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Update from Korea!! ^^


Update from Korea!! ^^

Hi people, how are you all? I have arrived safely in Korea, and am now staying at my friend's place in Yeok-Gok, which is a suburb outside the area of Seoul. I arrived safely from Sydney in Seoul (Incheon Airport) after about 10 hours flight.

My departure was at Australian time 09:00am, and 17:40am at Seoul time. (not sure how many hours difference anyways yet). I will post up the pictures later, when I get back home (and have more time). Anyways, let me tell you where I have been so far.

So far, although I have planned an entire (useless) itinerary, my preplanned and post plans were entirely two different things. Nevermind.

On Monday, I visited Myeong-Dong, which is an entire cheap shopping tavern and street. A lot of Japanese head there!

On Tuesday, I visited Samseong & KangNam (which the areas are a bit like Bangsar) and a lot of expats and so called English speaking people are supposed to be around this area. ..

Tomorrow.. well, have no idea yet, but as Jo's niece & nephew are over, we might go ice-skating... so much for any trips to any temples, Hallyu sights or palaces.. maybe later... maybe later.


My Sydney Farewell: Luna Park, Japanese dinner & Darling Harbour!

Yesterday was my so called "Farewell Day".

My church cell group leader, Edward arranged for a last minute outing to Luna Park as our plans to Maroubra waterfall was cancelled. There weren't that many pictures taken as unfortunately my camera ran out of battery halfway! >..<

Oh well, enjoy the rest of the other pictures that were taken though!

So instead of Maroubra, we spent the mid-evening in Luna Park... where I was the only one who splurged on a 30AUD ticket (Luna Park Friday All Pass Special). I got sick after 3 rides (Ranger being the culprit!) and the rest of it was spent on quiet rides, with Matt hurrying us through the phone to go for dinner...! :-P

Luna Park (Aeriel view)
Luna Park from above...

Overview (From Ferris Wheel)

Clowns! Me and Cecile..

Tumble Bug
In the Tumble Bug

Tumble bug
Me at the front rear

Tumble Bug (from below)
Under the Tumble Bug

2 monkeys.
2 crazy monkeys.... Sylvia & Yanti.

Bridge View (from Ferris Wheel)
The Harbour Bridge view from the Ferris Wheel..

The Japanese restaurant that we went to was located right next to Darling Harbour. After dinner, we all headed to Darling Harbour for (my!) one last walk and even performed "One Way Jesus" to a portable loudspeaker in front of a crowd, with the rest of the group (the girls mainly!) hiding their faces and running away! Passerbyes merely smiled at us, or even cheered. ^^
Reflections: Heading back to Malaysia.

Reflections: Heading back to Malaysia.

Sorry folks. I have been meaning to write this... but I got totally distracted by my annoyance with Australia Post!! Anyways, today I finally managed to get my Skype to work. There was a problem with my transaction via Paypal with Skype, so today as the last resort, my HSBC Debit card was finally used.

A word of warning... SKYPE auto-debits your credit/debit card in future once its details are being input into their "program". So if you don't want them auto-debiting your card in Australian dollars (or whichever currency it was used to purchase), please cancel the card after your transaction, rendering all future transactions with it impossible.

Tonight is my last evening in Sydney before I head to Seoul... and I spent the entire day just clearing out my room of all the boxes, food and etc. The evening was spent having steak with my cousin, Winnie, and her family at a diner nearby. Before heading home, I stopped by their hotel room, having fresh-cut mango for dessert. LOL. ^^

Anyways, back to my main concern... after about 3 whole years being Down-under, I finally can go home. Malaysia being my final destination. Seriously, I am excited about my entire trip to Seoul, and Hakata/Tokyo. Of course now, what is on my mind is how I will fit back into life in Malaysia after having spent 3 years abroad.

I have spent almost 2 1/2 decades of my life in Malaysia before heading abroad to further my studies. Going back to KL, even for a short period of time, I am not sure how much I have changed, or how I would fit back into the society I was from.... In the past one year, at least half of the people I know (who I actually keep in touch with) have either tied the knot, or had babies. Or just started a new relationship....

The range of people I normally are acquainted with are now so much different from when I first left for my studies. Indeed my studies overseas have "kind of" opened my eyes to what I know and see of society. Which is a good thing.

Indeed what the world holds for me, I really do not know. Only time can tell.
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Complaint: Australia Post (World Square Plaza)


Complaint: Australia Post (World Square Plaza)

This entry is written out of my dissatisfaction of the behaviour of staff shown and displayed to me when I went to Australia Post recently. Wherever it is I may be employed to sent to work at, I always aim to display work which shows the best of my ability, and to be of pride to my employer and to the people and staff around me. In particular the words I speak to the parents of the children under my care, the staff around me, the children, and to do what is right for a person in my teaching profession.

If I did not do what which was right, in my opinion, I do believe that my clients and my employer have the right to make complaints about my performance. It is also in the same stance that is taken when this post is written. To complain about the behaviour of staff when they do not display behaviour which is appropriate to what is expected of them.

On 24th Dec 2008, I and my flatmate, Yanti went to the Australia Post located at the World Square Plaza, Pitt St in Sydney. I went there to send two boxes to my brother, Kingsley in Melbourne, in the state of Victoria.

My complaint:
What really irked me were the behaviour of these two men, who were servicing the counters at the 12:30pm shift. I don't know what their names were, but one was a man of Indian ethnicity, and another who was of Anglo-Australian ethnicity. Both of them were in their late 30s-40s and were working alongside each other.

It is extremely shameful, that there would be people who work in the front line to display such behaviour to customers. Both men were in their late 30s, and displayed behaviours to customers, what I would call very unfriendly, unhelpful and speaking in a very condescending manner to customers.

People in their late 30s to 40s should already be aware of the importance of ethics, and knowing what is right & not right to say or do in front of customers. There was not even a long queue at that time (12:30 shift), with only a handful of customers, that there should be reason for these two personnel staff to need to whinge about being busy, till at least the lunch hour.

My flatmate, Yanti was extremely irked, and incensed by their behaviour. She works in the customer service, specifically the food & hospitality industry, and is appalled that Australia Post would have in their employment persons displaying such atrocious customer service behaviour.

Fortunately I had the good sense to not let their bad and unfriendly staff behaviour get to me, but I must write this post to show that I know what good customer service is, and when I see it. It is also within my rights to complain about bad service when I see it, and do not take lightly to condescending behaviour when displayed.
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Forgiveness: dealing with the heart.


Forgiveness: dealing with the heart.

Festive seasons can be times of bane..... today an incident whilst at a mate's home reminded me of my time at junior high.

I was searching through my blog, and found my previous entry on someone that took me a long time to forgive, with a similar tale of what happened to me all those years ago. Of course, the difference between both tales are that one happened to a person when they are much older, and one who was still growing up.

I remember the words of the Bible where we learn to let these incidents pass as we grow older & wiser.

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me. Now we see but a poor reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known. I Corinthians 13: 11-12

Of course now, the way I would deal with it is that I would probably directly bring up the issue with the person... instead of beating about the bush. My way would probably be to ask the person if they have an issue with me, and get it settled with instead of pretending that I do not know.

I really don't have all the time in the world to play games, you know?
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There is a reason why we don't compare prices after paying for an item. We don't want to know how much we have been overcharged, no matter how little it is...


There's also another reason why we should also always buy our items from the supermarket!!!!!
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Christmas: Carols in the Domain- Sydney 2008.

With the advent of my new camera, I have lovely pictures to show.. bursting in fresh and full colour! So, presenting some pictures taken fresh yesterday from the Carols in the Domain..

As said before, countries like New Zealand and Australia have shows in the parks, and domains.. public performances. Of course, it might be a bit difficult for The States to have it since they are in the middle of winter, but I am sure they will catch up in Spring and Summer time. LOL.

Basically it was just an excuse for families to have a picnic out, and head to the Domain, arriving 3 hours before the performances even started! I had no idea what I was doing there, except for being with some friends from my church's Life Group, besides almost getting a chill, and had to borrow a jumper from one of my friends, Sunny. My flatmate, Yanti, already caught a cold from last night, and is whinging about it now....

We arrived at the Domain about 5ish pm, and even then the place was already swamped! It took us a while for us to find a spot, with us dragging a child about 4 years of age with us. Finally, a spot was found behind a tree, and about more than 10 of us had to squeeze into a tiny spot!

All in all it was a good experience, but unless it was with my friends, I would rather stay in and read a book/surf the Internet. :-P

Crowds 2

Crowds 3
More crowds...

Crowds 1
Huge crowds.. Ren Shang, Ren Hai...

Waffle Stall
One of many rows of stalls selling food, fish & chips, etc...

One of my friends, Sunny.

In the night....
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My new love, a Canon Powershot A590IS .

