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Dropping a note from Christchurch.


Dropping a note from Christchurch.

Hi people, am dropping a note from Christchurch. Today from Franz Josef, we trucked back to Christchurch and drove through Arthur's Pass. My tour is ending tomorrow, and I'm staying a night in Wellington before heading back to Auckland. We're taking the ferry over to Wellington tomorrow, so we're cross the seas.. it's a 5 hour drive to Picton before that however.

I've so far recovered from the cold, and am feeling better now. Had to stay away from drinking, dancing, cappucinos and hot cocoa ^^ .

Yesterday I went on a 5-hour hike on a block of ice (otherwise called a glacier) in Franz Josef. The brochure says that we are supposed to have a "reasonable amount of fitness" in order to walk on it... I ended up 2 hours later with legs so stretched, I could barely walk! I had to take some painkillers from a mate in the tour!

Ok people, will write more later.
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Queenstown: the Adrenaline Junkie Town.


Queenstown: the Adrenaline Junkie Town.

Hi people.. Yeah, yeah, I know I have not written in a long while. Almost a month, huh? Anyways, am currently in Queenstown, the North Island of the the land of the Kiwi birds..

Well, just to tell you what I have been up to since I left Toowoomba. I headed off to Brisbane for my cousin's graduation in UQ. The days after, my aunt & uncle dragged me off to Gold Coast for two days. Whereby I took a train to the Brisbane International Airport. It was a 3 hour journey to Auckland, and it was delayed for about half an hour on the Virgin Blue.

Coming to Auckland from small town like Toowoomba after two years, is like a new start. It feels like I just came out from the "small village".. LOL. I reckon I've been living far too long in Toowoomba now!

After two days in Auckland, I immediately signed up for a Contiki tour from Christchurch. I went straight to Christchurch and stayed at a backpacker's for a couple of days before the tour started.

As you can say, I was never the fittest of people, and it was raining the day before the tour started. I got caught in the rain, so have been feeling under the weather for a couple of days.

The tour has been all right so far. There are loads of whites in the group who spend the days drinking until morning... not something I could partake in doing & since I'm not that much of a drinker.

I will write more about the sights & sounds later as I'm currently in an internet cafe, & am not exactly in the fittest state to share about it.

Will write more later!
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A tale of my mates (II)


A tale of my mates (II)

This is the second of entries on acquaintances. Actually, I should get packing since I've only got 3 more working days!! But hmmm....I will get about to that in a sec.... (right). A mate just mentioned that my MSN titles are like soap operas... He gets hooked on reading it.. is there any way to SSL them?? (LOL)

From the Hong Kong batch, there is also Kay, who is Sam's beau. He can be quite manja... a bit like Sam..(LOL) and I think I have unconsciously picked up some conversational habits from him. He's also good at baking the Tiramisu (but not sure what else he's good at baking though..LOL). He likes taking photographs. Its a bit difficult to find the words to describe him, but I enjoy his company.

Kay asked me to extend my stay, but after checking with the airlines, I realised it costs less to travel from Sydney to Toowoomba than to upgrade! Besides it is too costly for someone who isn't working... so I think I will have to forgo on that la..

Then there is Jiaren who hails from Miri, Sarawak. We talk on stuff mostly about photography, geek stuff and I.T stuff. You can say I learn a lot about photography from Jiaren (who recently got himself a very funky Nikon SLR). Somehow everytime I am with Jiaren, I learn some new trick about cameras... Hah.

Jiaren is also fairly mature for his age (which is many many years my junior), and gets along with people of all ages. I enjoy his company because he is a person who is able to switch modes depending on whom he is with, and yes, he is quite the social person.

Although this person shouldn't deserve mention, but I'd like to. Yang Wei who hails from West Malaysia is a pretty unique case, and is worth mentioning. At the beginning of this year, I had some unresolved conflict with him. Let's just say I never found out what the problem was. He's isn't my bestest friend or whatsoever, but I guess after a long period (I guess we, or us as a group of friends together) managed to resolve the problem. It's a pity that I didn't get to know him better as I'm finally done with my studies.

He's a man of few words and has got a funny sense of (quiet) humour and is teased mercilessly by Sam & Mancy. (as well as by Ezra & Sam, LOL). He recently got a haircut aka. YK style, and looks really cute.
Yang Wei is a good sport with people, and show much dedication and loyalty to his friends. I guess that he's among those whom one needs to spend time with in order to understand. (LOL). You're a sport, Yang Wei!

It is not possible for me to mention Yang Wei without not referring to Kevin. I've known of him for two years, but it was only the end of last year that I actually realised he had a sense of humour. He had moved into the unit I am staying at just before I headed home, and had already moved out by the time I was back here in the first semester.

Kevin is a person of few words, and is one of the (quiet) pearls of gem that I have found. He has however a sarcastic humour and is able to find very aptly suitable words for the occasion, of which makes him a fortunate (or unfortunate!) oft receipient of many painful pinches/punches from yours truly! He enjoys playing the guitar, making music, and loves the Lord with a passion.

I enjoy his company mostly ... because I find his company soothing, comforting. and yes, quiet. A lot of people say he's good looking, but I don't really think that is what which stands out. Although he is (so called) quiet, he is at many times (and does!) speak his mind. The most aptly suitable proverb I would use to describe his personality is "just because the water is still doesn't mean that there are no crocodiles". You could say that I have got a soft spot for this gentleman... who wouldn't? -_-

Well anyways, I think that's about the mates I can write about now... a part 3 might come later. But I need to take a hiatus now. C ya!
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A tale of my mates (I)

A tale of my mates (I)

Since I have absolutely so much free time these days, I would like to write an entry on my friends in Toowoomba... Some of them hail from Malaysia. and the rest are from other countries, the most namely Hong Kong.

Among the people I chat a lot mainly with is particularly Seng Yee. Now, it's a strange story of how I ended up talking with him a lot. It started around the time when I was in the midst of the "church crises" this year. He's many years my junior, which is also another reason why I did not take him serious initially (not that I take him that seriously these days, LOL). Anyway, Seng Yee comes from Brunei, and speaks Mandarin, English, & funny accented Cantonese.

I guess the breakthrough came about the time when church camp started, and I told him of my decision not to go. He eventually got the true reason why I didn't want to go.... and after the camp knew that it was the best choice I could have ever made at that time although it was difficult amongst the pressure given. ^_^

After that, he decided to "seek" my advice, and now makes one of my best phone companions. Anyway, Seng Yee is currently back in Brunei & flew off the day after my birthday.. (else I'd have wrung his neck..). I have absolutely no idea on the political position that Brunei stands on, but I'd probably have to find out now.

The other few that I actually mix a lot with are Eltrisa & Samantha. Both of them are from Hong Kong. You can guess that I talk to them in Cantonese...(duh). They are both currently in Melbourne doing a Student Life christian camp. Both of them have a sense of humour, and I've got used to Samantha's sense of humour (which is loud, like me, LOL).

Samantha was formerly my housemate, and shared a room with Hanna. She moved to stay in Eltrisa's unit in the second sem. I enjoy talking to both Sam & Eltrisa, as they show much passion for the Lord. I love hearing Samantha praying in Cantonese, because you could see (and hear) that she has a very strong faith, and I always feel comforted after hearing her pray. They're both 23 years old.

Another person I socialise with a lot now is Mancy. Well, its a bit hard to find the words to describe what Mancy is. Mancy is a very outgoing person (actually all the Hong Kong girls I've met so far seem very outgoing for some strange reason or another), and she is very good at teasing people. All of them have studied psychology, but Mancy is is currently in the second year of her second degree for Nursing. She's about 25 years old.

When I first knew Mancy, I had difficulty understanding the strong will & personality that she demonstrated. But throughout the year as I got to know her, I realised that Mancy is a person who is passionate about the Lord, very prayerful and is very strong for the Lord's work. She is also very hardworking, and is able to manage her time between her studies and job, which is something I respect for someone in her circumstances. I believe that with her skills, Mancy will be able to go far in life and minister to the people in the African countries using her medical skills in the near future that looms so near ahead.

Among other reasons that I get along with them is that all three do not act giggly for their age.They act fairly mature which is another reason why I find their company pretty much comforting, & on the same wavelength.

The other mate that I miss dearly is Alan. He's currently in Hong Kong, but when he was here last year, I had many conversations with him. He is (and is still) one of the most talkative persons I ever know. He enjoys baking, and is great at baking Tiramisu. Although we have differing opinions, I still enjoy talking to him. Alan is a free-spirit, and is very independent.

One of things that touched me dearly was that Alan came to visit me on transit to HK when I was back in KL for the summer last year.He needn't have do that but he did so out of concern when I was having an emotional crisis. Loyalty and concern, regardless of time and finance are among the traits that Alan demonstrates and is something note-worthy and worth mentioning here. Thank you Alan, for the time and dedication you have for your friends. The loyalty & dedication you spend on your friends will not go wasted, nor unnoticed.

