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Asterspring: Calming Aromatherapy Facial Treatment


Asterspring: Calming Aromatherapy Facial Treatment

Yesterday, I went for another facial at Asterspring Bangsar and utilized my RM198 Service Voucher for a  Calming Aromatherapy Facial. The therapist said my face looked rather stressed out. That seemed true with a huge volcano of a pimple showing on my upper forehead and redness around my eyes..

Perhaps that was attributed to the fact that last week I was busy on site for 6 days straight, getting in by 9am and finally leaving at 11pm at this major shopping mall in the middle of the city and having to face hundreds of walk in enquiries and customers at that. Woah!

The lady said my face was breaking out and hence recommended me the Asterspring Calming Aromatherapy Facial Treatment from the Balancing range to calm my skin down.

The Calming Aromatherapy Facial Treatment is a stabilizing facial treatment that aims relieve skin tension with aromatic plant essences.

At the end of the session, I was informed that I had an unused RM38 cash voucher, which could be utilized for product purchases (both normal and clearance stocks) from Eve Taylor and Averine range. I was trying to decide between an Averine blusher brush (NP.RM48), and Eve Taylor aromatherapy facial oil No.1 (NP. RM48).

Since I was not sure which would be better, and I needed a blusher brush more urgently than the face oil, I went for the Averine blusher brush made from pony hair (after discount- RM18), gave the remaining amount of the voucher to my cousin to use, and now she owes me a coffee at Coffee Bean. *Ngek, Ngek, Ngek*.
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Sunway Pyramid: SUPER Ice Deals.

Cheap Cheap Ice Rink deals!
You probably didn't know, but I took ice-skating lessons back in Sydney. The lessons went on for three months, once every Saturday, and I had to spend almost 4-6 hours practicising each week.

I really enjoyed my time in Korea and Japan during the snowy ice cold winter. Skating out in the icy cold climate was just so much fun.

However, my skating skills have dwindled rapidly as I've not hit the skating rink of late. But the promo above is just too good to be missed out.....

Sunway Pyramid, wait for me!!
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Sony Expo 2010: Free 3D screening for My Sony Premier members!

Sony Expo 2010: Free 3D screening for My Sony Premier members!

Do you own a Sony product? or the Sony Maybank Credit Card?

Well, I do... the Sony Maybank Card with the limited FIFA 2010 design! Since I have one, I thought it'd be a chance to see what promotions I am entitled for holding this "passport" card to the upcoming Sony Expo.

The Sony Expo 1st - 4th April 2010 is happening this week at Level 3 Mid Valley Exhibition Centre for lots of prizes, promotions, as well as a chance to apply for the limited but trendy Limited Edition of the Sony FIFA 2010 Maybank credit card!

For more information, check out the Sony Expo website here!

1. The first 300 early visitors stand a chance to win up to RM1000 Sony Cash Voucher.

2. Participate in games to win limited FIFA premium!.

3. Free 3D screening of Alice in Wonderland for My Sony Premier members! (To upgrade from normal to Premier membership level, you'd have to register a currently owned Sony product purchased from the last 10 years on the Sony website to earn points.)

4. Redeem exclusive gifts on the spot for all Maybankard & Sony Card members.

5. Lucky Draws!

All Premier My Sony members will get to register for the 3D screening of Alice in Wonderland!

Terms & Conditions:[as stated on their website]
1. There will be a total of 80 pairs (160 pieces) of Movie Tickets made available daily for the duration of the Sony Expo from 1st – 4th April 2010 for My Sony Customers.

2.   All successful redemptions will get 1 Pair (2 Pieces) of Movie Tickets.
3. This registration does not guarantee tickets; please collect tickets at the My Sony Redemption booth at Sony Expo on the day of the movie showing before 5.00 pm or your tickets will be forfeited.
4. Each My Sony Premier Member can only redeem 1 Pair (2 Pieces) of Movie Tickets within the time period.  

5. Members are not allowed to change the time slot once it is selected. This reservation CANNOT be exchanged for another day or date. It has to be redeemed on the day of the showing.