So yes, God is great. Yesterday, I finally decided on a new camera. It is somewhat like an upgraded version of my previous camera, a Canon Powershot A520. A 2008 release model, it has Image Stabilization, and Face Smile (whatever that is), and other useless cool features. (I survived without them all the time, so they are pretty much useless, in my opinion).

So yesterday, I spent:
Canon Powershot A590 IS= AUD 179.00.
New rechargeable batteries = AUD 35.00.
In total, it was AUD214.00

Spent another AUD25.00 on a Berlitz Japanese Audio CD. Not sure how much of it I can actually remember, since I already have quite a lot of trouble with trying to read up on Korean anyways. However, from my perspective, Korean language is much harder anyhow. The alphabet is easy to read, but the pronunciation for the initial learner is quite hard.

Of course, after doing two months on my own, I don't feel like I am progressing much. Perhaps when I head to Korea, my creative juices may kick in. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention! So, I might make up my own language. Ka ka ka ka.... Ok, I just have to remind myself that I am learning a new language... it takes time! Patience, patience.....

I definitely have a better idea when it comes to learning irregular verbs, and how one verb can be used in so many different ways. Just trying to understand how one word like "mul" (which means "what") can be used to asked different questions across different contexts. Of course, it has different word pairings, that could bring about a different meaning when used to asked questions. In all, I could say that I will survive better in Korea than in Japan if for one to traverse across the two countries by one self.

Anyways, it's another week for me in Sydney till I leave. My cousin and her family are arriving on Tuesday evening, and going for my church Christmas Party on Thursday. Finally leaving for airport on Sunday morning, 5ish am. So... there, goodbye to you, my trusted friends....
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Photoblog: Christmas Lights 2008!

On Thursday night, my friends and I from our church life group headed out to the little "Domain" for a carolling session near Burwood (about 2 stops after Ashfield Station.).

For the uninformed, in places like New Zealand, and Australia, there are always special events that take places in huge grounds normally called "The Domain" which is similar to what some may call a stadium. Superstars, and performers will normally come to grace these events, and families will come in the masses, bringing their mats, and food, and BYO, and watch the show till night. These performances are normally free admission.

Anyways, after the "CHristmas in the Park" show at Burwood, we headed off by Edward's car to look for Christmas Lights... Yes, people in these parts (especially those who have their own homes) take the time to put up Christmas lights. Its about the only time where families and people have the time and excuse to decorate their homes (and for outsiders to take pictures and admire the exteriors of their home!) LOL.

PLEASE VOTE!!! (Out of 10!!)

Christmas Light1
House 1

Christmas Lights2
House 2

Christmas Light3
House 3

Christmas Light6
House 4

Christmas Light7
House 5.

Christmas Light8
House 6

Christmas Light5
House 7

Christmas Light4
Me posing in one of the homes!
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You have served me well...

You have served me well...

Well, yes, obviously the thing that has been passing through my mind was whether I should get a new camera before I head over Korea, or should I actually get a new one over there.

Justin, my previous uni mate was telling me that cameras in Hong Kong were really cheap, and he got one there albeit an older model. He was mentioning that a lot of the Hongkies like new stuff, so older models lose their value very quickly. It would be the same for Malaysia, but I don't think the price will go down so soon. It will take at least 6 months to a year for the cameras to go down in their price.

I have got my trusty old Canon PowerShot A520 which I bought in a shopping mall, when I was out hunting with GrayFox. Its already three years old, but I think it is time for it to be passed on to a new owner, or die a slow death.... I love it , except that it takes a very long time to load. Even after formatting the SD card, the camera still loads rather slow. I would keep it, apart from the fact that it takes more than 10 seconds to load before I can take another shot. Imagine if it was one of those "quick" moments, I would have lost that opportunity.

When we were out hunting for homes with Christmas lights, my camera took such a long time to load, that by the time I was done, my friends were returning back to their car!!!! ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZ

So yes, dear Canon PowerShot A520, you have served me well... it is time we part....
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Korea: Phone crazy....


Korea: Phone crazy....

I am kind of in a grumpy mood now... Optus doesn't offer roaming services for those who are on their pre-paid services. Well, that is what they say. I have been on the internet trying to find a way to rent a phone, but phone rental charges aren't cheap either. I have read about the nightmares for foreigners in trying to acquire a pre-paid phone service in Korea, and its better to be aware than not be.

Rental fees from Skype Roaming (and 2 other telcos) in Korea charges up to as much as 2,700W p/day, which works out to about AUD46 for 27 days.

Another one is Travel SIM which is sold by Australia Post for about 50AUD, and charges about AUD0.50 per SMS sent. The good thing about that is that I get to keep the SIM for 6 months (inactive, that is) and go to any country without worrying about roaming charges. The only deal about that is my friends will probably be calling me on my Australian number... which doesn't work out cheap for locally based friends.

Of course, my third option is to get a Public Phone Card, which retails for about 3,000, 5,000 and 10,000Won, and forget all about getting a rental phone.
- Local: 70 won/3 minutes
- Domestic Long - Distance: 8:00AM~9:00PM – 70 won per 43 seconds / 12:00AM~8:00AM + 9:00PM~12:00AM – 70 won per 61 seconds
- Cellular phone: 70 won per 38 seconds

Do it like those high school years, copy all the numbers onto a phonebook, and just use a public phone to make calls. LOL.

Did you know that the SAMSUNG LG760 from Australia does not have the capability to read Hangul language? A pretty useless phone, says my korean friend, Jo. Being that she can't even text in Hangul on her LG phone to her family members in Korea. Useless stupid Korean manufacturers.. and you dare to put your Korean brand on the phones... PABO!!
Holidays: Planning my holidays for South Korea and Japan. (2008)


Holidays: Planning my holidays for South Korea and Japan. (2008)

Barely much, if you may say.

After countless sleepless nights of planning (which really didn't amount to much), I have a bare idea of where I will be going. I finally received an answer from Haruna, my friend who is living in Hakata Island (or Fukuoka for the uninitiated) last night.

So yes, this is a skeleton of my plans when I head to Korea on the 28th.

28th Dec - Fly in to Seoul and reach around evening. The skies should be dark by then, being winter and all there.
29-30th: Touring around Seoul.
31st Dec & 1st Jan- Definitely touring around Seoul as well. Will be staying in with Jo for New Year's Day. There will probably be some special event or plans for that night, so I plan to see how it goes with Jo.

2nd -7th: Have no idea where I will be, but may head to Gyeongju and then only to Busan (which should make the most economical sense).

8th Jan- Definitely have to be in Busan, as I will be meeting Haruna at the port the next evening.
9th- Will be touching ground in Hakata, Japan! Woo hoo.
10th- Hakata, Japan.
11th- Hakata, Japan.
12th- Hakata, Japan. Its Coming-of-Age Day in Japan. A national holiday here where the japanese males and females come of age wearing kimonos and western suits.
13th- Tokyo, Japan.
14th- Tokyo, Japan.
15th- Shimonoseki? Hakata?
Possible going in a clockwise circle from Gyeongju down to Busan and maybe stopping a couple of days in Gwangju? No idea. Definitely have to make some time for Jeju Island as well. We'll see.

Have been doing my research on the internet, but some of the websites are a bit useless, as it gives much detail about travel from Japan to Korea, rather than vice versa, as I am coming from the opposite direction. And also paying in Won, rather than Yen. I definitely doubt I will be having the need for Korea Rail Pass, but T-Money (bus/subway e-money) is definitely useful in Seoul. Japan Rail Pass will be a good idea if Haruna will be using the train a lot. No idea if she drives or not.

Here are some useful links for travelling Korea-Japan:
- Travelling Japan
- Hotel Chain Toyoko Inn
- Fukuoka: An Expats' Guide
- Japan Rail Pass

- All in one guide: Korea Sparkling
- Wikitravel (informative site, I must say):
South Korea, Gyeongju, Busan, Jeju
Last two weeks in Sydney.


Last two weeks in Sydney.

Its finally the last two weeks of my impending leave of Sydney..
You must be asking how I am probably feeling in the last two weeks, right? Well, its mixed feelings of my stay here in Sydney for the past one year. From attending Hillsong, and then to Hope Sydney, I met many different kinds of people... and especially the koreans!

I was going through Facebook, and finally had one of those questions from my high school years that finally got clarified after 17 years... can you imagine that? I heard that story on the week before Mother's Day, and never had that clarified. I could never have imagined that I would get the answer after leaving high school, and in Australia over Facebook.

It's one of those things that I am not sure if I feel relieved, or impertinent that I could not have got along with him to ever ask him that... also the fact that after leaving school for 12 years, we have still yet to meet, although we are in the same country far away from Malaysia...

