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I'm coming home!


I'm coming home!

Well, sort of...jst not so soon....

I told my parents what happened at pract. Specifically my mom obviously. They gave me their word and blessing to go home now (if I wanted to!) without having to worry about the outcome of my practs & all . .

Its really like this huge burden that has been lifted off my shoulder, and I can finally breathe. Thank You God for preparing me before going in to see my lecturer. At least now I know what options are available for me to make now...

My housemates thought it was the hand of God working because I know how most parents can be. When I was taking my shower, I could feel that He was prompting me to call them, and it was time to do it. Like He was telling me, "Chea-Yee, Chea Yee, its time to do it now. Do it now!"

I'm so happy...I can finally go home!! I thought I'll never see the end of uni ever!
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I will be unharmed.


I will be unharmed.

Why do bad situations happen to people?

That is the question that I was asking myself today. Why couldn't God have given me favour with people the way He did with Joseph, even when he was sold to Egypt as a slave, or when he was in prison? Why did things have to turn out the way they did for me?

But tonight as I reviewed over the things that have happened in the last two days with my housemate, she reminded me of the scene in Evan Almighty where God appeared to Evan Baxter's wife telling her that God doesn't make happy families, where fuzzy warm feelings come instantaneously, but instead He gives people opportunities and situations to work things out to become stronger and more loving families.

I realised that perhaps God wanted me to become stronger through this situation of my pract. For me, having a fear which is very binding is probably the reason why He made me go through this really tough situation. Even before I knew what was going to happen on Thursday, He had already given me warning on that morning itself.

He's brought so many of my mates at church to pray for me even without me asking them to. People who are volunteering to come in and stand up for me at uni is another thing which has happened without my speaking up. Things which do not happen on their own accord, and my housemate reminds me that people do not & would not do this out of the goodness of their hearts.

I am not incompetent. I am not stupid. I just need to work through this fear. For I know that I am His Child. I know He will stand up for me because He loves me.

Isaiah 43:1-2,4.
But now, this is what the LORD says—
he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel:
"Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.

4 Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
and because I love you,
I will give men in exchange for you,
and people in exchange for your life.

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I'm getting married in the morning...


I'm getting married in the morning...

So get me to the church on time!

Not me, *doink*.

Not my brother.

But my cousin brother, James is getting married!

I heard the news from my cousin sis, Agnes in the States...

Finally, I'm going to have a niece/ nephew from my Dad's side...woo hoo!
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Chee Cheong Fun. Tau Foo Fa.


Chee Cheong Fun. Tau Foo Fa.

To the avid friends of mine,

I think you realise that I have been having a craving for dim sum for a long time...when I went to Sunny banks last week, we could not make it for Yum-Cha, because everyone was dilly-dallying ...

You could pretty much say that I was annoyed...*whatever*. To go down all the way there ...and still no Yum-Cha.

I thought I managed to procure "borax" which is an essential ingredient in the making of chee-cheong-fun, but it turned out to be gypsum powder. =P. Stupid packaging.

To cut the story short, since I found some food blogs on the internet recently, I decided to try them out..

I didn't take any photos (too bad ;-)

If you're wondering, Chee-Cheong-Fun is essentially steamed rice flour roll with shrimps and spring onions. Eaten with soy sauce and sweet sauce (depending on whether you want to make it or not).

Anyways, the chee-cheong-fun turned out...well...*edible*. What I normally do before trying out a recipe is search for the same recipe in a few places, and compare the different ways they create that particular dish. From there, I am able to gauge and adapt the recipe to the resources that is available at home.

My first attempt at the chee-cheong-fun was.... a bit soft. So I looked at what was missing....cold water after steaming the roll. And I realised that I had not completely stirred the thickener (corn flour) in to the batter after leaving it to "rest". After that, the dish just seemed to cook better.

I made a batch for two of my housemates... since they are Kenyans, they weren't really too used to eating it..
*Heh*. Anyway as I was eating it, I realised that those guys who sell it in KL are making a lot of money from it as the raw materials cost like less than RM0.20 or less.... what we're actually paying is for the cost of labour!

