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A tale of my mates (II)


A tale of my mates (II)

This is the second of entries on acquaintances. Actually, I should get packing since I've only got 3 more working days!! But hmmm....I will get about to that in a sec.... (right). A mate just mentioned that my MSN titles are like soap operas... He gets hooked on reading it.. is there any way to SSL them?? (LOL)

From the Hong Kong batch, there is also Kay, who is Sam's beau. He can be quite manja... a bit like Sam..(LOL) and I think I have unconsciously picked up some conversational habits from him. He's also good at baking the Tiramisu (but not sure what else he's good at baking though..LOL). He likes taking photographs. Its a bit difficult to find the words to describe him, but I enjoy his company.

Kay asked me to extend my stay, but after checking with the airlines, I realised it costs less to travel from Sydney to Toowoomba than to upgrade! Besides it is too costly for someone who isn't working... so I think I will have to forgo on that la..

Then there is Jiaren who hails from Miri, Sarawak. We talk on stuff mostly about photography, geek stuff and I.T stuff. You can say I learn a lot about photography from Jiaren (who recently got himself a very funky Nikon SLR). Somehow everytime I am with Jiaren, I learn some new trick about cameras... Hah.

Jiaren is also fairly mature for his age (which is many many years my junior), and gets along with people of all ages. I enjoy his company because he is a person who is able to switch modes depending on whom he is with, and yes, he is quite the social person.

Although this person shouldn't deserve mention, but I'd like to. Yang Wei who hails from West Malaysia is a pretty unique case, and is worth mentioning. At the beginning of this year, I had some unresolved conflict with him. Let's just say I never found out what the problem was. He's isn't my bestest friend or whatsoever, but I guess after a long period (I guess we, or us as a group of friends together) managed to resolve the problem. It's a pity that I didn't get to know him better as I'm finally done with my studies.

He's a man of few words and has got a funny sense of (quiet) humour and is teased mercilessly by Sam & Mancy. (as well as by Ezra & Sam, LOL). He recently got a haircut aka. YK style, and looks really cute.
Yang Wei is a good sport with people, and show much dedication and loyalty to his friends. I guess that he's among those whom one needs to spend time with in order to understand. (LOL). You're a sport, Yang Wei!

It is not possible for me to mention Yang Wei without not referring to Kevin. I've known of him for two years, but it was only the end of last year that I actually realised he had a sense of humour. He had moved into the unit I am staying at just before I headed home, and had already moved out by the time I was back here in the first semester.

Kevin is a person of few words, and is one of the (quiet) pearls of gem that I have found. He has however a sarcastic humour and is able to find very aptly suitable words for the occasion, of which makes him a fortunate (or unfortunate!) oft receipient of many painful pinches/punches from yours truly! He enjoys playing the guitar, making music, and loves the Lord with a passion.

I enjoy his company mostly ... because I find his company soothing, comforting. and yes, quiet. A lot of people say he's good looking, but I don't really think that is what which stands out. Although he is (so called) quiet, he is at many times (and does!) speak his mind. The most aptly suitable proverb I would use to describe his personality is "just because the water is still doesn't mean that there are no crocodiles". You could say that I have got a soft spot for this gentleman... who wouldn't? -_-

Well anyways, I think that's about the mates I can write about now... a part 3 might come later. But I need to take a hiatus now. C ya!
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A tale of my mates (I)

A tale of my mates (I)

Since I have absolutely so much free time these days, I would like to write an entry on my friends in Toowoomba... Some of them hail from Malaysia. and the rest are from other countries, the most namely Hong Kong.

Among the people I chat a lot mainly with is particularly Seng Yee. Now, it's a strange story of how I ended up talking with him a lot. It started around the time when I was in the midst of the "church crises" this year. He's many years my junior, which is also another reason why I did not take him serious initially (not that I take him that seriously these days, LOL). Anyway, Seng Yee comes from Brunei, and speaks Mandarin, English, & funny accented Cantonese.

I guess the breakthrough came about the time when church camp started, and I told him of my decision not to go. He eventually got the true reason why I didn't want to go.... and after the camp knew that it was the best choice I could have ever made at that time although it was difficult amongst the pressure given. ^_^

After that, he decided to "seek" my advice, and now makes one of my best phone companions. Anyway, Seng Yee is currently back in Brunei & flew off the day after my birthday.. (else I'd have wrung his neck..). I have absolutely no idea on the political position that Brunei stands on, but I'd probably have to find out now.

