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Narwee: Everyone away for the Holidays!


Narwee: Everyone away for the Holidays!

So everyone is going away for the Christmas hols...

I can't wait for everyone to come back. LOL. Still, enjoy your holidays!

Moving to a new place is both exciting, and yet keeps us wondering what could we find in store? Changing the way we travel, and anticipating the changes that could be.

I found out there is a shopping mall about 5 minutes by bus which I can catch up from the road nearby at my new place. To think, I thought it was just in Riverwood that had a shopping mall.. This is better than I thought it was! LOL.

Not to mention, a MYERS too in Roseland Avenue! How exciting!

Rui 동생, when you come back, let's meet up.. head to the MYERS there, okay? Can can? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ.
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Narwee: So, I'm moving after all.

Narwee: So, I'm moving after all.


So, I'm moving after all.

To Narwee. Of all places.

(the place without a shopping mall, or an ATM anywhere!!)

That was the last place I thought I'd ever move to.

But I found this place. It was leased by a Malaysian chinese.

Surprise. Surprise.

The rent is AUD155/weekly.

It has its own backyard/court to do laundry.

There is a park nearby. Which I really like.

Not that I actually had the time to exercise in the first place. ^^

And it's only about 15 minutes max walk to my workplace.


And those times where I waited 19 minutes at Central for the train to come. LOL.
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Christmas is a time for giving.


Christmas is a time for giving.

Today, after church, my camp members headed to Gloria Jeans in North Strathfield for a round of coffee. Thanks to Ellie for shouting the round!

Ellie, among one of the younger members in the camp, was sharing how she felt prompted to share & give tithes to the needy. Coming from a junior (but senior member as she was 'long' in the group),
that was an inspiring testimony that she shared from her heart. 

The sermon today was about Abraham in the book of Genesis 14 (so I had my mind on other things.... ^^), and she recapped it, putting a few themes into perspective:

1) Not trusting in our strength.
2) Breaking the covenant affects the rest of our Destiny.

When God gives a promise to us, it is our role to continue to trust that God will fulfill the promise that He has given us. God gave to Abraham that He would provide a descendant and son to Abraham, but Abraham himself broke the covenant which was given.

When Abraham took Hagar, the helper of his wife, Sarah, to have a son with her, he broke the covenant, by trying to work things out from his own effort. God told him that the main offspring will be from his legal wife, and not from Hagar.

Yet, God still fulfilled his side of the promise. Case in Point- and reminder- never try to work out HOW God will fulfill His promises to us. Our job is to be faithful in the things we have been asked to do, and He will work out the rest.

Our faith will lead us to God providing better things, something better than what we had in mind.

Lastly, with Christmas around the corner (and I've already done my Christmas shopping!), it's time to think about those around us who've been overlooked, and may need assistance in meeting their financial needs. Will write more on this later.
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His Story Korean Church: Continuous Breakthrough Praying

His Story Korean Church: Continuous Breakthrough Praying

Last Monday, I finally went to the Korean church prayer meet in the city. Apparently, the church is  having a 30-Day Prayer with Breakthrough as its main theme, hence that probably explains their daily prayer sessions around the clock?

The prayer session that I attended went from 8-10pm, and truthfully speaking, I have not done that in a while. It was a continuous two hour of just parallel corporate but personal worship/praying.

I can't imagine how people can pray continuously two hours in the morning, and two hours at night, where I am already struggling with it...

But it was good for my spirit well being, so I am planning to go again. I really need a breakthrough in certain personal circumstances, so praying is a good thing.
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Myers: My Christmas Shopping Haul. ^^


Myers: My Christmas Shopping Haul. ^^

So, I was out on a "so called" Christmas shopping spree recently.

Last week to be precise..

Bought myself a GUESS bag, and Clarins haul..

Will write more on it later...
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A Sight for the Sore Soul.


A Sight for the Sore Soul.

So lot's been happening.

Work's been.. well, tolerable. Having to manage staff personality differences does not just happen overnight. Not to mention the built-up of stress, and noise threshold from over 50 children in one day. No easy task.

Anyways, church has been a sight for the sore soul.

I really look forward to going to my current Korean church. Granted, that the members all speak in Korean is not really a deterrent. Most have a sizeable fluency in English to manage, so that is really a non issue. There is also an english language interpretation service available.

It's the passion of the people that really stirs our heart. Their devotion, and their willingness to serve, without grumbling, mumbling or complaining week in, week out. Their willingness to stay up and pray 24/7 and pray whenever there is even free time.

To wake up the stirring desire in our hearts to worship the Lord with unbridled passion. This is something I have yet to see in a very long while.

I really look forward to the worship service, and try to make it on time on Sundays. If there is one thing I will have to add, when the Lord's presence comes upon us, do not resist it, and let it just take over.

It is just so gentle, that my heart and soul is stirred. Of its own accord, and taking a mind of its own, it stirs the heart, and get ready for the tears to come.

Recently, or yesterday morning, I had an interrupted sleep. It was not a good dream, and I had to send a text to a dear church sister. It is a good sign (however way one wants to interpret it) that perhaps I being seen to provoke in the spiritual realm?

Today, we had a chap, Richard, from one of the lower intermediate korean classes came. So Lawrence (from HK) had someone who could keep him company speaking in Cantonese. They were really going to town at it, LOL!
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Turning One Year Older.


Turning One Year Older.

So I officially turn one year older at 11:45am tomorrow, on 24th November. Yes, I was looking through my birth certificate, and that was the hour I was born many many eons again.

Thanks to Ai-Ling for being the first to send me a birthday from Japan before you left. I really like Little Twin Stars!! Remember the many number of Hello Kitty shops we went to in Tokyo scrounging for Sanrio merchandise!

Thanks to my parents and family for their e-birthday and prayer greetings from Kuala Lumpur.

Also thanks to Jo, the third person, for the present of the kitty pendant and cubic zirconia ear-ring set. I'll wear it to work tomorrow. I bet the kids would have something to comment on it.  ^^

Indeed, I am anticipating a rather solemn melancholic quiet celebration of my birthday. Perhaps that's what happens as one gets older.
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A November Update.


A November Update.

So, I have not been writing much of anything of late. Okay, let me just update all my readers on my recent life.

1) Anyways, as an update, I have been attending a korean church, "His Story" in Homebush for the past few weeks. It's a Pentecostal bible reading, tongue speaking, missions focused, and prayer warrior church.

Yes, they are very passionate about their prayer and worship. Especially prayer. They have prayer meets almost every day of the week. If God allows me to have a lighter/easier work load, perhaps I would/could join too. Okay, perhaps one day a week.

Well, wonders never cease. Since my grasp of the language is rather sketchy still now. Am starting to sing gospel songs in Korean.

It's a pity I couldn't do that for Mandarin/Cantonese, since the Chinese language is virtually... well difficult to read even after a year, and I have to rely on pin-yin. Nevermind, I can still converse fairly well in Cantonese for the record. >.<  (I am Malaysian, and Cantonese- speaks Manglish, and proud of it, thank you lelly lelly much!!)

2) This weekend, I have a Korean assessment/written assignment due. The Korean TOPIK exam was hard, but it didn't require me to study this much grammar!! I am so going to die.... >.<

Wondering if I should switch to Japanese or Chinese next year... LOL.

3) Currently, am in the midst of procuring my Malaysian Police Check.

What a painful timewasting process.

4) I plan to have an eye examination.

Yes readers, it cost a whopping AUD56.+ if one does not possess a Centrelink Medical Card/Medicare card just to get the prescription. But thankfully I do.

5) I am in the midst of looking for a new place to move to along the Sydney Airport Line. Ashfield is just too far from my current work place.