Tau Foo Faa is essentially co-agulated Soya Bean Milk. It is co-agulated using Gypsum Powder.. to my surprise, I jst found out that there is actually a dish called Coagulated Milk (using Ginger) which is a HK dish! Amazing!

Anyways, the "Tau Foo Faa" didn't turn out that well. Had a bit of problem co-agulating it.. Not sure whether it was the temperature, the co-agulater, or both. Will have to work that out next time.. Just have to drink it like soya bean drink. Ha ha....

The next thing I want to make is chicken floss...apparently it is easy to make. According to the recipe I found anyways. I can't believe how much we pay for it..because all of us in KL are too used to eating out and never cook. No wonder we are so retarded at cooking.
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Good news!


Good news!

Although I was panicking about my professional experience placement last week, yet when I opened my mail this morning, I received word from the administrator, Sally that they found me a private Catholic school. I am not sure how to get there, but I believe I will make it there. I am so HAPPY!! My lecturer also gave me an uncalled extension (due to my circumstances) to my final unit plan assignment....! Praise the Lord!

I called my cousin in NZ (they're 3 hours later) and they are aware of my plans of coming aboard. My aunt and uncle (their grandparents) are also coming it's likes a year-end family cousin gathering. LoL. Apparently my cousin bro, Adrian is also currently down there as well. Well, seems like a lot of people are coming down as well. Heh.

Yesterday a mate of mine, SY asked me to call him. The first thing he asked me was, how did I know that the things I knew did come to pass? The second was doesn't it hurt to be in the presence of someone who doesn't return the same sentiments that one has for them?

Well, my answer to the first was one has to make choices in circumstances that they know will come to past, and to avoid situations which could aggravate it even further.

The answer to the second one was.....well, there really isn't any answer but YES. I mean, for a person to put up a picture of one's dearest one is a human thing to do. But to make mention of it too will also only aggravate the situation further as well. Sometimes there are some things which are better left unsaid.... I know you saw it. Although I was hoping you didn't. But no matter, thank you for caring about how I feel.

There's one thing I am trying to learn and do today. When we pray to the Lord, we MUST believe that it will come to pass. Our actions must be out of faith that we believe that our prayers will come to pass and we MUST act as if we already have it.

Unbelieving prayers is the same as having no prayers at all.
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Ahem, so what if you "know what he did last summer?"


Ahem, so what if you "know what he did last summer?"

Jeff Ooi states that we "finally" know what our big PM did last summer during the December flood in Malaysia ....mmm hello? Doesn't this and this already tells us that he was enroute to (and was in) Australia?

What exactly is the point of the blog entry telling us that we finally knew where he was?


It just tells us that our PM was holidaying in Australia and he had no intentions of returning any time soon until after New Year. No amount of "environmental catastrophe" will induce him to come back "for work" when he is on his like, enough already?! Give the poor man a break.
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Planning in progress...

Planning in progress...

Just came back from a day trip to Brisbane. It was really great to spend time with my Hongkie mates, and Michael, an Aussie dude..(well, not really a dude actually). In the morning, there was this jamuan harijadi tergempar that I attended. Not really tergempar, because apparently it was already planned a while back...

Surprise, surprise, when I saw Nadia also at the party as well. It was Jemima's 7th birthday. Anyways, the party was great, and I got to bond with Lisa a bit more. It's rare I get to meet an authentic Jewish lady these days.

Anyway, Michael decided (at the last minute) to join us for our Sunnybank-Darra grocery outing. It was great to bond with all of them and to hear his pearls of wisdom thrown to us. After that, we headed over to Darra for asian Vietnamese seafood...*yummy* but expensive (international student mah...of course expensive!)

I wrote to my niece, Kim in NZ, and to my contacts in Sydney as well. I do pray for a good outcome... ^_^

Does anyone have any good ideas what are good places to visit in both Sydney and New Zealand? If you want to join me, (haha) perhaps some modification to the plans could be made. (lol).

Anyways, do share your ideas ... would really appreciate it. ^_^
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Some last things...


Some last things...