You saw this first blogged here by CY!

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Clarins: Multi Active Range samples!

Clarins Multi-Active range samples

Recently, there was a nation wide Clarins HP Plus samples giveaway. But due to my "tardy-ness" in collecting samples, by the time I arrived at the Pavilion Parkson outlet, the stocks had all vanished! >.<. 

Actually, I was not too keen on the HP Plus range samples, as I did not find any affinity with the texture of the product. Hence, after a short analysis, the BA gave  me some samples from the Multi-Active range instead! 


They are now sitting somewhere on the dressing table waiting to be used sometime soon...
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Quantum Science: Scalar Pendant.

Scalar Pendant with Authencity Card. 

Bought it at the Modern Home Expo recently from Fusion Excel. Retailing for RM300 (normal expo price).

Does it work? Is it a scam?

I have yet to know. Just start wearing it for a few days only!
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Ion-Steamers: Do they really work?

 Today, I went for another facial at Asterspring Bangsar and utilized my RM198 Service Voucher for an AromaTherapy Facial.

Towards the end of my facial, I noticed that the beautician used this contraption which was used to spray "moisture at nano level". The therapist claimed that the technology was imported, and was not available locally, and was also used on "a spray basis with nano molecules to provide ease of absorption and moisturizing effect".

The fact that the machine (looked rather retro from the earlier days...) lead me to believe that this technology has long been in the market, especially in the beauty line, and has only been introduced to the end-customer recently by Panasonic.

A sexy woman modeling for Nano Care Ion Steamer.
Last year, I was at the Panasonic Power of Exhibition Expo, and had the chance to try out the Panasonic Nanocare (Hot & Cold Platinum Steamer).

It claims that the ion-steam is about 1/200000th that of normal steam, at cell level nano-size and "the platinum steam is nano-sized particle ion steam containing 1-5nm sized particles of platinum, an anti-ageing component. The vibrant steam reaches deep inside the skin's keratin, fortifying the layers with resilience, elasticity and firmness."

I was of course more than sceptical. Just financially too cash-strapped to plonk down RM1000+ for a ion-steamer at any point of time soon then and now..!
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Asterspring: ORP Chamber Immersion.

Remember the RM260 voucher I won recently?

Last week after work, I did some checks at their Bangsar outlet, and realised that I could use the voucher on  their Vitality menu (i.e, body menu services).

I had a pretty bad body ache the past few days, so I thought I'd try out the ORP Chamber Immersion. So I made an appointment to go in today, after finishing my work errands.

What is the ORP Chamber Immersion? Description of the Treatment rendered as from their site:

ORP Chamber Immersion
Exceptional therapy to boost energy, initiates deep detoxification, increase metabolism, repair free radical damage and de-stress. A rejuvenation energizing and anti-aging ‘must have’.

It claims to burn down 600 calories after one session of ORP!

Asterspring ORP
The ORP Chamber Immersion.

Asterspring ORP- me!
Me.. my face totally glowing. ^^

Upon entrance into the changing room, I was given the (kimono) robe and towel to change into. After which, I was asked to take a shower (to get myself immersed in water). If you have ever been to a sauna, you'd understand why, as heat is conducted better when a body is immersed in liquid than when it is dry. After which, I was asked to go into the "chamber" wearing the sandals given.

So there I was in this chamber, covered with two pieces of bath robe for 20 minutes to the temperature of 40 degrees celcius. Then they turned on a video (on tv, of course) for me to keep myself occupied for the next 20 minutes or so.

The therapists were constantly coming in and out every few minutes or so to ask if the temperature was too hot, and brought in a glass of water.. (I think they were afraid I might have fainted in there!)

After that, I was brought out for a 30? minute of upper back massage, and there after an eye treatment that utilized warm paraffin wax. The Eye Treatment was performed using purely Dermalogica products (of course, being at Asterspring!)

I felt so totally refreshed after the 2 hour body treatment!

