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Expo: was a good learning experience.


Expo: was a good learning experience.

The past 5 days have been most busy. Well, last weekend mostly.

I had participated in this expo which was showcasing home products as well as property and land investments at this major shopping mall in KL recently. It was a most enlightening experience for me, as it was my first time participating in an event of this size. My brother already had a prior experience in it, and so did quite a number of my work mates, so they had an idea of what to anticipate.

The first expo they organized could not prepare them for this event, as the number of visitors that came for this expo surpassed the reception they had for their first.

If you had read the dailies recently, you might have read about the expo for the past one week. Yes, awareness of the expo is important. The question is, does the organising company have the budget for the A&P activities for this expo? Are and would they be willing to invest in a huge budget for the sake of the expo? Indeed when it comes to marketing a new product, the first step is creating product awareness as well as a brand name that the people who are selling as well as buying it would have "trust" in it.

Altogether, the entire expo took up almost 6 days. Although the expo was only 3 days, the set-up took up 2 days and the tear-down one day. So the organising committee had to spend almost a week at the exhibition centre just to oversee the operations.

I really learnt a lot about how event management takes place. Among one of the most important key "aspects" in ensuring things go smoothly in hosting an expo is that the organiser has to engage a contractor which can provide good services for the exhibitors, especially in the initial set-up of the booths for the first couple of days. A lot of exhibitors have lots of complaints and technical demands which can only be handled by the contractor. As such, the contractor company who think that they can split half their employees to two separate events will bear the brunt of their own vice.

By the time visitors arrive, of course, it won't be appropriate for exhibitors to complain in front of the visitors. If the contractor couldn't be bothered, and provides a shoddy service, you can bet that companies would think twice about engaging their services in future!

A well planned event, i.e. for example even a kindergarten concert, or an expo, is the culmination of more than half a year's work. The exhibition hall has to be booked maybe one year in advance (or less , if allowed) if the place is a "hot" venue. The organiser has to own and have the product knowledge of what they want to sell, and of course, what other "competing" expos are out there, as well as their marketing and budgeting strategies, as well as a thorough understanding of the venue of the expo.

Finding a good venue to hold an expo is also essential to ensuring that there is continuous human traffic. Physical factors that contribute to its success includes availability and access of transport to the venue, cost of transport, as well as the number of exhibitors, and products sold.

During the course of the event, a lot of "scouts" came around. Quite a number of "big brand" companies were enquiring about the next upcoming expo (which would be in July, but I won't be there anyway!) left their business contacts and wanted to register for the next one. Even "agents" from competing expos came to look.

(Oh come on, don't tell me you won't do that? Have you not seen that Hongkie movie with the Hui brothers, "Chicken and Duck talk?". But of course, they weren't so obvious lar!)

Doesn't it feel good to know that the expo you are holding really has "value" and companies have to be put on the "waiting list"?

I can't wait.
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Report: Victoria & Tasmania.


Report: Victoria & Tasmania.

Ok, I am *too* lazy to blog abt my trip to Victoria and Tasmania...

The only place I didn't go to visit is NSW (which is where Sydney is).

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God's blessing.

God's blessing.

Hi. Here is another entry by Irene, a mate from my Connexions group. Just posting it up here for all to read.

Just sharing ....
Today, I went for 2nd service at church. We had Children's Ministry teacher's dedication today. After the worship, it was tithes and offering collection time. For today, there is a special collection for the Johor flood victims. When it's time for collection, I had a hesitation in my heart to give. As much as I want to give help, I felt that I myself needed the cash more. I was saving up to buy some new working clothes as the ones I am wearing are over 2 years. And Chinese New Year is coming so gotta save up to buy some clothes, right?
Furthremore, due to size issues ... the clothes that I can wear can only be found at expensvie boutiques such as Big Brown Bag and Dorothy Perkins where one blouse or shirt can cost RM80 - 120 each.

