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My Lord will provide.


My Lord will provide.

He is with me through this ardous path of ups & downs.
How often have I complained, yet He has not struck me down.

He has lead me through this journey, providing all I need.
For I know He has something for me at the end of it.

Lord, help me trust Your Providence.
For I know that You have shown Your Hand.

Guide me each step of the way,
letting your light shine upon my path that I not fall away.

You have spoken, as You loved me.
Lord, help me listen, for my heart knows it is not right.

You helped me through these months,
When I thought it not possible to endure.

You showed me love,
You showed me comfort.

Lord, help me trust you,
for I believe that You will indeed provide.
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You know, I shouldn't be E-bay-ing so much. I caught the fever from Jiaren.

Now Avadhut is catching it.

He's asking me how to sell stuff on E-bay as well...*Ha ha ha*.

I can't wait to get the items I bought from E-bay....
Anyways, if the items don't fit me, I can still put it on re-sale.

*heh* :-P

Pity you guys in Malaysia require credit card instead (and get charged 2.5% administration fees!)

When I went to the Australia Post branch at uni, I enquired about postage charges. The uncle manning the counter asked for any particular reason I had asked, and I told him that I was merely enquiring. Then he mentioned if it was E-bay, and I merely smiled. To which the former said that E-bay-ing was a popular Australian past time.

Ha ha.

On another note, I have had some success (well, at least some!) in doing the big-ass assignment due soon. Just pray that I will continue to have clarity of mind for it! A mate of mine has given me some assistance in the understanding of the process, although he's not in education. *LOL*. Thanks people!
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The miracle of the mugged bag.

The miracle of the mugged bag.

That's exactly what my Hongkie housemate, Samantha would be shrieking out each time......

And that's exactly what I am shrieking out now!!!
For two weeks, I have been praying and praying and praying. Well, actually, last week, after praying for a week, I was at Jiaren's place and he said something about "visualising and believing that the thing you prayed for is already found".

Jiaren then said, "I will be waiting for your testimony on Sunday".

So, that night, I told Hanna on Monday that we were going to change the way we prayed instead.

Actually, I had given God until like Wednesday, because that was kind of like the deadline (for me anyways) to actually make a copy of my Blue Card notice letter and signed by the JP.

But *drag drag drag* and no sign of the handbag. I told God that "well, how am I going to say a testimony in front of everybody if you don't bring any signs of the handbag?"

Then on Saturday morning after Hanna had left, Izam gave me a photo (to which Hanna had written a message telling me to not worry about the handbag or my practicum, as the former has been found, and the other passed!) Those words itself helped me to keep trusting that something good would come to pass.

I had a really bad Sunday. Seriously. So much so that I decided that by hook or by crook, today was my final deadline, and that I was going to buy a cheque from the uni building society to pay for my Blue Card but decided at the last minute that it'd cost less (it costs $7 to buy a check from Heritage Bank!) if I paid my friend and asked him to write me one from his acct instead!

Before I could have a chance to see him (I had already called him then) this evening...and two hours ago, when I was at Aunt Rosita's place, I received a call from the police saying that almost everything that was stated in the statement was found!

Praise The Lord!!

Now it's just a matter of waiting for the police to bring in the handbag to me.....(and see what other things are still found in the wallet!)

Well, the Lord appeared not-too-late, but not-too-early.....just on time. :-P
I am still not sure why this incident of the break-in had to happen.... *STILL*...

To the rest of the people, thank you for praying on my behalf. It's not just my own prayers, but a culmination of all our prayers that has moved things to the physical beyond the spiritual realm. Another thing I would like to thank the Lord is that, He has brought someone who could help me in my assignments now. At least, in terms of multi-age teaching experience, she has had a lot!! Hehehehehehehe

Thank you, Lord!


16:06 hours.
The police came to return the handbag.
*Woo hoo!!!* Every thing was in there, except the money!!

The police managed to catch the culprit, who turned out to be an international student from somewhere out of our student residence area. Anyways, the bloke caught will be prosecuted in court. It turns out that he was also thrown out of his home. So it seems that the thief was already in some kind of trouble before this.

He had thrown the handbag outside his home (in the wheelie bin) and the housemate found it. Then the housemate reported this to the police, who promptly came to arrest him. It was really random that he would take this route to head to where he wanted to (which is the route in front of our home).

