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Happy New Year from 02 Ski Resort


Happy New Year from 02 Ski Resort

Hi guys and girls.
It's freezing up here today.  Well, it's a ski resort- 02 Ski Resort.

But I didn't ski. I did the whole snowboarding thing last year (on New Year's Day itself no less)..
and it was truely tiring.

Today, the group went skiing-- and they gave up after less than 2 hours plus. It was blustery cold, and I didn't even want to go out into the cold icy snow. Everyone was freezing and "wrapped like a bak-zhang" as the chinese may say. ^.^

Bought myself a pair of skiing-water proof gloves (10,000 won) and muffler (20,000won). The muffler more expensive than the gloves? Hmm..

Lots of families went skiing together. Seems like it is a winter affair for most families in winter. ^^

For dinner tonight, I had one glass of soju.. But I guess I couldn't take it as my face turned lobster red right after! LOL.

For sleeping arrangements, so far, we've been arranged to sleep in ondol styled rooms. Meaning, on the floor on mattresses. The floors are thankfully heated. I checked out the room I stayed today. I think it says 330,000 won.. (which is big enough to fit 5 persons). Pretty big for one traveller,eh? Wow... quite a high "published rate", I must say.

Anyways, I am now blogging from a public computer. It's free, but it means I can't spend too much time on this as people are waiting to use it. It's also pretty cold out here-- so I can't stay too long on the terminal.

For ski resorts, I'd guess that most of them only open during the winter months. So, providing long term amenities and facilities here might not be the economically viable move.

Anyways, my greetings to all, Happy New Year and May God Bless You as you set your resolutions for the this coming year!
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Writing from Mount Sorak, South Korea.


Writing from Mount Sorak, South Korea.

Hi guys, girls and readers concerned. ^^

Anyways, I have reached the land of kimchi-and-soju safely this morning. It took about 3.5 hours from Incheon to get to Sorak-san by bus. On the way, we stopped by for BBQ. There was also a muslim family on the tour.. so they had.. surprise surprise.. vegetables steamboat for lunch.

For dinner it was something like sam-gye tang. Not too bad. The muslim family had something vege (again).

It was freezing cold in Sorak-san. I really need to get a proper pair of boots-- LOL.
It was not really that cold per se, but more of the frosty biting wind.

Its about 2,500won per hour at this internet cafe at the HanWha resort that I am staying. So far, I have met quite a number of interesting couples, and a number of families in the group.

There is our local tour leader from KL, and there is this China-born-but-Korean bred tour guide, and her trusty side-kick & good looking Korean male assistant. Also not forgetting the bus driver. So there- four persons leading the tour.

Tomorrow we'll be headed to the 02 Ski Resort, having a hand at making kimchi (which I need to get my hands on) and some other funky stuff which I can't remember.

Anyways, so far it's been a fairly good day. It is good to get away from it all and reflect on a lot of things that has happened in the past one year.

For some strange reason, I am unable to log-on to my Facebook account, but I know that my FB account will RSS this... so anyways, you can leave me a message either on this blogpage, or straight to my e-mail.

I will reply when I am able to get internet access.

Till then,
Anyong Kaseyo....
Business is closed for the year-end holidays.


Business is closed for the year-end holidays.

As some, or most of the readers may know, I will be away to the land of kimchi-and-soju.

Business will resume as per normal on the 18th of January 2010.

In the meanwhile, please pray that I do not catch a cold or get sick in the -10 degrees weather,
and that everything will turn out fine... 
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Business is closed for the year-end holidays.

Business is closed for the year-end holidays.

As some, or most of the readers may know, I will be away to the land of kimchi-and-soju.

Business will resume as per normal on the 18th of January.

In the mean time, keep yourself busy anticipating a auto-post that will be published on New Year's Day!

What is it? Just keep those fingers waiting! ^^
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Loccitane: My Christmas Haul & GWP

On Saturday I went for a facial at 128 Faubourg. Having completed my treatment, I decided to go shopping.. I didn't fancy paying RM300+ for one Sothys product either. So I headed out, but nothing caught my eye....

at least until I reached Lot 10.


Aromachologie Travel- RM99 @ Isetan Lot 10.
RM1.50 purchase at Isetan Food Mart.

RM100 purchase at ISETAN -
ENTITLED to FREE 4 hours parking at Lot 10: Save RM5 (N.P RM7 per entry on wknds)


The very next day, at Mid Valley, I went on another Christmas shopping thingy...