So I reasoned to myself "ahhh... God knows I need this money more ....... ummm ... right?"
The answer I got? "No ... those families need the stove, mattress and rice cooker more".
So I took out whatever cash I have in my wallet, left behind enough for lunch money till my next paycheque on Wed and put it the envelope and gave it to the flood victims.
Then I felt no more bothering conscience.
After service I went back home for lunch with my family. An hour later, my 2nd elder brother wants to go shopping. So he took me to Marks and Spencer. We went there because just like me, he is very big in size and his clothes can only be found at Marks and Spencer. I went there to check out what is the prices like .. the blouse and pants each cost around RM 89 or 99 or 199 or 299 for some. Then my brother said ... "Go and buy some clothes .. I will pay for you up to RM300". WIth Citibank bank card, you will get 15% discount. So I ended up buying a blouse, a shirt and a pants for RM250 ... wholly sponsored by my brother!
God had arranged new clothes for me!
I am not writing to boast about having a nice, good family members and showing-off . I am writing just to share with you the goodness of God for He is good!
Honour Him, walk in His ways, serve in His Kingdom and then sit back and enjoy His blessings! God is big ... He is really big. Of course He can work miracles and drop stove, mattress and rice cooker from heaven BUT He wants to use you.
Imagine the Sultan of Brunei wants to donate RM1 million to the flood victims and he appointed you to be the chief organiser to get the funds thru. But he won't be paying you. Would you do it? I think most of you would said "of course, it's the Sultan of Brunei" and you would feel good working for a high profile person, right?

So, what about God? Would you work for him? Why not?
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Things I want to eat (barely found in Australia)


Things I want to eat (barely found in Australia)

This is the list of food I want to have my fill of before going back...

*no wonder I am getting a bit heavy now....* emphasis on the a bit heavy part...

1. Meat Crabs in smothering curry gravy.

2. Hot Plate Yee Mee.

3. Wat Tan Ho.

4. Teh Tarik.

5. Nasi Lemak.

6. Dim Sum.

7. Hong Kong Chee Cheong Fun.

8. Sushi King (GrayFox's treating me to it!! Woo hoo!!)

9. Finish up steaming the remaining of my bird's nest.

10. Roti Canai.

11. Hokkien Mee in black soya sauce!!

12. Butter Prawns!

13. Curry Prawns!!

14. Belacan Chilli Kang Kong (otherwise known as Water Convolvulus).

12. Mah Poh Tau Fu.

13. Stir Fried Beef with Ginger.

14. Bah Ku Teh ala authentic KL style.

15. Char Koay Teow ala KL Style

16. Curry Mee.

17. Chee Cheong Fun.

18. Prawn Wantans.

19. Stir Fried Curry Lala.

20. Ngar Poh Kai Fan (ClayPot Chicken Rice)

21. Chicken Rice.

22. Porridge Steam Boat @ Sri Petaling.
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18:47pm: Some amendments to this entry.

Recently, I have been going back and forth to this book, Choosing God's Best by Dr.Don Raunikar. Apart from the reason that I have to return the book back to YK, the book takes quite a while to digest.

One of the questions posed in the book is, "would I have been a better spouse if I had met my mate 3 years ago? In what ways am I different today than I was 3 years ago?".

About 3 years ago, I had broken up from a relationship with JK (as many of my close ones would know.) Yes, he also happens to glance through this website from time to time.

In those 3 years, I have been and have almost got involved with many different "guys" along the way. Some of which I was quite interested in, but I guess, God in his wisdom, decided that they were not the "right" ones for me.

Indeed, I have resisted getting emotionally involved with the many "guys" I have met along the way. There were so many times that I told myself were I to do so, it would have been only for the wrong reasons. Loneliness for example. Getting older is another. Being mercenary as well.

The intention to meet anyone in Australia was the last thing in my mind. Yet now, even as God is drawing another person into my life, I can feel that He is calling and challenging me to continue placing this desire of mine onto the altar. That He will continue moulding me that I will sacrifice this desire, and yet trusting Him for the mate that He wants to bring into my life.