Breakdown of Cost of Treatment:
The ORP Chamber Immersion + Upper Back Massage (RM188) + Warm Eye Treatment (RM85)
Total: RM273 (deducting amount from Service Voucher RM260)
Top Up: Total Rm13 ONLY. 


128 Faubourg: Rhubarb-Berry Velvety Treatment

20th March:
Went for a facial today in Pavilion.

My therapist asked if I wanted to try out the Rhubarb Berry facial (I didn't, of course). It turns out their Management has allowed existing customers to try out this new promotion for RM188 as well (N.P RM266). ^^

Other promotions include:
Limited only at OneUtama- FREE Double Action Neck Treatment worth RM70 for ONECARD members with purchase of this promotional facial! 

11th March:
Received this in my emailer today. Sothys is introducing a new limited time only seasonal facial, the "Rhubarb-Berry Velvety Treatment" facial packages. Starting from Rm598 to RM728 for 3 facials and 5 other complimentary services.

1st Session at RM188 (N.P RM260) with a complimentary Smoothing Emulsion worth RM115.
(First time customers only)

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Asterspring: Won a RM260 Facial Service Voucher!


Asterspring: Won a RM260 Facial Service Voucher!

Last week, I headed down to Asterspring at Bangsar Shopping Centre for a facial tergempar..

Bought a facial package for RM260.

When I checked my receipt, there was a SMS in contest for purchases above RM100 in a single receipt. Quickly, quickly so I sent in my entry as I wanted to be among the first 36 SMSes of the day.

But did not expect much from it, so totally forgot all about it...

Today when I was busy at work, suddenly I I received a call from the Bangsar outlet informing me that I have won a RM260 Facial Service Voucher~!!

Woot Woot. Happy!! ^^
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Gloria Jeans: Discounts up to 30% using Maybank Debit cards.

This is taken from Maybank's site.

"The latest such campaign is between Gloria Jean's and Maybank to promote the use of cashless payments at Gloria Jean's outlets. The campaign, from now until 30 June 2010, offers special rewards and discounts on beverages and food for customers using Maybank debit or credit cards at Gloria Jean's outlets nationwide.

Customers spending with Maybankard MasterCard Platinum Debit at Gloria Jean's outlets will receive a free beverage with every purchase of a regular beverage and a 30% discount on cakes from the total bill. Those who pay with Maybankard Visa Debit will enjoy 20% off on all drinks, beans, food and merchandise while those using their Maybank credit cards and the American Express Gold Credit Card will enjoy 15% discount on the same items.

In addition, for every cup of coffee purchased with the Maybank debit or credit card, 50 sen will be donated to the Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak Kanak Kanser (PEKA) to bring cheer to children with cancer."

So, how about that for a doing your part for charity whilst enjoying the hot brewing cup of espresso? ^^

Other promotions include:
Lady customers getting up to 30% discount off food and drinks every Ladies Days on Tuesdays! More reason to bring your girlfriends to Gloria Jeans every Tuesday!

Ladies Day- 30% OFF on all food & drinks! (limited to specific* outlets only).

The Menu Prices.
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Lelong Lelong.. Clearing my stuff away!!


Lelong Lelong.. Clearing my stuff away!!

Hi girls (and guys and readers).

I am in the midst of clearing up my stuff and preparing for my trip Down Under.. yes.. as much as I would like to drag my beloved and loved skincare for me, however the 20kilo allowance + 7 kilo hand luggage + 1 laptop bag does not really do much for size allowance as I need to bring loads of winter clothing (as its going to hit the cold winter seasons in Australia soon) to last me through out the winter season...

So, tum da da dum, I'll be clearing as much of the stuff (as I could possible) at clearing prices-- on The Beauty Regime FACEBOOK page.

If you can't wait, then check out The Beauty Regime SHOP to check out the range available. ^^ Lots of new- and loved items I have lovingly brought back ... 
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R&R at Bangsar Shopping Centre: Kiehls, Asterspring


R&R at Bangsar Shopping Centre: Kiehls, Asterspring

Having had a really stressful day (worrying about work) this week, and worked all of last weekend on site in an exhibition, I decided to sneak in some "unofficial" R&R in the books...