Aromachologie Set- RM129

Olive Green & Gold Travel Set - RM129.

For purchasing RM250 and above at Mid Valley:
1 token- entitled to either FREE 3 hours parking OR 1 mug. I chose the latter.

Free HSBC Mug- retail RM20+


FREE 3 piece Lancome set.(with purchases above RM250).


Now that I look at it, I definitely think this promotion is better at Mid Valley than at Pavilion. For Pavilion, GWP only comes with purchases RM500 and above.. whereas at Midvalley this promotion starts at RM250 (using HSBC Mastercard, and other Mastercard purchases in a single receipt only!)

So I guess I have enough supplies of shampoo, hair rinse, and creams to last for the next couple of months.... LOL. ^^


Hydroptimale Institute Treatment @ 128 Faubourg Pavilion

Hydroptimale Institute Treatment @ 128 Faubourg Pavilion

On Saturday morning, I headed over to Pavilion for another facial.

This is the ULTIMATE SOTHYS Institute Treatment facial treatment for females 40 and below. I was really looking forward to it...

The HydroOptimale Institute Treatment retails at normal price- RM350. However, I had a SOTHYS Member Birthday Voucher which entitled me to 50% off the retail price. (I seriously can't imagine paying RM350 for a facial anytime soon though....) >.<

The speciality of this particular treatment is that it utilizes a special kind of patented massage called- the "digi-esthetique" which, according to the SOTHYS website,  "emphasizes on relaxing and detoxifying movements for a high definiation hydration* treatment."  

I was late as usual.....

My BA, Celine brought out and presented to me the range of SOTHYS products which were going to be used on my face during the treatment...

Anyways, I fell asleep halfway through the facial as I had a late sleep in the night before. ^^

After the facial, my BA, Celine recommended me the SOTHYS range of HydroOptimale skincare products - which was the HydroOptimale Hydrating Serum (50ml). Retail price- Rm379, HydroOptimale Hydrating Mask (50ml)- RM239, and HydroOptimale Light Cream (50ml)- RM329.

Even after the 15% birthday discount voucher on one product, the retail price of one product was serious enough to put damage to my already severely empty pockets. LOL ^^

Still to be seen as I have not been sleeping well.... and no one has commented on the facial or my face thus far...just have to wait till I get a comment on my face. ^^

I paid using my CIMB Mastercard Prepaid.
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Kiehl's: My First Haul Ever!

On Sunday, I somehow managed to arm-twist my cell-group mate, Bell, to go Mid Valley shopping with me...  He was more  a bodyguard than shopping mate anyways.. LOL.

Since I was in the holiday shopping mood, I decided to check out some skincare range...

I was trying to decide between Loccitane, and Kiehl's.

Since I could not make a choice, I decided to get BOTH! It was good timing, as the set was good for travel.

Initially I wanted to get one of the sets advertised as it did not contain among any of the products I wanted. Then the KCR (Kiehl's Consumer Representative?) informed me that it could be "customized" within my budget and my needs. 

So happily-- I "chose" what I wanted....

HERE's what I got....
It came in a clear transparent cosmetic bag
* Nurturing Body Washing Cream (75ml)

* Rice & Wheat Volumizing Rinse (75ml)

* Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo (75ml)

* Cranberry flavored lip balm. (15ml)

* Free Gift: Liquid Body Cleanser- Grapefruit. (65ml) 

*Samples thrown in-
- Pineapple Papaya Facial Scrub 
- Ultra Facial Cleanser.

How much did it cost? RM120.
Price after RM10 discount promotion :  Nett RM110.



Kiehl's Christmas Party 2009 @ Pavilion KL

Its the most awaited & exciting Christmas event organised by Kiehl's for the year! Held at Pavilion KL on 17th Dec 09, I attended as a guest under Wendy. Thanks, Wendy!! 

It was a hectic work day on 17th Dec, as I had much before-the-holidays work to attend to, and everything was in a mess! But the thought of attending the Kiehl's party cheered me up.

By the time I left the office, it was already 6pm, and I would have got caught in the terrible traffic if it were not for the SMART highway! Thank the Lord for highways! It took a further half an hour after arriving near the Golden Triangle junction to be able to move past the heavy traffic.

The games had already ended by 7pm-- but I managed to meet up with the other bloggers who turned up for the event! There was a galore of food awaiting..... (sorry, was too busy eating to take any pictures of the mouthwatering food. YUM!)

Group Picture!