The other few that I actually mix a lot with are Eltrisa & Samantha. Both of them are from Hong Kong. You can guess that I talk to them in Cantonese...(duh). They are both currently in Melbourne doing a Student Life christian camp. Both of them have a sense of humour, and I've got used to Samantha's sense of humour (which is loud, like me, LOL).

Samantha was formerly my housemate, and shared a room with Hanna. She moved to stay in Eltrisa's unit in the second sem. I enjoy talking to both Sam & Eltrisa, as they show much passion for the Lord. I love hearing Samantha praying in Cantonese, because you could see (and hear) that she has a very strong faith, and I always feel comforted after hearing her pray. They're both 23 years old.

Another person I socialise with a lot now is Mancy. Well, its a bit hard to find the words to describe what Mancy is. Mancy is a very outgoing person (actually all the Hong Kong girls I've met so far seem very outgoing for some strange reason or another), and she is very good at teasing people. All of them have studied psychology, but Mancy is is currently in the second year of her second degree for Nursing. She's about 25 years old.

When I first knew Mancy, I had difficulty understanding the strong will & personality that she demonstrated. But throughout the year as I got to know her, I realised that Mancy is a person who is passionate about the Lord, very prayerful and is very strong for the Lord's work. She is also very hardworking, and is able to manage her time between her studies and job, which is something I respect for someone in her circumstances. I believe that with her skills, Mancy will be able to go far in life and minister to the people in the African countries using her medical skills in the near future that looms so near ahead.

Among other reasons that I get along with them is that all three do not act giggly for their age.They act fairly mature which is another reason why I find their company pretty much comforting, & on the same wavelength.

The other mate that I miss dearly is Alan. He's currently in Hong Kong, but when he was here last year, I had many conversations with him. He is (and is still) one of the most talkative persons I ever know. He enjoys baking, and is great at baking Tiramisu. Although we have differing opinions, I still enjoy talking to him. Alan is a free-spirit, and is very independent.

One of things that touched me dearly was that Alan came to visit me on transit to HK when I was back in KL for the summer last year.He needn't have do that but he did so out of concern when I was having an emotional crisis. Loyalty and concern, regardless of time and finance are among the traits that Alan demonstrates and is something note-worthy and worth mentioning here. Thank you Alan, for the time and dedication you have for your friends. The loyalty & dedication you spend on your friends will not go wasted, nor unnoticed.

As it is, I have much difficulty in chatting with him (and a lot of the HKies) in English on MSN, and it is a problem as I do not read chinese. I find it much easier to just pick up the phone and call them up on their landline. Haha!
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A year older, hopefully wiser.


A year older, hopefully wiser.

The only aptly suitable adjective I can describe it for this year is "low-key". As you can guess, we didn't drive down with my I.F mates to Darra all the way just for dinner. There were about nine of us including John, Kay, Mancy, Chris, Claire, Hanna, Izam, Justin, and of course, yours truly. John went down to Brisbane to pick Mancy up.... (*dum dum dum*)

To tell the truth, I had no idea we were going to Darra, nor that we were going to have a long drive down all the way to Brisbane and forth. It was truly a joyride (almost like going round the merry-go-round).

Well, Hong-Kong style since I will miss their "Hong-Kong" ness. We've had hot-pot on many many occasions, and had Western (like almost and will be some more) in the next couple of days. So I finally requested for something Chinese.. I had asked Kay to prepare something "Hong-Kong" style but the larder was truly almost empty by this point of time (umm... exactly what did they do at the supermarket on Saturday afternoon anyways?).

Anyway, they are having a separate farewell for me tonight... so there!
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A touch of the Lord.


A touch of the Lord.

Tonight we drove down to Darra for dinner with my Hongkie mates, but along the way, I had a discussion with an ex-housemate of mine, J. In case you didn't know, Darra is a Vietnamese area on the way down to Brisbane. We stopped over at Chinatown to pick Mancy up, and I gave Seng Yee (& gang who were in SunnyBanks) a surprise call! My chat wit J. was so interesting that I didn't realise we had already arrived at Chinatown!

If you want to say that Darra is far, what can you say about my mates who drive down all the way to Kajang for satay...ah??