How would I know if the mate that God has placed in front of me is the right one? Well, simply put...I really do not know.

However, in the past weeks or so, I have been made aware of the many "waiting" messages that just seem to pop out from no-where. Firstly, my father's testimony of his "waiting" for his new car, where God just seems to put miraculous signs for him to get a new car. Then there's YongMay's un-noticeable (if you had noticed it at all) "waiting" entry on her blog. I am not really sure what it all means, but this "waiting" thing seems to be more vivid than usual .....

Perhaps God will bring the "unseen" signs together when the time is right? Haha.

One of the things that Don notes is that, as we begin to get to know the Lord better, and leave our desire (and yet continually praying for this desire) with God, He will bring our chosen mate to us in His own time. This is obviously easier said than done. I can attest to that. It's taken me 3 years...and it may even take longer.

An area that God has moulded me, since my return to KL, is my willingness to slowly develop and have a time of devotion each morning. I feel the need to have it, as well as the fact that it encourages me in my trust in God.

What other things? I guess I am learning to better understand others, as well as an awareness of other cultures, and to be more confident of myself, and be assertive. I am not sure how much I have changed in the past 3 years, but perhaps an acquaitance who has last seen me since 3 years back might be able to tell? *lol*

From the catastrophe last year, to my rash decisions (which was so publicly announced) you can see it so clearly *hanging* from my chest *LoL*, I guess that I am *slowly* changing. Yes, *old habits are hard to die*......sometimes.

One thing most noticeable that God has moulded me is......developing my cooking skills!!! Hahaha.....wanna try my loh mai kai? *LOL*

Another verse that has struck out in the past one week is "To Obey Is Better Than Sacrifice". Now, this verse seems to come in hand-in-hand with the Waiting part...

As the story goes, King Saul (the first appointed king of the nation of Israel) decided to dis-obey God's commandments, and to compensate for his act, decided to sacrifice much of his belongings. But God knew his intentions, and sent the prophet Samuel who told him "To Obey is Better than Sacrifice", and as a result of his dis-obedience, King Saul lost favour with God.

A situation a friend of mine faced not too long ago led me to ponder this question:
On what occasions where it is to Obey is Better than Sacrifice, and then to Wait on God?

That to obey and Trust that God will bring understanding later. And to continually wait upon God's guidance in His own time. It is a command which is simple. Yet, how many of us are actually able to do it? We rationalize that the unbeliever that we get involved with will come to know the Lord. And yet as believers, we pay the sacrifice of the heartbreak in the end because of our dis-obedience. Or we try to compensate for it in other ways.. but as the prophet Samuel says, are we willing to obey, or do we want to give in to that desire of our heart?

How sure can we be that the person we get involved with will come to know the Lord? There is a slight chance that they might, but, having been through it, I think, it's better not to take the risk now. Not so much because I don't have faith that the mate will not get converted, but rather, because I think it is better to obey than to sacrifice...

To end this, I would like to include the lyrics of this song (Still):

Lingkupiku … dengan sayapMu
Naungiku … dalam kuasaMu

Di saat badai bergelora
Ku akan terbang bersamaMu
Bapa Kau raja atas smesta
Ku tenang sbab Kau Allahku..



The injustice whose name is NSTP.

NSTP takes injunction against blogger, Jeff Ooi.

This is absolutely the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard....

Do you think that the bloggers are going to sit down and let all this happen without taking any action against such injustice?

I should expect that with what these two bloggers have said on their websites, it would be expected that they will ruffle quite SOME feathers...

Let's all give all the moral support to Jeff Ooi and Ahirudin Attin. Not because I necessarily would agree or understand what they have written, but for the mere fact that I believe that each and every blogger has the right to express their own views on their blogs, as well as being responsible and accountable to the outcome of their postings.

