretty pointless to get samples of products that I already other versions of already..
Bought another Multi-Active Starter Kit RM88 = RM208 + RM88 = RM296.
Qualify as member, as minimum purchase is RM250.
So I filled in personal details on the form. Nominated Isetan Gardens as Home Counter. The SA gave me some first time members voucher including
- 50 % for facial voucher
- 500 points extra with purchase voucher
- other free treatment services with product purchase voucher.
Now, why did I join as a Beaute Member in Isetan Gardens?

Reason 1: Collect points for ISETAN member + FREE Parking for RM100 purchase and above!

Reason 2: Mid Valley location nearer to my home!

Oh, and of course, I redeemed for free 3 hours parking at Mid Valley!
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ICLS: Elementary I Korean Exam.


ICLS: Elementary I Korean Exam.

Today I had my Elementary I Korean Exam. Totally wrote crap for my exam essay.

First Essay Question: *Something something * introduce your family.
I ended up writing about my family's life and love revolving around the television. Then I wrote that I surfed the Internet instead.

Second Essay Question: *Something something* introduce Malaysia
I ended up writing something about baek-hwa-jeom (shopping malls) and when the weather is hot, people go to shopping malls. Curry mee and Pan Mee is delicious. I like pan mee......

My teacher was metaphorically looking up to the wall with a sigh whilst shaking her head saying, "How am I supposed to mark your paper?"

LOL. I passed the paper... so that is all that counts. She just said my grammar needs more practice. 

Also found out that my teacher, Kim Eun Mi also speaks some Mandarin. She was conversing in simple mandarin to the adminstration staff in ICLS.

After that, I went for my facial at 128 Faubourg. My last Professional Treatment at 128 Faubourg. Oh well..
initially I wanted to buy an eye treatment, but since the therapist did not insist, I let it be. Anyways, I saved RM280+ that way!

Also went to check out some skincare products from Clarins. Hmmm.... not sure which one I wanted so I ended up not getting any.

Finally, went to check out the Nikon showroom in Berjaya Times Square. Quite a huge array of cameras for hands-on? But not that much really did interest me. >.<
Did you know that there finally and officially is a Sanrio store in Malaysia? It is located in Lot 10 Isetan, 2nd Floor. I was looking for Little Twin Stars merchandise but I guess that has to wait! 
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Bath Bomb Fizzy's: How To Make Them!


Bath Bomb Fizzy's: How To Make Them!

Have you been thinking about making your own bath bombs? Are you concerned about having a top quality recipe and guidance through out your beginning process?

If so, this video is exactly what you are looking for. If for friends or as a business, making bath bombs is so much fun. Give it a try, and see for yourself!

Ingredients: * 1 Cup Baking Soda 
* 3/4 Cup Citric Acid 
* 2 Tbsp White Kaolin Clay 
* 1 Tbsp Grape Seed Oil 
* 2 Tsp Poly Sorbate 80 
* Vitamin E Oil 
* 1 Tsp Fragrance Oil 
* 1/4 Tsp Borax Power 
* 1/4 Tsp Gel Colorant 
* 12 Spritzers Of Alcohol

I know Tammy loves this.. as much as we want to home make bath fizzys, it almost impossible to get any of the ingredients around KL...
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Aromatherapy: Types of Materials.

Aromatherapy: Types of Materials.

I've heard so much about aroma therapy, due to my frequent "visits" to the salon. Frankly speaking, I am quite interested in it mostly as it seems safe, has that mysterious "aura" about it, and I'd prefer to make my own home skincare & beauty products. This is definitely much cheaper and more efficient as opposed to spending huge chunks of money on commercialised products.

As an anecdote to explain my cost effectiveness in using safe food and normal products,  when I was in Penang for work last year, I had a lovely nice bath at the hotel tub almost every night. One stops by some of the malls to check out the cost of bath salts, to find out that one pack of bath salts cost from RM70 to about a hundred bucks.

So I did some research on the Internet to find out that epsom salts and fresh milk worked just as well! A pack of epsom salts set me back by about RM5 at the local pharmacy, and a carton of fresh milk about RM4 from the supermarket..How much did I just save??

A read through the internet finds that there are two schools of thought in regard to aromatherapy. Some are skeptical on its effectiveness, but nonetheless, I find that even Cert IV in Aromatherapy is available at TAFE.

Regardless lets waste no time as I introduce aromatherapy 101 as per found on the world wide web.

Essential oils are obtained by different methods -- distillation being the most familiar. There are four types of essential oils. The type of method is dependent on the source of the oil and its chemical make-up.