J has known me for two years and we were roomies in the first year. I guess that one of my concerns lies when I return to my hometown is to do with my spiritual growth as well as my personality. As I have realised, I have a personality that may rub against the grain of what is the norm. J notes that we have similarities in the sense that we both are uniquely as from the norm, but it is good that He has created us to be who we are, for each of us have a different role in His Kingdom, but what that may only He will reveal to us in time.

What J. has told me has been of much encouragement to me, as we reflected on what has happened in the past two years. I really believe that even with what that has happened to YK, that He guides and leads each of us in His Own Time.

Of course this is not very helpful advice to one in the storm and midst of their adolescents when they are still looking for their own identity. J notes that although some people will initially find my personality a bit of a shock, however as they get to know me, it was something they would get used to as that was just me, but it was a totally different case for him in his case.. I had not really thought about this, but I guess J. was trying to describe me as someone who "grows on people".

One of the most powerful incidents for me this year was when my house was burglared. I have replayed this incident many times in my mind, and have brought to mind that it is of no coincidence that everything that was stolen from me, from my money to my handbag was brought back to me in order. Although I had a loss, but everything was restored to me, and nothing was lacking. But the thief had everything to lose in his moment of indiscretion, where he made the choice to take something which wasn't his, and has received his just desserts when he was arrested a month after...

This is the year where the Lord's presence had really filled my life. For so many years, I have heard his voice, but I could not really hear him speak. When people tell me that they can tell I have experienced much of the Lord, I could never actually understand what it is that they "see". But today was the first time I had heard J. tell me that he had seen it manifested in my life....that I actually had apply what I know rather than spout it.

I guess judging from this, it is important to have people in our lives who know us and continue to reflect and remind us of how much we have grown in the Lord, no matter how little, or how much we think it might not be necessary to do so.

Today is Anti-Violence Against Women Day. There were ladies giving out to men white ribbons to be pinned on their shirts. A lady came out to share her testimony about how she had accepted the Lord at the age of 7, but she realised that from the day she had made the choice to accept the Lord, was the day the battle against her started. For over twenty over years of her life, she had experienced abuse after abuse in the hands of the men in her life that she thought was supposed to protect but didn't. Yet she knew that they were not doing the right thing.

The testimony touched a raw chord, especially within some of the young girls who had suffered abuse in the hands of their supposed boyfriends and had managed to break free of it. The entire congregation prayed against this.

One of the things that I would like to mention in leading to this is not so much about the Anti Violence thingy, but about the worship ministry. Although in the past two years I had not once joined in the Worship Ministry here, however the past six months has been a scene of change. As many may know, there was a period in the last six months where I wanted to leave the particular church I was due to circumstances which I had not the control of. However I believe it was the Lord's doing that I was to stay, and when I made the decision to stay, it was also one where I decided I would be committed to my work with the children in the church.

I have come to know & believe in my experience, that worship, & anointed worship (as evangelist Jimmy mentioned) has the power to bring down strongholds. The many times I have watched Dennis & Jennifer worship and sing to the Lord has actually encouraged me to break free off the way I worship. For me, kneeling down was something I could never do even in the midst of so many people worshipping. It was really a breakthrough for me.

The fire that has been lighted, the energy and the passion I am hoping that I would continue to bring with me no matter where I go. I really believe that that is one of the lasting things that I will miss of the church. The passion, the fire and energy that exuberates from all the young people who show such love for the Lord. I thank the people in the Worship Ministry who have taken the time to put in such effort and time to practise and serve the Lord. Keep up the good job!

In summary, I must say that I have experienced something of the Lord this year after all!
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A nice shock for a change.


A nice shock for a change.

Mustafa came for the PowerNight meeting tonight. He got invited by Justin for I.F as well (at least the former's doing his role in helping out!). At least I'll be sure there are parties involved who might take care of Mustafa when I'm gone & departed. *LOL*

Mustafa explains that its worst in Saudi Arabia because men and women cannot simply talk to someone of the opposite gender there... You had to be a brother & sister, father, mother or relative of some sort. Even cousins of opposite gender have it difficult! Malaysia might not be as bad as Saudi Arabia, but to us (non-Muslim Malaysians, that is!) it might seem a bit extreme. He continues to explain that is also the reason why Saudi Arabians first find it nerve-wrecking when they have to talk to someone of the opposite gender when they first enter a Western country like Australia, America or the U.K.