6) Right, just forgot. It is my birthday this coming week. Pray that I have good memories, and a birthday celebration this week. ^^
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Been busy of late!


Been busy of late!

Okay, I know it's been a while since I blogged...

Been really busy at work... going to work from 7 in the morning,
and reaching home about 7 in the evening..

Will have to find time to update soon.

See you in a while.
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So, you were thinking of getting an Android mobile?


So, you were thinking of getting an Android mobile?

So I have done some research online on Android phones, and it seems the problem that I am facing is not uncommon. Here, here, and here

Granted, my previous now blacklisted/ immobilized remotely via Three Network Nokia E71 has yet to present me problems i.e. die on me, apart from my killing its battery life when using it heavily on GPS programs, and surfing the Net.

So granted, in my previous post, my Nokia E71, even with the number of applications I have used, I have never actually had to worry about its battery life dying on me.

Unless you did not mind a fast moving phone, and wanted to recharge (hopefully you didn't) at least twice a day, by all means go for the Android. I for one, my next phone will be a Nokia (the lasting battery type).
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TOPIK Beginner Results are OUT!!!


TOPIK Beginner Results are OUT!!!

*Dum Dum Dum*

So my TOPIK Beginner results are out!!

Well.. one more mark and I would have received a Level 2 Grade (meaning higher grade lar...) oh well. At least I have an idea of where my proficiency now is. LOL.

년도  회차                구분     수험번호      총점    평균       합격/불합격
2010  19회 일반(초급(1급)   1001100154     260    65.00            합격

Vocabulary & Grammar:
어휘 및 문법 : 60 /

Word Construction/ Usage:
쓰기 : 68 /

듣기 : 73 /

읽기 : 59
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LG Optimus- the battery life's a killer.

LG GT540 - Optimus
So yeah, has anyone used an LG Optimus GT540 before? Its basically a 'smart-phone' that runs on the Android platform, which is a mobile operating system that uses a modified version of the Linux kernel. It was initially developed by Android Inc., a firm later purchased by Google.. (blah blah blah)

(Hence that is why I see all these Google ads and Gmail widgets on my phone.. blah blah blah)

I bought this phone from this asian mobile phone shop at Haymarket.

There are two things I am not too happy about the LG Optimus:
1) It doesnt, and is not able to turn itself on like my previous Nokia E71.

(actually, all Nokia mobiles turn themselves on... and even the oldest model has that function-- yes, the blue model from 2000 something that has battery problems, and I still keep it somewhere at my Malaysian home).

2) I am still not used to the whole touch screen concept. Really...

Well, its barely three days since I bought it and I am now encountering problems with it...

Just to let you have an idea of what has happened.

Monday night: (8th Nov)
The phone battery was fully charged at 11pm, so I left the phone on Flight mode for the night,

Tuesday: (today!)
Turned it back on to normal mode at 7am in the morning when I was getting ready to go to work. By 1pm on Tuesday today, it was already down to 60% and by 3pm, the battery level had regressed to only 30%! *WOAH*

I had wanted to test the power consumption as on Monday the phone died by 6pm, granted that I had browsed 'a bit'. Hence today, I used the 'taskiller' widget to turn off all the applications, purposely leaving the handset at standby mode for most of the day.

For a smart-phone standing barely 15 hours in standby mode I could barely make a call, much less even check my mail !!! For AUD249, this is atrocious work for a mobile phone!

I was informed that the phone has a year's warranty, and it now barely even a 7 day purchase. >.<

Anyways, I sent a note to the manufacturer (LG) and am awaiting a reply....
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3 Internet Settings for Mobile Phones


3 Internet Settings for Mobile Phones

So my new mobile handset, LG GT540 Optimus is not a Three phone.

(I'm currently a prepaid user under Three, you see..)

So I had to go around looking on the Internet for the settings and found this.

The links are as follows:

- SIM only Support- Three website: Link

- Mobile Phone Blog: Link

- Europe Nokia: Link 
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So I Lost my Nokia E71 today.

So I Lost my Nokia E71 today.

So yeah. Stupid.

My phone was lost/stolen on the train today. I had my pink umbrella (which I bought for 15AUD from K-mart) returned to me at the Central Control Station.

Props and thanks to the two ladies at the Control station for assisting in the find. (Platform 17, and 22).

The umbrella was found almost immediately. However, when a call was made to my mobile number, it was already disconnected.....


Anyways, I bought myself a new phone. An LG Optimus - for AUD249. Running on Android Platform.

I shouldn't be rejoicing coz that's just money down the drain. Fortunately, the transfer of the mobile number to a new sim card did not take too long. Max was about 5 minutes.

So I had my friend to call up 3 to get them to have the phone set blacklisted. Apparently they already have the IMEI number of the phone set on the server so it was pretty useless that I go home to get it when I could have had them block it much earlier...

Well, serves thieves for being so dishonest instead of returning other people's phones... you can't sell it, or use it as we can disable it remotely without having to be there.

Thank you very much, stupid thieves!!!
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NaNoWriMo 2010


NaNoWriMo 2010

So I was reading an episode summary for SungKyunKwan Scandal when the blogger mentioned NaNoWriMo...

I haven't come across that phrase in years! So I signed up for it..

As for the challenge of churning out a 50,000 word novel in 30 days for the month of November?

Not sure how that's going to happen.. But I can write it in my mobile phone, and transfer to my laptop.

Now, if only I can think of a feasible skeleton of a storyline to start with...

-- Sent from my Nokia E71.

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Improving my Cantonese through Korean Dramas.... ^^


Improving my Cantonese through Korean Dramas.... ^^

So if there is one thing about watching Sung Kyun Kwan, it's that I actually improve my Cantonese thereafter.

If you were reading my blog, you'd know that I am actually attending korean language classes now, and at least 85% of the students are from Cantonese speaking background.

During class, we do compare the vocabulary in the korean dramas, and since Sung Kyun Kwan is a drama based about the 14-1500s?, the writers of the drama have utilized a lot of antiquarian words from the past, which if paired with chinese subtitles, and my limited knowledge of how to read chinese, I am actually able to identify if the words are of sino-korean origin, or if its a pure Korean word.

Sung Kyun Kwan is now up to episode 15 next week, and apparently the 은장도 - Eun Jang Do, which is a ornamental knife/dagger worn by women of higher ranking in those days will be playing the pivotal role in revealing her identity as a female to one of the other main leads in the drama.

Apparently Korean language came about the same time as Cantonese, and Hokkien which was in circulation, which was around the Tang Dynasty era. So if you had a strong command of thge Cantonese, or Hokkien dialect, it would greatly aid your pre-language background should you be interested to study Korean in future. ^^
Milking the Commonwealth Games bandwagon for all its worth.


Milking the Commonwealth Games bandwagon for all its worth.

In Malaysia, having indians dressed in punjabi suits, or saris on a daily basis is an almost common sight.

An abundance of indian stall food, mamak, teh tarik is available. Not to mention almost cheap. Murukku, Murtabak, Chapati, Roti Canai, you name it, we have it.

So it's Commonwealth Games in India, and the childcare centre I'm working at is has been working on the theme of India.

With Australia currently the lead in the medal tally, there is more reason for viewers to be paying attention to the games.

Coles Supermarket is also jumping on the bandwagon.

One of its advertisements has a male host who informs a mother that she only has to spend ten dollars for dinner for a family of four. (Eating out in Australia is generally expensive, okay).

So they are promoting their prepared packet masala curry, and then we have a scene with dancing indian women folk in bright red, and yellow saris around a water fountain. The scene then fast forwards to dinner, and the entire family is in awe of the mother's cooking skills.