Anyways, here is an update from the last week:
Firstly, I got my my application for a visa to Nippon-land approved! Woo hoo.. Just something that happened!! I knew it, I knew it! Its good if I ever had to apply for another visa to Nippon in KL, it will make the process much more easier, since I already have the initial visa to go there that is.

Secondly I lost my ice-skating pass... Hmmph, being that it still had 5 more ice-skating sessions to go, I really wasn't too pleased at all! That's about 5 x AUD16 = AUD80 that I will have to pay if for individual sessions. This is absolutely CRAZY. No way hosea.

Third, well, nothing much exciting apart from those two. I have been busy packing my room, and two weeks to leave, my room looks spick and span, like a completely new room. My boxes to Melbourne are almost ready to go now, and I am trying to upload to Snapfish for my free 50 prints (not including delivery, but that's peanuts compared to the price of the prints that I will print anyways). However, the add-on software seems to be a bit useless, so I might end up with no prints. Oh well.

Now all that is left to do is to plan my trip, and manage the accomodations, and just take off..! Woo hoo!
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Japan visa: 3 month bank statement required!


Japan visa: 3 month bank statement required!

You know, these days, when it comes to the procedure of visa application, I think I am almost a pro at it.
And not just only for visas, but for skill assessments as well. But maybe this only applies for Australia, kwah?

After a discussion with Justin a couple of days back last week, I finally decided to just procure the flight tickets to Korea, for the sake of maximising and focusing my time there. However, somehow again after that, the thought came again (literally dropped into my mind when I was sleeping...). Perhaps God was trying to tell me something??

So this morning, I finally decided for the heck of it to just head over to the Consulate-General of Japan in Sydney and put in an application for a visa to Japan. I decided that if I were to get the visa, I would have to do it soonest possible, as I didn't have much time to get it processed by next week with the festive season coming, and staff going away on leave.

Fortunately, I decied to head to the travel agency and the consultant as a gesture of service, decided to provide me an itinerary palsu ... It took me about a few hours to collate the documentation required, and provide the required photo id. After about less than ten minutes of waiting, the consultant called my name, and I headed to the counter.

Included among the documentation was a letter that I crafted for their sake, describing my family's prowess in the ownership and management of business endeavours. The itinerary to Korea and Japan was also attached. Dangling among the pile was an FD receipt which showed a hefty amount, to which the consultant had highlighted in flourescent yellow, saying "we know you are capable of bearing all costs whilst in Japan, but we still need a 3 month bank statement from you!".


By now, you would think that they would forgo that part by the impressive amount of documentation that was already prepared but NO SUCH LUCK. ... so off I headed to the Internet Cafe and tried to get the computer there to produce my online bank statement. But luck as would not have it, it decided to be stubborn and not budge. I decided to call it a day.

However, whilst heading home, I called Jo, and asked her what she was doing, and she told me that she was still in TAFE. Whoopee Doo!! How fantastic. When I got home, and turned on my computer, surprisingly the online banking decided to produce an online statement! (Must be the cranky computer browsers in the Internet Cafes!)

The online statement was then forwarded to her e-mail, and she promptly had it printed off and faxed to the General-Consulate's office. If I had to wait for it to be sent to my home, I really do not know how long that would have taken, and also saved about 6.60AUD (it costs 1.10 per page for the faxing services at the Internet Cafe!). God Is Good.

Truth be told, I am not sure what kind of visa they will provide me, or if it will be a multiple-entry visa (which would be good as that would take away all the hassle of providing further documentation!), or may simply refuse entry! My cousin had horror stories about a Malaysian workmate of his at uni (a lecturer) who had to attend a Conference in Japan, and the Japan Embassy in Kuala Lumpur refused her apparently based on the excuse that she was a FEMALE TRAVELLING ALONE. Well, how SEXIST is that??

Anyways, in regard to the documentation required, it could be observed that the Embassy in KL is more stricter in granting out visas, if you look at their websites. The Consulate-General's website in Sydney is more straight to the point, and shorter, maybe due to the fact that it is based in Australia?? I do know that a lot of Asians (and that should point to the Malaysians) may want to "jump plane" to try to earn big bucks in Japan... so they are a bit strict with our country, kwah??

Well, WHO KNOWS?!! Crazy Govt people...!!!!!
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Making progress so far...


Making progress so far...

My life in Sydney is pretty much... well, not much to shout about. Apart from going to work, the only I had to keep me occupied was church. I only met up with people from church like maybe twice a week, so I had to come up with other things to keep me busy as the normal niceties like clubbing, golf and drinking were completely non-existent part of my life.

So I took up ice-skating, signed up for bible-class on Monday, and voluntarily decided to self-study Korean. Well, and you're probably wondering what is the outcome so far?

Today I finally picked up my Canterbury Ice-Skating (Aussie Skate) Basic One certificate. Not bad for a going away souvenir, as Jo mentioned. Oh yes, and I brought my Korean friend, Jo, to the ice-rink today. Apparently she had some tricks up her sleeve.

This morning, she looked rather sickly and was tired all. But surprise, surprise. Half an hour after arriving at the ice-rink (we were late for the class by the way!), she showed her prowess in ice-skating. She was much better than a lot of the students in the Novice class....! Apparently she was rather good at sports when she was in school, and she used to do roller-blading in her early years.. Hmmm.. Oh well, what can I say? haha.. That's what you get for being a bookworm & librarian. Hahahahaha.

All in all, at least I can finally skate at Novice level. I have got about 3 lessons more to go, and 2 more practices. When I head back to KL, I will get myself a proper pair of roller-blades. Being that the ice-rink in Sunway is just too far away, I can only make it there once a week.. so to compensate, I'll have to practice at home. So yeah, whoever is interested in ice-skating, do join me. Also, when I head over to Korea, I will be doing some ice-skating, so I won't be out of practice, being that its winter there now.

I had endeavoured to attend the bible-class and finally gave up after 5 weeks. Why? Cause I could not really understand what the facilitator was trying to say... Probably just a mismatch in teaching-learning styles. I have to try hard to keep awake during the class anyways. Oh Well.

As for my progress in Korean language, well... let's just say it's not really progressing much. Sure, I watch Korean dramas and all, but I still can't hold a conversation yet either (not that I will anytime soon.) I guess I have to do more memorisation and have input at this moment. The real test is when I touch down and leave the Seoul airport. Well, we'll see.
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I'm Leaving On A Jetplane... Korea, here I come...!


I'm Leaving On A Jetplane... Korea, here I come...!

Unless my readers have been hibernating in the summer sun, you would know by now that I will heading to South Korea on the 28th of Dect and flying home to Kuala Lumpur tentatively on the 23rd of January. In total, I will be spending about 25 days in South Korea, and another about 6 days in Japan. I have already received my travel guide from the travel agency, and now the only thing left to do is read through the guidebook.

As for communicating in Korea, all I can say is that I can't really speak the language that much (or well for that matter) but that doesn't really matter. I can't imagine how I will survive in a language that I barely even know except for smatterings that I have picked up in the last 6 weeks. All to be said is that I am sure I will survive the Korean fare as I get enough of that in Sydney. It will be an extension of the menu in Korea when I actually touch down there.

I will definitely miss cheap Sydney Korean food when I am back in Kuala Lumpur coz its cheaper here even after conversion (imagine paying AUD10 for one dish which includes pap and ba-chan) is still cheaper than eating in Hartamas, or Tmn Desa, or in those places that KYSpeaks recommends... Hah! (Unless KY can find a cheaper place, I can't really imagine where he could find any that is...)

Justin reckons that once I start to return to mamaks and siu-yeh in KL time and context, I will no longer think about Korean food anymore. LOL. We'll see, Justin. We'll see....

Anyways, I have finally lodged my OZ Permanent Residence application, and will have to wait at least about 6 months before I might even get assigned a case officer, but it doesn't matter that much since I already have my 485 subclass visa.

For you peeps still in Kuala Lumpur, I can't wait to see you during Chinese New Year!! See you soon!
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Nul Sarang Ha Get Suh (I will love you).


Nul Sarang Ha Get Suh (I will love you).

I have heard this song twice in the last two k-dramas I have watched, Delightful Girl Choon Hyang and New Heart. I really like so I thought I would share it with you guys. You can play it in the Imeem mp3 player on the right side of the blog column.