My housemate came to talk to me about something deep... she said that the Lord revealed to her something personal that I had an issue to work with it. I must admit that I feel ... touched that the Lord would send someone to talk to me about it.

But anyways....

There are some things on my mind now that my course of study is coming to a close in the next couple of months.. about four to five months from will be a busy time indeed.

There are two places that I would like to visit before I head back to Kay El. That is, namely the first is New Zealand. The second, Sydney. I just (only realised) that Caroline and Yong Shin are in Melbourne, and not Sydney. *lol*. (wondering where my brain was all this while....Zzz).

I also realized that I (would definitely) have complications in completing my final 5-week pract in December, as that would definitely be too rushed.. and there is a 6-week (elementary) school holiday before I can start any pract at all!

There is a probability that I would have to look for a job within those 6 weeks, and take that time to tour the places I want to go before heading back (like for the long-term) back to Kuala Lumpur and starting my life as a permanent long-term employee for the rest of my life till I die..... *LOL*.
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A promise made.


A promise made.

A promise made is a promise make.
I made that promise years ago... if it happens, I will let it go.

It has happened in my absence.
It has continued.

To see someone happy is the best thing (I think) that could happen.
Why do you think I couldn't see you when I returned?

I don't think I will even when I do.
A promise made is a promise make.

I don't want to break it.
Help me not break it.

Just promise me you'll always be my friend.
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By this time next year...


By this time next year...

One thing I can this time next year if I am (which I should be) back in Kay El,

I won't be cooking at home....In fact, i'll be in the office working long hours till 5-6pm or later. My dinner will be the RM3 (or less) hand-packed fattening nasi-lemak (which I lurve) at the stall in Tmn Desa. and having roti-canai for lunch everyday. I will be detesting my maid's cooking because my mother won't be cooking either. =P

I won't have time to cook (just as I have done when I was in Kay El back early this year, and my cooking skills will deteriorate) and in another 3 years time, I might forget how to cook. =P

What else?
I might be going on mission trips with my CG people.

I might also be going to bible college.

I might also be spending a lot of time with Asta, Zen, Jess, Chloe, Yuen-Yee, Aaron, Bell, David.S at week-nights and on Saturday evenings after service. Maddie, and Wendy might be preparing for their weddings... (which should be soon =P ) & too busy to entertain me. Katherine will be married by this time...

Who knows, by this time I might actually finally have met the man of my dreams.. *ha ha ha*.

I would also be driving everywhere (no more taking public transportation, woo hoo!!) and most likely be going out every night (as usual)...

However in the turn of events, I might be working in Singapore (as the business expands!) and meet other people instead or I might apply to migrate to Australia. (who knows?).

People say that I should migrate elsewhere due to the current political environment which is brewing back home. It is always easier said than done.. as the bulk of my many friends are in Kay El, I don't think I would be migrating (so soon yet..even if I were to). Peers my age who are at the same stage in life (hopefully!) and out in the workforce. They have known me for quite a while (and hopefully understand me.. I hope!)

I do know many people come to Australia (and developed a network of close friends here). For me, the difference lies in the generational and interest gap which exists... Hence there lies the relational difficulty..

In the mean-time, it is time to stop ruminating about the future and head back to my books.... =P
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Mr. Procrastinator...


Mr. Procrastinator...

I'm spending time with Mr. Procrastinator...

I've an assignment due in acouple of days....but he just seems so much more interesting..

wake up Chea Yee! Go Do Your Work! Wake up, Wake up!!

In the meantime, ADD me on Facebook.

I'm also homesick for my friends back in KL...

Ruggeds. Connexions. Aaron... Bell...Winston... David S... Katherine... Jess...Madeline... Zen......Asta....

miss you guys....

miss yum-chas...nasi ku teh ... hokkien mee...chee cheong fun... laksa...

miss the cheap food...

miss driving the car...

miss talking about investments, politics and business...

miss talking bad about our country ^_^

Sigh. Can't wait to come home...
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Come away with me..


Come away with me..

My lover spoke and said to me,
"Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, and come with me.

See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land.

Songs of Solomon 2: 10-12
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