Currently on Channel Ten, there are indian food cooking demonstrations.
They have even brought in a chef from an indian restaurant.

Ok, perhaps I'm being cynical. I get cynical about prepacked instant food packages from a western supermarket. When basically not much has been done except to add water, and some seasoning!

Except for say, if it was bought originally from that ethnic group's asian grocery store.

I really prefer food made from scratch, or at least the effort was 75% of it. That's how I do my cooking anyways.

But anyways, it is a good starting point for Aussies, and perhaps other migrants in Australia to learn a bit about the indian culture.

What with the hullaballoo that the Australian government threw in regards to barring further incoming migration early this year.

For Malaysians, I hope we continue to have our morning teh tariks and roti Canai in peace and for the many years to come.

-- Sent from my Nokia E71.

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Ultraceuticals: Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30+ Review.

The Front
List of Active Ingredients.

So I was chosen by the good people of Active Skin to be among those selected to review this product from Ultraceuticals range of suncare protection creams.

Product: Ultraceuticals- Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30+ (Untinted)
Product Type: Sun Care.
Skin Type: All Skin Types

Functions to: 
* protect skin from Ultraviolet (UV) rays that damage and age the skin. 
* Containing both chemical and physical screening properties
* Specific ingredients to protect against daily environmental damage.

Ingredients include:
* Oxybenzone 3.0% w/w,
* Octyl Methoxycinnamate 7.5% w/w,
* Zinc Oxide 4.9% w/w,
* Phenoxyethanol,
* Sorbic Acid, Oat Kernel Flour,
* Tocopheryl Acetate,
* Tocopherol,
* Camellia Sinesis Leaf Extract,
* Lactic Acid

My Reviews: 
I have trialled this product over a period of 10 days now.

When I first received the product, I was assuming that it would be a typical face moisturiser. However, the thick cream consistency would mean to say that it would have the "sun cream" feel and consistency due to the number of active ingredients present in the product. 

It does not seem to have any fragrance (fragrance free) which is good for those who have a sensitivity to fragrances.

I have used this product over my toner, and before application of my normal BB Cream, which so far has not posed much of a problem for me.
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Dermalogica: Soothing Protection Spray Review

More than half trialled of the sample size.
List of ingredients on the back.
Solution on a cotton pad.
So I was chosen by the good people of Active Skin to be among those selected to review this product from Dermalogica's range of face care toner solutions.

Product: Soothing Protection Spray (250 ml)
Product Type: Toner.
Skin Type: Sensitive.

Functions to: 
* protect skin from reactive ozone
* botanicals immediately reduce irritation, redness and inflammation.
* Shields skin from further environmental assault caused by temperature extremes, pollution, irritating cosmetic products, harsh detergents, chemical exposure, stress, poor diet or hormonal factors.

Ingredients include:
* Dermalogica's exclusive Anti-Ozonate Complex to Soothing Green Tea,
* Canadian Willow Herb,
* Cucumber,
* Licorice
* Raspberry extracts deliver potent anti-itching, healing and antioxidant properties.

My Reviews: 
Toners are important as they help prep the skin prior to the application of the moisturiser, as the beauticians at the salon that I frequent for my monthly awaited facials each month. The use of toners helps the effective absorption of the moisturiser.

As my skin ranges between between dehydrated/dry/sensitive, I was sent this product for trialling purposes. I have at the time of this post, trialled this product of a duration of over 10 days which was integrated into as part of my daily cleansing face regime. (i.e., cleanser, toner, moisturiser).

The Soothing Protection Spray left my skin feeling soothed. When used effectively with a cotton pad, it helped remove the last traces of make-up before the application of the face moisturiser (and there was a lot left!). It also helped made the pores shrink and gave a calming effect.
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Best Korean Drama (2010): SungKyunKwan Scandal [Must Watch]


Best Korean Drama (2010): SungKyunKwan Scandal [Must Watch]

So, these days out of all the korean dramas around, I've been closely following only SungKyunKwan Scandal.

I didn't think it was going to be that anything as exciting after kdrama "You're
Beautiful" (Minamisinaeyo), but with an almost all male cast of six hot guys,
and one cross dresser pretty girl, we're definitely in for some hot mouth watering gaping fun.

Not to mention some really good soundtrack from the drama's OST, and Yoochun, one of the main characters cast, sings one of the main tracks for the drama.

It's not out in Malaysian shores yet, but if you have fast internet access, you can always check out, or if you can't wait!

Information about this Korean Drama:
GenreHistorical drama
FormatTelevision series
Written byKim Tae-hee
Directed byKim Won-seok
Hwang In-hyuk
StarringPark Min-young
Park Yuchun
Yoo Ah-in
Song Joong-ki
Opening theme"찾았다" (Found You) by JYJ
Ending theme"Too Love" by Junsu
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes20
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K-drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal

So I am currently following this drama on viikii...It will only start screening in KBS World in Malaysia on 11th October.

With a plotline cross between You're Beautiful/ Coffee Prince/ Hua Mulan/ Hana Kim??,  the story is portrayed in historical times of a cross dressing girl as a male to gain access to the prestigious Sungkyunkwan University in order to to find a living for her poor mother, and sick brother.

And there is a young Confucian scholar Kim Yoon-hui, who gets into this forbidden place for women, hiding her gender. Yoon-hui’s father, Kim Seung-hyun was a scholar at Sungkyunkwan and also a good friend of the Crown prince. King Yeongjo calls him before the day of his death and asks him to hand down his secret book Kum-deung-ji-sa across the generations.

However, Kim Seung-hyun gets killed by the opposing faction and the book has disappeared. Yoon-hui was only 7-year-old when her father got murdered. Yoon-hui has a talent for writing, which had inherited from her father. She starts to stay at Sungkyunkwan and meets three good friends: Seon-joon, Jae-sin, Yong-ha. Yoon-hui slowly gets fascinated by King Jeongjo’s vision and becomes to understand what her father truly dreamt of.

The story so far, in its 8th Episode, is quite exciting still. In the grand tradition of F4 boys, this portrays the F4 of the Joseon Period, aka. Boys Over Flowers. *LOL*.

So far, only two persons have correctly guessed that the main character is a female, but to everyone else, she is a "he". Being found would mean the death penalty, but let's hope the writers for the drama do not do just a bang up version at it...

I was following My Girlfriend is a Gumiho/ Nine Tailed Fox (starring ballad prince, Lee Seung Ki) which was interesting...for a while, but this one cut through halfway.. I'll most likely get the DVD when the screening for Sungkyunkwan Scandal ends.

Kekeke... Hwaiting!

Other Links:
Pop Culture: What is a Gumiho?
Happy Mooncake Day/ Chuseok!


Happy Mooncake Day/ Chuseok!

Today is when the chinese celebrate the Mooncake Festival, or Mid Autumn Festival as they are otherwise known as.

Today is also Chuseok, which is part of a big three day harvest festival for the koreans.

The entire clan of korean grandchildren came to the korean landlady's house,coincidentally where New South Wales is having school holidays now.

I am just going to take a nap now, grab some dinner, continue doing some work, and watch the latest installment of Micky Yoochun kdrama online.

Happy Mooncake Festival/ Chuseok!

-- Sent from my Nokia E71.

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Australian Visa Application in slothlike speed.


Australian Visa Application in slothlike speed.

So one of my friends just announced that she has just received favorable news on her family's offshore migration application to Australia, and her hubby will be heading here soon.

Well, that says much about the speed of the onshore visa application when my friend's offshore application is barely six months old, and mine is already 22 months past, and the Department is still sitting on it. Onshore in this case.

I concur.

-- Sent from my Nokia E71.

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Clarins: Gentle Night Cream Day 7 Review.