However, if big institutions like NST has every intention of using lawsuits to intimidate and muzzle freedom of expression and information in this country, I would proclaim that it is of even more importance that bloggers should stand united so that this would not go on.

And just as much, because Jeff Ooi and Ahirudin Attin are brave enough to use their real names without hiding behind a wall of facade and gaining the trust of the people as well as the courage to write from their heart.

Let's give these two bloggers a clap of applause and stand behind them to give them the moral support that they deserve for their courage to stand on their conviction!!!
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Things to do


Things to do

In the forthcoming month anyway, my plans are:
1. Get a 2 Gig SD card. (non-negotiable).This is a MUST for my digital camera. I HAVE to get it. It'll be easier on me when I take pictures anyway.

2. Get a 2 Gig (or more!) Thumb Drive. Why ah? Because I kiasu la. It beats having to bring a couple of 186 gig ThumbDrives around anyway.

3. An 8-Gig External HDD : After reflecting on it, as prior to Jiaren's experience with it, I think I'll forgo on a HDD. As much as I'd like to watch movies, however our Movie King Downloader is no longer NVM lor. Furthermore there is no guarantee that whatever I have saved in it will not get erased! It's just a vanity thing.

4. Look for the plastic pack sealer contraption. Dunno what it is called. I know I have one of those at home, but dunno where it is now, so have to go rummaging for it.
Why ah? I'll be bringing some packed dry food back, so I need to make sure it is "vacuumed sealed" before bringing it on the plane mah....I am still valid for extra 10kgs, so I am going to maximise full use of it.

5. Driving Stick: Hehehe....It seems that my dad is thinking of getting a new car....So I get to drive his. Although it's stick, it's alright by me. Beats driving my mom's auto any time, as it has a better pick-up and much faster. It may seem a bit harder initially, but I've always liked his car. Have to practise driving it though. Oh...and its low on the fuel consumption any time as well! More incentive for me to pick up the stick....!

6. Go to Pasar Malam. What? We don't find flea markets in Toowoomba y'know?? Not when everyone packs their bags to go home at 6pm each day. *So sad*.

7. Read the bible and fast. It's time for me to get to know the Lord in a more intimate manner.

8. Jog in the evenings. Have no choice for this...Been having too many packs of Nasi Lemak morning, lunch and night since my return. LOL.
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He came, He saw, and he left !


He came, He saw, and he left !

Ok, you guys...

Alan came. He saw. He left.

It was great meeting up with Alan...I never thought I'd actually be able to see him after leaving Australia. Never in a million years did I actually think he'd step foot on the grounds of the Malaysian earth, and see him personally face to face on this land of mine that I am born and bred in. It was great meeting up with a uni mate all the way from Toowoomba!


Anyway, Alan arrived in KLIA about 8pm Malaysian time. Did some Tax-Free shopping which I had ordered him to. (LOL). Then instead of heading straight to his transit hotel, decided otherwise and headed off to look for transportation to come down to KL Sentral.

He had called me on my mobile, but it got cut half-way!!!! I was SO WORRIED!!! What with the language problems and all....I don't even know if he'd make it to the KL Sentral!!

YK had also come along to see him. I picked him up from Sentral, and waited for Alan's call that he had arrived....which he did!!! Thank goodness. Fortunately, he had managed to hail a cab ride down for RM20 (lucky him!!) which otherwise those sneaky cab fellas would have lightened his pockets by RM50 for the ride.

By the time he arrived, it was about 10.20pm. All my worrying paid off... (at least I didn't take it lightly!!)

I had taken my mother's car, and I drove all of us to Jln Alor, (a makan place near Sungai Wang). I actually had no intention of going there, but somewhere we ended up there! There Alan had his fill of Bah Kuh Teh and Oyster Omelette (which YK ordered).

