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Am I a Christian?


Am I a Christian?

This is a reply to Jason's entry. I prefer not to enter into any religious debate (on his site) because truly speaking, I suck at verbal debates. It's best to do this on your own ground. ;-)

The definition of being a Christian in my understanding is one that believes and accepts Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour, and who continually adheres to the teaching or words in the Bible.

In my case of when I was growing up, I did not really have much of a choice of whether I wanted to go to church, but I just adhered to the family decision. I was never in the band, suck at playing the piano, and my family is involved in pastoral work. The fact is, being brought up in a Christian family does not necessarily makes a person love God more, or want to know God any further. or make that person anymore a stronger believer in Christ.

Two years ago an incident happened where I then asked myself if I wanted to continue this journey. It was either reverting back or going forward in the journey. It took me a long time to make this decision. This was in 2005. Henceforth, I decided to go forward. My decision since then was that if I had to choose between love for a man, and love for my creator, it was the latter.

The second time was when I first came to Australia, I was going through this time of temptation where I told myself that "hei, perhaps it would be a great chance to miss out on church" since I did not have to account myself to anyone. I didn't know anyone. I couldn't care less. But lo & behold every step of the way, He thwarted my decision to do that by dropping more believers in my way. My decision to leave the church has since been stalled..... :-P

To the questions that Jason has posed for the rest of us:
Is my belief system based on facts and experiences, rather than superstition or from a book ?

I would say that my belief system was based on facts & experiences, as well as from a book. The facts & experiences reinforces my beliefs from the book. It is not the act of blindly following the teachings of a book without understanding, but rather having facts and experiences to back up what that is written in the book.

Do you believe in science or faith?

Science is the understanding of how things work. I believe in both. Science reinforces my faith. However when it is a decision where I have to choose between both, I believe that faith overcomes what that is science. My faith is in something which is more and above science and is the creator of science.

Would I offer my other left cheek if someone slapped me on the right cheek?

The bible says do both. The reality of the situation is no one will give their right cheek to begin with. If I did that, I must be a saint.

However since this is Jason asking, the answer will be that I will pinch him hard if he says something insulting & I also hit very hard! :-P

As for listening to spiritual leaders, I believe that all of us have a time when HE will deal with us. For some of us, it will be earlier. For some of us, it will be later. I know people who have been given the gift of speaking from the age of 13 years (like a Kenyan mate, Jimmy), and some of us who only come into the ministry at the age of 55 and older.

None of us will have the same spiritual walk or faith.

The question is not a matter of whether the old man that accepts Christ right before he dies can do it, but the question of WHY wait and be away from the presence of the Lord till THEN when you can have him in your life NOW? Having Him in my life has given me a life full of "His Decadence" and "His Debauchery" which only He can provide.

The question is do you want him too?
Dreams: Too life like to be dream like


Dreams: Too life like to be dream like

It was really too much of a coincidence...

I had the most interesting dream today. I had a dream of someone (who IRL was very much different), and then I was awoken by the phone ringing. It was Avadhut who was leaving for Sydney.

Then the next I found myself doing was running downstairs (not having washed up yet! Horrors!) opening the door and found myself face to face with the same person in my dream IRL driving the van to pick Avadhut up.

I thought it'd be James, but it wasn't! It was too much of a coincidence but I didn't want to mention anything until everyone had gone. Neither did I want to needlessly tell the driver!
Let me just say that I do believe that this is the first time I actually had a conversation with the person for more than 5 lines..... *sad, huh?*

Who is the person?


Like I am going to tell you!

It is said that dreams are a manifestation of your deepest desires that you do not dare display in real life. It is also a way of communicating something innate a person should take heed. I really do wonder what that is.
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Amazing Grace: the movie.


Amazing Grace: the movie.

I just came from a free grand premiere screening of the movie! It's only released tomorrow.