Clarins Gentle Night Cream- the front.
Instructions to use.
The spout up-close.
A squirt size of the night cream.
So I was chosen by the good people of Active Skin to be among those selected to review this product from Clarins range of moisturizing creams.

Product: Clarins Gentle Night Cream. (Sensitive Skin)

Product Description: The perfect night time complement to Gentle Day Cream to gently soothe, soften and rebalance sensitive skin. This product can be used after the routine of cleansing and toning of the face in the daily routine.

Ingredients include: 
* Vegetal complex: immediately soothes irritated skin
* Noctoferrine® Clarins exclusive complex neutralizes nocturnal
free radicals
* Vitamins A, E and B5: balance, combat signs of aging
* Christophine
* Hazelnut
* Linseed

Moisture Level
As my skin ranges between dehydrated/dry/sensitive, this product was sent to me for trialling purposes.
After trialling out the product for 7 days, I find that the moisture level of the Clarins Gentle Night Cream was not too rich, but not too light for the temperate Australian Winter to Spring transition climate. 

I found that the cream was fairly suitable for my skin which was dry around the cheeks, and yet not too rich in the T-zone area, which had more sebum production.
The Clarins Gentle Night Cream for Sensitive Skin would be suitable for people with dry skin, or sensitive skin. The cream is white in colour, has a creamy consistency, and it seems to be fragrance free.

That's good too as I don't like skincare with too much fragrances the older I get, and skincare with added fragrance I find, may irritate skin and some people may be averse to the strong fragrance found in some skincare products.

Amount Used
A single small squirt of the cream on my fingertips, which I warmed up before applying it lightly in light sweeping motions was adequate to cover my face, and provided enough moisture.

The cream seems to have an oil base, so it would be suitable for those who possess dry to sensitive skin, so it would not be so suitable for those who possess dehydrated type skin.
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Photoblog: Sydney's Fish Market

So it was Father's Day last week, and I was asked to join my previous church mates at a friendly church match... The game was held at Wentworth Park, near the well known Sydney's Fish Market.

Sydney Fish Market Car Park.
Keep that food in the bin!
The busy aisle...
Busy main thoroughfare.
Salmon & Caviar!!
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Dermalogica Essential Pack: In the mail!

Dermalogica Essential Pack.

As per this post, I finally received this from Skincare Store (from a lucky draw!) in my mailbox early this week!! Woohoo!!

My  Dermalogica Essential Pack:
- Dermalogica Gentle Cream exfoliant (75ml),
and the Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution (250ml).
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Cleaning Black Stockings


Cleaning Black Stockings

So I started a new job last week.

Part of my attire included a new pair of Denier 50, and 40 winter stockings. It was soaked in a solution of laundry powder, and warm water.

An hour later, I was surprised to see the post soak solution thoroughly a dark pasty colour.

Me: It looks really pasty.
Flatmate: How long have you used it?
Me: Only this week.
R:Then it must be the dye.
Me: Dye??? I didn't think they dyed stockings...
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Trialling New Job on Monday!


Trialling New Job on Monday!

So today, I went for a long awaited facial at 'Delicacy', the Sothys facial salon at Ashfield Mall.

I have a teaching/administrative position which I will be trialling out on Monday in the Eastern Hills suburbs.

Knowing the nature of my work, it will be long hours starting from 6am, when I wake up, getting on the train at 7am, starting work at 8am, and ending at 5.30pm, with another hour trekking on the Sydney train back to home.

At least that is how I predict my work schedule will be like.

It wouldn't really fare well with my skin, and basically I'll be reorientating my body clock to wake up early, as opposed to my usual late night sleeps.

Anyways, wish me all the best at my new job. Pray that I'll perform well!

Trialling New Job on Monday!

Trialling New Job on Monday!

So today, I went for a long awaited facial at 'Delicacy', the Sothys facial salon at Ashfield Mall.

I have a teaching/administrative position which I will be trialling out on Monday in the Eastern Hills suburbs.

Knowing the nature of my work, it will be long hours starting from 6am, when I wake up, getting on the train at 7am, starting work at 8am, and ending at 5.30pm, with another hour trekking on the Sydney train back to home.

At least that is how I predict my work schedule will be like.

It wouldn't really fare well with my skin, and basically I'll be reorientating my body clock to wake up early, as opposed to my usual late night sleeps.

Anyways, wish me all the best at my new job. Pray that I'll perform well!

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다음달에 TOPIK 시험을봐요~~~

Korean Language Textbook~~~

재가 다음달에 TOPIK 시험을봐요.

그래서 지금매일한국어연습 해야돼요.


단어를많이몰라요. 아 어떡해~~~


TOPIK- Test of Proficiency in Korean
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Come meet my first ever Caraya Guitar!

Ravish yourself on pictures of my new guitar! Read all about the purchase here!
My darling new guitar!
The body.
Amplifier controls.
Headstock, nut & tuner.
 Are your lips watering yet? ^^
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Rusty Mandarin Skills

Rusty Mandarin Skills

The strangest thing has happened in the last two weeks.

 At least it happened as a result of my korean housemate taking up Mandarin classes at TAFE.She was busy tracking persons at the nearby Anglican church who had an aptitude for the Mandarin language.  As a result, I have had to also draw from my 'half pail water' of limited Mandarin vocabulary which is almost rusty from long extensions of non usage :P

Now, my Mandarin skills aren't the strongest, with Cantonese being the more active of both.Hence, this week, I ended up being:
-called by my Mandarin name (which hasn't happened in a long time) to someone from China,
- speaking in Mandarin/Cantonese/English to a Singaporean,
- speaking/singing with the Singaporean in Mandarin/Cantonese/English to someone from China,
- and denying vehemently in Mandarin that I could understand any Mandarin to a whole bunch of
Mandarin/English speakers.

LOL. Ok, now I have to work on memorizing the 150 odd most used korean vocab words in time for the TOPIK( Test of Proficiency in Korean) beginner level exam at UNSW in two weeks time! Oh, you mean you didn't know I was studying korean? Please backtrack to previous posts in the archive.

---- Sent from my 3 mobile Nokia E71

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128 Faubourg: Rhubarb-Berry Velvety Treatment August E- Promotions

August E-Promotions!
Click on the photo for more information!
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128 Faubourg: Complimentary Discovery Kit with RM500 purchase!

Complimentary Discovery Kit

With purchase of any Sothys products above RM500

COMPLIMENTARY - Discovery Kit worth RM379.

and special PWP prices!

Click on the picture above for more information!
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My First Guitar: An Acoustic Caraya

My First Guitar: An Acoustic Caraya

So today, we were at Eastwood suburb (About 20+ mins from Sydney by train). The area is made up of predominantly asian ethnic groups- the majority being Korean & Chinese.

I've been wanting to get a guitar since I decided not to enrol for another language course at TAFE.

At the shop, there were a number of brands, but YAMAHA was expensive, with prices starting at Aud450 minimum...

The shop looked like a typical music shop in a suburb area- not too fancy, with not much decor- and not much advertising. Hence, that is how they keep prices low.

My housemate and I finally settled on a non brand, an acoustic Caraya at AUD280. The salesperson/owner threw in the guitar stand for AUD20 (NP AUD30.) and a pack of strings+ picks+ guitar bag+ amplifier adaptor cable (for the amplifier outlet). + 1 Free Lesson (worth AUD50- in Aussie terms).


That just means less AUD300 to use for the next few weeks to come...

I paid using cash withdrawn from the ATM. I'd like to have paid using credit card, but being the shrewd asian business minded person I was, I know he'd have to pay bank charges for that, and being a korean shop at that, the owner would most likely not be in the mental predisposition to agree to a discount.