Anyway, it was a good lesson for the rest of us, and this taught us a lesson, and the rest of the students who are staying there to be particularly careful and more vigilant about security of their homes at night. This clears up the story that at least it was not some drunkard who walked past our home and decided to feast on raw chicken, or, as Jon puts it, had a duplicate key for access to the house.

I got my glasses, driving licence, Blue Card, and all my cards back without a hitch!! Praise the Lord!!
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The "Avon Girl".


The "Avon Girl".

What is your image of the "Avon Girl"?

Well, I signed up for Avon last Friday. For like the 2nd time.

I was once an "Avon Girl" once-upon-a-time in Malaysia many light-years ago.

Yup, now I will be "canvass-ing" for a sale and dropping brochures off at everybody's home. Each brochure lasts about 6 weeks, so I need to keep count of when to give a new brochure when it expires.

It has so far been a pretty "interesting" experience, to say the least, as I would ordinarily have no reason to do that. However, I now have an excuse to well, "canvass". Now I'd have to self-motivate myself to actually drag myself to go from home to home to "introduce" or "sell" or "explain" the product. Haha...

Not only that, but I would have to have product knowledge, know my competitors, and of course, know my consumer's needs.

It's not that easy, you know?

It is interesting to note the way that many of the people respond/react to the brochure when presented with it. The more "high-class" ones say that Avon is not exactly high-end market product, and hence, do not want to buy it. Oh really? If that is so, then you should not comment that it is expensive then...

The products are fairly priced for the average student here, as it is in between the medium to high end priced range products. So, most of the students would be able to afford it. Of course, for the buyer, they may have to flip through a couple of the campaign brochures running to look/rummage for the "best deals" for the specific product they are looking at.

The eclectic variety of questions posed so far range from:
  • What do you recommend for me?
  • Which products are good?
  • Which shade would be suitable for me (foundation, concealer, lipstick)?
  • Do you have that so-and-so product? (Unfortunately, that product has since been discontinued).
  • Have you heard of Nutrimetics?
  • Do you think Tupperware will sell well here?
  • Have you heard of Amway?
  • How much does it costs to sign up for Avon?
  • Whats the difference between Amway, Nutrimetrics and Avon?
I am not too sure how different the system here and Malaysia is though. As far as making profit goes, no, Avon doesn't pay me money, as my roomie queried. There is a quota to meet, whereby you'd get a certain, discounted rate, where the higher the quota you meet, the higher the rate will be.

Your "profit" will be how much you've managed to sell, and worked around the whole Avon system. "Google" up articles, and many websites will turn up that writes about how some people have used it to their advantage.

It's all right for a part-time student, or housewife, as it's more of a "at your leisure" kind of job. If you were working full time, you may not be able to find much time to put into this Avon thing however.

Of course, if you're thinking of a get-rich-quick-scheme from selling Avon, Avon is not really the way to go. It really is, to think about it, you have to treat it like a "business" as it is, and promote and use all those "sales strategies" that you read in those self-help sales strategy books.

However, if you're thinking of getting discounted rates for make-up (for the representative), or earning "some" profit, by all means give Avon a go. It's FREE to join Avon anyways. If you're looking for someone to recommend you to Avon, leave me your e-mail address here and I will get back to you personally for your details. :-)
Any Avon products that I would recommend?

Well, since Winter is coming here in Australia, it's important to keep your skin moisturised and refreshed throughout the next few months. Yes, the air here is really really DRY.
I'd recommend quite a number:
  • the FootWorks range of footcare products for cracked skin, foot soaks, and healing & moisturising creams.(from $3.99.)
  • Moisturising hand-creams ( a wide range of creams at affordable prices-from $1.99.)
  • Moisturing body creams & lotions.(from $3.99.)
  • Lip Balms (from $1.99.)
As for the rest of the products, well, it depends on what your needs are lor.
Spate of rain, or burglaries?


Spate of rain, or burglaries?

It's definitely been raining the past few days.

And yes, a spate of break-ins one after another.

It seems that 3 homes have been broken into in the last 2 weeks at the place where I am staying.

One home was broken into and the clothes were stolen.

Another home was broken into and the fridge was raided.

Mine was the one where the fridge was raided, and my handbag, purse, and spectacles were taken.

Why do these students break into our people's homes and steal their food? I doubt it's the locals, coz they'd have welfare and assistance from the government.

I mean, Clothes? Food? Students stealing from other students? This is utterly disgusting.