내 뜨거운 입술이 너의 부드러운 입술에 닿길 원해
Neh DdeuGuhOon EebSoolEe Nuh Eh BooDeuRuhOon EebSoolEh Dahkil WuhnHae
My hot lips want your smooth lips

내 사랑이 너의 가슴에 전해지도록
Neh SarangEe Nuheh KaSeumEh JohnHaeJeeDoRuk
I want my love to reach your heart

아직도 나의 마음을 모르고 있었다며는
Akijdo NaEh MaeumEul MoReuGo IssuhSuhDaMyuhNeun
If you still dont know my love

이 세상 그 누구보다 널 사랑하겠어
Ee SehSang Keu NooGooBoDa, Nuhl SarangHagessuh
I'll love you more than anything

널 사랑하겠어 언제까지나
Nuhl SarangHaGessuh Onjekajina
I'll love you forever

널 사랑하겠어 지금 이 순간처럼
Nuhl SarangHagessuh Jigeum EeSoonGanChuhRum
I'll love you like now
이 세상 그 누구보다 널 사랑하겠어

Ee Sehsang Geu NooGoo Boda, Nuhl Sarang Hagessuh
I'll love you more than anything

어려운 얘기로 너의 호기심을 자극할 수도 있어
UhryuhOon Yegiro Nuh Eh HoGiShimeEul JaGeuKal SooDo Issuh
I could have you with hard words

그 흔한 유희로 이 밤을 보낼 수도 있어
GeuHeunHan YooEhRo Ee BamEul Bonel Soodo Issuh
I could just let this night pass by

하지만 나의 마음을 이제는 알아줬으면 해
Hajiman Naeh MaeumEul EejehNeun AhrajwosseuMyun Hae
But I want you to know my heart now

이 세상 그 누구보다 널 사랑하겠어
Ee Sehsang Keu NooGoo Boda, Nuhl Sarang HaGessuh
I'll love you more than anything

널 사랑하겠어 언제까지나
Nuhl SarangHaGessuh Onjekajina
I'll love you forever

널 사랑하겠어 지금 이 순간처럼
Nuhl SarangHaGessuh Jigeum EeSoonGanChuhRum
I'll love you like now

이 세상 그 누구보다 널 사랑하겠어
Ee Sehsang Geu NooGoo Boda, NuhlSarangHagessuh
I'll love you more than anything x3
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Monday: the Hope Brisbane mission group.


Monday: the Hope Brisbane mission group.

This week has been kind of topsy-turvy. A bit of an emotional upheaval.... being that, it must be said that I am a rather emotional creature after all!

On Monday and Tuesday, I somehow managed to get myself spending with time witth the mission group from Hope Brisbane, (Eileen, Adeline, Charmaine, Jacqueline, Fei, Derrick, and Sean). Surprise! Surprise!
I don't know how that happened, but it happened. Everything just happened in a whirl, and I am still not sure what happened. The majority of these guys were from Singapore, haha... and they reminded me of my homeland (nevermind that Singaporeans and malaysian do argue a lot on whose food is better!)

Well, anyways, these guys were lovely. I met up with them on Monday afternoon after work, and went to Fish Market with them. It was a galore of seafood haven! Then we headed over to their rented apartments in Pyrmont, and ended up having a nap in their place!! In the evening, I had to do the tourist-y stuff with them, but this time, taking the ferry from Darling Harbour to Circular Quay.....did you know that you could use the Ferry Travel Ten (just like the Bus Travel Ten for 10 different persons?)

After which, we walked around Circular Quay.... you know, I wasn't expecting them to know anything, but they surprised me first before I could surprise them! (I had wanted to go to the bakery shop to get something...) Also too, I actually had to attend a bible session that night, but somehow I decided to forgo it (and so did Korean Matt.... the attendance taken showed that I boh-sia, but he also boh-sia la?!!)

We were posing in front of the Circular Quay and one of the girls, Charmaine, took out her video camera for a normal ordinary shot. I was actually busy texting away on my phone, when all of a sudden one of the other girls took out a box of tiramisu cake and they decided to spring on me by singing "Happy Birthday!!!".. well, that was definitely a pleasant surprise. Then we all headed to Pancakes on the Rocks (my first time there!).

After dinner, we headed to the Ah Guy, Ah Lian choc shop, where some of us ordered a hot choc (about $6). I was wondering why there was a stick in the cup, but when we were almost done with the drink, I realised that it was a stirrer.... (I am so slow, hor?)

Thanks guys...... it was great of you guys to insist on treating me. I wasn't expecting it!

Anyways, because it was already late night, I ended up staying over in their rented apartment for the night.. They decided to have siu-yeh (supper) at 12 midnight snacking on prawns and oysters... Ahh ?? Haven't done in a very long time lar! Hmmmmm. The next day after work, I went to see them and sent them off the next day from a fellow church mate's flat... and that concludes the end of their trip in Sydney.....

Hope to see you guys in future!
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One year older, another year wiser (hopefully...!)


One year older, another year wiser (hopefully...!)

Well as most of my friends will know, my birthday is approaching in a matter of a eight hours time.. the BIG THREE will arrive, but not so soon yet la... I am not sure if to feel glad, or bemoan the fact that I am growing older... LOL.

Anyways, not much has happened recently apart from the grant of my visa. I had almost not gone for my ice-skating classes yesterday due to some misperception on my part late this week, but yesterday, the ice-skating coach decided to spring an unannounced Basic I & Basic II test on us.

She only allowed me to undertake the Basic I test, where the elements being tested was the Dip, Two Feet Gliding and Falling. We will also receive our certificates next week, so it was a good boost to our confidence. I was also finally pushed up to the Novice class, and no longer in the Basic class! Woo Hoo!!

For Basic II, the elements being tested was the Snowplough Stop, One Foot Glide (Left & Right Foot), and Forward Swizzle, but I will probably take this test next time. In summary, so yes indeed, I was glad to have gone yesterday and pass the tests so that now I can focus and practise the the more difficult elements that are being taught.

This week, some people from the Hope Brisbane church had come to visit the Ashfield group. They had a few interesting characters, with among some of them being Singaporeans. Ah.... our neighbours. Haven't seen much of our "kaki-lang" (own people) in a while. Malaysia, how I do miss you!
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My 485 subclass visa approved!


My 485 subclass visa approved!

Just some exciting for all to hear. After a long wait of 8 months, my 485 subclass visa has finally been approved!
On Tuesday morning, I was having a conversation with my brother and I mentioned that I hadn't called the immigration to enquire on the status of my application. I have actually been meaning to do it, but had kept putting it off.

So I finally decided to do it. As I was calling, I was actually praying and telling God to keep my temper in check because I didn't want to lose my temper when speaking to the consultant on the phone.

When the consultant picked up, I gave him all my details and to check if I had a case officer. But SURPRISE SURPRISE!!

He said there would be no case officer because it had already been approved a few hours ago! I hadn't received any email from the department, but he said I did...... ! The consultant said that perhaps because I already had all my documents provided, so the case officer could easily approve it.

Woo hoo!! That was the best news I have heard in a very long time!!!
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A new pair of inline skates to go.


A new pair of inline skates to go.

Today I went for my third ice-skating lesson... I am still in basics class, and was itching to be pushed up to the Novice class. But somehow the coach didn't have such ideas.. However when I spoke to another mate whom I met at the skating school, he said that although he was kicked up to the Novice class, he had not mastered the basic skills which is his current skills were based on. I finally learnt the last skill we needed to, which was learning how to control our skates to stop on ice as we glide on it.

Since I really do not have the chance to go practice ice-skating, henceforth, I decided to procure a pair of inline skates for my own perusal. It's better than nothing. My flatmate and I decided to head down to Rebel Sports to look for it, and there are two stores in the Sydney CBD.

Initially I wanted to get a pair of Senior (meaning adult size) inline skates, but since none of them fit me, the assistant brought out the Junior ones... which was okay, since the initial one which I wanted to get cost 10 AUD more. Hah! I will be heading to Hyde Park to practise my skating, which is better in the case that the nearest ice-rink is more than an hour away in total.

Just been spending too much money in the last week, purchasing facial cosmetics, new shoes from Skechers, and today inline skates.. Well, I deserve it. I have been working too hard, and hoarding up my money in the bank.. ^^

One of our church mates, Tidy was leaving for Thailand, so my church mates came to pick me up to the airport.
In the next three months, there will be more people leaving as their visa comes to an end. As for the korean guys, most of them will be returning to their home country to complete the rest of their studies and finish their army service.
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Another inspiring update...!


Another inspiring update...!

As I write this, it has been a rather long week that has passed. I had a fit over one of my agent's booking arrangements, and as a act of retaliation, I was actually thinking of passing them over. However I was dissuaded by my mother who did not think it was a wise course of action...

If truth be known, I did end up working for them for one of the shifts this week, so I do have to take my word back. LOL.

Anyways as of the time of this entry, I just received a call from Avadhut, one of my friends from uni who has recently just graduated and is returning to India. He had just checked in his luggage and was calling me whilst waiting for his boarding call. He would be flying on MAS via Kuala Lumpur, and as an added consolation for his leaving, he will be able to meet up with YK when he is there....

I was videoconferencing earlier with one of my friends, Matt, who is currently in Canberra. Some good news he shared was that the people I met at Camp Merroo at last week's NSW/ACT Hope Churches Convention actually contacted Matt during the week.