But I knew, he may be generous in handing out "freebies" from available ware, to make for the 'less than stellar discount' which is what I was aiming for.

Which, as you have seen, did end in that direction. ^^

Will post up a picture of the guitar later.. Now just trying to learn how to hold the guitar and play 3 three beat- Silent Night, and Edelweiss.. LOL
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How to stop your friends and family ruining your diet


How to stop your friends and family ruining your diet

Taken from here. I've copied and pasted this here, as MSN has the practice of removing its posts after a period of time.

Posted By Gaby Leslie, Tue 17 Aug, 2010 04:16PM BST

One of the biggest obstacles to any weight loss plan is getting around the many subtle and not-so-subtle ways that family and friends may use to sabotage dieting.

The journey to shedding those excess pounds can be difficult and depressing, when a dieter requires support from friends and loved ones to help them along their way.

But a sudden change in lifestyle may intimidate others and they can react in different ways. For example, they may become insecure, jealous, unsympathetic and sceptical of a quest to lose weight.

One of the biggest obstacles to any weight loss plan is getting around the many subtle and not-so-subtle ways that family and friends may use to sabotage dieting.

While they may not be aware that they are doing it, the tactics used by those closest to you could be the potential downfall of your efforts to lose weight.

Do you constantly worry about falling prey to temptation? Like when a pushy mother-in-law lays on the guilt when you refuse a second slice of her home-made cheesecake? Or a friend force-feeds a fattening dessert down your throat at a restaurant?

When your nearest and dearest pressure you into eating more, you drift between wanting to please them and not wanting to consume unnecessary calories.

So what can you do to silence food pushers?

Here are 10 handy tips for dealing with forceful food-pushers:

1) Pair your refusal of the food with a compliment. For example, say “I’d love some cheesecake, but I’m so full from the delicious chicken parmesan that I can’t eat another bite

2) Say no! If a slice of pie or a second helping of potatoes will ruin your diet, just flat out refuse it. If the person trying to serve you is offended, just remind them how much you need their support to meet your healthy lifestyle goals.

3) Be firm. Don’t succumb to peer pressure. If you've said you're not ordering dessert, stick to it. Giving into the "go on, it won't hurt" crowd will just make people think that you want to be talked into it.

4) Give away your goodies. You might have ended up with enough chocolates for your birthday to keep you on a permanent sugar high for the rest of the year. Stash any large boxes somewhere safe, and take one with you when seeing friends to share them out.

5) Don't let every social occasion revolve around food. It's great to eat together, but if that's all you and your friends do, try suggesting an active event: bowling, ice-skating, even a trip to a theme park.

6) Going out for drinks with friends? Stick to diet drinks or fresh fruit/vegetable juice without added sugar. Alcohol is very high in calories and can prevent you from making healthy food choices. Cut your calories by half by cheating with a diet gin and tonic at only 50 calories.

7) When eating out with friends, try to sit away from the bread and butter. It is really easy to keep on munching on this without even realising while chatting with your friends.

8) Do you find yourself at your mother's or grandmother's for a Sunday roast? Why not offer to bring a salad, vegetable, or healthy dessert?

9) Perhaps you could spend some extra time in the gym, go for a jog or skip a treat the next day if you feel like you have overindulged.

10) If friends and family express judgmental feelings, the first thing you should do is realise that these statements are more about their own feelings of inadequacy. Try not to take it to heart. Instead, focus on the fact that you are doing something healthy for yourself.
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onul interview it-da.


onul interview it-da.

onul jeom sim, irl hae interview da-nit-da.

Jin-jja jin-jja Neo mo gok-jong ae, ha-ji-man, interview jeon-ae, ki-do-hat-da.
han ju jeon-ae, mae irl chaek gong-bu hat-da ra-seo, onul ki-buni gok-jong cho-kum nun-dei.

Interview jeon-ae kat-da, ki-cha wang-bok pyio sat-da.Jeo Penrith-ae seng-kah ka-geo-yeh-yo. Hajiman, Penrith wat-da hou ae, gae got-ae sa-si-run ani-da.

Gae sa-si-run terminal piryo-kat-da Kingswood terminal-ae. Ai-go, ji-do mot chal bwa-da.

dong-an ku-go si-gani, ki-buni jin-jja gok-jong eh. ke da-um ae,jeo terminal oen ae an-nae chat-da.

oh.. Terminal yeop-nun, beosu terminal is-so. Ta-ing da!

Neo mo chot-da!

Ke-ri-go Na beo-su terminal ka-seo beo-su tad-da. Kingswood wat-da.

Interview do ta-ni-da. Ta-ing da!

Interview da-nyio kun hou, jeo Ashfield han-tei kat-da..

Hhmm.. My story is getting longer and longer... Maybe next time..

---- Sent from my 3 mobile Nokia E71

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128 Faubourg: Limited Edition Duo Milk & Lotion.

August Limited Edition Promotions.

For Malaysian Sothys fans,

Purchase SOTHYS retail above RM480 (P.W.P)

get your Limited Edition Duo  Milk & Lotion (400ml) at RM199 (n.p RM489)

* While Stocks Last.
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Marie Claire Australia: Free Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss.

So I was at the mall on Thursday evening (shopping night in Australia, remember?!) and bought myself a new pair of shoes.. on the way home, I headed to the news agent and lo and behold, spying from the shelf where the rest of the women's magazines was a shiny lip gloss...

Marie Claire Australia
Ordinarily, Australian ladies magazines are not much to shout about.... (they really should learn from their asian counterparts how to boost sales..) 

Readers these days are more discerning than they used to be.. the only thing that could "sell" a magazine is the "goodie" that comes along with it.. and this one was the Estee Lauder one (which means "quality good brand".

 Estee Lauder Pure Colour Gloss (11- Passion Fruit Shimmer)
One of my korean mates told me she had to pay about 30,000 won for a lip gloss from Estee Lauder. So for AUD9.20 for the magazine and the Estee Lauder seems a pretty good buy.

There were a few other magazines offering lip gloss "goodies" but this was the only one that actually caught my attention anyways!
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The Sims 2: Double Deluxe


The Sims 2: Double Deluxe

So after playing the mini The Sims 3 on my Nokia E71 mobile, I decided to head to EB Games physical store at Ashfield Mall earlier today.. 

After some recommendations from TJ, I decided to get The Sims 2: Double Deluxe.

Its a great bargain as it comes bundled with
- The Sims 2
- The Sims 2 Nightlife Expansion Pack 
- The Sims 2 Celebration! Stuff Pack 
- Bonus DVD with tips and tricks videos

The game plays only on the normal PC DVD and retails for AUD49.96 (rounded up to AUD50, of course!). The price for just one expansion starts at AUD15 so this was a good buy for its price.

So far, I've managed to run it on my Acer Aspire which runs on a Windows 7 platform. Just have to wait how far I can go in the game though!  *LOL*
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LUSH: Aromaco Deodorant *Mmmmm* Smells good. ^^

Witchazel Infusion (Hamamelis virginiana), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Chamomile Vinegar (Anthemis nobilis), Sodium Bicarbonate, Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Perfume.

Aromaco is our cooling, patchouli scented deodorant block based on an infusion of astringent witch hazel and chamomile vinegar. This has pong-bashing bicarb in it too. Use it on your feet, your armpits and anywhere else you want to keep smelling fresh and lovely. We add plenty of patchouli oil, which is cooling on the skin, is rumoured to sharpen the wits and acts as an insect repellent; not bad for a deodorant.

So I got this from Queen Victoria's Building (QVB) on Monday evening. Been meaning to get it, but just haven't had the opportunity to head down .. heh.

About AUD12.20 for 114grams.