Ba Ku Teh in Jln Alor costs RM20 for 3 persons. Additional rice costs RM1. I wonder how much it costs in other places? Maybe will check out the one in Klang, as well as in OUG next time..(although the dailies report that that might not be the next best thing to have for dinner these days, what with our local farmers here trying to be creative in their food provisions to those dear piggies.....Oh well..)

I then called up our old housemates at 135 to inform them that he had arrived safely (they were most concerned about his safety!), and the phone on the other side passed from Kevin to MT to Hanna and back to Izam (I think!) Lol!

Then I took us for a ride around KLCC (which the lights turned off incidentally at 12am!!) so there went those lights! *Sigh* So much for that...

After which, we went to this mamak near the place formerly known as Jaya Supermarket. We order Teh Tarik, Ice Milo, and Ice-Lime Tea, Roti Kertas and Roti Canai.

Alan had a nice time trying out the gravy (fish head curry and dhall, lol!), which he could not take to the spiciness of it!

After our fill of a delicious 2nd round of a mouthwatering supper, I sent YK home, and Alan bumped over at my place for the night. We left my house about 6.30am to send him to Sentral for him to catch the 7am bus ride back to KLIA. The ride from my house to KL Sentral during off peak hours as I remember correctly, took abt less than 12 minutes. Better early than late!

And hence, ends the adventure of Alan, the Hongkie, in the city of KL.
According to him, the staff at KLIA could at least try to speak more discernible sounding English....he had a hard time understanding their accent....*LOL*.

Happy Visit Malaysia Year 2007!
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G'day, a mate in town!!


G'day, a mate in town!!

Woo hooo....just received news that Alan is coming down to KL on transit!! Actually, there were quite a number of the others who had come down to KL, like......Val, Aaron, Andrea... But none of them had my contact details. So, what can I say lar??

Alan is on transit to KL before transferring to HK. I and YK (if he is coming along..) are going to meet up with him on Tuesday night. Pity that it's not at day time..since most of the stores will be closed. Anyway, there is also a thriving night-life in KL, so whatever la...

Anyway, I have been helping out with both my parents business operations in the past few weeks. It's great to have helped my mom with her education business all this while, but a change of environment to a more structured business-like environment (such as one with a focus on event management, advertising and publishing) will do great for my social circle and maturing social needs....

So now you know where my interest in journalism comes from eh? (Mostly from my dad la!....)

The company is focusing on reincarnating a property magazine which I used to help with years ago (before the economy down turn many eons ago). The techniques used now are different, but the focus is still the same. For now, we are aiming to re-introduce the magazine into the market and create awareness of this magazine. Also, the company aims to be publishing another magazine, one with a focus on home living and interior design.

How it aims to be done will depend much on the response of the people who come in contact with the magazine la. Going to watch Eragon tonight. You guys have a great day, ya!
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Adapting my cooking methods: Part 2


Adapting my cooking methods: Part 2

Yesterday I went around the shops surveying the price of dry ingredients...I think my mom is getting used to me doing that now. *LOL*.

The average price for 1 kg of nasi pulut (loh mai) RM3.20. The price varies from the type of rice it is, as there are a few types...Sorry ah, but as far as I am concerned, there has only been one type that I have been using. They look all the same to me. Maybe I'll research on that later.

I bought a block of cane sugar (pin tong) for about RM1.60-1.80 p/block.
The average price for 1 kg nasi pulut hitam (hak loh mai) RM6.50!!
One packet of har mai at the chinese shop RM3.50/kg? I am not too sure about the price for this, as I didn't really check out this yet.
One packet of peanuts at the chinese shop RM2.00/kg? Maybe a bit too expensive.

The other day, I bought two packs of desiccated coconut for RM1/pack from Central. When I was "liquidizing" one pack out last night for my dessert on Friday night, my mom stated that I should buy the ones which are grayer (meaning older coconuts) as they'd have more coconut milk in it, as compared to the ones which are whiter. Then she said I could use the left-over dessicated coconut and fry them with flour dough (or something) to make some sort of crackers. Never heard of that before!