Also too in Saudi Arabia, Muslims are born into and die in their faith (about the same in Malaysia, but we don't kill those who try to convert out however..... we just have 5 years of court cases that reaches to Western and International Media and wasting a lot of lawyers money and making headlines about religious freedom in this country.). In summary, it seems that whatever laws that apply in Malaysia (magnify its significance by about 250% in Saudi Arabia for its effect).

The pastor was definitely given a nice shock because its the first time we ever had a Saudi Arabian in our midst.. we've had mostly Asians, whites, PNGs, Indigeneous, etc.. but not a Saudi Arabian. It's definitely a nice change.

Edna actually came up to give an entire speech of "nurturing your seed" and watering it... I certainly think it was brave of her to come up and say what was truly in her heart all this while. We wanted to head off to Coffee Club/Angel Cafe, but it was already closed by the time we packed up. Oh well. So we headed off to Matt's watch Police Academy I. Interesting scenes indeed....
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Counting the days...


Counting the days...

It's about 2 weeks to my leave of Toowoomba.. after which its to new pasture at Kiwiland and city of the Opera Harbour. One of my other mates, Kevin is also leaving after having spent three years here. I am sure he will miss this place just as much. ^_^

It has been a long two years. I never once thought that I'd ever make it out of this place. A place so deserted that buses come only once every hour. I have almost got used to it. Shops close by 6 o'clock. Sun comes out at 4.45am.

It'll be my birthday in a couple of days. I don't know if other people get edgy and distracted on those days preceding their birthdays, but I do. I have been losing my temper over the smallest things. I guess it must be one of those things that happen anyways....

I have a new housemate, Mustafa from Saudi Arabia. He came for one of the Revival meetings held by I.F at Glenvale. He's the first Saudi Arabian that I have come in contact with and to have come for a evangelistic meeting. Having lots of Chinese, Asians and White come to attend our meeting. Having a Saudi Arabian in the midst of the meeting is definitely something different. If he were from Malaysia, I would bet all my money that he would not show any interest in attending.

(Actually, the last Malaysian Muslim Indian whom I met spent more time drinking, smoking and clubbing at the Uni Club). Mustafa had first hand experience of watching people being "slain in the spirit" during the Revival meeting. It's either he's open to it, or he'll be truly shocked with the whole experience.. coz I know a lot of people are shocked by the latter.

Recently about 28 + 40 others got their car tyres slashed. When I first saw it, I thought that someone must have been going around doing it out of spite... Mustafa thought that they might have left their cars there too long... Well, now we know that these sort of things happen in a sleepy place like Toowoomba.. Well, when that happens, you know its big news. Yes, and it came out in the local dailies.... and on the tv news...

Anyways, today I went down to Cash Converters. Seng Yee and I went down by bus and walked around the CBD like lost puppies looking for the place. I thought it was at the initial spot, but real spot was more than a km away! I asked John to come as we needed someone with an Australian ID. (Yup, that's what Cash Converters expect you to show ...something of an Australian ID). Yeah, and they don't buy shoes.
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The end to another chapter.


The end to another chapter.

I finally handed in my final 2 assignments. Right on the day it was due. I am now finally free of assignments for the rest of my life as an undergraduate. The end of another chapter in my life.

To think, I never thought that this day will ever come.

Come next week, everyone will start moving out of Student V and back home. There will be much that I will be doing the next four weeks to come. I have now moved all my stuff into boxes, filtering all my stuff between those to be given away and those those which will be mailed home back by sea.

The rest I leave it up to the Lord. My Head of Faculty, He will handle the situation for me. Regardless, I believe He will bring me through the situation. His mighty hand has not stopped short of any situation too great for Him to contemplate.
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Have you taken your Courtesy vitamin today?


Have you taken your Courtesy vitamin today?

One of the things I realised (and found out the hard way!) today is that wherever we are, courtesy is something that is appreciated by all stratas of society in whichever culture or country you are.

Coming from a culture where parents do not praise their children or vocalise their appreciation for a person's achievements, assistance or work is something that I bring along with me unconsciously. How the youngsters, or the youth behave partially comes from what they have seen in the environment and has been modelled by their parents at home. There are many times we don't realise that we act the way we do and it remains dormant until situations force us to deal with a similar situation in another context.

As reference to the previous post, is the point that I would like to bring out. Most Asians, at least for the Chinese families in Malaysia have a tendency to treat their employees, juniors as well as household aide (especially those who origin from the lower-socioeconomy countries) with much disregard.