Tammy & Jean

Jean & Wendy

Zoe and me met Nadia, one of ladies from Kiehl's marketing Department... who kindly gave us the samples below..


Our Goodie Bag! Zoe & I got the same samples! Pix copyright Zoe.

The Daily Asker: the lady blogger who asks!


The Daily Asker: the lady blogger who asks!

Want to know some tricks to asking (and negotiating discounts?)

I found this website, The Daily Asker, managed by an American resident, and thought our Malaysian readers (for the girls anyways) could learn some tricks from this lady blogger.

I think a lot of the way sale transactions are done in America is similar to that in Malaysia.

At least from what I know, American authors like Napoleon Hill, Swim With The Shark do pretty well here as compared to that in Australia.

Well, have fun reading. and asking!
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Vision Therapy Eyewear @ Watsons Mid Valley

I saw this at Watsons today. Well, why am I even posting this up?

That's cause I have astigmatism in both my eyes. The thought of using pinhole glasses in decreasing my astigmatism without having to undergo laser operation, or wear another pair of lenses is tempting indeed.

But for RM78.80 per pop (or per pair here), I have to decide whether to get a new pair of glasses for astigmatism (which I will cough up at least RM200 for a new pair) or just to go ahead to Optimax to do retreatment for my eye (about RM994 for one eye).


Clinique Starter Kits @ Jusco Mid Valley

I saw this the other day, but since I passed it today again, I decided to take a picture of it.

If you're looking for affordably priced starter kits from Clinique, look no further than at Mid Valley JUSCO. Somehow, they stock mostly the "cheaper ranged" starter kits which you can't find either at Metrojaya or at Gardens Isetan. There's about 9 packs on the shelf for now, and not sure if the outlet will restock it.

The sizes are as follows for the Type 2 Clinique 3-Step Starter Kit: 100ml, 50ml and 30ml for the three products in the set.

What is the price? RM105 only.  The Anti-Blemish starter kits starts from RM185.

Whilst Stocks Last!


My First Clarins Haul: The 'Hippo" Christmas Starter Kits.

Due to a tip off from Tammy, I had gone searching at Pavilion & Lot 10 for the Christmas set... yet could not find any..
  • Parkson Sungai Wang- the BA pointed to a Clarins make-up starter kit (didn't see no hippo on it.). 
  • Lot 10- didn't see no hippo.
  • Parksons Pavilion- didn't see no hippo. 
  • Mid Valley Metrojaya Clarins- didn't see no hippo. 
Until.... I headed over to Mid Valley Jusco Clarins---

and there it was.... heaps!

The Hippo Set (Body Starter Kit)

When I approached the counter, the BA (sorry, did not take note of name) came forward. She tried to "up-size" me to the bigger sized sets, saying that its only for a few uses, but I insisted on the starter kits.

Me: It's my first time trying out Clarins. I want to see how my skin responds to it.
BA: No no.. it's very safe. Made from plants.. safe safe. You should get bigger size!

Obviously not all recommendations are taken. >.<

The Bunny Set (Matt Face)

Later, she then recommended that I get the Bunny Set (Matt Face set). The BA also insisted it was suitable for combination/dry skin, although it clearly states Combination/Oily on it.

Well, what do you think? 
    Carolling @ Lot 10 and Pavillion


    Carolling @ Lot 10 and Pavillion

    Hi everyone!

    With Christmas coming, the Young Adults (YA) Group from Full Gospel Assembly (whose cell group I attend) will be carolling at a number of shopping malls.

    They will be at these locations this coming weekend.

    13th December (Sunday)
    • 6.00pm at Lot 10 
    • 8.00pm at Pavilion.
    Come and give support if you are nearby and join in the carolling christmas cheer!!
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    Beauty Diary: My Day at Bella Luna & Pavilion.

    Today was my day off from work. This is the record of what I did today.

    Bella Luna @ Berjaya Times Square.
    Made an appointment at noon to go in for a body massage/treatment & facial therapy.

    Body Massage- Therapist- Brenda.
    She is an ajumma in her mid 40s-50s. Has strong hands. Did not use any utensil like (i.e. guasa) for the massage. Brenda did try to recommend some of the company's products- but I did not respond. She mostly speaks Cantonese.

    Facial Therapy: Therapist- Gigi.
    She is a young lady in her early 20s. Rather chatty. Today she performed the Revitalizing Rolling Therapy on my face.

    I realised later that she performed the Rolling Therapy (or rose quartz facial, as what their staff call it) as she overheard me asking her colleague about it on the phone. Gigi also remembers me from the expo where I had signed up for their trial package in July. When I asked if I had to "top-up" for the facial, she said that this one has already been factored into the package.