I decided not to get the har mai as my bro doesn't eat shrimp for complexion purposes..*Right*. There is no point in cooking something, if the rest don't eat, isn't it? (Well, it depends how many are eating anyway..)

Also too, I bought 2 lemons for about RM0.80-0.90 p/piece.

Anyway, I made sai mai yeh zap dessert for Friday night. Coconut milk with sago, as it is called in English.

You know, I am so used to all the food in Australia being so hygienically wrapped and processed, and that because I did not really cook with "loose" packed foods (as most of the ones in KL was), I thought it'd be the same for the food here...I did get a nice one from my mom. LOL!!!!

Oh time..
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Toowoomba, twas where my heart was..


Toowoomba, twas where my heart was..

I had originally wrote this as a part entry, but decided to make it a full entry by itself.

Today I spoke to Izam on the phone. Actually, I called his landline. FYI, it's much cheaper to call Australia through Maxis/Hotlink. about RM0.20 p/minute than to call another maxis/hotlink number. Hanna was not pleased coz she wanted me to call her too (whose room was just next door) !!! Haha....

To tell you the truth, I kind of miss them. Not that much, but I still miss their company.

I miss chatting with Avadhut. He has very insightful opinions. He is quite mature and is a very observant person.

I find Kevin to have another side to him. The funny side that I never knew because I didn't really chat with him before he moved in. It's a bit hard to describe it... kind of a funny streak which I think I can relate to. Hehe.

I also have a funny banter with Tony. I think that only Education students would understand this. LOL. We both enjoy watching Yes Minister, and Black Adder. He looks at the rather political side of education and I can relate to a lot of what he knows and says about the education industry.

I miss having Alan to chat nonsense with. Haha. He'll let out this shriek whenever something happens (like getting chicken blood all over his shirt!!), which is I find absolutely hilarious! I also enjoy watching Izam talking to Alan. They have this funny banter which is interesting to observe. Then when Kevin joins in, it becomes even funnier to watch. LOL!

The last time I saw Alan was in Brisbane. This was after I had returned from my tour to Hobart. He had taken the bus down to Brisbane with some other mates to extend his visa application. We spent the day wandering around town taking photos with our cameras. He was lugging his extended leggy tri-pod around town. He was, I would truly say, had been blessed to have a found a job to support his visa extension fees. At night, we met up with Sam and some of her friends to have dinner at this Korean restaurant. After which, we wandered around Queen St. at night looking at the lights and taking pictures of this christmas tree near the main casino.
It truly feels funny to be wandering around town at night with a mate that you think might be the last time you'd ever meet. A bit *sad*...

Before I had left for my Melbourne tour, they (the current residents of unit 135) told me that they'd miss hearing my infectious laughter, and the house would be so quiet without me....I does feel nice to be *appreciated*. Heh. Matt drove and sent me off to the bus-stand, and Ivan & Alan came along to send me off....Ivan came down to Brisbane with me on the bus, even buying an adult full fare ticket to accompany me. I felt kind of sad, but at the same time had this anticipating feeling as I would meet Jiaren and Steph in Melbourne the next day.

I also learnt more about photography from hanging out with Jiaren and Alan. More so from Jiaren because he dragged us around Melbourne looking for his polarizer filter, adaptor and lens. Anyway, FYI, I found out that the polarizer costs less in Melbourne than in KL. So there! Jiaren, I think you saved on buying your filter in Melbourne. The polarizers were selling for about RM200 in Midvalley.... Zzzzz.

Finally, I have to mention YK. It is a bit hard to describe the kind of interaction I have with this house mate, because when I first moved into unit 135, I could not get along with him. He could not stand me, and neither did I really talk much to him. It was more of a struggle & learning process for him, because I guess for him, he had not encountered a female of such like I was, and I can safely say that it was about the same but in a differing manner for me as well. We have lived under the same roof for almost 10months. And yet, within those 10 months, we have developed a funny kind of friendship.