As it is, I have much difficulty in chatting with him (and a lot of the HKies) in English on MSN, and it is a problem as I do not read chinese. I find it much easier to just pick up the phone and call them up on their landline. Haha!
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A year older, hopefully wiser.


A year older, hopefully wiser.

The only aptly suitable adjective I can describe it for this year is "low-key". As you can guess, we didn't drive down with my I.F mates to Darra all the way just for dinner. There were about nine of us including John, Kay, Mancy, Chris, Claire, Hanna, Izam, Justin, and of course, yours truly. John went down to Brisbane to pick Mancy up.... (*dum dum dum*)

To tell the truth, I had no idea we were going to Darra, nor that we were going to have a long drive down all the way to Brisbane and forth. It was truly a joyride (almost like going round the merry-go-round).

Well, Hong-Kong style since I will miss their "Hong-Kong" ness. We've had hot-pot on many many occasions, and had Western (like almost and will be some more) in the next couple of days. So I finally requested for something Chinese.. I had asked Kay to prepare something "Hong-Kong" style but the larder was truly almost empty by this point of time (umm... exactly what did they do at the supermarket on Saturday afternoon anyways?).

Anyway, they are having a separate farewell for me tonight... so there!
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A touch of the Lord.


A touch of the Lord.

Tonight we drove down to Darra for dinner with my Hongkie mates, but along the way, I had a discussion with an ex-housemate of mine, J. In case you didn't know, Darra is a Vietnamese area on the way down to Brisbane. We stopped over at Chinatown to pick Mancy up, and I gave Seng Yee (& gang who were in SunnyBanks) a surprise call! My chat wit J. was so interesting that I didn't realise we had already arrived at Chinatown!

If you want to say that Darra is far, what can you say about my mates who drive down all the way to Kajang for satay...ah??

J has known me for two years and we were roomies in the first year. I guess that one of my concerns lies when I return to my hometown is to do with my spiritual growth as well as my personality. As I have realised, I have a personality that may rub against the grain of what is the norm. J notes that we have similarities in the sense that we both are uniquely as from the norm, but it is good that He has created us to be who we are, for each of us have a different role in His Kingdom, but what that may only He will reveal to us in time.

What J. has told me has been of much encouragement to me, as we reflected on what has happened in the past two years. I really believe that even with what that has happened to YK, that He guides and leads each of us in His Own Time.

Of course this is not very helpful advice to one in the storm and midst of their adolescents when they are still looking for their own identity. J notes that although some people will initially find my personality a bit of a shock, however as they get to know me, it was something they would get used to as that was just me, but it was a totally different case for him in his case.. I had not really thought about this, but I guess J. was trying to describe me as someone who "grows on people".

One of the most powerful incidents for me this year was when my house was burglared. I have replayed this incident many times in my mind, and have brought to mind that it is of no coincidence that everything that was stolen from me, from my money to my handbag was brought back to me in order. Although I had a loss, but everything was restored to me, and nothing was lacking. But the thief had everything to lose in his moment of indiscretion, where he made the choice to take something which wasn't his, and has received his just desserts when he was arrested a month after...

This is the year where the Lord's presence had really filled my life. For so many years, I have heard his voice, but I could not really hear him speak. When people tell me that they can tell I have experienced much of the Lord, I could never actually understand what it is that they "see". But today was the first time I had heard J. tell me that he had seen it manifested in my life....that I actually had apply what I know rather than spout it.

I guess judging from this, it is important to have people in our lives who know us and continue to reflect and remind us of how much we have grown in the Lord, no matter how little, or how much we think it might not be necessary to do so.

Today is Anti-Violence Against Women Day. There were ladies giving out to men white ribbons to be pinned on their shirts. A lady came out to share her testimony about how she had accepted the Lord at the age of 7, but she realised that from the day she had made the choice to accept the Lord, was the day the battle against her started. For over twenty over years of her life, she had experienced abuse after abuse in the hands of the men in her life that she thought was supposed to protect but didn't. Yet she knew that they were not doing the right thing.

The testimony touched a raw chord, especially within some of the young girls who had suffered abuse in the hands of their supposed boyfriends and had managed to break free of it. The entire congregation prayed against this.

One of the things that I would like to mention in leading to this is not so much about the Anti Violence thingy, but about the worship ministry. Although in the past two years I had not once joined in the Worship Ministry here, however the past six months has been a scene of change. As many may know, there was a period in the last six months where I wanted to leave the particular church I was due to circumstances which I had not the control of. However I believe it was the Lord's doing that I was to stay, and when I made the decision to stay, it was also one where I decided I would be committed to my work with the children in the church.

I have come to know & believe in my experience, that worship, & anointed worship (as evangelist Jimmy mentioned) has the power to bring down strongholds. The many times I have watched Dennis & Jennifer worship and sing to the Lord has actually encouraged me to break free off the way I worship. For me, kneeling down was something I could never do even in the midst of so many people worshipping. It was really a breakthrough for me.

The fire that has been lighted, the energy and the passion I am hoping that I would continue to bring with me no matter where I go. I really believe that that is one of the lasting things that I will miss of the church. The passion, the fire and energy that exuberates from all the young people who show such love for the Lord. I thank the people in the Worship Ministry who have taken the time to put in such effort and time to practise and serve the Lord. Keep up the good job!

In summary, I must say that I have experienced something of the Lord this year after all!
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A nice shock for a change.


A nice shock for a change.

Mustafa came for the PowerNight meeting tonight. He got invited by Justin for I.F as well (at least the former's doing his role in helping out!). At least I'll be sure there are parties involved who might take care of Mustafa when I'm gone & departed. *LOL*

Mustafa explains that its worst in Saudi Arabia because men and women cannot simply talk to someone of the opposite gender there... You had to be a brother & sister, father, mother or relative of some sort. Even cousins of opposite gender have it difficult! Malaysia might not be as bad as Saudi Arabia, but to us (non-Muslim Malaysians, that is!) it might seem a bit extreme. He continues to explain that is also the reason why Saudi Arabians first find it nerve-wrecking when they have to talk to someone of the opposite gender when they first enter a Western country like Australia, America or the U.K.

Also too in Saudi Arabia, Muslims are born into and die in their faith (about the same in Malaysia, but we don't kill those who try to convert out however..... we just have 5 years of court cases that reaches to Western and International Media and wasting a lot of lawyers money and making headlines about religious freedom in this country.). In summary, it seems that whatever laws that apply in Malaysia (magnify its significance by about 250% in Saudi Arabia for its effect).

The pastor was definitely given a nice shock because its the first time we ever had a Saudi Arabian in our midst.. we've had mostly Asians, whites, PNGs, Indigeneous, etc.. but not a Saudi Arabian. It's definitely a nice change.

Edna actually came up to give an entire speech of "nurturing your seed" and watering it... I certainly think it was brave of her to come up and say what was truly in her heart all this while. We wanted to head off to Coffee Club/Angel Cafe, but it was already closed by the time we packed up. Oh well. So we headed off to Matt's watch Police Academy I. Interesting scenes indeed....
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Counting the days...


Counting the days...

It's about 2 weeks to my leave of Toowoomba.. after which its to new pasture at Kiwiland and city of the Opera Harbour. One of my other mates, Kevin is also leaving after having spent three years here. I am sure he will miss this place just as much. ^_^

It has been a long two years. I never once thought that I'd ever make it out of this place. A place so deserted that buses come only once every hour. I have almost got used to it. Shops close by 6 o'clock. Sun comes out at 4.45am.

It'll be my birthday in a couple of days. I don't know if other people get edgy and distracted on those days preceding their birthdays, but I do. I have been losing my temper over the smallest things. I guess it must be one of those things that happen anyways....

I have a new housemate, Mustafa from Saudi Arabia. He came for one of the Revival meetings held by I.F at Glenvale. He's the first Saudi Arabian that I have come in contact with and to have come for a evangelistic meeting. Having lots of Chinese, Asians and White come to attend our meeting. Having a Saudi Arabian in the midst of the meeting is definitely something different. If he were from Malaysia, I would bet all my money that he would not show any interest in attending.

(Actually, the last Malaysian Muslim Indian whom I met spent more time drinking, smoking and clubbing at the Uni Club). Mustafa had first hand experience of watching people being "slain in the spirit" during the Revival meeting. It's either he's open to it, or he'll be truly shocked with the whole experience.. coz I know a lot of people are shocked by the latter.

Recently about 28 + 40 others got their car tyres slashed. When I first saw it, I thought that someone must have been going around doing it out of spite... Mustafa thought that they might have left their cars there too long... Well, now we know that these sort of things happen in a sleepy place like Toowoomba.. Well, when that happens, you know its big news. Yes, and it came out in the local dailies.... and on the tv news...