Been using it for a few days.. and I actually just left it on the dressing table unwrapped (I hope it doesn't get oxidized or anything!) and the scent from the deodorant bar enveloped my room.  Maybe because it's winter, and the air is cool and still.  It smells really good!

Anyone else used it before? How effective it is compared to the Kiehl's deodorant? Care to share?
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Won a Dermalogica Pack from Skincare Store!

Won a Dermalogica Pack from Skincare Store!

So I joined this Treasure Hunt lucky dip at Skincare Store last week, and they sent me this email yesterday!

SkincareStore would like to thank you for entering our Treasure Hunt last week! We have already confirmed our first 15 winners and sent them their packs, but we are really excited to announce that you have made it to our 2nd prize offer!

You have won the Dermalogica Essential Pack which contains the Dermalogica Gentle Cream exfoliant and the Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution 250ml.
If we can please ask that you reply to this email with your postal address and we will send you pack out shortly.

Thank you once again for taking the time to participate, there are more exciting events coming soon!!

Kindest regards,
SkincareStore Team :)

Sorry guys, but treasure hunt valid only in Australia! *waits impatiently for the prize in the mail now!*
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Ella Bache: Bonus full size Moisture-Bath Hand Renew

Are your hands feeling dry and damaged and in need of a little tender love and care?

This month at Ella Baché when you purchase any two skincare products, you will receive a full size bonus Moisture-Bath Hand Renew cream.

This deliciously scented and rich in melon, shea butter and babassu oil, is a fine non-oily textured hand cream which absorbs quickly into the skin to soften, protect and moisturise. It repairs and renews leaving hands hydrated and revitalised! This offer is available in store from the 2nd August and we look forward to seeing you. Don't forget to enter our competition where you can win 1 of 10 Moisture-Bath Hand Renew cream products.

Bonus full size Moisture-Bath Hand Renew 100ml, valued at AUD59 when you purchase two or more skincare products.*

Keep your hands nourished during the drying winter months with Ella Baché Moisture-Bath Hand Renew cream.

Deliciously scented this non-oily, moisture rich, anti-aging hand cream absorbs swiftly into the skin to soften, protect and mosturise.

For skin good enough to eat book a complimentary Skin Diagnosis with your Ella Baché Therapist today.

*Offer ends 30.08.10 or while stocks last. Limit one per client.
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Strathfield: Having fun in Sydney's own Koreatown!

About twenty minutes by train from Sydney, is Strathfield.
Here one can find asian, predominantly korean shops all around the small town of Strathfield! ^^

Having a cuppa in the afternoon..

Ho Dokk Shop
A hot dokk shop..

Ho Dokk
If you head to Korea, remember to try this out at the pojangmacha!

Korean shops
One of the korean shops..
Strathfield street
Street view of Strathfield..
Strathfield Dinner
Dinner- Sam Gye Tang & Guk Su.
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David Jones: Natio Eight-Piece Gift.

Natio Eight-Piece Gift.
Exclusively at David Jones.
Your gift contains:
Extreme Volume Mascara 15ml, Ultra Shiny Fruit Gloss in Cherry 15ml, Daily Protection Face Moisturiser SPF 15 100g, Antioxidant Hand & Nail Cream 100g, Spa Pep-Up Body Cleanser 30ml, Ageless Dual Action Cleanser & Exfoliator 20ml and Ageless Hydrating Mask 20ml presented in a cosmetics bag.

STEP UP GIFT (pictured above).

Also, spend AUD49 or more** on Natio products and receive an additional bonus gift valued at AUD23*. Your gift contains full-sized Moisturising Lip Balm, full-sized Eye Contour Wrinkle Cream and Rosewater & Chamomile Gentle Skin Toner 30ml.

For Natio, there’s no other store like David Jones.

^One per customer.
*Valued by Natio.
**In one transaction.
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David Jones: Your Lancome Gift Exclusive

Receive your exclusive nine-piece luxury gift† valued from AUD190** when you spend AUD70 or more^ on Lancôme.

MAIN GIFT† (pictured above)
Your Lancôme gift includes Color Fever Lipstick in 312 Rose 2.2g, Lancôme Star Bronzer 3.5g, Génifique Youth Activator 5ml, NEW Trésor In Love Eau de Parfum 5ml and the NEW Hypnôse Precious Cells Mascara 2ml.

You will also receive a three-piece skin solution sample of:
Hydrates: HYDRA ZEN Day Cream 15ml, Night Cream 15ml, Eye Cream 5ml (not pictured)

Firms: RENERGIE LIFT VOLUMETRY Day Cream 15ml, Serum 10ml, Eye Cream 5ml (pictured in main gift image opposite page)

ABSOLUE ßx Day Cream 15ml, Night Cream 5ml, Eye Cream 5ml (not pictured).

BONUS GIFT† (pictured right)
Spend over $120 on Lancôme and receive this exclusive Limited Edition Color Design full-size trio lipstick*

Each gift comes with an exclusive pink Lancôme bag.

† Unless otherwise stated, bonus offers and gifts are limited to one per customer and available while stocks last. If the purchased item is returned, the bonus or gift must also be returned or its value will be deducted from the refund. **Valued by Lancôme.
^ In one transaction. Available while stocks last until 22/08/10. Lipstick and blush shades may vary. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.
* Bonus Limited Edition Color Design trio lipstick only available at Elizabeth Street, Bourke Street Mall, QueensPlaza, Rundle Mall and Hay Street Mall.
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David Jones: Jurlique Skin Replenishing Gift valued at AUD125.

Your Jurlique Skin Replenishing Gift valued at AUD125. Exclusively at David Jones.
Receive your Skin Replenishing Gift valued at AUD125 when you purchase any two facial skin care products from Jurlique.

Your gift contains: 
- Daily Exfoliating Cream 40ml, 
- Rosewater Balancing Mist 30ml; 
- and Purely Age-Defying Night Lotion 40ml. 
It also includes a sachet sample of the NEW Herbal Recovery Eye Cream and an exclusive preview of the Herbal Recovery Night Cream (not pictured).

One gift per customer. Subject to stock availability. Valued by Jurlique.
In one transaction. Limited time only, while stocks last. Excludes gift sets.
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Priceline Pharmacy: Lucky Dip up for grabs!

Priceline Pharmacy: Lucky Dip up for grabs!

Spend 50 AUD or more between 5th- 13th August 2010 and claim your winning ticket!

Lucky dip delivers one of the following fabulous prizes:
*Travel Voucher
*Voucher for weekend getaway
*Day spa package
*Movie ticket
*Pamper voucher
*Yoga session
*Pilates session
*Voucher for museums, theme parks, wildlife parks or other attractions
*Personal trainer voucher


1. *To qualify for this offer and have a chance to win, spend $50 or more in one transaction in any Priceline or Priceline Pharmacy (excluding prescription and gift voucher purchases) between and including August 5th and August 13th 2010.
2. Upon a qualifying purchase, you will be provided with a coupon with a unique code. Enter the unique code on-line at: by 31st August 2010 to see which reward you have won.
3. Once your reward has been revealed on the website a form will be displayed for you to enter your name, 5 digit Priceline receipt number, email address, and contact details. You will then be required to select your preferred venue from a drop list. The venue selected by you cannot be changed once submitted.
4. Once the form is submitted by following the on-line instructions, you will receive an email (to the nominated email address specified in the form) within 7 working days with a voucher outlining details of your preferred venue, contact details and conditions of use.
5. To redeem all vouchers (excluding cinema & free day out vouchers), print the voucher and call the venue to pre-book. All bookings must be made by the 31st October 2010.
6. In the event that you do not have access to a computer, please contact our customer service centre on 1300 88 44 11 Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm (EST).

