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Chinese Wedding & Tea Ceremony Protocol.

I have mostly just attended the chinese wedding dinner ceremonies of relatives and friends. However, today was my first ever attending a chinese wedding and tea ceremony + church wedding ceremony of a friend of mine. The wedding dinner reception is normally held on the same day, or may be held separately on a different night.

The day before the wedding ceremony, chinese brides and bridegrooms at their own individual homes will have their hair combed at the stroke of midnight.

(I don't really fancy staying up that late just to see someone comb their hair, unless I was fancying a free dinner, and had nothing else better to do...!)

Have you ever wondered what the chinese bride did on her wedding day?

"Zhee Mui"s in white.
The chinese bride is up from 7am to put on her make-up (in the sweltering tropical heat of Malaysia..) She remains in her chambers (locked!) till the bridegroom comes to pick her up.

Early in the morning, the bride's troop of sleepy-eyed "zhee mui" (troop of girl friends) arrive early in the morning. They are normally dressed in a "theme" of colours to present a harmonious look for the videographers/photographers.

A breakfast is laid out in the bride's home for the troop of hungry female troop of girl friends.

The Chinese Wedding Door Game

The "challenges" to be played..
Here's when the fun begins. The girls have to devise all kinds of "challenges" for the Bridegroom and his male troop to do before the door can be opened for the male to go and pick his bride-to-be.

An angpow (red envelopes with money) is to be expected. The money received will be divided among the "zhee muis". The amount received will be a reflection of the bridegroom's generosity, so give more! You do want to win over the hearts of the bride's trusty girl's friends!

A few girls (and ring leader) of the zhee muis will be waiting outside the home to instruct the bridegroom's troops on the "challenges" that they have to pass to gain the "key" into the house.

Bridegroom & troop locked outside the home!
The veiled bride waiting in her room patiently..

My friend was waiting expectantly and excitedly in the room. As we were in a locked room, we had no exact idea of what was happening outside. ^^

The Tea Ceremony (Bride's Home)
After the bridegroom is able to gain access to the bride, the next item on the order is the well known chinese tea ceremony. This takes place first at the bride's home.

There will normally be an "elder" or "Tai Kam" who will assist in this protocol of service, who could be someone the family hired, or an elder sister in the family, as what my mother tells me.

This elder would normally possess a chatty personality, and has to know all the names that the bride and bridegroom have to call the respective relatives that they have to serve tea to. She is normally rewarded/or paid a fee, as well as angpows from the respective members who sit in for the ceremony.

The one that we had today not only talked a lot, but sang a lot in mandarin as well throughout the day!

A lot of tea (hopefully clean!) will be prepared in anticipation of the tea ceremony. The elder that came today prepared two huge bowls and four cups with the chinese tea set, as well as two dates to be served with the tea to the parents. 

The order of giving tea to the elders starts with the parents then to the grandparents and relatives on the bride's father's side. It is then followed on by the mother's side.

My friend, the bride, received "generational passed down" jewellery from her mother, which would be passed down to her own children when they tie the knot as well.

All older unmarried relatives will be served tea as well as receive angpow in return. (I would believe they have to be served tea due to their more "senior" ranking).

Younger siblings will serve tea to the bride and bridegroom, who will also receive angpow in return.


The Tea Ceremony (Bridegroom's Home) 
After the tea ceremony at the bride's home, the procession then moves on to the bridegroom's home.

The same protocol is repeated in serving tea to the bridegroom's side.

For the couple who are of Christian background, or they fancy having one in the church, the couple and the the troop will head to the church.

It's usually a six to twelve month prior of pre-booking the church as well as enrolling the church member's help (pastor, musicians, other members, etc) as well as other terms that the church may enlist in allowing a couple to have their wedding ceremony held in a specific church. Each church is different.

Some churches are authorized for registration of marriages. In those circumstances, it makes life much easier for the bride & bridegroom to be.

I have had friends who had to register at the Registrar of Marriage (wherever that is.. I don't know since I have never been there) and had their chinese tea ceremony and church wedding ceremony held separately on a different day.

I used to think (because of those American movies!) that a couple will go into the church, have their vow said and ta-dah! They are already married..but that is further from the truth.

3-6 months before the Wedding Ceremony: There is pre-marriage counselling at most churches for courting couples who intend to get married.