William Wilberford: The british politician who fought 20 years for the abolition of abolition of the slave trade, established the association against cruelty to animals, and against the National Lottery. A 2006 movie directed by Michael Apted. Starring Ioan Gruffurd, Ciaran Hinds and Michael Gambon.

A friend asked me but isn't Amazing Grace written by a minister? Yes it is. His name is John Newton. John Newton used to be the captain of a ship that plied the slave trade. This movie is based on William Wilberford who was hugely influenced by the former, and used his position as a politician to lobby for the emancipation and abolition of the slave trade.


2007: My Trip Down Brisbane, Eats: Sun Fay Chinese Restaurant

How was the trip to Brisbane? It was great!

Thursday: Steph and I took the 11.30 Toowoomba Transit bus to Roma St. We went out for Mexican in the evening. It was a fairly cold night.

El Torito.

Pork Burrito (i think)

Current dish no.20. No idea what it is called.

Eric had made the booking for El Torito, a mexican restaurant in SouthBank at 6.30. That was seriously an oversight on his part, coz the traffic was slow-moving then! South Bank is the area which is considered a bit like the "Bangsar" area of Brisbane. A bit up-market, in other words.

A word of advice: Make your booking at 7.30pm. You may have to wait 30mins -1 hour to get your order served. The restaurant seems to have some policy of serving all the orders at the same time, so the customers may have to wait until all the orders have been made in order to get their orders served. Geddit??

Friday: Past. Yew Meng & Jonathan T. thought I was still in Toowoomba. Lol.
Met up with Jason P. in front of Hungry Jacks. Well, actually at the Regent..which is a cinema down further on Queen St. I totally could not make him out, as I was looking for a fella with squinty eyes!

We met up with Leon, a mate of his and a fellow Malaysian from QUT and his housemate, Kenny. The trio reminded me of Jiaren!! Steph decided to jump ship and headed back to Toowoomba at mid-afternoon. We then headed to the Food Court at WinterGarden, where another Hanaichi franchise was found.

Steph with her craving for Ramen in the morning. Cant remember the name of the restaurant, but it definitely wasn't Hanaichi! *Sucky food!*.

We headed off to the Sunnybanks Wildlife Museum (no idea what it is actually called though however).

Leon, Jason & me outside the museum
Leon, Jason and I.

The HUMONGOUS Cane Toad frog. So ugly that it has become an Australian icon.
It ate the pest. But now it has become a pest itself!

I felt a movement behind me!

A wombat.

Jason was the one most fascinated at the museum. He was awed by the size of the Blue Whale wallpaper....meanwhile, I had gone off snoring on one of the chairs....

They were having a discussion that "Yum Cha" is actually a HongKie term. So to put it, the term "Yum Cha" is indeed the correct term used for eating dim sum as in contrast to the Malaysian slang, which comes to mean "yum (indian mamak) cha". Dim Sum originates too from HK. You make the connection la.

The party had initial intentions of heading off to The Manor for dim sum, so we headed off to Jason's place to wait... The guys were willing to wait, but after a while their stomachs started to rumble. They decided to just head to Little Singapore in SunnyBanks instead. Jason & I both also ordered Nasi Lemak, Leon ordered Kong Poh Chicken Rice and Kenny ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice.

I slept over in my cousin's room. My cousin commented I put on copious layers of clothing... even though the heater was put on!

Woke up at 10.00. Actually, I woke up at 9. But seems that nobody could make it up from bed before 12pm.....

So Adrian & I headed to SunFay Chinese Restaurant in Taringa. Mick decided to join us a bit later. The bill came up to about 17 dollars p/person for the brunch.


menu copy

siumai copy
Siu Mai.

ox_tripe copy
Ox Tripe.

How did I like the service there? Well, the See Tau (manager) himself seemed allright, but the lady who handled the orders seemed a tad bit perturbed that the customers didn't speak Cantonese when ordering. A bit seems like an understatement here.She was also rather rude as rather than telling us courteously to take our time to order, she was muttering something indescernible in Cantonese and then walked off. Very unprofessional indeed.