Anyways, today I went down to Cash Converters. Seng Yee and I went down by bus and walked around the CBD like lost puppies looking for the place. I thought it was at the initial spot, but real spot was more than a km away! I asked John to come as we needed someone with an Australian ID. (Yup, that's what Cash Converters expect you to show ...something of an Australian ID). Yeah, and they don't buy shoes.
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The end to another chapter.


The end to another chapter.

I finally handed in my final 2 assignments. Right on the day it was due. I am now finally free of assignments for the rest of my life as an undergraduate. The end of another chapter in my life.

To think, I never thought that this day will ever come.

Come next week, everyone will start moving out of Student V and back home. There will be much that I will be doing the next four weeks to come. I have now moved all my stuff into boxes, filtering all my stuff between those to be given away and those those which will be mailed home back by sea.

The rest I leave it up to the Lord. My Head of Faculty, He will handle the situation for me. Regardless, I believe He will bring me through the situation. His mighty hand has not stopped short of any situation too great for Him to contemplate.
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Have you taken your Courtesy vitamin today?


Have you taken your Courtesy vitamin today?

One of the things I realised (and found out the hard way!) today is that wherever we are, courtesy is something that is appreciated by all stratas of society in whichever culture or country you are.

Coming from a culture where parents do not praise their children or vocalise their appreciation for a person's achievements, assistance or work is something that I bring along with me unconsciously. How the youngsters, or the youth behave partially comes from what they have seen in the environment and has been modelled by their parents at home. There are many times we don't realise that we act the way we do and it remains dormant until situations force us to deal with a similar situation in another context.

As reference to the previous post, is the point that I would like to bring out. Most Asians, at least for the Chinese families in Malaysia have a tendency to treat their employees, juniors as well as household aide (especially those who origin from the lower-socioeconomy countries) with much disregard.

Disregard in the sense that their feelings are ignored, and sometimes made to feel like second class citizens. Although non-indigenous and non-malays in the country where I come from complain about their treatment as akin to second class citizens, they too forget that they treat many foreign workers and employees with the same disregard too. In essence the pot calling the kettle black...

I relate this as my friend, Annie who works as an au-pair in America acknowledges that if she had done the same kind of work in Malaysia as she is in the States, she may be regarded with the SAME disregard and contempt as other household aides in Malaysia do. In fact, the family in with whom she is engaged in regulated employment as an au-pair regard her as a member of the family and is accorded financial priviledges in other ways.

The question is how many of us in Asia, as least particularly in Malaysia would do the same for their employees? Let's ask ourselves this question for those who are holding a position of authority....

In summary, I guess what I am trying to point out here is that a little, and much courtesy goes a long way. Show & demonstrate your appreciation not only to just people who work under you, but to people you love, i.e. friends, relatives and especially your children. Sometimes people want & need to hear that you care about what they have done even if they had never asked.
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Culture Shock...


Culture Shock...

I wonder what will happen when I return to Malaysia in the long term?

There I was checking my UK Yahoo based email, when I saw a UK ad saying "you bring your right to vote wherever you go". Out of curiosity, I decided to do some Googling to find out if we Malaysians have the same obligation... well well....

After having assimilated (well, at least some of it anyways! ) the culture here in Australia, I'd think one will be horrified to return to their own country to find things such as this and this. No wonder Aussies are appalled at our manners when we come here.


What can I say? Malaysians are brought up in such a culture. What are the allegations?
- We don't queue at the bank.
- We don't queue for the bus.
- We never give way when driving.
- We have no manners.

All Australian citizens of legal age are expected to vote. The right to vote is much expounded here. Citizens who miss out on voting for a certain number of times will be fined by authorities...

I Google to find blogs where there are Malaysians who want to vote whilst overseas. However when some decide to exercise their right to vote, the personnel at the Embassies or Consulates discourage them from doing so with the alleged reason that it will only give them more work. =P

Malaysia could really do well in taking some tips from Australia...(not saying that Australians are innocent of any blood shed of any kind either!)

So much for democracy. Yeah, Go Malaysia!
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Vicks on your feet?


Vicks on your feet?

I was looking for a recipe on chicken floss online..mine turned out like chicken serunding (but without the coconut milk!) LOL. =P

Anyways along the way of doing that, I found another blogger's (Dancing Queen) blog entry on a cough remedy. My hongkie mates told me about using Vaseline and foot cream on your feet and using a pair of socks to enclose your feet for really dry feet (or hands for that matter). This is especially for the winter period when our skin cracks.

This is the first I've ever heard of using Vicks Vapor on the soles of your feet as a cough remedy as well as for athletics foot!

Well, who knows if it works if you don't give it a go, right? Nothing to lose there!
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Be Still.....


Be Still.....

I've sort of made up my mind about what to do now. Though I have yet to go in and see the lecturer in charge. Not so much that I want to repeat my practical, but because I want to go in to say my defence. The rest of it I will leave it to the Lord to handle.

What am I going to do now? I will try to "BE STILL" and just finish the rest of my assignments. To try to take the time to have an emotional and physical rest which I am supposed to but have not very much done successfully in any way for this past one week!

Just to digress here, I have something on my mind now after seeing some pictures posted on a friend's profile. I just came back from lunch with some mates at the uni and among them is one that I really heart...

I know that we all would like to spend as much time with the person we love or enjoy their company. That includes me. I know that too, coz it's just human nature. However after having gone through what I have in the past few weeks (actually about 6 weeks and more ago), I realise that we will always try to justify and rationalise our decisions with all kinds of excuses even after we have been told NO.

Yet there will be the day (at least for me) when the Lord will come upon me (which He has!) and ask "Have I not told you what which I did? Why do you still disobey Me? Do you not Trust that I will provide the Mate for you in your life?".

Like seeds thrown on rocky ground, when hardships come or other things of the world that come upon us, we abandon the Lord & do not believe that He will pull us through. Yet the Lord will still honour our decisions for He has given us a free-will. He still blesses us in spite of what we choose because He honours our decisions. For marriages He disdains divorce of any sort.

But if we wait upon Him for the right mate He has for us in our lives, HOW MUCH MORE will He bless us because He truly knows us as we are!
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I'm coming home!


I'm coming home!

Well, sort of...jst not so soon....

I told my parents what happened at pract. Specifically my mom obviously. They gave me their word and blessing to go home now (if I wanted to!) without having to worry about the outcome of my practs & all . .

Its really like this huge burden that has been lifted off my shoulder, and I can finally breathe. Thank You God for preparing me before going in to see my lecturer. At least now I know what options are available for me to make now...

My housemates thought it was the hand of God working because I know how most parents can be. When I was taking my shower, I could feel that He was prompting me to call them, and it was time to do it. Like He was telling me, "Chea-Yee, Chea Yee, its time to do it now. Do it now!"

I'm so happy...I can finally go home!! I thought I'll never see the end of uni ever!
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I will be unharmed.


I will be unharmed.

Why do bad situations happen to people?

That is the question that I was asking myself today. Why couldn't God have given me favour with people the way He did with Joseph, even when he was sold to Egypt as a slave, or when he was in prison? Why did things have to turn out the way they did for me?

But tonight as I reviewed over the things that have happened in the last two days with my housemate, she reminded me of the scene in Evan Almighty where God appeared to Evan Baxter's wife telling her that God doesn't make happy families, where fuzzy warm feelings come instantaneously, but instead He gives people opportunities and situations to work things out to become stronger and more loving families.

I realised that perhaps God wanted me to become stronger through this situation of my pract. For me, having a fear which is very binding is probably the reason why He made me go through this really tough situation. Even before I knew what was going to happen on Thursday, He had already given me warning on that morning itself.

He's brought so many of my mates at church to pray for me even without me asking them to. People who are volunteering to come in and stand up for me at uni is another thing which has happened without my speaking up. Things which do not happen on their own accord, and my housemate reminds me that people do not & would not do this out of the goodness of their hearts.

I am not incompetent. I am not stupid. I just need to work through this fear. For I know that I am His Child. I know He will stand up for me because He loves me.

Isaiah 43:1-2,4.
But now, this is what the LORD says—
he who created you, O Jacob, he who formed you, O Israel:
"Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.

2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you;
and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.
When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze.

4 Since you are precious and honored in my sight,
and because I love you,
I will give men in exchange for you,
and people in exchange for your life.

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I'm getting married in the morning...


I'm getting married in the morning...

So get me to the church on time!

Not me, *doink*.

Not my brother.

But my cousin brother, James is getting married!

I heard the news from my cousin sis, Agnes in the States...

Finally, I'm going to have a niece/ nephew from my Dad's side...woo hoo!
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Chee Cheong Fun. Tau Foo Fa.


Chee Cheong Fun. Tau Foo Fa.