In the church: 
The aisle decorated in anticipation...

The ring bearer..
Ringbearer comes in.... flower girl walks in.... the father of the bride brings her down the aisle....

then bride & bridegroom moves to sit on the bench.

Then the musicians play, and there is a short session of praise and worship.

The pastor comes out and gives a nice message (sometimes mostly directed to the Bridegroom in particular) on the responsibility and roles of the man (and woman) in the marriage.

Then the pastor calls the bride & bridegroom to be to say their vows and exchange rings. The husband may be granted the "license" to open the veil and kiss the bride after this.

Next, the bride & bridegroom to be will with two other witnesses (not necessarily the parents) will move to a table on the side of the altar to initialize the marriage certificate.

The bride & bridegroom will then leave the altar and walk down the aisle as husband & wife.

Next, there will be a photo session as well as a garden buffet/ lunch either in the church grounds or at a specific other location to end the ceremony.


This will be held on a separate occasion, either on the same night, or on a separate night, depending on availability of vacancies at the chinese restaurants available.

An angpow is normally prepared by the persons who attend the reception. This amount would be used to cover the cost of the reception as well as a "dowry" to the bride's parents instead of outwardly demanding a sum of money from the bridegroom's family.

In Malaysia, the amount starts from RM50 onwards per person attending, and is dependent on the relationship of the person to the bride and bridegroom, as well as location of the reception to be held.


Bioxil: Advanced Wrinkle Lifting Eye Cream

Good evening readers! How is your three day weekend getting on?

My family threw a "kenduri" (dinner) at home today. The best part was my uncle brought a "pyrotechnics" fireworks as the finale of the dinner... and we had a lovely display of lights to end a lovely dinner. ^^

Anyways, some of the readers may have known that I mentioned about procuring the Bioxil Eye Cream (they only have one type) sometime early this week. Well, I have a relative in the industry, and she did ask me if I wanted to buy it. (She ended up just giving me a free but paid one tonight!!). So Happy!!

It's good timing as I've been looking like a racoon this year... been trying out a number of eye creams from a number of brands (Kiehl's, Laneige White Plus Renew Eye Serum, Laneige Hydra Solution Eye Cream) for a while.

I am not sure which of them work the best, but this time I have added in an extra element which is to use eye-massage to the eye cream (somewhat neglecting that part every time I use it!)

So, wait up guys as a review should be in some time in the making! ^^
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Clarins: White Plus HP Lily Sea Enriched launch.

Have you signed up for the White Plus HP Lily Sea Enriched yet?
A Whitening Breakthrough That Works on the Root of Dark Spots. 

Date: 25th & 26th February 2010
Time: 5-8pm
Venue: Centre Court , Mid Valley Megamall.

Join us to enjoy
  • Welcome gift
  • Skin diagnosis & consultation
  • Free Make Over
  • Games & attractive prizes to be won
  • Light refreshments will be served. 
Registration compulsory. First come first serve to the 1st 50 customers per sessions.

Sothys: Body Coffret Sets

Yummy lovely Coffret Set.

Ever wanted to try the Sothys body sets? Well, they're out here for a bargain this week!
Sothys Hydra Aroma Coffret Set at RM319 (n.p RM458) is out!
Consisting of:
  • Aromatic Shower Gel (200ml)
  • & Hydra Nourishing Body Lotion (400ml)
Slimness Coffret Set at RM359 (n.p 518) consisting of:
  • New Slimness Exfoliator (75ml)
  • & Total Resculpting serum (200ml)
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This Time Three Years Later...


This Time Three Years Later...

I wrote this three years ago. It was the time I had just completed my last bit of assignments, ruminating and wondering what my future would be like.

Things which have come true..
  • I have definitely not cooked ever since my return. That is for sure. 
  • I have no time to cook. 
  • I don't eat out much. Even nasi lemak-- well, fattening that I can only have that for breakkie.
Things which have not come to pass.. 
  • Mission trips with the CG group... I guess that didn't work out either. 
  • Even bible college is nowhere in plans. 
People have moved on with their lives... 
  • Zen will be getting married soon. Very soon indeed. 
  • Yuen Yee has moved overseas. 
  • The close males mates- Bell & Aaron-- well, barely keep in touch with them. 
  • Wendy, Maddie & Kath are already married, and some mothers.. 
Things I never expected ever!
  • Working in Sydney for 2008
  • Travelling to South Korea and Japan
  • Travelling to South Korea in cold winter of 2009/2010. 
At this juncture in time, I happened to reread this post. It reminds that the Lord has our needs in mind, and no matter how people around you try to rush it, remember that He is always in control, even when your parents are going beserk around you!!!
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Product Review: Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant

Updated Review! 
 Date: 21st February 2010

Its been almost three weeks since I tried this product. As most may know, the weather has been really hot and humid throughout Chinese New Year. How is my take on this product so far?