(I hope my Manager is not reading this post.....)

Since my usual beautician at Sothys Pavilion was fully booked, I decided to head to Bangsar Shopping Cenre (BSC) as I am acquainted with one of the therapists who works in Asterspring.

Parking: RM1.60? by the hour. There is no maximum, so keep a lookout for the time, else you'll be paying and arm and a leg.

I am wondering if the Management provides discounted/ free parking for purchases more than RM100? If you know, do tell!  ^^

As my acquaitance was busy with a client then, I decided to make better use of my time by heading off to TIMES bookstore, and thereafter, headed off to Kiehl's, where the SA, Will showed me around the shop and gave me some samples. Yippee!! He asked me about the type of products I had used, and I just mentioned that I bought some during Christmas when Kiehl's was having their promotions.

This time, I had a better look at their hair conditioning range, as well as the face cleansers, Will gave me samples for face cleansers Ultra Facial and Ultimate White Exfoliator, as well as Olive Fruit Oil conditioner, as the range I had bought during Christmas did not seem to suit my skin, nor my hair type.

As I had already prebooked my "normal professional facial" at Sothys, I could not take another "professional facial" in the span of less than two weeks. >.<

The most basic (and cheapest) facial on the menu was RM75, so I opted for that. It fell under the Balancing Range, the Refreshing Facial, which had all the basic quirks.

If there is one thing I may say, even their RM75 facial is quite good. Compared to say some mom & pop's place, this had a rather exquisite feel. It feels almost as good as my normal professional facial at Sothys!

The therapist who serviced me was Abby. She explained the products that were used on me as she went to the procedure.

Ozone "Antiseptic" Contraption:
After the extraction process, the BA used an "antiseptic" contraption, which had an "ozone gas" smell. I recognise that smell as I have an Ionizer at home which is used for ionizing food and it has the same kind of smell. When I asked the BA, she said that the contraption has been used for ages, as it looked like something from the 1980s? Heh.

When I spoke to a client who was in the food ionizing business, I was informed that the technology had been around for the longest time. However, the difference was in the output of the ozone gas given, and many industries used it for sterilization purposes.

Asterspring (formerly known as Leonard Drake in Malaysia) is the second professional salon I have tried after Sothys.

For a limited time, Asterspring (and all Leonard Drake outlets) are having an in-store RM260 promotion,where you can opt for either:
1) 2 facials (RM260 +RM200 facial service voucher), OR
2) one RM260 facial + RM200 product.
The service vouchers are technically valid for about one month. You'll need to contact the respective outlets to verify the details of the promotion.

Having too many skincare products at home, I opted for the facials, of course.

So there, was my R&R day at Bangsar Shopping Centre. Now, got to go back to work!
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Melbourne Hailstormed In!


Melbourne Hailstormed In!

I was on FaceBook, and heard from friends that Melbourne has been hailstormed in!

After the scary cold in South Korea (and all the other Asian countries) early this year, I was expecting an out-of-the world winter in Australia..

Never did it cross my mind that it would be hail storms first!

Below is a youtube link of Elizabeth.St in Melbourne being flooded in. It seems that Queensland has also been hit as well!

Dear friends, do pray for the safety of everyone we know in Australia living in the hailstormed areas!

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Tokyo: Around the city (Day 2)

Continuing from here, the next day Ai Ling & I woke up (early) to make the best of my (limited) time in Tokyo to visit the sights and scenes.

Since neither of us were willing to wake up early (like 4-5am) just to head to the Tsukiji Fish Market (or any fish market at all, and smell like fish), or go outdoors to Disneyland (where it was freezing winter cold), or go for half a day's journey just to see Sanrio Park (from Tokyo it was a few hours!), the next best thing we decided to do was to go Hello Kitty/Sanrio hunting throughout Tokyo!!

First Stop: 100% Chocolate Cafe.

About600 Yen ? Cake & Coffee. Still hungry after that...