To the avid friends of mine,

I think you realise that I have been having a craving for dim sum for a long time...when I went to Sunny banks last week, we could not make it for Yum-Cha, because everyone was dilly-dallying ...

You could pretty much say that I was annoyed...*whatever*. To go down all the way there ...and still no Yum-Cha.

I thought I managed to procure "borax" which is an essential ingredient in the making of chee-cheong-fun, but it turned out to be gypsum powder. =P. Stupid packaging.

To cut the story short, since I found some food blogs on the internet recently, I decided to try them out..

I didn't take any photos (too bad ;-)

If you're wondering, Chee-Cheong-Fun is essentially steamed rice flour roll with shrimps and spring onions. Eaten with soy sauce and sweet sauce (depending on whether you want to make it or not).

Anyways, the chee-cheong-fun turned out...well...*edible*. What I normally do before trying out a recipe is search for the same recipe in a few places, and compare the different ways they create that particular dish. From there, I am able to gauge and adapt the recipe to the resources that is available at home.

My first attempt at the chee-cheong-fun was.... a bit soft. So I looked at what was missing....cold water after steaming the roll. And I realised that I had not completely stirred the thickener (corn flour) in to the batter after leaving it to "rest". After that, the dish just seemed to cook better.

I made a batch for two of my housemates... since they are Kenyans, they weren't really too used to eating it..
*Heh*. Anyway as I was eating it, I realised that those guys who sell it in KL are making a lot of money from it as the raw materials cost like less than RM0.20 or less.... what we're actually paying is for the cost of labour!

Tau Foo Faa is essentially co-agulated Soya Bean Milk. It is co-agulated using Gypsum Powder.. to my surprise, I jst found out that there is actually a dish called Coagulated Milk (using Ginger) which is a HK dish! Amazing!

Anyways, the "Tau Foo Faa" didn't turn out that well. Had a bit of problem co-agulating it.. Not sure whether it was the temperature, the co-agulater, or both. Will have to work that out next time.. Just have to drink it like soya bean drink. Ha ha....

The next thing I want to make is chicken floss...apparently it is easy to make. According to the recipe I found anyways. I can't believe how much we pay for it..because all of us in KL are too used to eating out and never cook. No wonder we are so retarded at cooking.
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Good news!


Good news!

Although I was panicking about my professional experience placement last week, yet when I opened my mail this morning, I received word from the administrator, Sally that they found me a private Catholic school. I am not sure how to get there, but I believe I will make it there. I am so HAPPY!! My lecturer also gave me an uncalled extension (due to my circumstances) to my final unit plan assignment....! Praise the Lord!

I called my cousin in NZ (they're 3 hours later) and they are aware of my plans of coming aboard. My aunt and uncle (their grandparents) are also coming it's likes a year-end family cousin gathering. LoL. Apparently my cousin bro, Adrian is also currently down there as well. Well, seems like a lot of people are coming down as well. Heh.

Yesterday a mate of mine, SY asked me to call him. The first thing he asked me was, how did I know that the things I knew did come to pass? The second was doesn't it hurt to be in the presence of someone who doesn't return the same sentiments that one has for them?

Well, my answer to the first was one has to make choices in circumstances that they know will come to past, and to avoid situations which could aggravate it even further.

The answer to the second one was.....well, there really isn't any answer but YES. I mean, for a person to put up a picture of one's dearest one is a human thing to do. But to make mention of it too will also only aggravate the situation further as well. Sometimes there are some things which are better left unsaid.... I know you saw it. Although I was hoping you didn't. But no matter, thank you for caring about how I feel.

There's one thing I am trying to learn and do today. When we pray to the Lord, we MUST believe that it will come to pass. Our actions must be out of faith that we believe that our prayers will come to pass and we MUST act as if we already have it.

Unbelieving prayers is the same as having no prayers at all.
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Ahem, so what if you "know what he did last summer?"


Ahem, so what if you "know what he did last summer?"

Jeff Ooi states that we "finally" know what our big PM did last summer during the December flood in Malaysia ....mmm hello? Doesn't this and this already tells us that he was enroute to (and was in) Australia?

What exactly is the point of the blog entry telling us that we finally knew where he was?


It just tells us that our PM was holidaying in Australia and he had no intentions of returning any time soon until after New Year. No amount of "environmental catastrophe" will induce him to come back "for work" when he is on his like, enough already?! Give the poor man a break.
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Planning in progress...

Planning in progress...

Just came back from a day trip to Brisbane. It was really great to spend time with my Hongkie mates, and Michael, an Aussie dude..(well, not really a dude actually). In the morning, there was this jamuan harijadi tergempar that I attended. Not really tergempar, because apparently it was already planned a while back...

Surprise, surprise, when I saw Nadia also at the party as well. It was Jemima's 7th birthday. Anyways, the party was great, and I got to bond with Lisa a bit more. It's rare I get to meet an authentic Jewish lady these days.

Anyway, Michael decided (at the last minute) to join us for our Sunnybank-Darra grocery outing. It was great to bond with all of them and to hear his pearls of wisdom thrown to us. After that, we headed over to Darra for asian Vietnamese seafood...*yummy* but expensive (international student mah...of course expensive!)

I wrote to my niece, Kim in NZ, and to my contacts in Sydney as well. I do pray for a good outcome... ^_^

Does anyone have any good ideas what are good places to visit in both Sydney and New Zealand? If you want to join me, (haha) perhaps some modification to the plans could be made. (lol).

Anyways, do share your ideas ... would really appreciate it. ^_^
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Some last things...


Some last things...

My housemate came to talk to me about something deep... she said that the Lord revealed to her something personal that I had an issue to work with it. I must admit that I feel ... touched that the Lord would send someone to talk to me about it.

But anyways....

There are some things on my mind now that my course of study is coming to a close in the next couple of months.. about four to five months from will be a busy time indeed.

There are two places that I would like to visit before I head back to Kay El. That is, namely the first is New Zealand. The second, Sydney. I just (only realised) that Caroline and Yong Shin are in Melbourne, and not Sydney. *lol*. (wondering where my brain was all this while....Zzz).

I also realized that I (would definitely) have complications in completing my final 5-week pract in December, as that would definitely be too rushed.. and there is a 6-week (elementary) school holiday before I can start any pract at all!

There is a probability that I would have to look for a job within those 6 weeks, and take that time to tour the places I want to go before heading back (like for the long-term) back to Kuala Lumpur and starting my life as a permanent long-term employee for the rest of my life till I die..... *LOL*.
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A promise made.


A promise made.

A promise made is a promise make.
I made that promise years ago... if it happens, I will let it go.

It has happened in my absence.
It has continued.

To see someone happy is the best thing (I think) that could happen.
Why do you think I couldn't see you when I returned?

I don't think I will even when I do.
A promise made is a promise make.

I don't want to break it.
Help me not break it.

Just promise me you'll always be my friend.
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By this time next year...


By this time next year...

One thing I can this time next year if I am (which I should be) back in Kay El,

I won't be cooking at home....In fact, i'll be in the office working long hours till 5-6pm or later. My dinner will be the RM3 (or less) hand-packed fattening nasi-lemak (which I lurve) at the stall in Tmn Desa. and having roti-canai for lunch everyday. I will be detesting my maid's cooking because my mother won't be cooking either. =P

I won't have time to cook (just as I have done when I was in Kay El back early this year, and my cooking skills will deteriorate) and in another 3 years time, I might forget how to cook. =P

What else?
I might be going on mission trips with my CG people.

I might also be going to bible college.

I might also be spending a lot of time with Asta, Zen, Jess, Chloe, Yuen-Yee, Aaron, Bell, David.S at week-nights and on Saturday evenings after service. Maddie, and Wendy might be preparing for their weddings... (which should be soon =P ) & too busy to entertain me. Katherine will be married by this time...

Who knows, by this time I might actually finally have met the man of my dreams.. *ha ha ha*.

I would also be driving everywhere (no more taking public transportation, woo hoo!!) and most likely be going out every night (as usual)...

However in the turn of events, I might be working in Singapore (as the business expands!) and meet other people instead or I might apply to migrate to Australia. (who knows?).

People say that I should migrate elsewhere due to the current political environment which is brewing back home. It is always easier said than done.. as the bulk of my many friends are in Kay El, I don't think I would be migrating (so soon yet..even if I were to). Peers my age who are at the same stage in life (hopefully!) and out in the workforce. They have known me for quite a while (and hopefully understand me.. I hope!)

I do know many people come to Australia (and developed a network of close friends here). For me, the difference lies in the generational and interest gap which exists... Hence there lies the relational difficulty..

In the mean-time, it is time to stop ruminating about the future and head back to my books.... =P
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Mr. Procrastinator...


Mr. Procrastinator...

I'm spending time with Mr. Procrastinator...

I've an assignment due in acouple of days....but he just seems so much more interesting..

wake up Chea Yee! Go Do Your Work! Wake up, Wake up!!