    Gigi asked me about the Cosmecnique face mask I had bought previously, which I told her I had already finished using it. She also trimmed my eye-brows for me. Brenda did not recommend any products to me as I told her that I was using another skincare product given by another friend. She also mostly speaks Cantonese. I'd recommend this therapist if any of you guys are thinking of going there for a facial.

    Prior to this, I mostly had the Natural Silk Face Brightening Treatment on me. According to their menu, the rose quartz facial is Bella Luna's signature face therapy.

    Post Treatment-
    As usual, I signed out by initializing my name on the profile card. The sales assistant tried recommending me their Cosmecnique Oxy facial package, retailing for about two grand for 10 times, (NP.RM4000). I told her I'd think about it.

    The Pavilion
    After my massage at Bella Luna, I headed over to Pavilion. Did you know there is a great "chee-cheong-fun' in the corridor thoroughfare leading to the back entrance of Sungai Wang building? 

    The few-reindeer open sleigh waiting for Santa Claus.

    The RM500 purchase "instant gift".

    The RM1000 "instant gift" set.

    128 Faubourg @ Pavillion- Seventh Heaven. 

     My 2 piece starter GWP kit.

    I went to collect my two piece GWP starter kit set- Lightening Lotion (40ml) & Morning Cleanser (15ml) worth RM120. It is part of the GWP included in the "cheaper" trial facial package offered by 128 Faubourg when customers go in for their first facial. Similar practice to Leonard Drake/Asterspring.

    When I was there, I overheard an Australian-Born Chinese girl (in her late teens) asking on behalf of her Hong Kong mother- to one of the BA, Queenie, for skincare samples. The BA then took out the samples from the closet (under strict lock & key?) two samples of the products.

    Strange that they did not give me samples previously. Perhaps I have to ask for it?

    Another aspect I realised from my sales experience, that even the staff at 128 Faubourg are not aware of the Mastercard RM500 purchase promotion. Sigh. This is-- actually an incentive piece of news that sales-staff could inform customers to encourage them to purchase more. Oh well.

    Mastercard- Malaysia Airlines Gift Redemption

    The 2 piece "instant gift" set & 2 piece samples.

    As per this, I went to collect my two piece Kiehl's set- Amino Acid Shampoo (65ml) and Deluxe Hand & Body Lotion with Aloe Vera & Oatmeal (65ml).

    As an added surprise, I found a 'surprise' additional redemption voucher underneath the box- where I went to the Kiehl's outlet in Pavilion- and they gave me Line Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate (15ml) and Gently Exfoliating Body Scrub Grapefruit (15ml). I believe the Concierge was not aware of this, else he would have informed me about it.

    The 3 piece Lancome skincare set.

    The staff at the counter also threw in a voucher (with purchases RM500 under Mastercard) to redeem a 3 piece skincare set from Lancome worth RM70- Lancome Tonique Clarte (15ml), Lancome Galateis Couceur (15ml), and Blance Expert Neurowhite X3 (2ml piece).

    I concur that Lancome must have decided to join in the bandwagon. 

     Seven Vouchers for Seventh Heaven. ^^

    To top it all- Pavilion gave me a Beauty Indulgence Pack with vouchers to all the spas in Seventh Heaven. This was their way of trying to "make me happy" due to my complaint on their FB. ^^

    Indeed, not bad for an all spa treatment & sample day. ^^

    Tomorrow I am heading for my appointment at Optimax. We'll see how the results of my Post-Lasik Annual Eye Check (in its 9th Year) turns out.

    How was your day, and what do you think of the promotions?
    What to say when sales assistant hard-push you!


    What to say when sales assistant hard-push you!

    This is for all you bloggers out there-- who are too afraid when you head to the salon.

    When sales personnel are being pushy, think of it as a game.

    Kudos to my fellow mate, Janice, who hails from the same slimming salon I frequent. She gave me some ideas of what to say (in typical Malaysian style that works!). 
    • I got money. I don't want to buy. Can or Not?
    • I never sign on the spot. If I want, I'll come back.
    • I'll think about it. (and give stern look, if they say it second time). 
    If they say, the promotion is only good for today, say:
    • Then I pay more lah if i want to join. (Wait for that shocked look from the BA's face).