Link to Priceline website page.
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Air Asia: So, now everyone can fly cheap to SEOUL

Air Asia: So, now everyone can fly cheap to SEOUL

If this is not good news, I don't know what is...
Discover Your Seoul
Booking Period :
4 August 2010 - 8 August 2010
Travel Period : 1 November 2010 - 11 August 2011
Travel Notes
- Advanced booking required.
- Fares are not available during embargo period.

My friend JessLee tells me its RM275 ALL IN!! Serious.. everyone wants to go to SEOUL now!! Too Cheap, Too Cheap!!
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Hillsong: Oceans Will Rise.


Hillsong: Oceans Will Rise.

So this is the song I listened to on the computer last night, and has been ringing through my mind.

If my heart has grown cold
There Your love will unfold
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand
When I’m blind to my way
There Your Spirit will pray
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand

Oceans will part nations come
At the whisper of Your call
Hope will rise glory shine
In my life Your will be done

Present suffering may pass
Lord Your mercy will last
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand
And my heart will find praise
IÂ’ll delight in Your way
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand
As You open my eyes to the work of Your hand
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Junior Masterchef in the books?


Junior Masterchef in the books?

So today was the finale of the Masterchef at 7.30pm Australian time.

Seriously speaking, I was not really following the series, but the kids at childcare centres were following it even more avidly than I was. LOL!

If you're wondering, Masterchef is a reality television programme on Australian Channel Ten which gives budding chefs the ultimate once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop their cooking skills, to be mentored by the best, and of course, be on tv!

The television programme is so popular that THE one-off federal election debate between Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott had been moved to an earlier timeslot on Sunday night, LOL!

Anyways, after service at the Anglican church near my home, there was supposed to be a screening of the Masterchef on the big screen. But since one of my friends, William, was celebrating his birthday, I had to opt for that instead. ^^

I haven't had chinese cuisine in a long time since living in a korean household. LOL..

For dinner, first we had some kind of a chinese style corn soup with other stuff (which I can't remember) lol..

This was followed by huge portions of pork and vege dumplings. (gyoza like dumplings). YUM!

After which, we had pizza from Pizza Hut (Brought by William)..

For dessert to top it off, we had "tong yuen" with sweet potato and adzuki beans. YUM.

Oh, and we watched Masterchef of course! I was even more surprised to find out that there'll be a spinoff with Junior Masterchef on board in the next few weeks to come! Should be exciting to watch.. ^^
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K-dramas keeping me occupied.


K-dramas keeping me occupied.

So I've been recovering from a flu....

It's been way too long-- but I guess that's how a flu runs?
Been mostly bedridden and resting at home.

To keep myself from going crazy, I had been watching korean dramas..

I really have to say that MiNamIsiNaeYo (You're Beautiful) was my favourite for the year!

Aside from Boys Before Flowers (2009), this one takes the cake from all the korean dramas I have seen on KBS-W last year. There were a lot of hits and misses, but the fact that I keep rewatching You're Beautiful does say something.

Anyways, I have also finished watching Personal Preference, starring Lee Min Ho, and Sohn Yeh Jin, and am moving halfway through My Girl, starring Lee Da Hae.

May-December romance?
As much as I do think that Lee Min Ho is a hottie (in Boys Before Flowers) and Sohn Yeh Jin is extremely beautiful (in April Snow), however, I really do not think that their on-screen pairing works well. It's not to say that their acting is horribly bad, but Sohn Yeh Jin's character looks more like an elder sister (noona) than a lover in Personal Preference.

Sohn Yeh Jin is 28, and Lee Min Ho is 23 this year. As much as Sohn Yeh Jin does look beautiful, however her real age still shows through when partnered with Min Ho who however looks very much his youthful biological age.

Well, that apart, if Park Shin Hye and Lee Min Ho were ever partnered together, I would willingly approve of that. Though I must say that the behind-the-scenes from Personal Preference do reveal that Lee Min Ho is a pretty shy fellow, as compared to someone like Shin-Hye who is thoroughly an extrovert... ha ha ha.

My Girl
I'm still halfway through this drama. Lee Da Hae's character is sure one crazy girl. LOL.
Delicacy Beauty & Spa: First Massage Experience

Delicacy Beauty & Spa: First Massage Experience

So today I went for a 30 minutes massage at my local salon.

I had been hankering for one in a while, since I visited Strathfield a couple of weeks ago and went about collecting all the flyers and brochures.

In Strathfield, there are a number of korean salons (Strathfield is the most well known KoreaTown in Sydney, at least). However, the thought of having to wait and take a train, and spend extra on the train fare when there already was a Sothys salon in Ashfield Mall did put off those aspirations.

As much as I would like to try out korean massages, I have tried the ones from Sothys. Knowing that they DO work for me, I did not really want to bother with changing to another brand, say PAYOT for instance.

Even if I wanted to do a massage, I should (and would) have done it in Korea at the jimjilbang as it would be less costly to do so. But case in hand, I had not, so I decided not to do it there. The same would go for here as well!

I was also deciding whether to go for the normal TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) type massage, as they abound in Ashfield. 

I was trying to decide if to go for it, but since I had to go to the mall, and had ample time at hand (since I was not working today), I decided to go for it. Further, most salons are not as busy in the afternoons, so I know there was a good chance of a vacancy.

So I went into the salon, just right before it turned the next hour, and asked about the different types of massages.

There were two types, being the more higher grade version which used Aromatherapy oil, and the normal massage oil type. I chose the latter, which had the option of 30, and 60 minutes.

I opted for the 30 minutes massage as it was my first for a massage there. Namely, I wanted to trial out the first massage experience before deciding further.

Coincidentally, I also had a sore back (not truly sore-sore, but still sore nonetheless), so it was good timing.

I waited for only about five minutes, when the therapist was just finishing up with another client before it came to my turn.

For the massage, I was asked to remove my upper half & inner garments.

It was pretty good. The masseur, had strong hands. 

I rested through it, and came out feeling much well and rested from the massage.

The masseur/therapist did inform me that she could feel the knots. With the blood flowing through now, I guess I won't feel so sleepy as I did as the circulation is much better after the hard massage.
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K-drama: You're Beautiful.

Recently I just watched You're Beautiful ( Mi Nam Isi-Nae-Yo -미남이시네요)... and it's absolutely addictive!! I keep listening to the OST on my laptop..

There have been many cross-dresser dramas in the past, but this one really takes the cake for 2009!

The Storyline...

It is a story of a girl, Go Mi Nyu who impersonates the place of her twin brother, Go Mi Nam, in joining a fictional idol band, A.N.Jell. The brother was unable to return in time to make his debut due to a botched eye surgery.

Mi Nyu having grown up in a convent, and intending to be a nun, initially has her polite and quirky ways difficult to get along with the band's prickly team leader, Tae Gyung. She also has to keep secret her identity as a girl until her brother returns, but that seems harder than she thought....

However with one incident after another, as Mi Nyu displays her kindness and concern, it soon breaks down Tae Gyung's prickly ways, as they both get to know each other..

Other cast members include band idol Lee Hong Ki (from the band F.T Island) as Jeremy, and Lee Yong Hwa (from C.N. Blue). 

Why I recommend this drama?
Solid acting and performance from all the actors. A balance of humour, romance, and good story line. Not to mention good chemistry between the entire cast! Also do remember to keep the tissue box handy!

Don't forget about the soundtrack, as the songs performed by the band A.N.Jell are listen worthy, and absolute pure enjoyment and worth its gold in time.

Why I especially like is that in real life, the actors are the total opposite of the characters they portray, which makes the performance in drama much more solid and view worthy. The performance will have you in tears (literally!) that I have to keep the tissue box in hand many times....