Adrian sent me to UQ where my friend, John and his pal. Ken picked me up to head back to Toowoomba. We went to Hungry Jacks for dinner, and that was the end of nice long trip south.

Ok, just needed to write this down....

I have a pretty lost sense of direction when it comes to sense of direction..but that can't be helped. :-P I inherited that from my mother.

From Toowong (visible landmark being the Toowong Shopping Mall & Sizzler's), next comes Taringa. In Taringa, is a series of budget eateries along the main road and you'll go straight up and down the hill and then turn right and go straight.

To go to Mike's current residence, turn left (at the petrol kiosk) and then straight up the hill there is Indooroopilly (which is about 15 minutes walk away from Adrian's). To go back to Toowoomba, instead of turning left at the petrol kiosk, continue going straight and past WestPoint and heading toward FigTree and Darra.

Train: to Indooroopilly is always at Platform No. 6 at Central station.
Tagged by Cheeserland's Ringo Tan.


Tagged by Cheeserland's Ringo Tan.

Meh meh - d by Cheeser!!!

Me take the first one of her meh-meh. the 2nd wan...dont have lor. Since I'll be away, here's a me-me to keep you entertained for the weekend.

1) I do not sleep naked. I get a cold.

2) I am lactose intolerant. If I drink more than one glass of milk, I'll be hauling ass to the toilet every 50 minutes. Except if it is cheese-cake. That one cannot resist.

3) I love curry crabs. With toast. Yum Yum.. Refer to my March '07 archive.

4) I don't signal when I cut lanes. I know! My HK friend, Alan complained when he was in KL.

5) I am the BEST kisser in the world. Ask my previous guyfriends, teddy bears and puppies.

6) People say I resemble Sandra Bullock. She is my god-sister. You don't know meh?? You blind ah??.

7) I think Lee Hom looks better now......without his shaggy hair. (You agree, kan??)

8) This is a really random me-me laaaaaaa.
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Blogger meet-up (impromptu one, at least).


Blogger meet-up (impromptu one, at least).

To the rest of the bloggers out there, since a fellow blogger has written in, I will write in this entry. (I doubt many people will be reading this.. still as the self-proclaimed vainpot, I MUST do what I have to do! Hehe).

Ok, fellow Malaysian bloggers (and others alike!), I will be meeting fellow Malaysian blogger, Jason in Brisbane. I will be down for 3 days, bunking over in Indooropilly. My tentative arrival at Roma St. Bus station is set on Thursday afternoon. A good place to meet up will be in town, near Queen St. Mall.

Day: Friday. Meeting place: Hungry Jacks, 12pm. (intersection between George St. & Queen St.)

My tentative plans in Brisbane will be reconnecting ties with cousin and mates, having dim sum brekkie, tentative Mexican cuisine (for dinner plans), and mostly just a lot of walking, shopping and cam-whoring around with fellow gal friend, Steph (who incidently is just as much of a cam-whore herself). Ha ha ha.

You guys who want to meet up, please leave your details here. Jason, DO pass the news on. Thanks.



Transformers on Wednesday! The initial plan was to head down with the IF people to catch it. But it seems that it did not fall through very well. Well, guess what? If even they want to watch movies in future, I will not agree to going with them unless they "actually" fall through with their plan. I am rather disappointed with James however. I mean, I'd expect someone to return a call when they promise to.

Nonetheless, I managed to get someone to go watch with me (who shows interest in the movie). He had every intention to watch it too. So there! I don't like people telling me that they are going to *promise* to do something, but don't keep their word. That's not a really nice thing to do. When someone says something, I expect them to fall through with it!

Anyway yeah, I'll be heading down to Brisbane on Thursday with a mate. Bunking over at my cousin Adrian's. Will spare you guys some pictures if we take any new ones.

