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Decisions Decisions Decisions!


Decisions Decisions Decisions!

Graduating is definitely good news. That's just part of the initial euphoria that every graduate experiences.

The question now is....What Next?

I'm definitely in a quandary now. Not everything has turned out the way I want. Sorry for the lack of updates of NZ trip. Will do that when I have the time. Just pray that God reveals all to me in His time. I definitely need all the prayer I can get.
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I finally graduate!!


I finally graduate!!

For the past six months, I have prayed unceasingly about my diploma & the completion of my studies in Early Childhood. Finally on Tuesday evening, my dad called me from KL to tell that he has it in his hands!

With that it finally means that I have in my name, my International Montessori Diploma, as well as all my needed credits for my BECH degree. I have been waiting so long for this day I never thought it would arrive!
Hebrews 11:1 says “Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see”. The day I chose to leave Toowoomba was one out of faith that God would guide & lead my path. I have now been in Sydney for the past one month after spending a month touring in NZ.

For the past one month, the Lord has protected me in helping me to find a CLEAN & stable place to stay. I also believe the Lord has used me as a light in the midst of the people I have met in the hostel, as I have continually prayed for the people I meet.

Although I was thinking of moving to Melbourne, however I believe the Lord has a reason for me to stay in Sydney. Life is not easy here, but the countless numbers of people who have prayed for me have strengthened my faith and walk with God.

I hope this blog will be a source of strength & hope for the rest of you guys who are currently facing trouble, as we learn to depend on our God who will give us a solution in times of trouble. There is nothing too small or too big for our God. We just have to learn to wait on our God, and not expect “fastfood” answers.

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Sights & Scenes of Queenstown: Part 3

The town for those Adrenaline Junkies...!

Well, not that I did much, since finance is an issue. Anyways, a video of one of the ultimate & expensive adrenaline junkie rides...the Original AJ Hackett Bridge Bungee Jump!! Enjoy!

Bungee River

Bungee view
The Bungee river view..

Bungee bridge
The Bridge where we were standing...

Bungee boat
How low it was!

The block of glacier at Fox Glacier, right before reaching Queenstown.

Fox Glacier
Me standing on that block of ice..

At the lake overlooking Queenstown.

IMG_1848 of the LOTR was filmed here.

Don't I look Hobbiton?

On a LOTR hike...

The Manuka Plant. The infamous flower where the Manuka Honey is made from.
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Barista in the making...

Barista in the making...

Well not exactly.

For the past two days, I have been slaving away at this cafe near Pyrmont. It's a family-type-own-small business. Not exactly something to shout about though.

However it is but hands-on training in a cafe learning how to service the espresso machine, the commercial dishwasher, cleaning & mopping the place. I'll be there for a couple more days (training) learning the ropes of the business.

Even if I don't get the job, but hey, I still learn something, right? (At least that's what my mother says anyways).

So far I've learnt to differentiate between the different coffees of cappuccinos, flat white, cafe latte, long black, moccha. I've more or less learnt how to grind the coffee beans and powder, boil the milk to about 60 degrees celcius, mix in the serves of sugar and pour the milk. However, making a MEAN cup of the different varieties of coffee is another thing though. LOL.

Just FYI, in Australia, if you pay for your meal, the restaurant is obligated to have their dishes washed in water about 120 degrees celcius, and they are not allowed to sell yesterday's leftover dishes. If they are caught....well, it's just a huge swanky hole of a fine in their pocket.


Sights & Scenes of Milford Sound: Part 2

The pictures you have been waiting eagerly for!

The beautiful and picturesque Milford Sound in NZ South Island (there was another spot before that...but I was sick & hence, all was forgotten abt....nvm).At Milford, I boarded a little "boat" which took us around the body of water, and we stayed overnight before heading off to Queenstown.

A clear green lake along the route to Milford Sound
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