Length of Wear
  • The product does not leave any residue. - Plus factor
  • It is good that the product is fragrance free- however, there is still some "natural body fragrance", especially if it is used on a hot hot day!
  • The product works better on a normal cloudy day. It is on those hot days that we really hope that it works well!
Original Review Dated: 2nd February 2010

Last Friday, when I was foya-foyaing at Isetan with some of the other bloggers, I decided to get myself the 75ml sized tube from Isetan KLCC. The larger size 75ml retails for (Rm55), and the 50ml for RM40.

I thought it was high time to try something different from my usual RM8.00 Lady Speed Stick.

Length of wear:
  • I have used the product for a week so far, and there is no "smell". Which is a good sign for tropical hot climates! 
  • I like that it is almost fragrance free (don't smell anything so far), which is good as I grow older since I am sensitive to strong fragrances.
  • It's also dry, and has not left any residue. That is a good thing for my shirts and tops, as it makes it easier to wash & clean.
Packaging is pretty minimal.

Value for Money:
In terms of value for money, it is much more expensive than my normal RM8.00 Lady Speed Stick, but if it
works well, it is definitely a good investment.

There was no ongoing in-store promotions. I would have bought more, but I decided to wait till festive period for a better promotion to top-up my purchases.

Customer Service:
The BA should throw in a few samples of other products for us to try out. I don't fancy purchasing large sizes of products when I am not very familiar with them yet, as Kiehls does put out a large sign outside "free samples"! boldly for all passer byes to see!

Its good bedside manners as well as effective customer retention strategy!
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Sound advice it is.


Sound advice it is.

1 Do not rebuke an older man harshly, but exhort him as if he were your father. Treat younger men as brothers, 2older women as mothers, and younger women as sisters, with absolute purity. 
1 Timothy 5:1-2. 

This is sound advice. I will take to it. You'll see!
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Giveaway when this site reaches 50th Follower!


Giveaway when this site reaches 50th Follower!

G'd day readers ^^

With the festive Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year and Valentine's out of the way, I thought a giveaway would definitely be a away of livening up this site.

So, I have decided to throw a giveaway when the (Google Friend Connect) readership reaches the 50th follower! ^^

In the meantime, I will start collecting the prizes.. (which includes Laneige goodies!). More details will be provided when prizes are confirmed! ^^
Other Priorities of More Importance.


Other Priorities of More Importance.

During my trip to South Korea, my time spent in the icy cold weather has led me to much life contemplation. On this return journey, some decisions made may be binding till my latter years ahead.

Perhaps you are wondering when I would ever visit South Korea, or Japan again?

I could not really give you the answer except that I have already had my share of crazy globe trotting (adventure & adrenaline junkies) fulfilled in: 
Some adventures are best done when young.  However, some other postponed till much later.

I would continue my globe-trotting adventures when my expenditure permits (or if someone offered to sponsor my journeys), but till then other priorities of more importance have recently come into place. 

Till then, Anyong Kasayo!

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    Cross-Cultural Conversations: OZ vs Asian.

    Cross-Cultural Conversations: OZ vs Asian.

    It was a seriously hot day today. Seriously seriously hot. I didn't check the temperature, but it was one serious "hot wave" of a day. Is it always this hot during Chinese New Year?

    South Korea has their "cold wave", but Malaysia has its "heat wave". In days like these, sometimes I do wish I was having the cold rather than the hot weather instead.

    Anyways, if there is one thing I learnt from my conversations with a Brissie resident, our conversations confirmed some of my opinions. Some of which being,

    Nature of Written Contracts: 

    In my one year away from Australia, I have found that the way that Australians conduct their business does not necessarily bode well in most Asian countries. I put this in general to the Australians, as it is the only "caucasian" country that I have had exposure to, but the same could apply for other  white caucasian countries.