He was a bit skeptical on whether these guys would actually follow up with their promises, and was rather encouraged that they did go through with it. So guys yeah, just pray that he will find a good church to attend, fellowship and serve whilst in Canberra.

Apart from that, some other interesting news today is that I finally went for my first Ice-Skating lessons in Canterbury. None of my friends were interested, so I went alone. It was tiring to practice for 1 1/2 hours, but it definitely was exercise.. ! We had a 45 mins group lesson, and another 45 mins of practice thereafter. My feet hurt! By the time it was 5 o'clock, I was already nodding off in bed.... Definitely good fun!

Till next week (or month!), that's all for now, folks!
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Annyong Haseyo


Annyong Haseyo

Oh right. If you can't guess, that means "HELLO" in Korean. I live in Sydney, and apart from the Thais & Indonesians, this place is sprawling with even more Koreans. Hence I decided that trying to pick up some Korean language would be good since there are so many native language speakers here anyways.

Since my parents last left, I have headed down to Canberra for the tulip festival, and met up even with Matthew B. from uni. It seems that he has given up his studies for the mean time to pursue a job in IT. Oh well, to each their own.

Avadhut is flying back to India this Friday via Malaysia, so he is stopping over in KL! Hah. His turn to have a look in KL now...

Last weekend, I attended Camp Merroo which was organised as a NSW/ACT Hope Church sort-of convention in Richmond, about one-and-hour away by train from the city of Sydney. It was really good as it was the first time for me to be able to meet up & socialise with people from church for 24/7 three days in a row as compared to only maybe 4 or 5 hours in a week.

Now it's back to work... and work... and pray that my visa application will be processed soon.. coz the guys in Immigration are definitely taking too long to do anything at all!
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What I did in Melbourne.


What I did in Melbourne.

So, I had toured Melbourne for a week, and returned to Sydney just last week. Sorry, did not have the time to update my blog for quite a while.

My mother did comment that the air was drier in Sydney in Melbourne. Melbourne was still wintery cold, and everyone was out in their winter coats and boots, whilst down here, everyone is in their singlets, sandals, spaghetti straps and sunglasses. LOL. My dad made me drink A LOT OF WATER, which is helpful as I was suffering from a TERRIBLE cold the week before.

Managed to:
*Attend cousin Debbie's wedding at the Uniting Church near Toorak,
*Stayed in the apartments near South Yarra,
*Take the tram for the second time ever!
*Walked around Melbourne on the shores of Australia for the first time ever with my parents!
*Looked at the property in the Western part of Melbourne. It's not exactly the hottest spots, but people used to say that Puchong was too far! Ten years later now, everyone has to pass through Puchong in some way or another. Not to mention, the roads there are getting congested!
*Get update of the Anwar case & all the political hoo-haa of Seputeh MP Teresa Kok being released from custody.

*Couldn't meet up with Yong Shin or Caroline! Oh well.

Well there is some outcome of this visit to Melbourne. After visiting some areas of Melbourne, (disregarding the current economic and job market situation), the probability of moving there is now very much higher.
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Parents finally here in Sydney!


Parents finally here in Sydney!

Yes, as you can see, they have safely landed in the land Down Under this morning. A smooth & safe journey it was. Even customs was quiet I heard, and their normal routine examinations was not as stringent.

I have been sick for a week, so I did not work last week, nor this, as I am heading over to Melbourne on Wednesday morning. Can't wait to meet up with the rest of my kin and friends who are already there.

As I had actually booked my parents to stay in a particular hotel near my flat, and even wanted to pay for their accomodations, early this morning, I went to the said hotel. But surprise, surprise, the staff of the hotel said that they were not open till 12pm, for payments or check-ins of any kind.

My parents arrived about 11ish. We knocked on the door, and eventhough there were some staff walking around in the hotel, and the lights and television in the dining area was turned to full blast, the knocking on the door was ignored.

Furious, my dad went on to look for another place... and that is what they did. I was just really surprised at why the staff couldn't give a bit of leeway, being that they could have at least allowed my parents to just put their luggage in the dining area, and let me check their names in. But instead, we were totally ignored...

My rationale to that is probably that these guys were probably just paid staff, and weren't thinking about customer loss. Why would they? They don't have to worry about breaking even, or if they have to pay the salary & bills at the end of the month. So yes, they lost the guests to another hotel.

Imagine how would a traveller feel, say after about about ten hours of travelling, or more, and have no place to park their luggage. They are almost, if not, dead tired and just want to put their luggage somewhere and clean their face... Oh well, their loss.
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Spring is cometh.


Spring is cometh.

Today is the first day of Spring. The clouds were away, so it was a really warm & sunny day.
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Mike Guglielmucci's Fake Cancer story.


Mike Guglielmucci's Fake Cancer story.

It is a real shocker. The christians who listen to Hillsong's music, and those who attend PlanetShakers (from Melbourne), you guys would have heard stories of Mike Guglielmucci's that his cancer was not real ...
It must be devastating to those in the Christian communities to hear of his misdeameanor.

During the Hillsong Conference this year, I was among one of those who was praying in the Arena stadium, and challenging God to heal this man... (and maybe mine was one of those prayers answered). Ironically, it was not a physical healing, but rather a healing of the mind that should take place. I believe that God has finally convicted Michael Guglielmucci to do what he should have done in the first place. I am pretty sure that God was fed up with this man's behaviour for lying and faking his story for so long.

Many times I have prayed to God in the midst of sicknesses, (especially in the winter with a flu, cough, and food poisoning). Somehow rather, my healing would take place. Although it didn't happen immediately, but from what I know, my recovery from food poisoning would have taken far longer time than only 3 days to get over with.

As someone commented in a blog elsewhere, why didn't God show discernment in anyone, or even within his own family? We will never know why God allowed this to happen for so long... perhaps this will be a time of testing, healing & prayer for the Christian community to show forgiveness and for the Australian community to not harden their hearts towards the gospel, and for Guglielmucci to contend with the people whom he has hurt with in the ministry.

It has to start somewhere anyways.
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Whale sighting...


Whale sighting...

I was working in a centre in Warringah area today, and to my surprise, I sighted a whale when I was out for my lunch break today!

There were people taking out their cameras and looking out from side walk cafes. At first I thought it was because there were huge beautiful surf waves rolling, or maybe a dolphin. But it turned out to be a whale on the beach! Wow....Never imagined I could actually sight one on an ordinary sunny day like today.

Tonight, Brendan Fraser was supposed to attend a movie premiere at the Greater Union cinema near where I live. However I had to forgo that as I remembered that I had to meet up with Tommy, an online friend of mine.

Tom works & lives in Warringah, so I thought might as well do that since I was down in the area anyways. We went to this chinese restaurant where I ordered (without bothering to look much at the menu) in Cantonese. Not that scanning through the menu would be of any use anyways.

Halfway through dinner, my korean friend, Jo finally called me if I wanted to go out for dinner (for the first time this week)! She was surprised when I told her I was in Warringah! LOL ^_^
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The call to Evangelism.


The call to Evangelism.

If there is one thing God has reminded me about in the past week, it is about preparing for the Great Commission.

This week during our connect group's discussion on evangelism, we read from the book of Acts 2: 14-41. Some of the things required to go into evangelism (whether in your workplace, among your friends or as a missionary) are:
1) Confidence & Boldness
2) Memory of the key verses
3) Understanding of the scriptures
4) Ability to communicate & relate your knowledge to your audience
5) willingness to go out and face the crowds...
6) Prayer!

Down the street where I live, there is a man who goes on his microphone and loudspeakers, and does the John the Baptist act out on George St. I realise that there have been so many missed opportunities that the Holy Spirit has been leading me to see, which I could have used to lead others too...

Just pray that the Lord will impart in me the gift and choice to do what I have to do to fulfil the Great Commission.
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Recovering from Food Poisoning.


Recovering from Food Poisoning.

As you guys can guess from my infrequent Twitter update, I am just slowly recovering from food poisoning.

This, was due to some oysters or sashimi we bought at this place in Fish Market near Wentworth Park, Sydney. The reason I am putting up the name of the place publicly is so that if you guys ever do go there to have your seafood diet, just be careful with the raw dishes. (Oh, and get activated black charcoal pills to eat in case your stomach gets feeling funny).

If you want to know, it wasn't just me, but another korean friend of mine , Jo Cho who suffered the same fate. She was luckier than I was as she managed to throw out the toxic stuff before it could "incubate" in her system.

Being bedridden for almost 3 days and more, is no laughing matter. I lost two days of work, and I didn't manage to participate in the Hope Sydney Olympics.