Please pray for us and over these spirits of theft and knavery which is prevailing, and that they be broken in Jesus' name.
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Earth, what is thy age?


Earth, what is thy age?

It's been a week. Well, I have not recovered any of my documents.
But nevermind. Continue to "add oil", you guys, okay?

Today, we had a farewell dinner for Hanna. Justin prepared his famous lasagne (which tastes so much better than the one found at Angel Cafe!!) *blech*.

We were having Justin's infamous lasagne for dinner, when I noticed this book about Alien Abduction in their unit. Well, I am not really too excited about alien abductions, coz I sincerely believe that it's all B.S. There is NO SUCH THING as aliens.

Which prompted me to ask this question:

How old you think the Earth is?

Well, if according to secular thought, evolutionists and scientists, they predict that the earth is about a billion zillion years old (however old that means).

However, if according to the Bible, it is about 6000 years old. IS that actually possible? A world about 6000 years old only? Well, if you date it to the time where Adam was born until our time, it's only about 6,000 years old.

Is Earth that young ONLY?

Well, if you asked me that 6 months ago, I would have disagreed. Heck, if you had asked me that 3 months ago, I would also have disagreed. However, having after read Genesis in the past two months or so, I have come to the point where my answer was:

"You know, if God said he only needed 7 days to create the world, that is definitely entirely up to him if he only needed 7 days. He IS God after all."

Of course, the next question which was asked was:

"Did humans and dinosaurs lived side by side?"

Well, I didn't realise that until I read this in a pamphlet a couple of weeks ago which quoted this verse from the book of Job 40-41.

Modern scientists say that Dinosaurs were wiped out millions of years ago. But it seems that the the behemoth was living in Job's time. What about dragons? Accordingly, they existed during Job's time as well!

It also seems that this man in the 1970s wrote that Job did live during a time where the Ice Age, Behemoth and the levithians existed all at the same time. Interesting, eh?

Later in the day....(about evening time).

You know, I just realised that in the book of Genesis, it states that the Sun, Moon & Stars were all created on the same day....

Accordingly, Earth was created on Day 1. Before the Sun, Moon & Stars. In fact the latter was created on the 4th day of Creation...

By that, it means to state that Earth is older than the Sun, Moon & Stars.

Hmmm so by that definition, if according to the Bible,

the "created" universe is less than 6,000 years old.

Being that Earth would be 6,000 years old. The Sun, Moon & Stars....a few days younger than Earth.


I guess we will never know, isn't it?
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A break-in.


A break-in.

A thief broke-in to the house on Sunday morning.

One of my roomies only realised that something was amiss when he went downstairs, and he found that the freezer door was open. The back and the front door were unlocked as well.
They estimated that it was probably within the hours of midnight and morning when the thief broke in.

Initially we thought the thief only stole chicken and other meat from the freezer, so that was not so much of a bane.

As I had my handphone with me throughout the morning, I thought my handbag was as well. But then later in the afternoon, as I was getting ready to go out, I found out that my handbag was missing. I thought that I could have misplaced it somewhere else, but there was no time to search as the transport to church was arriving.

We were supposed to be going out for dinner at a friend's place tonight, but because my handbag was missing, my housemate decided to cancel the appointment.

I went home to look for my handbag, but I could not find anything either in my room or in the hall. Along with the handbag, the house keys, the case containing my spectacles, & my identification documents were all gone with my handbag. Finally, we decided to speak to the caretaker of the student accomodations.

Due to the severity of the problem, being of a security issue now that my house key was gone as well, my housemates and I then made a call to the police station. The caretaker gave us an old-fashioned knob lock to use for the night.

I had to make a call to cancel all my bank cards and also texted my parents to cancel the credit cards in Malaysia. A policeman came after dinner to take a statement.

Quite a number of my friends were quite shocked when they heard about it. An old housemate , A, said since he had arrived last year, he had not heard anything of this nature happening. He offered to help me out financially till I have had my financial situation settled.

The main door knobs have since been changed today, and will remain till the locksmith comes to change it some time this weekend.

The break-in has ushered in an epoch of change in some household security practices. My parents since, have been furious that an incident of this nature could have happened. My housemates will be much more vigilant and more careful about the security practices in place after the point of this incident. It is a pity that it took an incident of such nature to provoke us into much motion.