    To use something a bit more concrete to relate to, if you have watched the musical "The King and I", the lady english teacher demanded that the Siamese King honour the contract of providing a house out of the palace for her. As most may know, she had a huge tiff with the king over this issue. Perhaps this was related to the typical way most Asians respond to a contract?

    As one of my university mates found out, he found that employers in Hong Kong do not necessarily honour their employment contract.  The same I have found out, this applies too in Japan as well as in South Korea.

    My own experience also has led me to believe it is the same in Malaysia as well... perhaps it doesn't apply in Singapore (since I do not know anyone there, but being a country in a 'hot spot" and political eye, they have every reason to be even more strict that all citizens follow the rule by the book).

    Investing in Real Estate/ Property/ Creating Wealth/ Future Planning

    If there is one thing I must say, most youngsters do not really plan their future. It is almost the same in most cultures. However, what I do know in general, that due to exposure to the asian community, many of the Australians are beginning to realise the importance of investing in real estate, and using it as a way to create "regenerating wealth".

    Namely, the trend and act of investing in a property, and renting it out. The rental collected will pay some of the interest in the housing repayment loan, as well as the prospect of re-selling the house when the prices of property rise. Prices of house will always rise, but cars will always drop. In fact, it is always better to just buy a second hand car, but that is a different topic altogether. 

    I can't remember where I heard this, (I think it was at some Australian bank) but most Australian senior folks sell off their homes and then go on a trip around the world. As said, due to the exposure of the asian community, many are beginning to realise the importance of leaving a heritage for their descendants. 

    It is more an American as well as Asian concept, but I have never really experienced it in Australia, apart from the time in Sydney. Most of the homes which I rented to live in, or had known, were owned by Asians. Enough said.

    Apart from that, these are other things I found out.
    • Haagen Dazs is not found in Australia.
    • To the question of : "the girl did not pressure me to get married though we are living together already for 7 years etc etc"  that I posed, this was the reply I received. 
    Marriage, and even more, having kids seem to be a really scary proposition to males. Males would just enjoy dating forever and not get married if they have the chance to.

    Hmm.. which is why, if the man I am going to date has any intention of starting with me, he had better be mentally and emotionally ready to tie the knot. The man can wait all he wants.

    I will just find someone else who can make up his mind.
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    Happy Year of the Tiger,


    Happy Year of the Tiger,

    Its been really hot the past few days.. wow.. everyone is talking about it. A bit unfortunate that my cousin, Adrian, who has just returned for the New Year, has to be the unfortunate "victim" of it. LOL.

    Anyways, to all chinese, and asians celebrating the Lunar New Year of the Tiger,

    Drink more Tiger Beer,
    Eat Tiger Biscuits,
    Be Bold Like a Tiger,
    But don't be a horny Tiger made of Woods!!!

    (taken from a text message...I received earlier).

    Gong Xi Fa Cai, Xin Nian Kwai Le, Wan Se Ru Yi! 大吉大利~萬事勝意 , 새해 복 많이 받으세요!! May this be a great year, and may the Lord truly bless us all with protection, and prosper each of us in whatever we set our hearts to do!! ^^
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    Mudeungsan: A missed hiking opportunity ?


    Mudeungsan: A missed hiking opportunity ?

    If you have been following my blog, I would have mentioned Mudeungsan (Mount Mudeung) in my blog entries when I was in Gwangju.

    However, a few days ago, I was watching 1 Night 2 Days, a korean variety show on KBS2, and in one of the episodes, these group of 5 guys were up this hill. This episode took place right before Christmas.

    Anyways, throughout the first three quarters of the episode, it was all nice and cold windy winter. However, throughout the last part of the show, it started to rain, after the 5 guys went to sleep. Halfway raining, it suddenly turned to snow!!

    Not only did it not only snow, it started snowing heavily. The situation was such that the filming crew had to wake up all the five participants (who were already sleeping blissfully) and had them to leave as it was an emergency and a precarious situation.

    If you are wondering why the situation may seem dangerous, and think that snow is all fluffy and nice, it really is not. In fact, it is dangerous when it snows too heavily, as it causes roads to be slippery, and accidents happen, and a walking person could slip and fall. Which happened a lot of times to me who was not used to this.