We went to the Toowoomba library, went grocery shopping, had our outbursts where I ignored him for days on end and he totally hated it (hehe), and he arm-twisted me a lot!! Somehow, I think that the direction in which our friendship had developed must have been from a supernatural source. I am not a superstitious person by nature, but I guess that if it were of my own choice, and should I have lived in a different house altogether, I may not have bothered much with getting to know him. As Jess remarked from my description of this housemate, we both have very different personalities, but yet, I think that, if we both had strong personalities, we'd probably be at logger heads all the time! I could imagine so.

If you are wondering why is it all males whose names I state above, it is because my housemates were all males!! I think I get along better in a housefull of males....however, I still have my circle of female friends. I think I get along better living with males than females. Don't ask me why. I just do!!

Anyway, congratulations to Miaw Yng for getting her partial post-grad music scholarship from Tasmania Uni!! You go girl!!

Yesterday, I went for an annual eye-check-up at Optimax HUKM. It was due for a very long time!!! I actually have to do it on an annual basis post-LASIK surgery, but I pretty much neglected on that. The specialist doctor said that on a comparative basis, I had pretty much taken quite well care of my eyes as my vision was still quite clear in the past 6 years.
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Adapting my cooking methods: Part 1


Adapting my cooking methods: Part 1

Since coming back to KL, I realised that half of the foods that I learnt to cook in Toowoomba are not actually suitable for the weather here.

Today I cooked loh mai fan. I am used to cooking for 4 people and more. So that's what I did. Then after cooking and partaking of it, I realised that I have in regard to the amount I had cooked was too much for 4 people, because of the weather here, and that they needed less to eat because as said, the weather in KL is hot and humid.

Anyway, I forgot to add lap cheong, chopped peanuts, har mai and dry chinese mushrooms. aunt said she wanted to try some of my cooking and grade it. Haha. Maybe the next round, when I do remember to add those. Cannot lose face mah!! (I just found out that my bro doesn't partake of har mai....*sigh*)
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Cooking the Malaysian way.


Cooking the Malaysian way.

Today is the first time I have cooked chicken curry since returning to Kay El.

This is not my first attempt at cooking for the family, but the first dish I attempted to cook for them was Ma Poh Tau Fu last week. Did I write an entry on that? Not really sure if I did. Well anyway...

The first time I attempted to cook last week, my maids were in the background. Attempting to help out. As the chinese proverb says "Yeet Bong, Yeet Mong".
The English equivalent "too many hands spoil the broth". I thought they'd know how to help me with the cooking, but they were more trouble than help anyway. So today I told them to steer off the kitchen and stay away from my pot!!

It's a bit different here than in Toowoomba. The weather in Toowoomba is dry and cool. So far..even in summer. There are no pests to contend with. i.e. flies. cockroaches. cats. rats. The cooking equipment is also different.

Back here in KL, the weather is hot and humid. It definitely does not make do to leave your piece of pork to be aired out in the open. Well, not in my kitchen anyway. There'd be ants all over the place. Best to just leave it in the fridge to air instead after being salted.

Today was the first time I tried using the metal pots (ala the ones that the Malays and Indians here normally use to cook their curry in!). It really is a conducter of heat as the pot just heated up like that. I think. Is that so? The pot that I am used to cooking with took forever to heat up the pot and cook. I just have to remember that it is also because I am using a gas stove here to cook and not a hot plate.

In the student unit where I am staying, only hot plates are provided for students to cook with. Gas stoves are a bit too dangerous for this particular management's liking. So even if learnt to use the wok and the metal pot, I don't think it could cook very well on a hot plate surface, which is the only one that the student accomodation (SV) where I live provides.

Verdict of the cooking?

My parents loved it! My brother avoided curry like the plague though. Ummm..and I think this is the first time the maids have seen curry been cooked in the kitchen this year!! Coz my mom said that she had not cooked curry in a very very long time!!!
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