OST Links:
You're Beautiful OST Download Link.

Some trivia about the You're Beautiful Cast...

Hwang Tae Gyung: Lead singer of A.N. Jell.
Actor- Jang Geun Seuk- also the previous ambassador for Etude House (before Lee Min Ho). He has done a number of commercials with Park Shin Hye in the past. He has been acting from a young age.

Go Mi Nam/Go Mi Nyu: 
Actress- Park Shin Hye- She is also the female ambassador for Etude House. For this drama, she had to cut her hair to look like a boy...  Like Geun Seuk, she has been acting from her early years.

Jeremy: Member of A.N. Jell.
Lee Hong Ki- lead singer of the four member idol band- F.T. Island

Kang Shin Woo: Member of A.N. Jell.
Jung Yong Hwa- lead singer, and guitarist of the four member band C.N.Blue.

Hoo Yee: 
UEE- one of the members of the girl group - After School. In real life, she has a shy personality.
EON Bank charging me for a non card issued.


EON Bank charging me for a non card issued.

Before I left for Sydney, I had applied for a Mastercard credit card with EON Bank. As I had applied for the card at the same time as my other family members, they all received the credit card kit at the same time.

I had also provided instructions on my application to have the card delivered to the bank outlet instead of home, so I knew that if the card was approved, I should receive a text message from the bank.

So waiting in futile, I finally received a letter in the mail from EON bank stating that my card application was not approved.

So fine, I thought that was the end of the story.

Yet on the day that I was due to leave Malaysia, I received another letter from the bank saying that they are charging me RM50 service fee for the card. WTFH????

Right, did not the bank send me a letter saying that the card application was not approved. So then how in the world could the bank then next send me a statement charging me for RM50 service charge?

That did not make any sense.

So I wrote to the bank informing that of what happened. Can you guess what happened next?

They said "please give us your Australian address, so that we can forward you the card to your Australian address."

Have you ever heard of such nonsense?

Was this technicality problem on their part?


Really, that's not my problem.

So I wrote back with instructions asking them to cancel the card....

However, two months  later...

During camp, I was surprised to check through my mobile phone an email from my mother saying that I currently "owe" EON Bank about  Rm65.00 for the service charge, and she advised me that if I can't pay, she would pay for me...



I wrote to EON Bank another email.

However, I added the line that if they choose to disregard my instructions, I will have to forward the matter to the financial ombudsman, or Bank Negara, or any other related associations.

I hope they will do what is right, because if not, that is exactly WHAT I am going to do.
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Cold winter ahead.

Cold winter ahead.

So yes, I'm now bed ridden at home with a flu. Since Monday anyways. Not a good thing, but better to get well than to get stressed at work managing the children... lalala.. not a good thing.

Anyways, Sydney is in the middle of a winter now. it's about 5 degrees (average). I know its not as cold as South Korea, which can go down to as low as -15 this year.

The difference is that South Korea is fully prepared for such extreme weathers, and is well insulated in winters with their underfloor ondol heating. Unfortunately, such luxuries do not exist in Australia yet, and it'll be light years before we have ondol heating around here anyways.
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Myer One: Stay radiant with Skin Deep in July


Myer One: Stay radiant with Skin Deep in July

The July edition of Beauty Monthly has been brought forward to bring you an exclusive preview of Skin Deep. Experience amazing treatments and consultations, and receive fantastic bonuses and offers from some of the most innovative skin care brands at Myer. Hurry in from Sunday 4 until Saturday 17 July 2010 to explore your skin's real beauty. While stock lasts.

visit your nearest SHISEIDO counter at Myer to receive a complimentary 15 minute skin analysis and 1-2-3 skincare sample*

3 steps to beautiful skin using SHISEIDO’s unique softening step. Discover the 1-2-3 skincare regime with one of Shiseido’s signature skincare ranges, which are now available in Starter Packs.
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visit your nearest CLARINS counter at Myer for a complimentary 15 minute CLARINS time skin consultation and receive a 15ml moisturiser tailored to your skin needs*

You can also purchase the Clarins Line Prevention Essential gift set valued by Clarins at $167 for just $87

visit your nearest Lancôme counter at Myer for a complimentary 10 minute skin consultation along with a stress-relieving hand massage and receive a bonus sample of the NEW Hydra Zen moisturiser 5ml*

visit your nearest Biotherm counter at Myer and receive a 7 second skin hydration check plus a 5ml sample of new Source Thérapie 7*

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discover your Skin Age Type® and stop the signs of aging now

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*One sample per customer, while stock lasts. Shiseido not available Bendigo, Colonnades, Dubbo, Hobart, Orange, Tuggeranong and Wagga. Biotherm available Melbourne City, Sydney City, Brisbane City, Adelaide City, Perth City, Bondi, Castle Hill, Carindale, Chadstone, Chatswood, Chermside, Doncaster, Eastgardens, Eastland, Highpoint, Hobart, Hurstville, Indooroopilly, Knox City, Macquarie, Maroochydore, Miranda, Northland, Pacific Fair, Parramatta and Roselands.
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128 Faubourg: Rhubarb-Berry Velvety Treatment July Promotions

Purchase Rhubarb-Berry Velvety Treatment at Rm198 (n.p Rm220)

1 x Raspberry Smoothie Emulsion total worth RM85
1 x 14 days supply Soothing Milk worth RM49
1 x 14 days Supply Soothing lotion worth RM49
1 x faubourg Cash worth RM20 (unconditional cash voucher)

Purchase Rhubarb-Berry Velvety Treatment at RM198(n.p RM220)

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Other terms & conditions apply. Please click poster for more information.
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Deodorants @ LUSH


Deodorants @ LUSH

Today is Thursday, the only night well known for the late night shopping (till about 9pm!) in Australia..

On my way home today, I stopped by the LUSH shop near QVB, Sydney and checked out their June Lush Times.

Among the items retailed that caught my eye was the

Aromaco Solid Deodorant retailing for $10.70 per 100g,
Aromaco is our cooling, patchouli scented deodorant block based on an infusion of astringent witch hazel and chamomile vinegar. This has pong-bashing bicarb in it too. Use it on your feet, your armpits and anywhere else you want to keep smelling fresh and lovely. We add plenty of patchouli oil, which is cooling on the skin, is rumoured to sharpen the wits and acts as an insect repellent; not bad for a deodorant

Witchazel Infusion (Hamamelis virginiana), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Stearate, Chamomile Vinegar (Anthemis nobilis), Sodium Bicarbonate, Patchouli Oil (Pogostemon cablin), Perfume.

T`Eo bar $10.50.
The powerful tea tree one for active armpits. T`Eo bar is a tea tree deodorant, hence the name. If you`re a sporty type who gets sweaty on a regular basis then go for this one. Stick it in a baggie and carry it around with you for regular top ups if need be. Tea tree, lemon and juniper are excellent against invading armies of bacteria.

As with all the Kryztals, the powdered sodium bicarbonate and magnesium carbonate absorb odours and excess perspiration; if you`ve been exercising dab the bar under your arms for reinforcements.

Sodium Bicarbonate , Cream of Tartar (Tartaric acid) , Apricot Kernel Oil (Prunus armeniaca) , Blue Wax (Specerit Blue C) , Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) , Magnesium Carbonate , Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum) , Juniperberry Oil (Juniperus communis) , Lemongrass Oil (Cymbopogon schoenanthus) , Fresh Grape Juice (Vitis vinifera) , Blue Cornflower Petals (Centaurea cyanus) , *Citral , *Eugenol , *Geraniol , *Citronellol , *Limonene , *Linalool , Perfume *Occurs Naturally in essential oils

I might just go and check it out the next time I am out at QVB.... ^^
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