    Not only that, the temperature was horribly cold (-15 degrees), and in such extreme cold temperatures, everyone was advised to stay indoors (and not travel!!!).

    (Yes, this year was the first time I had ever experienced such a cold wave, and really serious hazardous situation in my life, coming from a tropical country).  I believe even people living in Tokyo may not have faced such a hazardous situation!

    So this afternoon during a lunch date, I had a discussion with a work-mate, and though I would have totally loved to go up MudeungSan, it may have been totally a risky hazard to my health to have done so!

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    He will always be my first love.


    He will always be my first love.

    Today I borrowed this book called "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" from a cell mate, DS. I had initially read the author's second book called, "Boy Meets Girl" many years ago, and I thought it'd be good to read something nurturing and encouraging for my tired soul. ^^

    Reading the words in this book helped me to reaffirm the promise I made many many years ago. I must admit, in those earlier years, it was prematurely made, and hastily done. Sometimes I do wonder, and ask God who the person He has in mind for me, but I never did once regret making the choice to follow after Him.

    It is inevitable that there will come a time when one will start to see pictures of babies and receive invitations of peers all starting to tie to knot. For me, this time has come. With it, comes the pressure of having to do the same.

    Its not to say that I do not want to get attached, but I find no reason to get attached just because everyone else is doing it. Loneliness is not an excuse to get hitched, but it should be to the right person- whom I love. Granted, I am not getting any younger. But it's no excuse to hitch yourself to next Simple Simon you meet down the street, isn't it?

    The words written by Joshua Harris in his book read earlier this evening, echoes the same thoughts. Delaying dating, and marriage until one is ready, helps me to appreciate this season of my singleness. There was one point of time in my life where I had almost not made it to Australia due to thoughts of pursuing a relationship. Yet, the Lord had other plans for me.

    Now that I reflect back, I seriously believe that youngsters should not get attached to someone till they are ready to commit, and start a marriage. I can only imagine the number of missed opportunities and friendships I'd not have should I have not made the trip to Australia, or even to traverse the world. Not to mention the Toowoomba experiences that has made my faith stronger today.

    Singlehood is a season of time when we should prepare ourselves both mentally, emotionally, financially, and pursue our interests. Hustle while you wait, is a good way to put it. It takes more than love to sustain a marriage. Being financially ready, and emotional and mental maturity is essential to make the marriage work.

    I first made the choice to put God first over a relationship five years ago. It may take another five years before the Lord will provide me an answer. Yet if you were to ask, and some mates did ask today, I will still give you the same answer as I did then.

    I won't regret and I have not ever since, for the Lord will always be my first love.
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    Avatar: It is a Sanskrit word.

    Avatar: It is a Sanskrit word.

    I was having a discussion with this church elder, Edwin, whom I accidentally met whilst waiting for a cell group friend today. 

    It seems that the popular pop-culture word, "Avatar" has its origins as a Sanskrit word that means "the incarnation of a god on earth". 

    When he explained the meaning of the word to me, (as based on the current 3D animation movie currently showing on cinemas) it was only then I remembered that that is the term that we use to call the "photo" on online chat programs. 

    What is your take on this?

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    Malaysia: E-Promotion by 128 Faubourg, Salon by Sothys

    Recently, I received this in the email.  As I am a current customer of 128 Faubourg (Pavilion), I am not eligible for the following promotion. However, if you are a new customer, do take advantage of the promotion, because I was not so lucky!!

    To purchase E-Promotion, you have to get the E-BOOKING CONFIRMATION SLIP and present it at any of our respective salon.

    You may email to, or give a call to 03-6207 8801 to be entitled for the promotion.
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    Cuisine: Deliciously Luxurious Soap Bars

    Calling all Malaysian soap lovers (and those based everywhere else!),

    Introducing CUISINE, a new brand of handmade soaps. Soaps made from safe ingredients, they look good enough to eat (you weren't actually going to eat it, were you?)

    They are currently found at Body Bar counters located at Sunway Pyramid, Pavillion & Tropicana City Mall. The soaps comes in 3 categories, the Michelin 3stars, 4stars and 5stars.

    Their current promotion include FREE DELIVERY with every spend of RM120 and above. That's not it! Get a free soap of your choice from any Michelin category!

    With prices starting from RM19.90, pick your favourites and enjoy!
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    A lesson in faith: Slow & Steady wins the race.