If you guys want to help, just help and pray for God to send a good samaritan to find my documents and my glasses to be found. That's the uppermost on top of the priority list for now.
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SilverFox: A testimony of faith


SilverFox: A testimony of faith

It's been awhile since I've made any posting here or back on my own blog. Ahh, what refreshing taste it is when one writes freely without being subjected to deadlines ;)

As some of you know, I have started with a new company since October last year. My dream job as a copywriter has once again been revived (I was a writer/journalist in my previous company).

There were tons of copywriting to do when I started, and soon I was busying myself with creative writing and liaising with my creative team. It was challenging, but fun.

A few weeks back, there weren't much copywriting to do. Mostly the jobs that came in from our main client had us updating their website involving info and a bit of graphical creativity, but that was it. Nothing for me to do but just follow up on new and updated info for the web. That's fine by me, but as days began to grow into weeks, I began feeling uneasy; no copywriting jobs were coming in...

My boss had initially wanted me to focus on project management as an account executive, but it wasn't what I wanted to do - it's not my passion. If a person such as me have no passion in doing something, you really can't expect seeing any good result.

I brought this up after prayer meeting with K. We had a good discussion about it, regarding whether or not I should bring this issue up to my boss or let God intervene in His own time. K advised me to pray about it first.

Went home, took a shower and for only reasons God knows why, I opened my office email. Saw an email from my boss. It went like this:

Pls. arrange to meet up tomorrow in office to discuss. Pls. be ready with your great ideas. Our copywriter* will chair the meeting. Copywriter*, pls. use the header titles on my first email as a base to work with and expand."

Even before I could pray about it, God knows that I'm feeling down and worthless in my company regarding my idle status as a copywriter and had come to my rescue! To cut a long story short, we had a great brainstorming session and came up with some really good ideas. It lasted 3 hours! Heh, the team were enjoying sharing ideas around that we all didn't notice time had passed so much...

Heavenly Father, You have been good to all of us, though some may still have doubts regarding Your mysterious ways. There are times too that I couldn't understand Him, but His plans are His to reveal in time. We can only pray, praise and worship Him as we wait patiently/impatiently. Just don't lose hope in the Almighty Father!

*Actual name replaced to protect my privacy :p
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G'day,  Have a Go, & the Lollipop Man.


G'day, Have a Go, & the Lollipop Man.

If you're wondering, in Australia those terms mean:
G'day means hello,
Have a go means take a turn,
and the Lollipop Man (is not what as the kids as school told me as one who gives lollipops away- they were pulling my leg) but is the crossing guard. :-P

I've been writing about other people but I have not actually updated you guys about what's happening in my life.

Well, apart from the TD cases and Brian, for the past one week, I have had my first practical at an Australian primary school. I will include entries of my australian pract in the other blog, but let me get my things settled so that you guys can read my experience about it there ya? I know that most of you guys are also wondering how schools here are like. Well. I will tell you. In time.

Y'know, the first time I undertook my pract at a childcare centre here last year, I practically cried for days. I had no idea what was going on, and was so totally lost. Thankfully, the liasion at university was understanding enough and allocated a few days more for me in order to get acquainted with the centre I went to.

I've already been here for one year, and due to my personality (i am not exactly outgoing or sociable all the time, although my bro thinks otherwise!), I have had a lot of hiccups during my practs. I vowed that for this upcoming pract, nothing was going to stand in my way of doing well. I will die to self and do anything just to pass the pract.

Yes, as Napoleon Hill says, Service Before Self!!!

I still have no idea why I opted to do the pract (when I could get an exemption on it) but I opted to do it instead. It came to be a blessing in disguise, as it has really helped me understand some (or at least a little bit more) of what goes on in an Australian primary school.

How can you expect us not to feel lost when it's our first pract in a primary school setting (in Australia anyways) and we have not heard of half of the curriculum documents which we are supposed to know (or at least the uni should have informed us of it before this?).

I am really thankful that my current liason has been corresponding back and forth with us (there is another international student doing his pract at the school) and helping us adjust to the school.

I mean, it is difficult enough for the the other student (who is a local herself) who is in a worst condition, cause she was assigned to a Year 3 class who is so different developmentally after dealing with babies and pre-schoolers, and to have this "big learning curve" experience just doing this pract. What more for international students!

Anyways, what of the biggest things (or problem) i have now is learning the Australian diction!