In the meantime, ADD me on Facebook.

I'm also homesick for my friends back in KL...

Ruggeds. Connexions. Aaron... Bell...Winston... David S... Katherine... Jess...Madeline... Zen......Asta....

miss you guys....

miss yum-chas...nasi ku teh ... hokkien mee...chee cheong fun... laksa...

miss the cheap food...

miss driving the car...

miss talking about investments, politics and business...

miss talking bad about our country ^_^

Sigh. Can't wait to come home...
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Come away with me..


Come away with me..

My lover spoke and said to me,
"Arise, my darling,
my beautiful one, and come with me.

See! The winter is past;
the rains are over and gone.

Flowers appear on the earth;
the season of singing has come,
the cooing of doves
is heard in our land.

Songs of Solomon 2: 10-12
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To be Moses.


To be Moses.

I had given this as a testimony last Friday at a student's night meeting, but I thought I would add this as part of my entry collection as this is a read that could be of benefit to others.

The last few weeks, especially in dealing with the many complications that I have experienced with the members of the group, as well as the church, has been one that has continually challenged, yet has also strengthened me.

I know that the Lord has shown how much I can learn from the character of Moses. The Lord is indeedly great in what He does for us, or to us for that matter. I was reflecting upon this matter as I was watching the movie Evan Almighty at my friend's home yesterday night.

Evan Almighty is the parody of a man, who had been assigned to build an ark. The reason for him to build is yet unknown, and when the entire city laughs at him, the wife decided to take his wife and 3 children to her parent's. Yet one day, God (in the form of Morgan Freeman) appears to her when she is having a meal at this diner telling her that God doesn't build families, but gives them opportunities to become intimate families.

I believe that through these "opportunities" throughout the year so far, He has continually built up my faith in small pieces. Indeed I see much of myself reflected in the character of Moses, whom God changes and chips at his personality to become a man who was a stutterer & relied on his brother Aaron to be his spokesperson and finally to be THE spokesperson himself to speak to the Pharoah of Egypt himself!

To only just read about the story of Moses and to actually live it out are two different things. I believe that the Lord prepared me for this beforehand. I know (and to all who have known my story), the problems I have had gone through, and yet I believe these same "opportunities" have made me more fearsome, and stronger.

Not bitter but joyful because as I look back, I realise how much the Lord has made me learn to deal with the issues I am facing. One who was fearful of confrontations. One who afraid to make a simple phonecall. One who was always waiting for someone to be mediator, and not realising how much of the problems could have been solved had she faced the issue straight on ....

Now that I look back at it, I believe the Lord has been wanting me to do the very things I had refused on doing.... I guess He could have made things easier for me, but He did not by letting things remain difficult for me so I had no other choice but to do it.

How much of my identity I have found in Christ! Thank you God for your love to us and how much you understand us!

Praise the Lord!
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Awaken not.


Awaken not.

Hush, thy name which is called love,
Brush not against my brow.
Take thyself away from mine heart,
Awaken not till your song is done.

Hush, thy name which is called love,
What right have you to mine heart,
To play your sad song,
Which rises tears from my eyes.

Hush, thy name which is called love,
Keep your sad sad song,
Arouse not nor awaken,
But sleep in gentle peace into the night.
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Perhaps, after all . . .


Perhaps, after all . . .

Perhaps, after all,
romance did not come into one's life with pomp and blare,
like a gay knight riding down;
perhaps it crept to one's side like an old friend through quiet ways;
perhaps it revealed itself in seeming prose,
until some sudden shaft of illumination flung athwart it's pages betrayed the rhythm and the music;
perhaps... perhaps... love unfolded naturally out of a beautiful friendship,
as a golden-hearted rose slipping from its green sheath.

Anne of Avonlea..(L.M.Montgomery).

Perhaps love comes when most unexpected.

Perhaps. Perhaps, after all ...
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Be still and know.


Be still and know.

To the many who know me, perhaps I have known as the happy-go-lucky & loud girl. Maybe I AM during those times when I actually do feel that way. The past few weeks have been really trying. . . from the frying pan into the fire, as the popular saying goes.

I did not find out till the day prior to my presentation that I have been cut of the group. I really wanted to contribute as part of the presentation, but things do not always work out as wanted. What is infuriating is when team members beat around the bush, and are not direct causing me to waste my time waiting for them when the time could have been spent for better use (like doing my assignment). I am fortunate that my lecturer has been understanding all this while, and perhaps, as my cousin says perhaps she was just trying to be diplomatic?

I am blessed to have my housemates Norine, Myriam and also Samantha who showed much concern & prayed for me over the situation. Even though situations are trying, I believe that the Lord has shown me many new things throughout this time. I am learning to take things as they come and find my identity in Christ.

Other things of a positive note is that the issue between a group leader and I is resolved, thanks to the assistance of Norine. I shall no longer dwell on the issue as of this time henceforth.

To end, I post here the song that has helped uplift my spirits during this interlude of events.

Hide me now, under Your wings
Cover me, within Your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with You above the storm
Father, You are King over the flood
I will be still, and know You are God

Find rest my soul, in Christ alone
Know His power, in quietness and trust
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Today was Brandon, Henry, Kevin, Jiaren and Deni's graduation ceremony. And.... I didn't know that Brandon has a twin brother!! (that was *scary!) They talk, and sound the same....I was like, what the...!

I also bumped into Jacqueline, Bee Ling & Dimple at Grand Central! Omigosh.....
it was their graduation and they decided to head Down Under to have theirs here. It was of most surprise. They were staying at one of my current classmate's home nearby.

To all of who have passed, a word of Congratulations... Bon Voyage to Deni who leaves next week..

(will post up pictures later, when I am a bit more free).
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Frustration & Atonement.


Frustration & Atonement.

Last week, I had a friend whom I had invited to the potluck. As the person who invited her, I felt responsible to ensure that she had an enjoyable time during the event. Unfortunately, that didn't work out as I thought it could.

Out of an entire house full overflowing with people, it really made me so seething mad that no one had the sensitivity nor were observant enough to come and talk to her, even after I had given some prompting.

The other was that I was feeling really sick on Wednesday. You know the old adage, misery loves company? I called up people during that period of time, and what was most exasperating was that people neither answered, nor returned the call. Its hard to put into words how I felt during that period of time, but after which I just felt that it was really much too difficult a task for me to have to speak to the people involved.

During those few days, I decided that a time of isolation would do me much good in helping me to put things into perspective. I decided to skip on the friday youth meetings, as well as any appearance of mine throughout the weekend, and keep a low profile.

However last sunday, instead of heading to the church which I normally did, I decided to head to the one that my housemate attends. It was a good (excuse) for me to check out other churches as I had not really done that in a long long time...

I was asked to go to a new mate's home (for the reason of an assignment discussion). It was there that the people (it was a group of them la) had asked me about my disappearance, and I frankly and directly told them about what that happened.

How shall I say what the result of it was?

The next few succeeding days saw an improvement in my demeanor. On a more positive note, I would say that on the day of my disappearing act, there were others few who had done the same. Surprisingly maybe due to lack of "volume" that I am renowned for, I guess people noted that I was not present more than others... :-P

Today I decided to head down to Brisbane for a lawatan tergempar with Kevin, Seng Yee, John & (of course) met up with Aaron at Roma St. Station. Normally I do not partipate in these outings as I am one who plan my outings (to maximise my time there, of course!) but I have absolutely no idea what drove me to do that. If Kevin had said so earlier, we would have booked a car down to Brisbane and not have needed to walk a la Amazing Race, as Aaron aptly calls it. I did enjoy my time talking to the group (and Aaron was his...umm... Aaron self). Which reminds me I should not take what he says too seriously at any time soon...

I would loved to have met up with Jason, & Leon, but of course it was too tergempar for that to happen.. Maybe another time le...

At this point of time, there are only a few issues on top of my head... My assignment due next week (Friday to be exact), my pract (that starts after the semester break), and this issue with a a group leader that I have been keeping my distance from (and hopefully it will work out for the best).
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Off to DreamWorld tomorrow!


Off to DreamWorld tomorrow!

It's been a very very long week.
  • I've had the strangest dreams on Sunday.
  • I've had my first volunteer experience at the school on Tuesday.
  • I've heard the strangest things on Wednesday.
  • I've felt the strangest emotions on Friday.
Anyway, I just handed in my assignment....Nevermind that for a moment I had thought it was deleted. I am still not sure what happened, so don't ask. >_<

But I'm feeling pretty much high, on top of the world as I'm off to DreamWorld tomorrow morning!! So Yeah!!!

I've also updated my Music PlayList, so check it out. ^_^

Jason & Leon, I want to meet up with you sometime when I do head down to Brisbane. I am not sure when, but I hope it is soon when I have managed to put my assignments aside. ^_^
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Bed, bed, I couldn't get to bed


Bed, bed, I couldn't get to bed

My head's too light to try to set it down,

Sleep, Sleep, I couldn't go to sleep,

Not for all the jewels in the world....