      When calling up to make an appointment:
      When asking how long it will take, if the manager says 2 1/2 hour- and they say one hour for consultation say:
      • I give only 1/2 hour consultation. If you need another 1/2 hour, you can talk when I am in the mask! (muahahaha) Half an hour is more than good enough for consultation.
      Validity of the Voucher: 

      Even if the voucher says it expires in 30th November, the management of the outlet has every authority to
      "extend" its validity just to capture that sales

      Just like the Asterspring promotion for the free micro mini facial, anything in black & white is still "changeable" depending whether it is in the Management's interest or not. As those who knew, people who signed up for the Asterspring promotion, still got called to go in. So nothing is impossible. 

      Be prepared to walk away from the table... and mean it:
      Harvey Mackay (1988) in his book, "Swim With The Sharks- Without Being Eaten Alive" says,

      "The Single Most Powerful Tool for Winning a Negotiation is the ability to walk away FROM the table WITHOUT a deal. Whether it is labour negotiation, an acquisition, or a real-estate deal, don't deceive yourself into believing that just because its negotiable, that it has to be negotiated.

      Deals SELDOM GET WORSE when you walk away from the table.

      You'll be able to go back to the table and get even better terms!"
      Blood Type Diet: Have you tried it?

      Blood Type Diet: Have you tried it?

      Have you ever heard of the Blood Type Diet?

      I am not sure how much of it works, but a number of the slimming outlets I know implement that diet as part of the diet for the customers. Some centres have also been know to turn away customers who possess blood type B.

      I have blood type B+. I wonder why didn't the outlet I went to turn me away?

      Tips for B+ Weight Loss: 

      For my blood type, these are among the foods which I can have:
      • meat (no chicken & cut down on pork!)
      • dairy (I can't as I have lactose intolerance)
      • grains
      • beans
      • legumes
      • vegetables
      • fruit  (cut down on watermelon as it is G.I high)
      • egg whites (pure protein is okay)
      • taufu (pure protein is okay)
      Pack your food from home that you won't eat out at those fast-food places that is high in oils, fats, cholesterol, and carbohydrates.

      Nevermind if they are cheap either! Its your weight that counts in the battle!!
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      Malaysia: Adultery punishable for the man under Section 498.


      Malaysia: Adultery punishable for the man under Section 498.

      Referring to this, I never realised that in Malaysia, the man could be jailed for trying to "entice" a married woman away. However the same could not be said for women trying to seduce the man. ^^

      This would definitely good to use in a political campaign.

      As far as I know, South Korea has a similar law. However, it applies to both men and women. Malaysia should make it the same too.
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      Modern Home & Citibank Expo: 4th-6th Dec Midvalley (MVEC)

      I'll be busy at work this week.

      Meanwhile, keep yourselves occupied by heading over to the Modern Home & Citibank cardholders exhibition at Mid Valley (MVEC) this weekend (Friday - Sunday). 11am- 9pm.

      There'll be a number of lifestyle merchants in Hall 1:
      • Slimming Sanctuary - Check out their affordable first trial spa & massage 'roadshow only' promo.
      • Bizzy Body - Free "Flat Tummy" voucher, Nutri Essential Facial for RM83 (NP RM200+)  Lipo Draining first trial 'roadshow only' promo.
      • Tsuya-Tsuya - Check out their skincare & make-up 'roadshow only' promotions. Free crystal toe-rings with RM50 purchase.
      • Vista Eye Specialist- Free Eye Test & 'roadshow only' promo.
      • Optimax - Free Eye Test & 'roadshow only' promo.
      • Pathlab - Free goodie bag worth RM35 with any purchase. An additional "Handy Vibration Massager" worth RM50 with purchase of RM500.
      • JCMS- Pay for heavily discounted products, and redeem a wide range of products from Samsung mobile phones, Casio Sheen watches, Philips MP4 players, and other household items using your Citibank points.
      • Participate in daily nightly Lucky Draw with any purchase of RM100 in a single receipt.
      • For more information on the Citibank promotions, please click here.
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        The Pavilion Mastercard Loccitane & Kiehl's GWP.

        I didn't want to put two blogs with the exact same entry.

        Since the Mastercard-Malaysia Airlines Instant Gift GWP are beauty products worth at least RM130 from Loccitane & Kiehl's, I've decided to include a link to the entry here.

        You can read the entire fiasco here and here.
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        Tsuya-Tsuya: Make-Up Workshop Feedback.

        To all who attended the workshop, please add your feedback in the comment box on how it can be improved.

        If you have written a blog about it on your website, please leave your links here.
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