1. Absolutes vs. concretes
2. Expressed
3. Solvent-extracted
4. Steam-distilled

In common terminology, the most common ones as per used in salons, or at home the Essential Oil, and Carrier Oils are used.

Essential Oils
They are normally added to Carrier Oils due to their concentrated nature, as it can provoke an allergic reaction, or irritation. They are precious, almost alive, and should be kept in amber glass bottles.

Carrier oil
They are also known as base oil, or vegetable oil, functioning to carry the essential oil onto the skin. They do not contain any concentrated smell nor aroma, and are derived from vegetable resources. High quality oils sold for culinary are often also suitable for massage use, and cheap!

Both essential and carrier oils should be kept cool, and away from strong light, to stop them from decomposing or oxidizing. Refrigerating oils helps preserve their freshness.

It would be easier to decant just enough carrier oil for normal use, whilst mixing it with a small amount of essential oil.

Related Links
- The Real Essentials: The Crash Course.
- Essential-Oil.Com: 4 types of Essential Oils.
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    Scandle: Body Massage Candles

    Scandle: Body Massage Candles

    Oh my, what a Scandle! For more info, click here.
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    Soap Queen TV: How to Make Massage Candles

    Soap Queen TV: How to Make Massage Candles

    "Massage candles are a wonderfully luxurious treat to make for yourself or that special someone. A massage candle is a blend of skin safe waxes, oils and essential oils that melt at a low temperature, perfect for a warm and soothing massage. Makes a great Valentine's gift!

    Please note: there's a typo on the ingredient list - it should read 1 ounce of Cocoa Butter. If you use 4 ounces, your massage candle will be a little softer, but will still work wonderfully.

    Are you a blogger? Please feel free to embed this video on your blog. If you need any help just let us know!"

    For the recipe above: 
    1 ounce = 28.3 grams
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    Massage Oil Candles: How to Make Them

    Massage Oil Candles: How to Make Them

    I was at the Matrade building today when I saw DnJ Massage Candles. It was the first time I've ever (seen) or heard of them, so decided to find out more..

    Here is a recipe online on how to make Massage Candles from E-How.

    "A massage oil candle is basically a soy candle that has added essential oils and other products, which make it useful for the skin. Massage oil candles have several purposes. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, they can also be used for basic lotions or for a unique massage ingredient. Candles often create a certain atmosphere by offering dim lighting and fragrant smells, and massage candles can actually be used on the body. Massage oil candles can even be introduced into massage therapy practices. Simply ensure that your client is comfortable with this practice prior to their use."
    1. Assemble your ingredients. For a basic soy massage candle purchase the following ingredients: soy wax, candle tin, wick, liquid vegetable oil and essential oil. Choose soy wax specifically because other types of wax can burn the skin. 
    2. Choose tins according to the size of candles you would like to make. Then ensure that you've purchased enough soy wax for each tin. For this example we will use 4 ounces of soy wax per candle.
    3.  Measure 4 ounces of the soy wax and approximately 1 ounce of vegetable oil. Almond oil is one option for your oil choice. Then mix these two together.

    4. Place the mixture in the microwave. Prior to heating, ensure that the wax and oil are in a heat safe container. Microwave in 40 second intervals until the combination has melted.

    5. Add a small amount of whatever essential oil you choose. Essential oils are concentrated fragrances, therefore only add a drop or ½ teaspoon to scent you candle. Stir thoroughly.

    6. Allow the mix to cool slightly, then pour into the tin. Place the wick in the center of the candle and allow it to harden.

    7. Consider the possibilities. Massage candles can be saved for personal use and also make wonderful gifts. Homemade labels can be created with different scents and instructions for use.

    8. Burn when you're ready. When you decide to burn your candle, allow the wax to cool faintly (after burned) and scoop it from the candle. It can be applied to the skin as a warming lotion or as a substance for massage. You can burn a portion of the candle or the entire thing for use on the skin.
    Ways to Use Massage Candles
    Skinny Dip Candles provide some aspiring ideas on how to use them.

    I know that in Malaysia (or most Asian countries), most of us are hopeless when it comes to making our own stuff (soaps, candles, waxes), not to mention that we have no idea where to source for the raw materials. It is most likely that for the normal asian customer, they'd just go to to the store and buy it no matter how expensive they are...

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      S2 Slimming: My First Trial Experience (Part II)

      Continuing from this post, I was led to the first floor of the three-storey building. I left my belongings in the locker, and was led to the treatment room where I removed my clothing.

      In this outlet, I changed my attire in the room itself, with drapes enclosing the entrance to prevent people walking past from "peeping" inside.