So yes, I seriously do not want to get food poisoned again. I tried activated black charcoal to adsorb the toxic stuff. I hope it works (at least that is what it claims anyways). Basically, I had no time to go and see a doctor as I was running off to the toilet every 15 mins for the first two days. It was so physically tired it was not funny. All I did was sleep the whole day.

I almost had to go home from work today, but thank God that He really sustained me. I went in faith, and He didn't fail me. Just a reminder to those out there to be careful with raw food. You never know what could happen.
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Strathfield: Turning Korean. LOL.


Strathfield: Turning Korean. LOL.

Yup. Been busy having korean dinners, hanging out with korean friends, and watching Korean dramas.. *LOL* So busy that I haven't had time to blog anyways.

Anyways, my Ashfield caregroup has started devotions on the book of Romans in the past two weeks. I really do not know what Paul is trying to say, as it probably is more suitable for someone who is a more mature Christian. However, since we are doing it as a group, then there would be support for each other.

A friend of mine, Michael Chan., who has Permanent Head Damage, has headed over from Brisbane to work in Sydney, so that means one more friend here in Sydney! Woo hoo..!! The last time I met up with him was before I headed to New Zealand last year, which was a rather long long time ago. LOL.

Last Sunday, I headed to Strathfield to do some shopping after our sports practice (Hope Sydney is having an Inter-Church Games). The place is really KOREAN to the core. You don't even have to go to Korea to visit Korea. This place is packed with Korean people, and korean restaurants, and korean boutiques. I am hoping to come here again after next week ... burn another hole in my pocket....

Jo, me & Arthur had Korean for dinner (with the usual four side dishes). I bought a winter coat, and two pairs of shoes which were on sale! I really like the korean merchandise as their quality beats the made-in-China ones (obviously). Further too, the design was really classic, so it was really made to last and had value for money. It only took up to about two weeks of my rent as well as burning a huge hole in my pocket... what a nice feeling!
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Mamma Mia!


Mamma Mia!

Today I went to watch Mamma Mia! at Broadway cinema with Jo, Edward & Cecile, and Elena! Yup, she was over for the weekend from Melbourne for business purposes. The movie is not bad, with Meryl Streep, and Amanda Seyfried who has quite good voices for their roles... Even Colin Firth can sing quite well, and I think they put Pierce Brosnan as comic relief.. (coz he really can't sing!!!)

Elena did describe Melbourne as rather laid back & slow paced in comparison to Sydney. I also met Yukiko, a Jap born Chinese Singaporean banker whom Elena had bunked over with during the weekend. I would deduce she is about the same age as I am due to the clues I have picked up throughout the day. Actually, I think they are both about my age, LOL!

We drove to nearby Mosman for dinner at this Jap restaurant that Yukiko recommended. It was one of the cheapest diners in Mosman, considering that is a rather affluent area. It would have been nicer if we were there in the day time to see the waterfront scene.
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Back to pace of working life...

Back to pace of working life...

Life is just easing back to post-Hillsong Conference, and the pace of working life. I must admit that with working and all, I really do not have the time to blog as much as before. There are so many things that I want to do on a daily basis, and it never seems to get accomplished.. *sigh*.

My ex-uni mates have come and gone. The Hillsong Conference was a most interesting experience... I did take down a lot of notes in a book. Which is good as I take my time to reflect upon slowly each day, and let God speak to me in His own time.

There were a few unsavory moments after the conference, but I do not really want to be dragged into it, and I just want to keep my distance. For the record, Patrick dropped his camera into the ocean (for about the second time, I heard!).. Tsk tsk tsk. I do believe that by now, SY has learnt the lesson of being prudent in what he does (this time around!).

I did pick up a few lessons observing the young group of students who came from Queensland. I believe the Lord has opened my eyes to see, and my heart to be more open & kind to the people who are in need of help, and we should always take the initiative to offer help instead of being in our own self-conscious and self-centred shell. I have learnt through all my experiences, that the Lord has sustained me all this while without the need to depend financially on anyone. If I believe the Lord will sustain me, and provide for all my needs, why should I hesitate to help others too who are in need?

For the Lord says, "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.' (Matthew 25:40). May He teach me to have compassion for the poor, the sick, the needy & to love the young children with the same Love that He loves us with. Amen.
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Hillsong Conference: First Day.


Hillsong Conference: First Day.

The first day for Hillsong Conference 2008 was really great. There wasn't much of a registration as I already have my armbands for the conference. By the time the evening night rally started, I was already rather tired!

My ex-uni mates are currently staying at Paramatta (nearer to Olympic Stadium, but still taking 45 minutes of travel which costs only 2 dollars!). When I informed them that I was travelling back alone to Central, they were rather worried. The guys didn't want me to travel home by myself, and Jason offered to travel back with me to the city. (Isn't that sweet?).

Anyways, I was fortunate to have another Sydney friend who happened to be driving home in the direction of my home that I didn't have to take the train. We'll just have to figure out how I will travel home for the rest of the other nights though I do have a return ticket.

Surprisingly, most of the other older females (and males) didn't seem to raise an eye or blink their eyes about it. Perhaps they are used to travelling alone in Sydney? Maybe it is not practical in the realistic word, or economically to show that much concern for every female passenger that you are sending home by car, or travelling alone at night?

To tell you the truth, I was a bit worried about travelling alone after the conference. It's just nice to hear someone else actually mouth their concern without my raising it. It is nice for a change for other people to show some concern, especially from males about a female's safety in going home alone at night.It would be nice to see some gentlemanly behaviour demonstrated once in a while. Just makes me feel nice to be a female in those times.

I ain't exactly those feminist types who wants to fight if they want to do manly things for a lady. ^_^
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Hillsong Conference 2008 starts tomorrow!


Hillsong Conference 2008 starts tomorrow!

Woo Hoo.

It was indeed a miracle for me to even be able to attend. I had wanted to attend the Hillsong Conference, but the costs of the tickets was beyond what I could afford... and out of the blue, like a week ago, my group leader, Edward sent us an email about two discounted tickets for sale from Hope Melbourne.

The tickets are currently selling for AUD280, but the ones that were being put up were only AUD120, and that included the entire week's night rally tickets! Woo hoo!! So yes, it was a fantastic deal. Never in my mind could I guess that I could get the tickets for anything less than AUD150 (which is what my friends bought for a couple of months ago).

As there were two tickets for sale, I decided to call Elsey up to find out which stream she had chosen to attend. I found out too that Jason had intentions to go, but couldn't afford the price either. So he decided to join the bandwagon, and yes... yeap. He is here in Sydney too now! So yes, it is indeed a miracle for us to be able to get such cheap tickets even at the last minute to be able to attend!! Hehe.

So yes, my friends from uni have arrived. Examinations ended last week, so they have all flown in on Saturday from Toowoomba to attend the conference. Seng Yee, Elsey, Jason, Andrea, & Patrick. This morning, they came with me to attend Hope Sydney, the church that I am currently attending. After that, we took a walk near Darling Harbour. Along the way, Rachel came with a friend.

Yeap, so that means I will be off work for the entire of next week. The first day of the conference is mostly a free day, and for registration purposes. Will write more about it later.
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Work update.... lazy.


Work update.... lazy.

Hi people, how's your week so far? Just some update on upcoming events. From the end of next week, there will be the Hillsong Conference at the Acer Arena. It's quite a distance from where I am staying, and it will cost a bomb, so I doubt I am able to afford to go for the Hillsong Conference. I however, am going for one of the night rallies, when Joyce Meyer will be speaking.

Some of my friends are coming over from Toowoomba in July, so I will get to meet them. That'll be great.

Apart from that, been kept busy with work this week. Last week was rather quiet however. But anyways, work is work, and money is money.

Had korean for dinner twice this week. We went for korean last night and another day, both nearby. Well, it was not too bad. At the traditional korean restaurant, you'd get four side dishes with the main menu ordered. We ordered three, my flatmate, me and a korean friend of mine. Hot Pot of beef stew, a chicken ginseng soup and a chilli mackarel stew. Don't ask me what the korean names were. I have NO IDEA.
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I am officially a Senior First Aider now!


I am officially a Senior First Aider now!

Hi people... I have the cough again. SIGH. Been breaking my vocal chords the past few days. I do know that on those days that I have a could (or impending one), I would perform poorly at work. Being a casual, that is detrimental to work performance. Well, what can I say?

I finally completed my Senior First Aid training with St. John's Cross Association on Tuesday. It was a two day training sessions. Although I would like to have opted for a one day course (and a self study of 8 hours), the thought that came to me was that since I am paying the same price for whether one or two days, I might as well have a face-to-face interaction with my trainer rather than study alone without feedback from other people.

There was a 45 Multiple Choice Question which we had to fill in and could only get 10 out of 45 questions wrong. = 35 was the maximum we needed to get to get our Statement of Attainment for the workshop. Well, thankfully I passed! I also learnt to do the CPR, have basic training with the AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and the emergency numbers to call within Australia.