This place was okay if  you already had your meal, and wanted a coffee place to sit and chat.

2nd Stop: Sanrio/Hello Kitty Outlet---in Shinjuku. We went to the Shinjuku Gift Gate Elegant, and
the Isetan Shinjuku Hello Kitty Precious but because it was in Isetan, it was difficult to take pictures.

Shinjuku Gift Gate Elegant. 
chewy donuts made out of glutinous rice flour for tea- Popular in Korea & Japan.

Public bath in Tokyo- equivalent to Korea's Mo-Gyok-Tang near Ai Ling's home.
Firming The Body Up. Any ideas?


Firming The Body Up. Any ideas?

Hi girls (and readers alike).

Was just wondering, does any one knows any ideas (contraptions) or creams (that actually works) but is not too expensive to use for firming up arms and tummy, as well as double chins?

Does anyone knows any simple exercises for the above purposes?

I just realised that if I don't do anything now, I'll be one big fat overweight woman within the next five years..! That is such a scary thought... !

*Sob Sob Sob!* Please Help!! 

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RMK Spring Special for MSN Readers: Report

Ok, so I made my RMK makeover appointment at 6pm last night when my mom & dad went shopping to Robinsons. But then this morning, I called the counter in mid afternoon changing it to 2pm.

I brought the RMK Spring Special (from MSN) printout, Lilian the Make-Up Artist, was occupied with another client, so I had to wait a while. Anyways, I was early.

Girls doing their makeovers. ^^

Me posing (before makeover)

After cleansing face.

How do I look now?

The Gardens was a bit quiet at that hour. Lilian gave me some samples (make-up base and foundation) after my makeover. She also asked me to fill in a form with my details. Anyways, thanks Lilian for the makeover!
How do I look? Kawaii kan? ^^

Posing with uni mate, Seng Yee.

This is what you call nothing else better to do. ^^
Product Reviews soon..!


Product Reviews soon..!

It makes sense to only get product tester kits to know whether they work for you before plonking down a huge amount for that particular brand. The range of products below were all bought with my own money, so readers, be assured that my reviews are totally unbiased!

So far these are the products I have tried, and wait up for the review soon!

Face Cleanser:
  • The Face Shop: Mikamsu Rice Water Cleansing Foam (150ml)
  • Kiehl's Gentle Foaming Facial Cleanser (30ml)
  • Sothys Morning Cleanser (15ml) 
  • Clarins- Gentle Foaming Cleanser - With Tamarind & Purifyin(g Micro- Pearls (Combination or Oily Skin)  
  • Loccitane Radiance Cleansing Foam (with organic olive tree extracts)  (50ml)
Make Up Cleansing Foam: 
  • Laneige Professional Makeup Remover Multi Cleanser (30ml) 
  • Sothys Foaming Cleansing Cream (15ml) 
Makeup Remover
  • Sothys Normalizing Beauty Milk (40ml)
  • The Face Shop- Rice Water Cleansing Lotion (200ml)
  • The Face Shop- Rice Water Cleansing Lip & Eye Remover (100ml) 
  • The Face Shop- Rice Water Cleansing Rich Oil (150ml)
  • The Body Shop Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (60ml)
  • Lancome - Gentle Cleansing Fluid Face & Eye (15ml)
    Conditioning Rinse: 
    • MagicBoo One Minute Treatment (225ml) 
    • Missha - PROCURE Hydro Moisturizing Treatment (150ml)
    • Kiehl's- Rice & Wheat Volumizing Conditioning Rinse.
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    RMK Spring Special for all MSN Life & Style readers!

    RMK invites you to discover its latest collection, Spring Modern in The Gardens Isetan outlet.

    To celebrate the launch of its new collection, RMK has prepared a whole lot of goodies for you. All you’ve got to do as a MSN Life & Style reader is to print out a copy of this news article -

    Click Here for the Article

    (on recycled paper, of course!) and present it to the RMK counter and you’ll receive a free makeover or skincare samples.