      For the first trial, as per the first trial menu, I was given
      - 1 x Point Navel Care Therapy/or  DMS. (I chose DMS)
      - 1 x Navel Mask (which was technically something smoking they put on your navel)
      - 1 x Detox Wrap
      - 1 x Heat Blanket/ or Presso Therapy (I chose Heat Blanket)

      S2 Slimming hires both foreign as well as local staff for body therapists. Most of the therapists have been with the company for a number of years now.

      A trainer comes in from Hong Kong almost every month or two to assess and ensure that therapists' skills are up to date. S2 Slimming has branches in both Malaysia and Hong Kong, and may be expanding further.
      S2 Slimming offers both body massages (duh!) and facials. There are about 17 types of treatments available for the purpose of detoxification and fat burning of the body.

      Body massages are limited only to female customers, whereas certain specific outlets will provide facials to men. Please contact the company for more details.

      For example, the ADP (Advance Detoxification Program) as pictured below, it utilizes 5 types of different treatments. 

      The  S2 Signature Program utilizes 3 types of treatments.
      The first trial massage was not bad.  As far as I know, even a normal half body massage at some reflexology centres in Mid Valley cost about fifty bucks for half an hour, so this is was a good first trial.

      The therapists have surprisingly strong hands! You just have to get ready for some strong "pinches"!

      There will be packages available at promotional rates for first time customers. The Outlet Manager/ Consultant will (undoubtedly) ensure that. ^^

      What I like about the treatments is that clients can utilize the treatment per the time they have available. I.e, if a client only has one hour for that day, the client can utilize a treatment that can be rendered for one hour, instead of say treatments that are counted by the days.


       For those interested to check out S2 Slimming, the First Trial price is RM50. (As you know, I did have to pay)..

      HOWEVER if you quote my name (Yong Chea-Yee from Kuchai Lama branch), you'll get a "free boarding pass" for a complimentary free body first trial.

      Well, what else are you waiting for??

      S2 Hotline: 1800-88-8852

      Current New S2 Customer Promotions: 

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      S2 Slimming: My First Trial experience. (Part 1)

      As most of my readers would know, I am a "salon" frequenter..

      I totally love spas, slimming centres and facials.. I can  never resist one if offered. ^^

      Yesterday, I was on my way home when I drove past an S2 Slimming outlet at Kuchai Lama. It seems that a new branch had opened about three weeks ago. I've always wanted to check out their outlet, but as their outlets were always far away (like Puchong, Cheras, Lot 10, Kota Damansara, etc) which was too far away for my liking, I decided not to check them out.

      Until today, that is.

      Being the nosey parker, I decided to check out their FaceBook page, found their contact details, contacted them and decided to drive to their outlet today to check out their branch.

      The S2 Slimming outlet was housed in a 3 storey office lot with lots of food stores nearby (Pappa Rich on one right corner, and a Shabu outlet on the other left end).  The ground floor was the reception area, with the second floor being the treatment areas and the highest floor being the training area.  The reception and walls were painted in solid ocean blue green, the corporate colour for S2 Slimming.

      When I entered the outlet, there was a picture of a lopsided head of Amber Chia with a slim and sexy body modelling for S2 Slimming flyers. Not really a fan of Amber Chia, so neither her face nor body excited me much, but the therapists told me she was very tall, and had very long fingers.... *hmmm*

      Anyways, their first trial promotion for RM50 consists of:
      - 1 x Point Navel Care Therapy/ DMS.
      - 1 x Navel Mask (which was technically something smoking they put on your navel)
      - 1 x Detox Wrap
      - 1 x Heat Blanket/ Presso Therapy.

      Actually, I had received a call from their headquarters for a free trial treatment a couple of months ago (in December last year), but with all things being fair, I don't really enjoy free trials. It may be a gimmick for some, but paying for treatments rendered allows me to enjoy my first trial experience, without the feeling of  obligation to either therapist, or company at the end of session to sign up for any packages that may be proposed.


      Looking through the list of treatments, they all looked familiar from my previous experience with many slimming salons (*ahem*), except for the Navel Mask which was something I had yet to try. Technically, the process is about the same, whether the treatments were rendered via machine, or human touch.

      As it was a new outlet, consultants were yet to be assigned to the centre for a while. I asked the Customer Office officer to explain more on the treatments, but she informed me that the Outlet Manager had to attend an emergency meeting elsewhere, and asked if I could wait.

      Since it was already almost evening, and I did not feel like spending any more time, I indicated to her that I wanted to start the first trial..

      (To Be Continued: Part II....)
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      Milestone: 40 Followers!


      Milestone: 40 Followers!

      I now have 40 followers!

      Its a small but slow increase of stalkers readers who think my blog is worth following!

      Hope you will continue reading what my blog has to offer!!

      Thanks, Thanks, Thanks!
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