So yeah, that comes my First Aid qualification which will last me for the next three years till it expires. Hei wait, did I just see someone fall of his bicycle??
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A post-flu & graduation update.


A post-flu & graduation update.

Hi readers, am now officially back to work. I was much better by Monday (which was Queen Elizabeth's Birthday), after being ill for two whole weeks sniffling, and had a fever that fluctuated up & down like nobody's business!

And now? Well, actually there remains still some remnants of the flu. I really have to maintain my health during this cold season. I don't really have anyone who could look after me. Boo Hoo Hoo... Anyway, it's common in countries when Autumn/Winter comes, when many people WILL catch the bug.

How's life in the past few months post-graduation?

Life as a survivor in Sydney.. I finally have shown it to my family that one can be independent when they make their mind to do so. Personally, although unsaid, I suspect that there is that smugness in my parent's minds. LOL. (Nevermind, it is a typical parent thing...). My mom definitely is of the opinion of my strong willness & independence of mind in that matter. LOL.

So what are my plans? I am finally done with undergraduate studies, (thank heavens!) so for now it is a matter of building my career (with the option of settling down with a family should that ever come up. LOL). The question of what I could build for my future is something that needs much prayer & planning, & whether I want to remain indefinitely in Australia for that very purpose.

One of my goals when I was younger was to go & see the world and live in a foreign country. Having done that in the past two & a half years, I am grateful for the opportunity to have done that & live, study & work in provincial Australia, as well as visiting New Zealand where some of my kin are.

In the process too, I had also discovered myself & built a 'living" relationship with my Heavenly Father during my time in Toowoomba. I guess, with the hustle & bustle in the busy city life of KL, it was difficult for me to even seriously find time to hear God's voice, nor to see his hand working personally in my life. Away from it all, it was an opportunity, where I did not have much options but had actually even endeavoured to spend personal quiet time with Him to hear him speak & work into my life.

My next course of action will determine what I could do for the rest of my life, so it is definitely something I have to seriously work out & pray before doing so. Just pray that I make a wise one.
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Yes, that is SICK with a capital. I've been caught busy with work (thoroughly blessed if I may say so!) and now caught the bug.

I've got a sore throat, running nose, cough & fever. Periodically reaching for the tissue paper to blow my nose!

This is my second week being sick, what with Winter coming, and working children who have snotty noses all the time. It is contagious,if I may say so. Can't really work well under these circumstances. Going to have a 5 day weekend this week.

Have fun!
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A successful skill assessment outcome.


A successful skill assessment outcome.

Great news for my readers ....

When I first applied for my skill assessment a couple of weeks ago, I was not sure if it would be positive. My good news for all... is that God is fantastic. He has finally answered my prayer for a successful skill assessment.

Thank you to all my friends for your months of prayer.

When I first came to Australia, I decided to change program halfway after the first year. As most of my friends will know, I eventually graduated in the initial study program I applied into, as well as meeting the two-year requirement. You might have thought it was risky on my part to leave without making a decision on which study program I was going to graduate from, but even during that time, it was quite difficult on my part to find the words to explain to my lecturers that I already had the faith & KNEW that I was going to graduate from the program.

When I decided to leave Toowoomba, it was also with the faith that I knew that everything will go through, and I would graduate with all my qualifications. It seems strange that my incomplete practicum was also part to play in that factor, LOL! What was bad, seems good in the long-run, and God knew I wasn't ready to do my pract then.

With a successful skill assessment outcome, this just means that all the documents required for applying for migration in australia is met! God has helped me to collate & collect all my documents one-by-one. It's like all the doors were just opened by one as I opened it. HE is indeed great! He has provided me with wisdom when I asked for it, & indeed I know that God had his reasons to let me come to Australia when I first asked in 2005 whether it would be the right decision to do so.

So yes, even those early years of my studying which I thought fruitless. God was already preparing me, just like how He was preparing Joseph in those early years when he was sold to the traders and finally became the Prime Minister of Egypt. Not only did God know what He was doing, but by that, preserved what was to be Israel & bringing salvation to the people of Egypt.
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USQ: Graduation Convocation @ Toowoomba

Hi reader, how was your week? As most of you all would have known, I was away for the weekend to Toowoomba for my convo. If you are an avid fan, you'd have realised that my Twitter was still busy updating . ^^

Ok, what was the big news? Well, tum tum tum... the news was that Kevin L.'s application for Permanent Residence has been approved!! I was so happy when I heard the news last week. Just wanted to wait till I return it before I finally announce it...

So now, presenting my photos of the convo...

sitting hall crowd
Graduation hall ..sitting hall
Guess where I was sitting?

stef jia mus
Steph, Jiaren & Mustapha.
Under the marquees..

In the Quadrangle..

In the garden near Engineering faculty...

Pretty guys all in a row. ^^

Hanna me
Hanna & I.

crazy girls
Crazy girls...

jiaren photographer
Jiaren, the photographer adjusting my hair...
Solo me...

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More Miracles!


More Miracles!

My mate will go ballistic if he knew I was writing this, but heck, the glory isn't to him! Yes, I was only supposed to blog this after our return from Toowoomba, but I thought a preview might be right in session. Yesterday afternoon after my arrival in Brisbane, I made a call to him to enquire about his migration status. *surprise* *surprise!*

Hope beyond hope. Measure beyond measure.

He told me it had already been approved! I was jumping up for joy. Initially he was facing a lot of migration/employment troubles with his pending/current visa. For one month, we were praying for him. The timing was just so PERFECT! Praise the Lord!

Who is the mystery fellow? You will know soon. ^^

If you guys are wondering, I have safely landed in Brisbane. Am bunking over at Leon's. Jason came over & my cousin, Adrian joined us for dinner. Jason dropped by this morning on the way to work. It seems he's got himself something new... *be patient, you'll know well enough soon ;-)

Will be heading Toowoomba on Thursday. See you guys soon!
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A heart convicted.


A heart convicted.

Just recently, or at least a couple of weeks past, I was convicted whilst reading a text on womanhood that I should forgive this friend over an incident that happened many years ago. He is someone who was in the same class as I was during my first semester in Year Seven (or Form 1, as Malaysians call it).

The said incident took place in the year when I was turning thirteen, right before Chinese New Year. He had given everyone, and even the new people in the class a greeting card from his father's company, but not I! Initially, out of curiosity, I tracked down his steps to know what he would do, and then realised that he had done it deliberately....!

In my mind, I was filled with a kind of unsaid anger that I never would realise would take years to go away. No one might know, but it was totally mortifying to be the only one excluded from the list... and even more embarrassing when even newcomers receive it but not someone who is in the class.

Yet although it's been more than a decade, and the 'HATRED' totally irrational, I realised that I had never actually forgotten the incident. This so called "friend" was not really a "friend" per se, but just an acquaintance from high school. To rationalise it, I always told myself that it's not like we actually had a conversation in school, or that he even knew of it to start with.

Eventhough I knew in my heart I should forgive him, I had always put this issue at the backburner, pretending that it didn't exist. Yet God had to wrestle with me on this issue. It was a heartbreaking weekend in Toowoomba when I went back for my graduation convocation that God finally dealt with this issue. That I could finally release this problem back to Him, not without tears streaming down mine. To have the peace that came with the confession.

Somehow recently, I found him (or rather, he found me) on Facebook. Thinking back, I realised that he had not signed up on Facebook a couple of months back when a childhood friend of mine, Lai Ching had decided to drop by Sydney for a visit. As this person is now currently working in Melbourne, perhaps if he had met up with her, I wouldn't have known what my reaction would be.

Perhaps God has his reasons to prepare me to be reconciled with this mate of mine. Perhaps God had wanted to work with my heart, to get rid of the bitterness that was there in all those years. Only time will tell.
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SilverFOX: Baptism @ FGA

SilverFOX: Baptism @ FGA

On a lighter note, today was a joyful day at church. Why?

It's dunk-the-new-believers-in-water baptism day!

Three peeps we know (including one more from my home fellowship) have been baptised this evening as you can see in the pictures below.

Baptised-to-be PL & HK with YC

This time posing with KK

HK looking calm

PL with J (behind)

Pastors in action

After getting the last pic, had to rush off to Basement 1 to help with the food distribution. Yup, we had to control the serving portions to ensure everyone gets, well, something. Cue the cook ala Oliver Twist... bwaahahhahaa...

But anyway, congratulations to our new Christian brothers and sisters who boldly took the step to begin life anew with Christ. I feel so blessed to know them! =)
SilverFOX: Case of the Mysterious Visitor

SilverFOX: Case of the Mysterious Visitor

Ahhahahhaa... CY arr, had you not casually commented your blog was searched by an unknown person/figure/something, it would not have crossed my mind today (to put two and two together, that sort of thing) when someone else i know was quoting stuff off from one of my previous entries here.