Eh? Let's just say that the phonics that I am used to, does not seem to work in the Australian context. I have been using half UK and half American phonics (and probably Malaysian English phonics, whatever that is) back in KL, that to have a totally Australian based phonics program just really blows me away. PLUS there are just so many Australian slangs which I am trying to catch up with the rest of the class..... :-P

I am just going to pretend that I am going on stage for the next one week and pretend that I am on an Australian stage. The school is the Australian stage that I must conquer and hopefully when the week is done (and all my blimey assignments are completed) I can go back to speaking my malaysian english.

Can ar?
The Mystery of the Missing TD Lid.


The Mystery of the Missing TD Lid.

I had a really great day today.

Actually, I slept in and slept late this my roomie joked,
"so, what time did you sleep last night?".

I merely smiled. They all started laughing, and Izam said
"wah, so this is what you do when you get a chance off pract eh... you'll sleep late into the night ar?".

Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

I am also proud that I managed to go to the mall without putting on my glasses...I realised that I have been over-relying on my glasses!

Anyways, here's another nice story to tell. A few weeks ago, right before Easter, one of my roomies, Samantha, helped me to print some notes. I was waiting for her on campus after hours, and she apologized because she could not find the lid for my 512MB Black Dell TD. She had searched the entire lab for it, but could not find it.

I don't knw what it was that made me said, "You know, it's alright. It doesn't matter. I am convinced that you will be able to find the lid. Somewhere. It's either still in the bag. or it will be in the lab. No body will steal a lid of a TD," to stop her from stressing out.

Then for the next couple of weeks, I totally forgot about it. I didn't use the Dell TD as I had a new 4GB Kingston TD to use instead.

Anyway, this morning, to my surprise, I found the lid of the TD on my table! I was so surprised that I went to ask Sam where she found it. She said she found it in the lab.

I have lost so many things and found them again the next day, that I was no longer stressed out when Sam told me that she lost the TD lid. I was convinced that she would be able to find it. It is just a matter of time!

The wonders of faith, praying & waiting....!
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Brian's Marvellous Miracle ThumbDrive.

Brian's Marvellous Miracle ThumbDrive.

4th May:
Brian shared this testimony tonight during the Lao Nang cell.

He had originally bought this thumbdrive on his arrival here in Australia during summer. It was a SANDISK 2GB ThumbDrive for 80 dollars. Anyway, some time not too long ago (some time in March), he had brought his ThumbDrive to his friend's home. He was transferring some programs into his TD when there was an error, and his friend had to stop the process. Anyways, he left as it was getting late.

To cut the story short, the TD could not be used, and had to be formatted (actually I did not really know in which order of what happened to this TD coz I was too sleepy to actually understand what he had really said).

He had to re-format his TD. He was annoyed as all his important documents were in it.

But guess what? When the TD was re-formatted, and was scanned by the computer, the computer read the TD has having 8GBs of memory! He was so shocked that he re-checked the TD in a few computers, but it still read the same!

I can't believe it either! To think that the 8GB TD has only just been released, and here is this fellow who already has one which was x4 the original size. For no apparent reason. :-P

Really, his testimony is that God is even bigger than technology itself!! If he didn't reformat the TD, it's still have remained 2GB. Amazing!

Actually, GrayFox doesn't believe it... so we are going to put it to a test........Brian, you know what you have to do!!!

5th May:
Well guess what? Brian said he was able to contain more than 7.8 GB worth of data in the TD!
I spoke to Jiaren when we went to feed the ducks earlier, and he gave me an explanation for which that could have happened....

Apparently it is possible..... not that it is a miracle...but he said it is possible that the manufacturers of the TD had packaged the TD as a 2GB, when it is actually 8GB. He said it was the first time he had ever heard of such a case...!!

The manufacturers probably set the TD to a 2GB rather than an 8GB capacity, and when Brian re-formatted the TD, the real "capacity" of the TD was revealed.

Jiaren also said that that was also the way many of the fake IPods were sold online. The TD or capacity of the memory card would actually only be 2GB, but it was re-labelled as a 8GB, but in actuality could not actually contain that much data!

So was that a miracle? In SUMMARY, it IS a miracle the way Brian managed to acquire an 8GB TD when it was not even out in the market, and that would have cost him AUD350 now, and it is a miracle in how God can use circumstances to bless a person financially!

And that, GrayFox, means I won the wager. I am waiting for my Sushi King treat when I get back!
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