Well, that was the case for the first days of this week anyways.

I have been readjusting my body clock to heading to bed earlier. I am one of those typical Asian students who sleep late and wake up late. Of course, in the Australian context, sleeping early should be easy. Most Australians sleep as early as 10.30 pm, and wake up as early at 5am. Most parties (at least for working people) end early.

The Austalian context helps too, as the sun is up as early as 4.45am (especially in summer) or as late as 6.30 (in winter). The sun sets at by 5pm (in winter) or as late as 6.30. Since I started the second semester, I have found myself to be about the only Asian in class. At least in most of my courses for this semester, and the previous. The fact that I have group tasks this semester stresses the importance of my being able to interact with the other local Aussie classmates in order to complete my assignments.

One of the first things I did (to at least get in line with them), is to actually sleep about the same hours. So far, it has been easy as my own friends have been reminding me about it *lol*. I was surprised to hear that they actually wake up as early as 5am....I don't know if I can ever do that, now....or more so when I get back to Malaysia, as the sun does not rise till about 7am.

Technically this is about the same for KL-ians, as I know that most of my friends (who are working) can no longer stay out late. The only difference in the Malaysian context is that we don't get paid for O.T and are still expected to come to work on time in the morning.

That's the only thing I can't stand about our Malaysian working life!

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Moment of randomness.


Moment of randomness.

I was at the library on Sunday afternoon and was happily minding my own business surfing the blogs online on the computers. Right which, I happened to come upon this web log (can't remember whose!) which had photos of this man whose brain was infested with worms....

It was so disgusting. EUUUUUU!!!!!! I didn't realize I was "Thinking Loudly" cause a mate of mine, Sean who was sitting opposite me then gave me this look...

"Okaayyy....." and muttered something undiscernible.

This Aussie fella who was seated next to me started to laugh loudly.

Then *Surprise. Surprise* He asked me for my MSN contact.


I was so surprised that I did.
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40 Days of Community


40 Days of Community

Recently the church I am currently attending started on the 40 Days of Community. I was doing the 40 Days of Purpose with my cellgroup back in KL previously about 2 years back. (Although I can't really remember what we did in then!)

Anyways, the purpose of 40 Days of Community is to follow up with the principles that were "learnt" in the prior 40 Days of Purpose. Which may not necessarily be the case with all current members, although that might have been the stipulated conditions.

We drew lots and were assigned into groups according to the lots chosen. I had my reason for swapping groups with Jiaren... meanwhile, Aaron wanted to spend more time with him, so he willingly did that! (Sorry, Steph!! *haha*)

My group is led by this old but spunky English lady who was amazingly, one who had links with substance abuse and tattoos all over her body, but has completely changed her personality since her encounter with the Lord 5 years ago. *Amen!*

The structure of this program goes that every Friday, all members of the cell group will come together for the next 6 weeks and debrief on the reflections and outcomes of their journaling as they go through the reading in the text (Yes, it's real journaling and a real textbook!).

Participants of the cell group are not necessarily members of the church, nor are they Christians. The participation of this 40 Day journey provides them an avenue for wanting to contribute back and help out with the community, and the final culminating event to end this 40 day journey is a day spent helping out with refurbishment work at this public state school in Harlaxton. The school is lacking in many resources, with many of the student population coming from a lower socio-economic background.

Last night I started writing Day 1 of the journal which poses the question "What is Love?".
How many of the things we do are actually motivated by selfish interests? I believe that a lot of us are, and I am not afraid to admit that I fall under that category too. I do remember reading that the Lord looks not at our actions, but mostly the intentions behind it. .

One of my lawyer friends once commented a long time ago that when we start helping others less fortunate than us & see how much they have lacking, we then start to focus less on ourselves and give thanks & be grateful for what we have.

I do believe that by the end of these 40 days, perhaps the Lord will reveal to me, and many others many things about ourselves, and perhaps change us to become a more loving people and learn to care more about others.

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Promptings & Premonitions.


Promptings & Premonitions.

By now I am sure that practically the entire world would have heard of the collapse of the I-35 W Bridge over the Mississippi River in Minneapolis. I was at Justin's place some days back, and we were watching the news (one of those rare occasions where the television was actually turned on!). It was a bit of a shocker...

My heart goes out to those and the loved ones of those who were stuck at those bridges. I am sure by now, the authorities in the States will be checking every bridge for signs of cracks or those which have been declared "unsafe" just to avoid a similar incident.

Now you might ask, why prompting & premonitions? As a Christian, I have heard many testimonies been shared by those who have avoided these near fatal accidents, & incidents of similar nature. The Christian world is one that deals with the human spirit, the soul, demons, angels, miracles and prayers, and many of our dealings are of these nature.

An example is a mate, Matt who shared with the congregation last year that he once had this prompting to pray on one particular day, but he ignored it the entire day until finally he could not. So he finally said a short prayer, and it so happened on that same evening, when he was out driving his car at night, he had almost nearly got himself into a fatal accident because he had almost driven off the road on an unlighted road. (How he got himself there, we still have no idea...)

My friend Chloe once shared with the cell group that there was one time she was in the midst of her work at midnight (!) at home, when she felt a prompting telling her to call up a friend. Actually, she had the prompting to call her all day, but she also ignored it until finally she called her up. Very much time later only did Chloe found out that this friend of hers was actually contemplating suicide that night and was about ready to put the knife on her hand when she called!

Now what if you didn't obey the prompting? My new housemate Myriam, told me that last year she had this prompting where she didn't want to leave her home for an evening service, but she still went out. Normally she is quite happy to go out and join the service, but on that evening she had an uneasy feeling where she didn't want to go out of the home. However she ignored it. As a result of not obeying this prompting, when she came home that night, they found out that someone had broken into her home and ransacked through the possessions.

Believers call this the prompting of the Holy Spirit. I believe that there are actually many more similar cases like these but we probably are not aware of it. Have I ever been prompted by the Holy Spirit?.....Err....actually I am not too sure about that, but I did have a prompting one day during my pract last year.

I had a feeling that the pract liasion was coming in that day, and I was very sure she was coming in, eventhough she didn't inform me about it. It turned out my intuition was correct, and I had brought the documentation I needed to show her! *Phew!*

From a biblical stance, believers will say that the Holy Spirit prompts them so as to warn them of future accidents, misfortunes or for protection of their loved ones. Hence you can see that sensitivity to the voice or prompting of the Holy Spirit is an important ability that believers have to develop.

In my experience, I have come to believe that the HS speaks to both believers and non-Christians. How many times have many of us have had a change of decision, or decided to do something else instead due to promptings which we receive? I believe that this is not just because of our loved ones interceding in prayer for us, but also His innate love to protect all of us and keep us from accidents and death.

In my heart I was asking myself, how many people were actually warned or had a prompting to stay home that day, or away from the bridge, or to change routes before crossing the I-35 W Bridge that evening? I really believe there were.

We only hear of those who were involved in these accidents, but what of those who did escape it? It would be good to hear what they have to say.

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Am I a Christian?


Am I a Christian?

This is a reply to Jason's entry. I prefer not to enter into any religious debate (on his site) because truly speaking, I suck at verbal debates. It's best to do this on your own ground. ;-)

The definition of being a Christian in my understanding is one that believes and accepts Jesus Christ as Lord & Saviour, and who continually adheres to the teaching or words in the Bible.

In my case of when I was growing up, I did not really have much of a choice of whether I wanted to go to church, but I just adhered to the family decision. I was never in the band, suck at playing the piano, and my family is involved in pastoral work. The fact is, being brought up in a Christian family does not necessarily makes a person love God more, or want to know God any further. or make that person anymore a stronger believer in Christ.

Two years ago an incident happened where I then asked myself if I wanted to continue this journey. It was either reverting back or going forward in the journey. It took me a long time to make this decision. This was in 2005. Henceforth, I decided to go forward. My decision since then was that if I had to choose between love for a man, and love for my creator, it was the latter.

The second time was when I first came to Australia, I was going through this time of temptation where I told myself that "hei, perhaps it would be a great chance to miss out on church" since I did not have to account myself to anyone. I didn't know anyone. I couldn't care less. But lo & behold every step of the way, He thwarted my decision to do that by dropping more believers in my way. My decision to leave the church has since been stalled..... :-P

To the questions that Jason has posed for the rest of us:
Is my belief system based on facts and experiences, rather than superstition or from a book ?

I would say that my belief system was based on facts & experiences, as well as from a book. The facts & experiences reinforces my beliefs from the book. It is not the act of blindly following the teachings of a book without understanding, but rather having facts and experiences to back up what that is written in the book.

Do you believe in science or faith?