Well, consider the case closed lar; ye and I shall probe further no more as the 'perpetrator' was more curious than to do harm. In fact, I was labelled 'sly'... *sob sob* T_T

I shall leave that to the interpretation of the readers' imagination.

So anyway, case solved. It's all elementary, my dear Watson... =P

Keanu Reeves in Sydney!


Keanu Reeves in Sydney!

Yup, Keanu in Sydney on 15th April 2008 for the premiere of his latest movie, Street Kings at Greater Union cinema, George St. The movie was scheduled to start at about 7pm, so he arrived just before the movie started!

I went straight to the cinema right after work. On the way, I bumped into Stamati P., who helped me to take the video of Keanu (Coz I am such a SHORTIE!!)

HEHE. See if you can find him on the video, yeah! *LOL*

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After I wrote the entry last evening, I was thinking about my life in Sydney and about the choices I have made hitherto. As the sermon progessed, I found myself trying in vain to hold my emotions in throughout the service. I knew the Lord was revealing His heart to me.

Knowing that my work will never go in vain, even years from now...
Confirmation: It started at the eleven o'clock service with the speaker telling us that early this week, Hillsong's 1993-"Shout To The Lord" was performed on American Idol. She said that Darlene Z., the writer of the song would have not known that 15 years later, the song that she wrote would be heard by millions for the first time on prime-time secular talent show, American Idol. First, when the word "Jesus" was taken out of the song, & second, when they tried to make amends by changing back to the original version of the song. That makes it twice on national tv! We were then showed a YouTube screening of it.

Evidence: When I chose to leave my homeland, it was with the confirmation but uncertainty in my future. It has been two years, and my spiritual life as a friend has testified how much I have grown & is demonstrated in my life. I have completed my degree, so that is a testament to the work I have put in.

Never letting my circumstance prevent me from being used or moving forward...
The preacher today was a female of Greek origin, & left orphaned in a hospital. (cannt remember her name). She said that she could have used her circumstances to prevent her from moving forward in life, to categorize herself as "a victim of vulnerability" to be eligible for the Australian govt funding, but then emphasized the fact that that is not what God would have wanted for her life.

He will always complete the work He started, & will always comfort us...
Confirmation: Finally she reminded us that no matter what circumstances or how difficult things has or will be, God himself who had started the good work in us will be faithful to complete it (Phillipians 2:5). To remember that He who had brought me out of Malaysia will deliver to me the help I need when I need it.

It brought to remembrance this passage from 1 Kings 19 when Elijah ran away after defeating King Ahab & his Baal prophets, & had asked God to kill him because he felt that life no longer mattered. Instead, God sent an angel to comfort him. Finally, God revealed himself by speaking to him in a "gentle whisper".

Evidence: Angels & Miracles: my mugged handbag, my angelic friends , my being changed into a Moses.

I really just need a time of refreshing at the fountain of living waters.
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A time like this.


A time like this.

I was updating my blog in these past two days, and I realised that I have mentioned PG a lot particularly in the year before I left for Australia. Of course now when I look back through it, I am horrified at how often I did!

In retrospect, sometimes I wonder how different it would have been for me if I had stayed in Malaysia... and it has been difficult for me to have give up something that I really treasure for the sake of My Master who has assured me that leaving for Australia was the best decision I could have ever made.

It is even more difficult for someone like me who is now in Sydney without family & friends who are all away either in another state or back in Malaysia. Sometimes I don't have the strength & will & wonder how much longer this could take.

To PG, I want to ask for your forgiveness for how I have behaved towards you, & that I want you to know that too that when I wrote this two years ago. Although it is difficult, I really mean it, & I do forgive you in my heart. It has taken me a while, & even if you may not read this blog (and I have no idea if you ever will again), but I just want to tell you that even if you will never ask me in future, I just want to tell you that I have forgiven you a long time ago.

I pray that you will be happy & all the best in your future.
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Something to make you laugh!


Something to make you laugh!

I am totally bored.. So I dug through my previous blog entries from years in yearly order, I present them to you.. My hilarious posts.... I know my entries are pretty *serious* sounding a lot of times, but that is my style. So LIVE WITH IT!

Passion is the key ingredient

Moment of randomness

Silverfox's in the house!

I am so bad!

Exciting, Constipating Trivia!

Happy Ching-Yan-Chit


Reading between the Lines.

The Rain is Spaining

The Things Children Say!

In the News!

Imaginations of Port Klang out of a book..

PG *amuses* me

Funny Observations!


In 2004:
Fool Fool April Fool, Ha ha ha.

A conversation with Melanie.

Ah Long.
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When you're down on the dough...

When you're down on the dough...

When I was at the 1:15pm service today, the church was giving out freebies away... Normally after the worship service, one of the leaders will come on stage and give a brief of the week's events. Today as usual, he took out some merchandise that the church had on sale, and talked about its benefits. Then he'd hand it out to another person who would give them out as freebies.

I was sitting in front so I quickly raised my hands and the man came to me! Lucky me had to make a quick tough decision between the Hillsong USB-Wristband & the I Heart Rev album, so I took the latter instead. So yes, now I have a free Hillsong album that costs AUD25 dollars!

If you're wondering why I'd be having an entry about this is because I was thinking of getting the album when I was at the bookstore earlier, but I definitely didn't have enough dough to even consider buying fish from the market.. ha ha ha. It was seriously Providence...

Another incident was during Easter when I was thinking of wanting to go to the movies, but I was seriously down on my finances, and I just wanted to head to cinema. There and behold, on Good Friday when I had volunteered to come in to help with serving the coffee, there walked in a girl who was giving out free Greater Union movie tickets coz they were going to expire, and she had no time to go.

I asked if I could have it, and there... I saved about AUD16 dollars paying for the movie tickets. When your pay hasn't been banked in, one can only hope to watch the movies in their dreams... I had two tickets, but decided to share it with my flatmate, Titi.

Well, freely received, freely I should give it away, right? Never in my mind I could conceive these times where I could be blessed by other people. Indeed.
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Distinct Personalities.


Distinct Personalities.

Currently I am staying in a flat with flatmates possessing distinct personalities.Whilst I was out tonight at French Riviera for some frozen delicacies, I had a most interesting time picking my flatmate's brains dissecting how the distinct personalities operate.

When I was out for a dental appointment recently, I overheard the conversation that took place between the nurse & the dentist. I was recommended by my flatmate, Titi to the centre. Titi possesses a fairly dominant personality whereby even the medical personnel even acquiese to her requests, when she goes in without making an appointment. It is such that Titi had no realisation that even one of our other flatmates, who is a male, has a certain fear of aggravating her.

I on the other hand have a fairly less dominant personality, but instead I realised that I have others who are willing to acquiese to my requests without even my asking to. For example, when I was on a bus ride to Macquarie Park recently for work purposes, I had absolutely no idea where the place was, nor did I even bring a map. But I had a fair idea of where the place, so I thought that would be adequate for me to know.

So I went & was getting a bit panicky and finally decided to ask the person next to me, who happened to be a man and asked IF he knew where the location was. Then before I knew it, he had jumped up from the seat & had gone up to the driver TWICE to ask for directions. I was so surprised I didn't know what to say but thank him when he got back.

As I thought about it, I then realised that the nurse at the dental appointment had also acquiesed to my request without my needing to be assertive nor dominant about it.... *Heh*

In retrospect, I guess that each personality has its own way of doing things. and you know what? I think I might know how to use my personality to my advantage after all. ^^
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Final Leg: Kiwi Experience back to Auckland.

This post marks my final entry in the final leg of my Kiwi Experience tour around North Island. To think, I thought we may never reach the last of my journey, LOL!

After reaching Lake Taupo, we stayed at the Base Backpackers for two days.
Lake Taupo2
This picture reminds me of my mom.. I really look a lot like her here.

Lake Taupo3
Over looking Lake Taupo, as you might guess.

Lake Taupo1

Taupo_ White Water Rafting
One of our days in Lake Taupo, where I went white-water rafting... a huge suicide attempt, since I can't swim!!

During those two days, we walked around the shops and I went white-water rafting! My journey around North Island stopped there. Haruna continued on to South Island with the group. I was in tears, as it was my last time I may ever see her again & may be my only time I may ever step to this place.

At the time of this entry, Haruna has since returned to Japan & has gone on a tour with her husband. We still keep in touch via Facebook. ^^

On the way back to Auckland, the Kiwi Experience bus took us to see a couple more lakes enroute Rotorua.
a lake in Rotorua

Rotorua lakes

Rotorua lakes (on the way back to Auckland)
Ever seen such lakes before in your life?
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