    A lesson in faith: Slow & Steady wins the race.

    I saw the picture of Tokyo being heavily snowed in today. First time ever heavy snow! wonder Ai Ling was telling me it snowed there! ^^

    Anyways, that was just a prelude to what I learnt of faith today. Both in finances, as well as in life. The advice came from someone whom I never expected to hear from. Indeed, sometimes the Lord uses the most unexpected to teach us the lessons in faith.

    This morning, I had a disastrous situation befell me. Out of fear, I backed out. Yet, I was given advice that when we give in to fear, the situation will eat us up for many years to come. When we grab fear by the horns, we leave not the space for people to critisize us. For the same applies to other situations.

    For slow & steady wins the race. For what is valuable, is worth waiting for. For when we are at calm, the rest will fall into place.

    This verse came to mind as I wrote this...
    "Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?..... And why do you worry about clothes? See how the lilies of the field grow. They do not labor or spin. Matthew 6:26-28.

    Teach me, Lord to wait. Let me be not anxious in life, but leave all my burdens into Your hands. You know what is in my mind, and each time I begin to worry, yet You never failed to comfort me. I am grateful you hear me even when I speak it not. Let me have confidence that you always shall provide for me, that I could be the Impact that You so want me to be.

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    UK: The Equality Office attacking & imposing Unequal Bill on UK  Churches.


    UK: The Equality Office attacking & imposing Unequal Bill on UK Churches.

    I may not be a Catholic, but I am all behind the Pope's conviction in this.

    How can he be said to "attack" the church equality bill?

    I am not against homosexuals and transgenders attending church. However, I am against individuals who are "actively homosexuals" and have changed genders to be in a prominent leadership role. The key thing here is "actively practising individuals".

    The church is a holy place. In fact, any religious place should be considered holy as people go there to find solace, peace and to worship.

    Having someone who has not "cleansed and purified their thoughts and actions" when that should be the norm in a religious association, will lead the particular religious association to be critisized by the general public.

    As this Pope says, "Your country is well known for its firm commitment to equality of opportunity for all members of society. Yet ... the effect of some of the legislation designed to achieve this goal has been to impose unjust limitations on the freedom of religious communities to act in accordance with their belief she told the bishops.

    By imposing a such legislation, that itself is just catering to your own whims and fancies. It is already unjust when you try to impose a one-fit-for-all solution which pleases no one. Grow Up, man.
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    Australia: Olay Professional Pro-X 28-Days FREE TRIAL

    This arrived in the mail today. However, it's only open to Australian residents.

    The new product claims "New Pro-X is a scientifically advanced line of skin care that gives you younger-looking skin in 28 days. Guaranteed*. It works by resignaling your skin to repair the moisture barrier and boost exfoliation. Each product contains the Alliance’s highest recommended levels of proven anti-aging ingredients."

    What are you waiting? Get that free trial kit before stocks run out!

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    Nature Republic @ Berjaya Times Square.

    Based on the tip off from Fatin, I headed to Nature Republic today after my long time due facial at Bella Luna. This latest skincare range from Korea which only just opened last week, has its maiden store located on first floor, Lot no.46.

    When I was touring in Korea, I did see Nature Republic at many locations. However due to the huge mass of skincare shops available, it just did not provide me much time to check each and every one. Time & Finances were limited, you might say.
    Rain- might be coming down to KL one of these days for the launch!


     Collagen Dream range with Asai Berry!

     My Stash: I bought only the Coenzyme Q10 sheet mask. 
    The rest were free samples!

    To promote the new brand, the consultants are loading out samples for all purchases.
    The range I got today was the aqua the ocean by Tahiti body cleanser (10ml) and body lotion (10ml).
    They are also including one piece of Argan Nutrizer Mask Sheet (for all types) FREE for all purchases. Although it's free, it's not good practice to take items in the basket without making any purchases.

    Nature Republic is currently having a Buy 2 + 1 Face Sheet Mask. The FREE Face Sheet mask is the Vitamin E Solution Sheet Mask. 

    I only realised this later after reading Fatin's blog, as the consultants who on duty did not really explain details in full regarding the promotion. Hence, I only bought one sheet mask, the Co-EnzymeQ10 sheet mask for Rm7.90. 

    Well, their bad. I can save the money for something else, I guess. 

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