Science is the understanding of how things work. I believe in both. Science reinforces my faith. However when it is a decision where I have to choose between both, I believe that faith overcomes what that is science. My faith is in something which is more and above science and is the creator of science.

Would I offer my other left cheek if someone slapped me on the right cheek?

The bible says do both. The reality of the situation is no one will give their right cheek to begin with. If I did that, I must be a saint.

However since this is Jason asking, the answer will be that I will pinch him hard if he says something insulting & I also hit very hard! :-P

As for listening to spiritual leaders, I believe that all of us have a time when HE will deal with us. For some of us, it will be earlier. For some of us, it will be later. I know people who have been given the gift of speaking from the age of 13 years (like a Kenyan mate, Jimmy), and some of us who only come into the ministry at the age of 55 and older.

None of us will have the same spiritual walk or faith.

The question is not a matter of whether the old man that accepts Christ right before he dies can do it, but the question of WHY wait and be away from the presence of the Lord till THEN when you can have him in your life NOW? Having Him in my life has given me a life full of "His Decadence" and "His Debauchery" which only He can provide.

The question is do you want him too?
Dreams: Too life like to be dream like


Dreams: Too life like to be dream like

It was really too much of a coincidence...

I had the most interesting dream today. I had a dream of someone (who IRL was very much different), and then I was awoken by the phone ringing. It was Avadhut who was leaving for Sydney.

Then the next I found myself doing was running downstairs (not having washed up yet! Horrors!) opening the door and found myself face to face with the same person in my dream IRL driving the van to pick Avadhut up.

I thought it'd be James, but it wasn't! It was too much of a coincidence but I didn't want to mention anything until everyone had gone. Neither did I want to needlessly tell the driver!
Let me just say that I do believe that this is the first time I actually had a conversation with the person for more than 5 lines..... *sad, huh?*

Who is the person?


Like I am going to tell you!

It is said that dreams are a manifestation of your deepest desires that you do not dare display in real life. It is also a way of communicating something innate a person should take heed. I really do wonder what that is.
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Amazing Grace: the movie.


Amazing Grace: the movie.

I just came from a free grand premiere screening of the movie! It's only released tomorrow.

William Wilberford: The british politician who fought 20 years for the abolition of abolition of the slave trade, established the association against cruelty to animals, and against the National Lottery. A 2006 movie directed by Michael Apted. Starring Ioan Gruffurd, Ciaran Hinds and Michael Gambon.

A friend asked me but isn't Amazing Grace written by a minister? Yes it is. His name is John Newton. John Newton used to be the captain of a ship that plied the slave trade. This movie is based on William Wilberford who was hugely influenced by the former, and used his position as a politician to lobby for the emancipation and abolition of the slave trade.


2007: My Trip Down Brisbane, Eats: Sun Fay Chinese Restaurant

How was the trip to Brisbane? It was great!

Thursday: Steph and I took the 11.30 Toowoomba Transit bus to Roma St. We went out for Mexican in the evening. It was a fairly cold night.

El Torito.

Pork Burrito (i think)

Current dish no.20. No idea what it is called.

Eric had made the booking for El Torito, a mexican restaurant in SouthBank at 6.30. That was seriously an oversight on his part, coz the traffic was slow-moving then! South Bank is the area which is considered a bit like the "Bangsar" area of Brisbane. A bit up-market, in other words.

A word of advice: Make your booking at 7.30pm. You may have to wait 30mins -1 hour to get your order served. The restaurant seems to have some policy of serving all the orders at the same time, so the customers may have to wait until all the orders have been made in order to get their orders served. Geddit??

Friday: Past. Yew Meng & Jonathan T. thought I was still in Toowoomba. Lol.
Met up with Jason P. in front of Hungry Jacks. Well, actually at the Regent..which is a cinema down further on Queen St. I totally could not make him out, as I was looking for a fella with squinty eyes!

We met up with Leon, a mate of his and a fellow Malaysian from QUT and his housemate, Kenny. The trio reminded me of Jiaren!! Steph decided to jump ship and headed back to Toowoomba at mid-afternoon. We then headed to the Food Court at WinterGarden, where another Hanaichi franchise was found.

Steph with her craving for Ramen in the morning. Cant remember the name of the restaurant, but it definitely wasn't Hanaichi! *Sucky food!*.

We headed off to the Sunnybanks Wildlife Museum (no idea what it is actually called though however).

Leon, Jason & me outside the museum
Leon, Jason and I.

The HUMONGOUS Cane Toad frog. So ugly that it has become an Australian icon.
It ate the pest. But now it has become a pest itself!

I felt a movement behind me!

A wombat.

Jason was the one most fascinated at the museum. He was awed by the size of the Blue Whale wallpaper....meanwhile, I had gone off snoring on one of the chairs....

They were having a discussion that "Yum Cha" is actually a HongKie term. So to put it, the term "Yum Cha" is indeed the correct term used for eating dim sum as in contrast to the Malaysian slang, which comes to mean "yum (indian mamak) cha". Dim Sum originates too from HK. You make the connection la.

The party had initial intentions of heading off to The Manor for dim sum, so we headed off to Jason's place to wait... The guys were willing to wait, but after a while their stomachs started to rumble. They decided to just head to Little Singapore in SunnyBanks instead. Jason & I both also ordered Nasi Lemak, Leon ordered Kong Poh Chicken Rice and Kenny ordered Hainanese Chicken Rice.

I slept over in my cousin's room. My cousin commented I put on copious layers of clothing... even though the heater was put on!

Woke up at 10.00. Actually, I woke up at 9. But seems that nobody could make it up from bed before 12pm.....

So Adrian & I headed to SunFay Chinese Restaurant in Taringa. Mick decided to join us a bit later. The bill came up to about 17 dollars p/person for the brunch.


menu copy

siumai copy
Siu Mai.

ox_tripe copy
Ox Tripe.

How did I like the service there? Well, the See Tau (manager) himself seemed allright, but the lady who handled the orders seemed a tad bit perturbed that the customers didn't speak Cantonese when ordering. A bit seems like an understatement here.She was also rather rude as rather than telling us courteously to take our time to order, she was muttering something indescernible in Cantonese and then walked off. Very unprofessional indeed.

Adrian sent me to UQ where my friend, John and his pal. Ken picked me up to head back to Toowoomba. We went to Hungry Jacks for dinner, and that was the end of nice long trip south.

Ok, just needed to write this down....

I have a pretty lost sense of direction when it comes to sense of direction..but that can't be helped. :-P I inherited that from my mother.

From Toowong (visible landmark being the Toowong Shopping Mall & Sizzler's), next comes Taringa. In Taringa, is a series of budget eateries along the main road and you'll go straight up and down the hill and then turn right and go straight.

To go to Mike's current residence, turn left (at the petrol kiosk) and then straight up the hill there is Indooroopilly (which is about 15 minutes walk away from Adrian's). To go back to Toowoomba, instead of turning left at the petrol kiosk, continue going straight and past WestPoint and heading toward FigTree and Darra.

Train: to Indooroopilly is always at Platform No. 6 at Central station.
Tagged by Cheeserland's Ringo Tan.


Tagged by Cheeserland's Ringo Tan.

Meh meh - d by Cheeser!!!

Me take the first one of her meh-meh. the 2nd wan...dont have lor. Since I'll be away, here's a me-me to keep you entertained for the weekend.

1) I do not sleep naked. I get a cold.

2) I am lactose intolerant. If I drink more than one glass of milk, I'll be hauling ass to the toilet every 50 minutes. Except if it is cheese-cake. That one cannot resist.

3) I love curry crabs. With toast. Yum Yum.. Refer to my March '07 archive.

4) I don't signal when I cut lanes. I know! My HK friend, Alan complained when he was in KL.

5) I am the BEST kisser in the world. Ask my previous guyfriends, teddy bears and puppies.

6) People say I resemble Sandra Bullock. She is my god-sister. You don't know meh?? You blind ah??.

7) I think Lee Hom looks better now......without his shaggy hair. (You agree, kan??)

8) This is a really random me-me laaaaaaa.
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Blogger meet-up (impromptu one, at least).


Blogger meet-up (impromptu one, at least).

To the rest of the bloggers out there, since a fellow blogger has written in, I will write in this entry. (I doubt many people will be reading this.. still as the self-proclaimed vainpot, I MUST do what I have to do! Hehe).

Ok, fellow Malaysian bloggers (and others alike!), I will be meeting fellow Malaysian blogger, Jason in Brisbane. I will be down for 3 days, bunking over in Indooropilly. My tentative arrival at Roma St. Bus station is set on Thursday afternoon. A good place to meet up will be in town, near Queen St. Mall.

Day: Friday. Meeting place: Hungry Jacks, 12pm. (intersection between George St. & Queen St.)