    Alternatively, if you purchase an RMK voucher worth RM250, you will receive a personalised beauty consultation session, a full makeover which includes hairstyling, an A4 sized portrait, a three piece RMK trial pack worth RM200, RMK product redemption worth RM250 (excluding value buys and sets) and a chance to showcase your artistic flair with a delectable Japanese doll.

    This offer is valid from 1 until 7 March. So don’t waste your time dilly-dallying -head over to Isetan, The Gardens now to get all these goodies that are waiting for you.
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    Arriving in Tokyo: Day 1

    Continuing on my tale of traverse around Japan early last year, I arrived in Tokyo after around 5-6 hours of traverse (approximate, from Kyushu to Tokyo). On the day I left Kyushu, it was snowing softly. My first at seeing snow! It was like almost a miracle!

    Arriving at the station in Kyushu, I changed my Rail Card (very expensive one) to get my ride on the Shinkansen. 

    So along the way, let me share with you some pictures of the places I saw.. *sorry ah, can't remember the names* but its between Kyushu and Tokyo, after Osaka...kekeke.

    Shots of the homes and buildings...

    Places where people stay...

    Places where people go shopping....

    Places where people work...

    For Lunch:  750 Yen Bento and a bottle drink on the Shinkansen

    On arrival in Tokyo, I almost got lost at the station... fortunately I had written down the phone numbers before my Samsung mobile battery died in the extreme cold winter temperature.

    Somehow or another, I managed to successfully catch the train to Ai Ling's place (can't remember where it is now..) and we lugged our luggage from the station to her home. Then we headed down to the city, to check out the sights.
    Dinner at Pizza Hut. My precious Hello Kitty merchandise...
    Ai Ling & her colleague.
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    Kyushu: Dazaifu Tenmangu (II)

    Continuing our previous (overdue) entry on Dazaifu Tenmangu from last year, here are the final pictures of my last temple visit in Kyushu before heading to Tokyo..

    The crowd

    Stone sculptures on the side.

    Rock with inscription.. (not that I can read kanji).

    Monkey entertaining the crowd with his antics!

    The infamous "no handphone in Japanese subway" sign!
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    My package from Korea is here! (Skin Food, InnisFree, Etude House)

    My parcel that I ordered with this local blog, Whimsical Needs finally arrived today!

    It arrived at my office.. My colleague thought I had ordered bananas from Korea as there was a fruity fragrance emitting from the package, LOL!

    The order was placed end January. As  most may (or may not know) South Korea also celebrates the Lunar New Year, so delivery took a while over the lunar season.
    I wonder what's in the package?
    Well, let's open and see...

    Oh, lots of stuff!

    The very popular Innisfree Wine Essencial Mask..
    I first tried this when I was in South Korea early this year...  I loved the wine smell that I picked up the Innisfree Wine Sleeping Pack before I headed home to Malaysia. So when I was ordering online, I decided to include the InnisFree Essencial Mask as well.

    Especially good on a hot day, leave it in the fridge to have a refreshing cold mask treat on an extremely hot tropical sunny day! 

    Skin Food items!

    When I was in South Korea, I found out that Skin Food, as well as InnisFree was among the more popularly affordable and "better for skin" skin and body care products available that was recommended by my local korean friends.

    So, since I was in an online shopping spree, I decided to try out items from Skin Food as well.
    Among the items ordered:
    • Skin Food Hop Beer Hair Wash, 
    • Skin Food Grape Seed Oil Body Shower Gel, 
    • SkinFood Black Sugar Mask Wash Off 
    • The other complimentary samples were given by the retailer.
    Gift With Purchases!!
    Here are some GWP you may be interested to know... 
    • One x Total Age Repair Travel Set (worth RM23) with purchases of RM168 and above. 
    • One piece x TFS Pearl Essential Mask Sheet with purchases RM48 and above. 
    Emily from Whimsical Needs threw in the Shower Ball as well as the fluffy pink ball pen from Etude  House.. (I already have two myself!). Thanks, Emily!

    If you guys are interested to order online (at a lower than retail price = CHEAPER!), do check out Whimsical Needs!
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