Much later in the night....

One of my mates told me that he'd be down in UQ to do his IELTS exam. It is really an amazing co-incidence. I had in mind to take the bus for the trip back, but this is really a blessing in disguise indeed.


1st sem results out!

Results were out yesterday. As usual, the same thing that happened in December last year, happened again. I did not get the grade I was supposed to get as the lecturer did not tabulate in the score for 2 of my courses, so yes they are still pending! Anyways, I scored an A for ECE3030 and a B for ECE3019. All glory to God!

Okay, going to be a bit ir-relevent here....

I was MSN-ing my crazy friend Miaw Yng (yes the one in Tasmania now). We were talking about our pending return to our homeland after our graduation, when out of the blue, I suddenly asked if she knew who Lee Hom was (right, like she must be spastic to not know who he is...) Anyway, I was surprised when she told me that she performed with him in the orchestra...

What? You don't remember meh? There, that time when he came to Malaysia in 1998 (or was it 1999?) Well, she said she was about 14 then. Obviously she managed to get his autograph (like who wouldn't?) and take a picture with him. People who perform in orchestras sure get to go places...*sigh*.

Lucky girl. Ha ha. I still cant believe we were at the same event and became uni mates 7 years later....(LOL). Hei people, who wants to take a hike down to Hobart now??
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Pak Lah re-married?

What ???...

That's the thing about being a student stuck in a place isolated from practically the rest of the world..*hmmm*. Unless we surf the other Malaysian blogs, or hang out at blogs like Kenny Sia (which incidentally did not mention anything), I would not have found out that Pak Lah re-married.

Pak Lah, btw, is the Malaysian Prime Minister whose first spouse, Kak Endon died 2 years ago, and he has re-married this Eurasian lady Jeanne Danker Abdullah ( a divorcee) on June 9th 2007.

Jeanne Danker Abdullah is a 53 year old Eurasian lady who has 2 grown-up daughters, and happens to be the Kak Endon's ex-sister in law. 53? You're kidding....and here we are young farts complaining that there is no one in sight. *LOL*.

It also sounds a bit incestuous to marry your ex-sister in law (like those racy American novels...). Then again your own wife has already passed away, but a human has his needs right? Imagine, marrying your own house keeper (like The Nanny). Yes, she was both an ex-sister in Law, and the housekeeper. Just that she is neither of that anymore now!! *Grin*

Well, Congrats to the PM. May you have a happy *ahem* night life, you spunky old man!

(ref: Pic. from JeffOoi ScreenShots)
Sophie's world: New Malaysian First Lady P3
ScreenShots: Selamat Pengantin Baru Pak Lah & Jeanne



The 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of the next millenium.

Happy Celebrating people!
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I woke up with a start at 6am this morning. Surprise. Surprise. One of those rare mornings that I actually wake up in the wee hours of the morning without the need of the alarm clock ringing in my ears. The fact that it was still dark helped my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I tried to sleep in, but it was already light by 7 am that I decided to forgo sleeping and hopped out of bed and headed to wash myself up.

"Gee.... I wonder why am I awake so early at this hour in the morning. Ha ha ha ha". I muttered to myself as I brushed my teeth. Thinking I was the only one awake, but surprise, surprise, Claudia heard me from her room and started laughing!


The first thing that came to me when I woke up this morning was in regard to this entry, well guess what? I did say something about Lee Hom's quiet nature. But now that I think about it, it's not the quiet nature that I am too concerned about. I guess what I was trying to put across is that it does not matter if a person is of a quiet nature, but that he is:

Contemplative yet confident.

I was watching My Love Patzzi (starring Jang Na Ra and Kim Jae Won). I realised what I liked about the role/character that Kim Jae Won plays is that the character is a personification of all these traits. I really wonder when will God bring a man like this into my life, eh?

One more thing. My man HAS to treat me like a princess, and always open the door for me!
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