Disregard in the sense that their feelings are ignored, and sometimes made to feel like second class citizens. Although non-indigenous and non-malays in the country where I come from complain about their treatment as akin to second class citizens, they too forget that they treat many foreign workers and employees with the same disregard too. In essence the pot calling the kettle black...

I relate this as my friend, Annie who works as an au-pair in America acknowledges that if she had done the same kind of work in Malaysia as she is in the States, she may be regarded with the SAME disregard and contempt as other household aides in Malaysia do. In fact, the family in with whom she is engaged in regulated employment as an au-pair regard her as a member of the family and is accorded financial priviledges in other ways.

The question is how many of us in Asia, as least particularly in Malaysia would do the same for their employees? Let's ask ourselves this question for those who are holding a position of authority....

In summary, I guess what I am trying to point out here is that a little, and much courtesy goes a long way. Show & demonstrate your appreciation not only to just people who work under you, but to people you love, i.e. friends, relatives and especially your children. Sometimes people want & need to hear that you care about what they have done even if they had never asked.
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Culture Shock...


Culture Shock...

I wonder what will happen when I return to Malaysia in the long term?

There I was checking my UK Yahoo based email, when I saw a UK ad saying "you bring your right to vote wherever you go". Out of curiosity, I decided to do some Googling to find out if we Malaysians have the same obligation... well well....

After having assimilated (well, at least some of it anyways! ) the culture here in Australia, I'd think one will be horrified to return to their own country to find things such as this and this. No wonder Aussies are appalled at our manners when we come here.


What can I say? Malaysians are brought up in such a culture. What are the allegations?
- We don't queue at the bank.
- We don't queue for the bus.
- We never give way when driving.
- We have no manners.

All Australian citizens of legal age are expected to vote. The right to vote is much expounded here. Citizens who miss out on voting for a certain number of times will be fined by authorities...

I Google to find blogs where there are Malaysians who want to vote whilst overseas. However when some decide to exercise their right to vote, the personnel at the Embassies or Consulates discourage them from doing so with the alleged reason that it will only give them more work. =P

Malaysia could really do well in taking some tips from Australia...(not saying that Australians are innocent of any blood shed of any kind either!)

So much for democracy. Yeah, Go Malaysia!
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Vicks on your feet?


Vicks on your feet?

I was looking for a recipe on chicken floss online..mine turned out like chicken serunding (but without the coconut milk!) LOL. =P

Anyways along the way of doing that, I found another blogger's (Dancing Queen) blog entry on a cough remedy. My hongkie mates told me about using Vaseline and foot cream on your feet and using a pair of socks to enclose your feet for really dry feet (or hands for that matter). This is especially for the winter period when our skin cracks.

This is the first I've ever heard of using Vicks Vapor on the soles of your feet as a cough remedy as well as for athletics foot!

Well, who knows if it works if you don't give it a go, right? Nothing to lose there!
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Be Still.....


Be Still.....

I've sort of made up my mind about what to do now. Though I have yet to go in and see the lecturer in charge. Not so much that I want to repeat my practical, but because I want to go in to say my defence. The rest of it I will leave it to the Lord to handle.

What am I going to do now? I will try to "BE STILL" and just finish the rest of my assignments. To try to take the time to have an emotional and physical rest which I am supposed to but have not very much done successfully in any way for this past one week!

Just to digress here, I have something on my mind now after seeing some pictures posted on a friend's profile. I just came back from lunch with some mates at the uni and among them is one that I really heart...

I know that we all would like to spend as much time with the person we love or enjoy their company. That includes me. I know that too, coz it's just human nature. However after having gone through what I have in the past few weeks (actually about 6 weeks and more ago), I realise that we will always try to justify and rationalise our decisions with all kinds of excuses even after we have been told NO.

Yet there will be the day (at least for me) when the Lord will come upon me (which He has!) and ask "Have I not told you what which I did? Why do you still disobey Me? Do you not Trust that I will provide the Mate for you in your life?".

Like seeds thrown on rocky ground, when hardships come or other things of the world that come upon us, we abandon the Lord & do not believe that He will pull us through. Yet the Lord will still honour our decisions for He has given us a free-will. He still blesses us in spite of what we choose because He honours our decisions. For marriages He disdains divorce of any sort.

But if we wait upon Him for the right mate He has for us in our lives, HOW MUCH MORE will He bless us because He truly knows us as we are!
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