My tentative plans in Brisbane will be reconnecting ties with cousin and mates, having dim sum brekkie, tentative Mexican cuisine (for dinner plans), and mostly just a lot of walking, shopping and cam-whoring around with fellow gal friend, Steph (who incidently is just as much of a cam-whore herself). Ha ha ha.

You guys who want to meet up, please leave your details here. Jason, DO pass the news on. Thanks.



Transformers on Wednesday! The initial plan was to head down with the IF people to catch it. But it seems that it did not fall through very well. Well, guess what? If even they want to watch movies in future, I will not agree to going with them unless they "actually" fall through with their plan. I am rather disappointed with James however. I mean, I'd expect someone to return a call when they promise to.

Nonetheless, I managed to get someone to go watch with me (who shows interest in the movie). He had every intention to watch it too. So there! I don't like people telling me that they are going to *promise* to do something, but don't keep their word. That's not a really nice thing to do. When someone says something, I expect them to fall through with it!

Anyway yeah, I'll be heading down to Brisbane on Thursday with a mate. Bunking over at my cousin Adrian's. Will spare you guys some pictures if we take any new ones.

Much later in the night....

One of my mates told me that he'd be down in UQ to do his IELTS exam. It is really an amazing co-incidence. I had in mind to take the bus for the trip back, but this is really a blessing in disguise indeed.


1st sem results out!

Results were out yesterday. As usual, the same thing that happened in December last year, happened again. I did not get the grade I was supposed to get as the lecturer did not tabulate in the score for 2 of my courses, so yes they are still pending! Anyways, I scored an A for ECE3030 and a B for ECE3019. All glory to God!

Okay, going to be a bit ir-relevent here....

I was MSN-ing my crazy friend Miaw Yng (yes the one in Tasmania now). We were talking about our pending return to our homeland after our graduation, when out of the blue, I suddenly asked if she knew who Lee Hom was (right, like she must be spastic to not know who he is...) Anyway, I was surprised when she told me that she performed with him in the orchestra...

What? You don't remember meh? There, that time when he came to Malaysia in 1998 (or was it 1999?) Well, she said she was about 14 then. Obviously she managed to get his autograph (like who wouldn't?) and take a picture with him. People who perform in orchestras sure get to go places...*sigh*.

Lucky girl. Ha ha. I still cant believe we were at the same event and became uni mates 7 years later....(LOL). Hei people, who wants to take a hike down to Hobart now??
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Pak Lah re-married?

What ???...

That's the thing about being a student stuck in a place isolated from practically the rest of the world..*hmmm*. Unless we surf the other Malaysian blogs, or hang out at blogs like Kenny Sia (which incidentally did not mention anything), I would not have found out that Pak Lah re-married.

Pak Lah, btw, is the Malaysian Prime Minister whose first spouse, Kak Endon died 2 years ago, and he has re-married this Eurasian lady Jeanne Danker Abdullah ( a divorcee) on June 9th 2007.

Jeanne Danker Abdullah is a 53 year old Eurasian lady who has 2 grown-up daughters, and happens to be the Kak Endon's ex-sister in law. 53? You're kidding....and here we are young farts complaining that there is no one in sight. *LOL*.

It also sounds a bit incestuous to marry your ex-sister in law (like those racy American novels...). Then again your own wife has already passed away, but a human has his needs right? Imagine, marrying your own house keeper (like The Nanny). Yes, she was both an ex-sister in Law, and the housekeeper. Just that she is neither of that anymore now!! *Grin*

Well, Congrats to the PM. May you have a happy *ahem* night life, you spunky old man!

(ref: Pic. from JeffOoi ScreenShots)
Sophie's world: New Malaysian First Lady P3
ScreenShots: Selamat Pengantin Baru Pak Lah & Jeanne



The 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year of the next millenium.

Happy Celebrating people!
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I woke up with a start at 6am this morning. Surprise. Surprise. One of those rare mornings that I actually wake up in the wee hours of the morning without the need of the alarm clock ringing in my ears. The fact that it was still dark helped my eyes to adjust to the darkness. I tried to sleep in, but it was already light by 7 am that I decided to forgo sleeping and hopped out of bed and headed to wash myself up.

"Gee.... I wonder why am I awake so early at this hour in the morning. Ha ha ha ha". I muttered to myself as I brushed my teeth. Thinking I was the only one awake, but surprise, surprise, Claudia heard me from her room and started laughing!


The first thing that came to me when I woke up this morning was in regard to this entry, well guess what? I did say something about Lee Hom's quiet nature. But now that I think about it, it's not the quiet nature that I am too concerned about. I guess what I was trying to put across is that it does not matter if a person is of a quiet nature, but that he is:

Contemplative yet confident.

I was watching My Love Patzzi (starring Jang Na Ra and Kim Jae Won). I realised what I liked about the role/character that Kim Jae Won plays is that the character is a personification of all these traits. I really wonder when will God bring a man like this into my life, eh?

One more thing. My man HAS to treat me like a princess, and always open the door for me!
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Would I marry Wang Lee Hom?


Would I marry Wang Lee Hom?

For the record, that is a rhetorical question.

(Yeah yeah...I know how some of my friends who totally think his music is crap, but hei, at least he tries...). Just like how some may have preferred Nita over Daniel, but that's another blog entry all together. However for the record, yes, I would vote for Nita.

As I said, I was going through the interviews, and the most informative ones were the one hosted by CNN Talk Asia (Lorraine Hann) and the one hosted in Thailand.

Now, would I marry someone like Wang Lee Hom? As for the rumours that he is GAY, for the time being (whether he is or not) for the purpose of this entry, I will assume that he is a red-blooded, heterosexual oriented homosapien. Also for the purpose of this blog, the perspective here is given and deduced from the information seen and heard from the interviews as stated as above.

So, let's try to deconstruct his personality as per the information given...

1) He's a quiet person. Music is an avenue where a person can immerse themselves in without having actually to utilize their interpersonal skills.(Meaning that they don't actually have to talk).

I will take the example of my housemate, YK and SY as an example. SY has been part of the band ever since high school, and she travels with the band to other countries to perform. YK plays the piano for the church.(2 churches in fact) However, the similarity between them is that they are both very quiet and prefer the company of their own friends. Although YK and I were living in the same house, we didn't talk to each other for almost 5 months.....!

Oh, but he is a performer and he surely has to talk a lot and entertain others, most people will say. Well, having a passion for music, performing, and singing is something that a person enjoys doing. But having a passion for music, does not entail them to utilize their interpersonal skills or means that they like being the lifewire of a party.

Yes, he dances. Yes, he sings. Yes, he entertains. But that does not mean he has to engage in conversation. (You know, when you have to crack your head to think of conversational topics and actually engage in a 2, or 3-way conversation for a period of time). In fact, YK is one of the quietest persons I know even with his passion for playing the piano (and computer games & movie downloading).

Lee Hom definitely strikes me as a person like Steph than Jiaren. It's a bit hard to explain it, because as I have always said before, using myself as an example, although a person may appear to be a "life-wire" or that people have always known me as the person whose "voice precedes her presence", that is only the image that a person allows others to see. Whether a person is actually a life-wire is a totally different thing altogether.

Am I right?

2) He will always be abroad. This is almost similar to having a Long-Distance Relationship, even after marriage. I think the question is whether a wife can handle her husband being away all the time. This is definitely not an easy question. However, I think that if I feel a man is putting in effort and commited to the relationship, and has stated on early in the relationship that he will not always be at home, the woman has to understand his kind of job entails that he travels.
Something like what is happening to Aunt. Joan at this point of time. Husband in China. Grown up children in Australia.

3) His female fans.
I think that all young female fans go through a developmental phase of going ga-ga over their favourite singer in their teens. After a while, they get over this phase as they start going to college, find a bf (ESPECIALLY the bf part) and look for a job.

The "infatuation" part is only for those who have too much time in their hands. My advice: go start your own blog and write poems.

4) His Career: He has began building his career at the age of 17. He is 31 years of age now. Yes, I believe that a man should put his career first...(except after marriage!). Coz he'd have to learn how to prioritize between giving time to both his career and his family as well.
I have no complaints about a person's career.

5) His accent:
Truth be told, my ears are getting painful from trying to learn and listen to the Australian accent. I mean, who in the world (except in Australia) pronounces cow as "Keao"??

"THe Keao is in THe GARden". (the cow is in the garden)... *YIKES*.
I definitely prefer listening to the American accent.

6) His faith: Ok, that is like the core most issue for me. But who knows what faith he is, right??

My verdict: Well, I can theorize. I can assume. I can pose this rhetorical question on the blog. However, the probability of me meeting someone like Wang Lee Hom (in Australia) is almost close to nil. I mean, I haven't even met anyone here except........

What do I actually think? I would probably consider giving someone like him a go. Of course, if I had to wonder about the issues of privacy and confidentiality, I would move to a place where I could get some. Ha ha ha.

So there!
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